33 Replies to “Wuhan Flu”

    1. We should do more than that.

      1. As compensation to victims of Chinese biowepon attack we should immediately nationalize all Chicom investments in Canada then privatize it with profits distributed to victims of Chicom attack.
      2. Strip every dual national who demonstrated loyalty to CPC (that includes everyone with a sufficiently social high credit score) from Canadian citizenship, deport them, they are nothing but fifth column collaborators. Confiscate their wealth. Keep some in a gulag until Michaels are released.
      3. All Canadian debt held by Chicoms null and void.
      4. Consider treason any private unauthorized contacts with Chicom officials.
      5. Sever diplomatic relationship. All future contacts to be carried though embassies in US or Switzerland.
      5. Offer asylum to verified Chicom dissidents and sponsor any anti PRC and anti CPC movements both within China and outside.

      1. Nationalize Communist Party assets in Canada you say?

        I like it despite it having a ‘social justice’ ring to it. Just desserts so to speak.

        1. Only to turn it it around and privatize it through auctions (former owners not invited to bid), proceeds from auctions to be distributed to victims and used ot purchase necessary medical gear etc.

      1. “I would estimate that Apple ALONE sends hundreds of employees in and out of China EACH DAY.”

        You might want to re-estimate your estimate…

        Amazon, Apple, Google, CNN, Ernst & Young, Salesforce, LinkedIn and dozens of other companies are now restricting employee travel to all except “business critical” trips due to the risk of contracting the coronavirus.In addition, many companies have completely banned any business travel to China, Iran, South Korea and Italy, which are the areas that have been the hardest hit by the coronavirus.

        Amazon employees on its worldwide operations team, which oversees technology and logistics, were told not to plan any meetings requiring travel until at least April, when the company hoped to have a better sense of the outbreak’s impact.


  1. That’s the most ironical piece of news I’ve heard alld ay. And we apparently still hav eflights arriving from China. The Boohoo Wuhoo Flu

  2. It appears that the baizuo have been taken for a ride by the Chicoms. Again. Closing borders is racist… until China does it. After infecting everyplace else on Earth.

    Seriously Canada, you people voted for this sh1t. How do you like your Little Potato now? Looks more and more like the Manchurian Candidate doesn’t he?

    1. “We” didn’t. But New France is now being treated, correctly, like a Chinese province.

      Put troops on the border? Some of us are praying for the day American tanks are sighted on Sussex Drive. It would take them an hour to reach Ottawa, and two to liberate Chinada province.

  3. Beijing knows that Wuhan virus isn’t just the flu, containing it now is impossible, and that nothing short of sealing the borders can keep it from re-entering China—and possibly not even that.

    The best case scenario for China is that massive amounts of western manufacturing will be re-shored, never to return to China. The worst: 50 million corpses in one year, a body count that took Mao a lifetime to reach.

    Chairman Xi’s experiment in bioterror is backfiring catastrophically—the worst act of self-harm by the People’s Republic since the Great Leap Forward.

    It is not the “essentials” of the western world who need be afraid. It is the Chinese communists who are afraid—along with their globalist allies in the west. They have created a monster that is ripping their new world order apart.

    And this time the Red Army isn’t coming to save them from the consequences of their own stupidity. Russia is too busy saving herself.

    1. They are closing their borders, as the Wu-Flu can be caught again, even if you’ve had it before. The second time is worse than the first.

    2. “And this time the Red Army isn’t coming to save them from the consequences of their own stupidity.”

      No need to import Siberian Mongols, if they want to get raped they can always count on the recently imported turd wrold enrichers. Same IQ, same empathy, similar level of personal hygiene, same willingness to substitute for livestock, same style of track pants. They will not even know the difference.

  4. Speaking of Wuhan flu (its not the flu btw), the USA now has the most active cases in the world and is adding about 17k more per day. They are adding Canadas total cases every 6 hours.

        1. No it results in large detection counts… ah forget it, yes testing kills, stay safe, don’t get tested.

    1. Guess you have never heard of “per capita”, eh? But then having seen some of your posts previously, you aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Oh….by the way, the number of “official” cases is essentially worthless given that the virus has been circulating for many, many months and can easily be 50 times the “official” rate. Those numbers are essentially worthless.

    1. Those are some wonderful ideas.
      Love them.
      However I don’t see any Canadian politicians other than Max (if he still is one) that don’t give a sht like the Chinese do.
      And until then we get left overs.
      “Nice” may have to run its course .
      At least we can watch Trump, faceplant or pull it off.

  5. “They insisted we were prepared for another SARS. Then they sent our masks to China”. Chris Selley:

    “The real scandal is not that Canada sent “approximately 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment…to China at the beginning of February. …the real scandal: We have spent the better part of two decades congratulating ourselves about how much we learned from SARS-Cov-1, “If there’s any country in the world that’s as prepared as it’s going to be, it’s this one,” the chief of staff at Toronto’s Humber River Hospital. Now Humber River is one of several facilities running low on the most basic supplies…”


  6. Sounds like a good move by China. And I also believe Mexico should do the same thing … along with building a border wall

  7. Whenever a communist country puts up a border ban its never to keep people out.
    They have put a ban on people coming in, so the ban also works the other way to.
    I don’t believe they are doing this to contain the spread of the virus, they are doing it to keep the truth from getting out.
    Containment in a communist country usually means the problem people and their families get sent to containment camp never to be seen again.