Watch This and Make Your Own Decisions

Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert. He lives in Pleasanton, California. He is a multi-millionaire and well connected into many political circles in America. Politically I think he’s very much a centrist but suffice to say, he is not on a campaign to get rid of President Trump like so many others in the SF Bay Area are.

Language warning:

P.S. I do predict within a few weeks that prominent Democrats will be supporting this simple but effective [alleged] treatment/cure for Covid-19. These life & death times are just too important to be basing one’s health care decisions on political stances.

Update: If anyone you pass this onto refuses to accept what Adams is saying because “he’s too close to Trump” then encourage them to watch Daniel Dae Kim’s video about the same thing.

Update 2: Further information on Hydroxychloroquine et al – h/t steakman

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  1. “What are the odds Prince Charles is not taking the “Trump Pills?” F—ing ZERO!” I don’t know about that? Somehow I think some Britons would be happy if the succession skipped a generation?
    I hope to hear lots of anecdotes coming out of NYC soon about this treatment working. I think that is one reason President Trump was so adamant about being open for Easter. The other reason was to give us all hope, hope that this is not weeks of unending nightmare of death and boredom.

    1. And what does the mediot horde say about?

      Dead man took substance that Trump said to take.

      The media WANTS millions to die! They sure don’t talk much about treatment, neither do the idiot politicians, who once again demonstrate, that any idiot can blow millions with disregard. But they can continue to play Gotcha and find a scapegoat!

  2. They won’t, Robert. They want piles of decomposing bodies rotting in public places for want of anywhere to bury them across America—preferably white ones—AND a Great Depression that they can blame on President Trump.

    If blue-state governors and mayors wanted to prepare for germ warfare, they had plenty of opportunities. They didn’t. Far greater opportunities for lining their pockets in the climate change scam—and much less risk of pissing off the Overseas Chinese.

    1. quinine. It’s the “Tonic” in Tonic Water, but only 35mg, there’s more sugar. You need 500mg per day,

    1. But the medical community is poopooing the treatment.
      Hasn’t been tested for this.
      Might have side effects.
      Excuses excuses.
      It’s almost as if the politicians and medical health officers want more people to die as well.
      Sure is nice to collect a guaranteed cheque every two weeks, while they dilly dally over people’s lives. All I see are lots of little tyrants getting to act out their wildest dreams of authoritarianism. Why would any political leader want this to end? Absolute control is intoxicating!

      1. The dead man is a potential candidate for Darwin.
        Trump only mentioned the name of the drug chloroquine, if I m correct in spelling of it.
        The dead guy figured that since an aquarium cleaner has grams of it in its mix, may as well drink the stuff.
        You would never know that if you watched the story on CNN.
        The thing is that Trump knows, not that he is all knowing, he’s got the whole army of scientists that he can talk to, so he gets the information that he wants. Obviously he does not know the details.
        It’s been known for some time that the malaria drug may work. That’s all he said if you listen to the exchange between Trump and the “journalist”.
        Trump accused of ‘meltdown’ after clashing with reporters in coronavirus press conference
        Don’t know if you can characterize this as a meltdown.

      1. Just told by the local chemist that Sask Health yesterday issued an instruction that hydroxychloroquin will not be prescribed for anything not already in its schedule—for patients with malaria, arthritis, or who are immuno-compromized (I’m pretty sure that was the list) ; i.e., not for Covid-19.

        1. Heard the same thing in my province as well from someone who is in the healthcare field. The Americans may have treatment soon but I don’t think there’s much hope for us in Canada. I think that our governments would rather let us suffer than admit that the Americans may have a treatment that’s worth considering. I’ve noticed from our provincial daily briefings on Covid 19 that there’s never any talk of treatment or vaccine.
          Do they have a plan going forward or will they just ask us to stay in our houses for months.?

        2. That’s bloody INSANE! If my Doctor prescribed it to save my life … the Chemist better bloody fkcuing give it to me/him STAT! Since when does a Pharmacist interfere with a Doctors orders!?

