35 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

    1. Yup. For years, I got the impression that its attitude was that it was far smarter than its readers.

  1. I haven’t decided: bloody minded or stone cold stupid…or a toxic admixture of same.

    Yep, its all rainbows and unicorn farts in the hard rock candy mountains.


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

  2. The Economist is now just another outlet for the institutional left to parrot their narratives. I’m glad that they aren’t headquartered in Canada otherwise they would be another nearly dead but compliant LPC water carrier on the public teat.

  3. I was going to quip channeling their inner George Costanza. But it’s gone way past that.

    How blatantly ignorant are they to believe changing a headline will eliminate any culpability on their part.

  4. Here is a good link to current flu season data. I would suggest that the current cases vs deaths of the covid are way overstated because they are only measuring the sickest who are symptomatic. It would be more like using only the hospitalization and death data below.

    Lots of interesting historical and current data at this link.


    CDC estimates* that, from October 1, 2019, through March 14, 2020, there have been:

    38,000,000 – 54,000,000
    flu illnesses

    17,000,000 – 25,000,000
    flu medical visits

    390,000 – 710,000
    flu hospitalizations

    23,000 – 59,000
    flu deaths

    Deaths after hospitalization could be as high as 8% – sounds like Italy numbers

  5. China bans all foreigners.


    Here in Alberta Jason Kenney gives the big FU to everyone, clamps down on testing while threatening everyone with fines.

    As of March 24, COVID-19 priority testing will be for at-risk populations and those at the highest risk of exposure.

    Testing will now be prioritized for the following individuals — if they are symptomatic:
    • People who are hospitalized with respiratory illness.
    • Residents of continuing care and other similar facilities.
    • People who returned from travelling abroad between March 8 and March 12 (before the self-isolation protocols were in place).
    • Health-care workers with respiratory symptoms (this testing will begin later this week).

    Travellers returning to the province after March 12 with mild symptoms will no longer be tested and are asked to self-isolate at home away from others for 14 days.

    Good luck Albertans you pretty much need to be dying to get tested.

    Kenney needs to join Red Rachel as a 1 term Premier.

    1. “China bans all foreigners.”

      Does that mean they will release the Michaels or execute them?

    2. 1. How many tests kits does Alberta have?
      2. How many labs can process them and in what time frame?
      3. Testing the more seriously ill determines a) if they are ill with Wuhan virus or not. b) appropriate treatment.
      4. Much of the government response is:
      a. To cover up how unprepared they are for something predictable from SARS/MERS et al, for which they were warned by scientists now being interviewed based on books and papers they published over the last 20 years.
      b. The quarantine is to reduce the current medical facilities/staff being overwhelmed, which adds the dead and morbid(perm. damaged lungs) on top of normal seasonal influenza.
      c. Plus, an overwhelmed hospital/medical staff will not be able to promptly treat promptly the normal number serious injuries(accidents, crime), cardiac, cancer and elective treatments preventing them degenerating into morbidity and mortality. Add those numbers up and serious political ramifications ensue, they can’t handle.
      Line-ups for caskets, crematoriums and funerals would have voters asking questions.

      5. Global travel between large urban populations, some of which have 3rd world sanitation/food practices/large unhealthy populations acting like a petri dish. That means pandemic prevention/preparedness is the Standard of Care in the 21st Century. Failing that leaves them open to being sued. If tried before a court with scientifically literate judges.

      Instead of doing their duty, umpteen $ Billions have been spent fighting a looming “climate crisis” for which the science is so weak. It is largely junk science and pantheistic superstition. Most politicians are scientifically illiterate. They need to cover that up. A nearly early $2 Billion payoff to the MSM buys a lot of cover-up.

      By next fall/winter’s flu season, they may have a capacity to test for those who have immunity(percentages) to corvid-19 and then extrapolate to the general population. That would tell us how many actually were infected.

