22 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. Tucker was bright, very correct and saw this early. If China locks down Wuhan, they do have big worries. You don’t need to be very intelligent to see that. Just more intelligent that you average artist spectator of CNN.

    In the larger picture though, not everybody on Fox have been overly worried about the Corona, so it is possible to cherrypick and claim Fox was downplaying Corona. At the same time, much media downplayed all conservatives who were worried early, and totally downplay now their own terrible earlier ignorance on the subject.

    Politics aside, it has been totally clear that the topic has been politicized with accusations of racism and accusations of incompetence from Trump administration. Biden’s wards are trying to capitalize the global chaos.

    Sorry about my Russian grammar, must be because I see it so much in my twitter feed /s

    1. Now there is a statement that requires pitchforks, tar and feathers. Hitler had nothing on these freaks.

    1. I have no LIBERAL Friends…a couple deluded and infected with TDS, but no Flat out Liberals.

      As to the topic on hand, CBC, CTV, REd Star and all the rest of the Presstitutes in this country followed an Identical Course of Action. As did our Vaunted PM/Health Minister with their utter anemic & beyond idiotic response. they have plenty of BLOOD on their hands.

    2. The only thing serious is the overreaction. Italy now has about 1/3 the deaths from coronavirus that they have had from the annual influenza season for the last four years running. And that’s supposedly the worst site outside of China/Iran.

  2. In related news It may reported that several former and present Liberal MPs have been admitted to hospital with broken arms. After watching John Manley I ascertained this happened while patting themselves on the back while comparing how the situation has been managed in Canada vrs the U.S. Of course now the CPC would have your believe they saved us from legislation that installed a dictatorship. Save one lone MP they were fully prepared to implement it. Can anyone explain why this power be needed unfettered for 21 months. Would you have us believe this useless cobble of parasites would be so busy it couldn’t be revisited in 2 or 3 or 4 months? And don’t forget the NDP , Block and Green were right there too. The last time the CPC phoned I literally laughed. Remember this for the next time someone on here tells you that you must vote CPC to save the country. Why does it always come to we need a new country.

    1. In New Brunswick today, the headline on the Telegraph -Journal, owned by Irving Brunswick News, as are all newspapers in the province, was, “Partisan Standoff Stalls Aid Package”.

      And not a single editorial comment about the Liberals trying to install their leader’s favorite totalitarian-style government.
      Not one.

      Fake news as usual in the province that time forgot.

      The Canadian Media is the Virus.

      1. The media are so biased and ignorant they don’t see a problem with giving the government broad powers until the end of 2021 to battle a virus that will for the most part be history by late spring.

        Statists like the Grits here and DeMarxists down south would never let a crisis go to waste in furtherance of their power.

    2. Canada is a Bureaucratic Dictatorship. The senior civil servants in Dept. Finance and in Environment Canada were likely involved in writing the original bill. Bureaucrats find parliament (as well as civil courts) an annoyance. The Lieberals are more than willing to get parliament out of the way and turn them loose.

  3. What!? Violence against Asians? Because of the Coronavirus “scare”? I’m sorry … where the HELL did any of that happen? Oh yeah … I saw ONE video in the Daily Mail showing a BLACK man (the DM intentionally blurred out his face) in the NY subway yelling at an Asian man – for some unknown reason. One. So that is “proof” that our whole nation is out bashing Asians.

    Anyone who takes ANY news reports on its face value, without multiple sources, proof, and evidence … is a fool.

    The media are LIARS. All they push out are LIES … intended to feed divisiveness in this nation. Ohhhh yeah … the exact same thing they accused Putin and Trump doing (in conspiracy). Remember … just like the Democrats … whatever the media reports about YOU doing … is what they, themselves are doing.

    1. The Brain trust of the Democrat party (AKA the Brussels Global Government) suddenly realized that regardless of what they put in the Congressional House version.. Trump has the power to slow walk implementation… The peons would not get the promised freebees and revolt against the Marxists… US Foreign Aid would not rescue the UN turds… The MSM will die on the vine unless they end the insane assault…. Nancy better get on her Wide-Body Jet and visit the POPE ASAP before she & the Pope are both quarantined……God bless everyone Nancy, with your fingers crossed….Rusty Hammer blows = Tetanus shot or distemper… per DNA


  4. Chinese agents infiltrated the CDC Lab in Winnipeg, Canada and stole many viles of viruses before being caught and kicked out of the country. The viruses ended up in the Biological Lab in Wuhan where the Chinese were experimenting on bats. The technicians instead of incinerating the bats as per proticol instead sold them into the food market. China should be banned from all trade, travel and otherwise until the people of China overthrow the CCP and institute a real democracy.

    1. So what you’re saying is : Quarantine the brain viral parasite of the C.C.P. until the people’s immune response system can decontaminate the entire country.

      Sounds like a plan. Translate it into Mandarin and repost it.

  5. It doesn’t matter what Truth you think you Know.. The grave yards are full of People that knew they were right & had the rightaway….(defensive driving advise)

    We (USA) are the Epic Center now and until ALL the stupid People are infected, the risk factor will increase by orders of ~10… Controlling the spread matters….Run, but you can’t hide

    For every death the risk factor decreases by an Order of ~10….The Chinese will burn out first and become largely immune to the virus