          Is Canada Health so politically tainted … that it can’t risk Trump being right? Sick. Sickos

          1. To be fair, I do not know what the policy is in an emergency situation, ICU, but this is the directive that went out to physicians. At this point in the pandemic, all of our politicians only seem to be concerned about flattening the curve, which is fair for now. Unfortunately I see no leadership showing the path forward.

          2. Government agencies are bureaucracies where process is the goal, not production. The process of testing the drug for this application hasn’t yet employed enough government workers (now there’s an oxymoron), followed the process.

        3. Man between my nagging rheumatoid arthritis, chronic cerebral malaria that I picked up as a child in Sri Lanka in ’68 and the massive ghonnorhea infection (also picked up in Sri Lanka a few years later), I need help…well two types of help.

          Don’t worry about the zinc, I’ll figure it out for myself.

    2. That, and azithromycin. Scott Adams also mentioned zinc which I haven’t heard of previously.

  3. Trump has removed most of the red tape, and testing can now be done at the local /private level, and doctors can now cross state borders, and states have the latitude to do what is best.

  4. Hey everyone, while I always appreciate the contributions of ‘steakman’, PLEASE try to get a prescription from a medical doctor before trying things on your own. If your doctor refuses to help, find another one.

    I personally believe that these drugs provide a cure for Covid-19 but try to minimize your risk.

    1. If not a cure, it certainly seems to reduce the severity of the symptoms, while the immune system can do its work.
      Why this isn’t gaining traction here is stupefying. Both Trudope and Whoregan love to use important sounding words like SCIENCE when it suits them, here’s a known medication, with little if any toxicity or side effects, yet these two are silent as church mice about it.
      Talking about a treatment would get in their way of shovelling BILLIONS off the Titanic!
      The next shoe to drop, might be getting taxed out of our shoes, to “do our part”. I’m glad retirement is less than 5 years away. Yet, those with over 10 years to work, or some wealth, investments or equity in their homes, are going to be the targets of kleptocrat governments, looking to steal whatever they can, increasing taxes however and wherever possible.
      TruDOPE just blew $100 Billion without trying. What would stop him from doing it again?

      1. Which is the same thing ventilators are doing … keeping the patient alive long enough for the body to have time to heal. If the drug can keep patients off ventilators … it helps preserve those (apparently) scarce devices … both of which can extend/save lives. Why isn’t your PM following PDJT’s lead and authorizing this drug regimen for compassionate trial use?

        Raise your hand if you really hope your ventilators are being powered by wind or solar?

        1. Why? Because Trudope is playing politics as usual, and would rather throw BILLIONS to Low Info’s, so he looks like their saviour, the French Jesus, all the while with that stupid smirk and lisp.
          Meanwhile the same dopes that kiss his feet, waiting for their gubmint cheque, will be debt slaves their entire lives, thanks to the Spawn’s inept and cynical actions.
          Look, there’s people in trouble here, thrown out of work. I’ve got three greater family members tossed out of work, and my son’s work is slowing down as well, thanks to the housing industry going down bit by bit. They don’t have 6 months or a year, for the hope that the curve flattens or whatever. The government is lying as usual. They first stated that the threat would ease by May…..yeah right, the flattened curve still is dependent on the majority of the population getting the disease over a longer period of time. Yeah, that’s sure a sound strategy.
          Our current authorities are “Fighting” a 21st century virus with 19th century methods. Dreadful. Adams called it right, the Oblahblah AFstan strategy. Our authorities are inexperienced , but well-lettered paper writing tigers. Clueless in the real world, except they know how to cower, hide their panic, and watch everyone go broke. Brilliant!
          Anyone else notice too, none of them are men? Just sayin……………

  5. If reporters, Democrats, and Liberals say it doesn’t work, they shouldn’t get any.

    In fact they should refuse all medications until the required peer reviewed studies, with large sample sizes, demonstrate conclusively that said medications work.

  6. But chloroquine kills. CNN and MSNBC said so.
    Problem is the 2 people who self medicated and died took the WRONG Chorlquine. They took the stuff to disinfect fish tanks.Opps. CNN never told you that, did they.

