23 Replies to “There Goes The Narrative”

  1. “curious thing”

    Translation: a thing that is blatantly obvious to all except for skull f***ed presstitutes from the Communist News Network.

    1. Colonialista…always bring some common wisdom to things!

      You are like an SDA Rosetta Stone! Thanks.


  2. The Democrats and their Chinese friends brought the Wuhan virus to America.

    President Trump, who the know-it-alls blame for everything, is the only one doing anything to stop the deaths of millions.

    While Justin begs people to stay home, Trump informs GM that lives are at stake, America needs ventilators, not sparky cars, and ORDERS them to stop trying to screw the taxpayer dry and put Americans to work saving their loved ones.

    Only someone living in a globalist bubble would find the president’s new popularity “curious” at all.

    Meanwhile, in Bytown, everyone is acting like Justin just gave them a two-month paid holiday. The Bank of Canada announced plans to buy the bad debt of central Canadian corporations with .more funny money, as if that will put one ventilator into service.

    By Victoria Day a new mass grave will be dug in the Greenbelt every day. I expect to be able to smell the stench from my house.

    The USA will be back to work, and thanking God for President Trump.

  3. Further to a comment I made on another thread today, I just spoke with one of my neighbours on my floor and all I had to do was mention that our situation was made worse by Prinz Dummkopf spending several weeks sitting on his backside and my neighbour starts bashing Trump.

    Is hating DJT a sign of being a loyal Canadian or something?

    1. It means they can’t think for themselves, but swallow the tripe and swill that the Bought and Paid for Unifor media spews without question.
      A sad reality of this country. But then America hating has been a hobby as long as I can remember, except when OBOLA disgraced his presence at the WH.
      Though, as much as people here seem to hate America, they love crossing the line for cheap gas, dairy and booze.

    2. A. Nope it is reflexive conditioning, kinda like Pavlov’s dogs, with too much exposure to CBC and not enough critical thinking skills.

      So President Donald J. Trump thrives under extreme pressure and punches above his weight in a crisis.

      So one can conclude he is the right person in the right place at the right time.

      The overreaching “Dempocalypse” is undone… 🙂


      Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
      Army Group “True North”
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army

      1. I got an earful from someone at the SuperStore I went to earlier today. I asked her what was wrong with Trump and the first thing she said was that she hated him. She then blathered on about how Trump is “rude” and that “it’s all about him”. (Funny, the same thing could have been said about HRC, but I guess that’s “good” rudeness and self-centredness.)

        Oh, and she said she was an American. Go figure.

    3. It’s a sign of Sickness…I have a friend that does precisely that.. bash Trump 24/7…I am sick and tired of it. Blames Trump for the morons that ingested Fish Tank cleaner & died, Blames Trump for the Morons that believe only Chinese people can get this virus…

      Unreal and some what deranged if ya ask me. The guy (POTUS), is not perfect, but a shit ton far and away better than the Imbecile with the intellect of a licked dry dog bowl that we have.

      Border still open – flights from China still landing.
      “Dont worry stay home – be happy – we will bankrupt the country for the next 250 years so you all can get $2500/month free of taxation or repayment.”

      They could give a shit…and tis why there needs to be some mass hangings when this shit is over.

    4. Hey BADR,

      Don’t ya know we live in a land of extreme WOKE VIRTUE signaling which starts with indoctrination of our youth through our woke school systems. Bolstered by our “Media” haha, corporations and pretty much everyone expect real people, who actually think for themselves. These are the true Canadian, not the mindless sheep this country has produced. As point out here at SDA, many times, the silent majority don’t hate DJT or the US. As for the rest….god help our country with them in charge.


    5. Yes, it is. I think pivoting to talking about Trump instead of what is happening in our own country signals weakness. They can’t rationally defend Trudeau, so knee-jerk dumping on Trump is the response.

    6. Absolutely. It’s not just Trump, it’s anything American. Well, maybe not TV or People magazine or any distracting fluff. So many Canadians are so self righteously arrogant and anything we muck up is OK because we aren’t like those Americans. You know we have free healthcare!

    1. Like the polls are any more trustworthy than the press? I’d like to see the breakdown of their statistical sampling.

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me if the data were filtered and manipulated. In other words, anybody supporting Trump would be regarded as an outlier and would be rejected.

    2. If Biden was elected President would he be able to recite the oath of office?

      He’ll have more “uhs” than Justin Trudeau, saying “… I will uh faithfully execute the Office of uh Senator of the uh United, you know the rest of it.”

      1. BA, I like many on the right do not like being polled, as often they want a yes or no answer, and that is not to my liking. Driving my truck, I get a call from some one saying they are with the CPC, and starts asking shit, I just say FO, I busy driving now! Yes I do have blue -tooth, but hate the interruption, and polls do not factor in people like me, and other who do not answer polls, and those are mostly rite-wingers!

      2. Don’t forget, Obama had to repeat his oath of office because he omitted some words. So it wouldn’t just be Joe, it’s most Democrats who want to weasel and parse and define what the word “is” is.

  4. Actually, according to Gallup, it’s not just the President. The US health institutions headed by the hospitals are all getting high marks of approval from the public. Schools, daycares, employers, state governments, VP Pence are all getting strong positive responses from the public. The only clear objects of scorn according to Gallup are the MSM. Have a read, it’s interesting.

    1. Yes, and deservedly so, as Trump mentioned yesterday, which the Demedia immediately spun to him taking all the credit.
      Different day, different lie from the Trump is a liar crowd, the one’s who’ve fabricated charge after charge against him.
      The ones who assume Trump is “wrong.” I’m having fun calling that bunch out that we both know they just hate Trump, period.
      Their expression reveals their cognitive dissonance at his leadership, the true haters reduced to raging, slogans and taunts.
      My favourite tidbit in this Gallup poll is the 33% spread in net support Trump has with the media. They mean you CNN et al.
      It seems the public is finally understanding the media is biased, the left side trapped in a false narrative, that Trump’s “crazy.”
      If the Democrats lose the media as their credibility filter, especially with Independents, they are dead, if not already there.
      I think this crisis will help re-elect Trump, not hurt. Good economic times are when voters make the really big mistakes.

      Now they look for certain and a steady hand and now see the true bias of the Demmedia that must destroy Trump not matter how good a job he does in the view of voters..