  6. For a long time we’ve known that journalists are mostly ignorant. I made my living in aviation, and every time there was an aircraft accident the reporters got so much stuff wrong it was hilarious. Then we started to wonder how much we could trust their reporting on anything else. Journalists are trained in writing and composition, not aviation or economics or medicine or anything else, and they know nothing about almost everything. But the public still falls for their “reporting,” which is just uninformed opinion, heavily biased by their socialistic indoctrination in the universities. And they reverse themselves when they’re shown to be ignorant, but the public seldom spots the disconnect.
    I think it’s time we had laws governing truth in journalism, and lots of lawsuits by people damaged one way or another by ignorant journalism. Think Covington Catholic. Unless these people suffer lots of pain, they won’t change.

  7. “But we have always been at war with Oceana”.
    Revising inconvenient history is the modern media parties only function.
    With massive help from the minions over at “Public Education”.
    As the universities fail and close we can replace most of their diplomas with a simple tag;”I lie for money”
    Forget “I will work for food”,that is so dated,it is now a large group of people fully engaged in parasitic occupations.
    After all we have “political Science” as an actual programme..
    What science is involved?

    1. Or this tag

      “I’ve already demonstrated the type of journalism I practice, now I’ve moved on to price.”

  8. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/breaking-author-of-ridiculous-imperial-college-coronavirus-study-backtracks-say-uk-can-now-expect-under-20000-deaths-not-half-a-million-and-lower-than-flu-deaths/

    Not sure how many in SDA Land are familiar with far left Imperial College London and that their predictions of a pandemic apocalypse resulting from ChiCom virus are the basis upon which USA/UK (and presumably Canada’s) policy for dealing with the situation have largely been formulated.

    Today, they have decided to …ahem… back track juussst a little from predicting 500,000 deaths in UK to more like….wait for it…20,000 deaths (really hardly much of a change right???!!!) “of which half would have died by the end of the year in any case bc they were so old and sick.”

    Are you (explicative!!) kidding me!!!

  9. The People’s Republic of China is a second world country with third world sanitation suffering under the delusion they’re a first world power. And our politicians and their tame media suck up to their genocidal, lying, sociopathic leaders.

  10. Anyone know of any blogs/new aggregators/whatever that are not covid-19 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year?

    Getting very tired of the mindless panic by the vast majority of people.

    And yes, Kate doesn’t like curling. We get it.

    1. Well Kevin I find myself watching “Forgotten Weapons” on Utube.
      I am learning how to improve my ….mind?
      We are not allowed any news?Except what our masters will allow us.

    2. You think it is bad here? Tune in to CBC for a few minutes or as long as you can stomach it. Just to get an idea of the non stop hysteria. It makes me wonder what they are trying to accomplish and why.

  11. Kevin, it is indeed mindless panic. It will get much worse because the level of stupid will not permit rational thought.

  12. BuzzFeed clearly expects us to be impressed that they admitted they were wrong, and are now reporting more accurately about the Wuhan flu—now that the danger it poses is no longer possible to hush up.

    Their duty to their country and to common decency was to report the facts BEFORE disaster struck, not after. Even if their pieces of Asian ass on the side thought it was wassiss.

    Hope the yum-yum and boom-boom was worth killing nana, boys.

  13. Just a messenger here … Dr. Deborah Birx, White House Corona Virus Co-odinator was hinting at today’s news conference that the model used to predict the corona virus is “completely wrong” or there would be “400,000 dead in Italy”. They are “adapting to the reality on the ground”. Right now the infection rate is less than 1 in 1,000 (10x lower than the model). Death is 1% of those infected.

    380,000,000 Americans.
    380,000 will become infected.
    3,800 will die.

    1. I want to believe that.

      Meanwhile China is doing what we should have done months ago—slamming the door in the faces of foreign travelers.

      I think Beijing’s bioweapons experts know better than some dingbat in a white coat what’s coming.

  14. The Republican Ex- Speaker… Boehner is a China lobbyist… Nothing is more obvious…
    Don’t know who Gore works for, could be George Soros….