    It is similar to using Sodium. There is sodium chloride(salt) and sodium hydroxide (corrosive and deadly).

  7. the longer this thing lasts the more damage it will do to the US economy,

    the worse the economy does, the more the democrats and the media will find or fabricate reasons to blame Trump

    this will reduce the number of people that will vote for Trump and increase chances democrats will win next november

    it is all about the next election

    that is why democrats and the media are opposed to a medication that will end this situation in about 2 – 3 weeks

    they need this crisis BADLY and need to make it last for a very VERY long time

    they cannot let chloroquine end it in 3 weeks

    1. Bingo.

      It may be that the President knows that every journalist in that room is currently taking the drug and he was trolling them. It would be interesting for James of Keith to do a little investigative journalism to find out exactly who is taking these drugs which the Democrats and other leftist claim are in It would be interesting for James of Keith to do a little investigative journalism to find out exactly who is taking these drugs which the Democrats and other leftists claim are both ineffective and deadly.

    1. It is strange how all the research during the SARS outbreak was memory holed by the physicians, medical researchers, and other “pandemic experts”. You would have thought that the World Health Organization would have at the very least had a file on coronaviruses and old research, eh?

      Thankfully a minority of “experts” recalled that this has happened before, and there might even be some information available!

  8. Adams is a friend of Trump. He visited Trump at the White House.
    Used to watch his podcast almost every day. They are quite long so now watch his podcasts from time to time. He does have a unique view on many things.
    This is the first time seen him go ballistic.

    1. He wasn’t always a Trump fan, go back to the election period, one thing, Adams is forthright.

      Trump grew on him in time. Adams is a smart guy in his own right, and recognized Trump’s methodologies early, and admired from a distance, mostly because, Trump was a master at letting others make fools of themselves.

      I remember watching the evolution over time. Adams didn’t want to like Trump, but he couldn’t help it. Yes, he’s in California, and has probably lost all his local friends from TDS, due to this. But he’s wealthy enough not to give a crap. Yes, he doesnt get animated often, but when he does, its a treat. And he wasnt calling out Trump, he was calling out the bureaucratic medical system, ours is worse!

  9. OMA is telling Ontario doctors not to use Chloroquinine+Z for COVID19. A fucking union telling them not to help people because maybe malpractice.

    And Kinsella and his winged monkeys on Twitter went at Danielle Smith for mentioning it as a possible treatment on her radio show.

    What a bunch of anti-Canadian scum. Sick, dying Canadians and they are arguing against a treatment that evidence from around the world shows could work.

    1. Every “progressive” out there is afraid that President Trump will get credit for saving lives. Nothing worse for the TDS crowd than a successful Donald.

      1. The moment it is shown to work in US (if it works) Libranos and others will not have a choice but to accept it here. Then they will claim that Trump was always against it and Blackie the brilliant found it all by himself.

  10. Chloroquine is an immunosuppressant.

    The pneumonia appears to be caused by fluid buildup in the lungs from the body fighting the viral infection. It’s a cytokine storm. The body is responding to the virus with overwhelming and unnecessary violence, causing lung damage.

    It stands to reason that an immunosuppressant would slow the immune system down. It still fights the virus, but less violently, preventing fluid buildup.

    Chloroquine probably doesn’t attack the virus so much as it chills the immune system down enough to prevent collateral damage.

  11. Canadians have WEED to dull the pain.. like the USSR had free Vodka… Stoners don’t need medication!

  12. Honest question for Grey or anybody: why wouldn’t it affect young people more than seniors since young people have better immune systems?

    1. Young people’s kidneys and livers function better than old people, so they don’t get as much fluid build up. Older people are more likely to develop pneumonia due to a wide variety of infections, and are also more likely to develop life threatening fluid buildup around the heart.

      Young people’s bodies can deal with the excess fluid more quickly and efficiently, it doesn’t build up in their vital organs as quickly.

  13. duh duh duh duh snap snap
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    duh duh duh duh snap snap
    Adams! Adams! Adams!
    Are you sure there is not a potential shortage of these drugs within the U.S.? If so, I support you 100%. If not this may cause severe damage.

    Consider the following…
    1. Some mostly bald, gray haired, geezer (I am a less gray but a somewhat older geezer) told me on pspc or youtube that China ordered a medical supplies ship bound for the U.S. to return to China.
    2. The same guy indicated that China produced the only study (that he was aware of) that said the Trump medicines do not work.
    3. I read eleswhere on the internet that India has stoped the exports of medications that may cure covid 19.
    4. AFAIK, China and India are two of the biggest suppliers of drugs to the U.S.
    5. I also read of the people whose symptoms indicate covid 19, who have tests, have results that indicate about one in ten have the virus.
    6. I also read that one company has just had an automated 45 minute test approved (and will probably begin shipments within the month).

    So, if we are certain (given the probably short term delay in testing results, and the possibly mid to long term delay in availability of replacement medications) that we are able to waste nine out of ten doses, then of course we should not require any test rusults. Otherwise … Doh!

    1. Here is part of your answer:

      And I have seen mention of a higher number as well:
      Mar 20, 2020 · Teva Pharmaceutical (NYSE:TEVA) plans to donate 10 million tablets of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine sulfate as a potential treatment for COVID-19.

      Can they just not give it to severe cases of TDS? Those are probably beyond all hope of salvage

      1. forgot the sarc tag!
        here you go
        Another one?
        Sure thing
        Double too
        Oh what the hey
        … ///…
        Wait a minute…
        dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot!

  14. The left ran a 3 year Multi nation Russia collusion scam that encompasses the entire US intelligence apparatus, supported fully by a corrupt media.

    Demonizing chloroquine and minimizing its potential success is small ball.

  15. The import of this is profound. We were all looking at not 1, but 2 or 3 quarantine periods without it.
    That would have devastated Western economies, including potentially affect Trumps re-election.
    The U.S. economy recovery will leave state controlled economies in the dust.

    Canada’s economy was in bad shape due to Trudeau regime’s incompetence/sabotage before this shutdown. A 2nd and 3rd shut down would have been devastating. It will take a decade or so to recover even now.

    If Canadian provincial health departments are hindering/preventing effective treatments being used on patients, while physicians are using it based on the same information. They’ve just fallen off their high horse, “Holier Than Thou!”
    Politicized public health care just dumped, grandma/grandpa and the whole extended family under the bus.

    If hydroxy-chloroquine is approved for arthritis treatment… most everyone could claim inflamed joints or tempers.

  16. Information about chloroquine and analogs has been circulating for two months, on the news, websites, and blogs. In February, I even remarked to my sister to be sure to demand CQ if one of us gets the virus. I dont think there is a huge supply of CQ in the N American retail pharmaceutical pipeline. I read a plea by the organization that represents people with Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis that patients with long standing prescriptions are being turned away because the supply dried up. This problem and the concern that some people are hoarding it, may in part, underly the government response. Weeks ago, several countries banned its export, uncluding the UK. All that said, the people engaged in testing it, in the trenches, have sure been mum. Just a reminder that it was being used in Italy, as were the HIV antivirals. Maybe, it doesn’t work for everyone, across the board. I hope I’m being too skeptical.

    1. I believe its a twofer, CQ tamps down the cytokine storm and it interferes with virus replication. As to its success as a treatment, it may be a case of timing is everything. Maybe, its best left to the Feds to distribute so it goes to all the states and it goes to people who are actually infected. There is no reasoning with a hypochondriac.

  17. Texas ER doctor reports that Paquenil makes no difference in outcome. See Trent Talenkos posts on Very disappointing.

    1. Sorry ER doc’s report appeared on a Texas Aggie website. His practice is in a small Louisiana community hospital.

  18. Lots of magical thinking here. There aren’t enough tests to go around, so I don’t know were Mr. Addams imagines they will come from. More, and more rapid tests are coming, but it could be weeks away. Yes, there is some evidence some of the proposed treatments are effective, but it’s too soon to say anything definitive. Taking a dose of chloroquine might not hurt, but it likely won’t save you.

    I’m not sure why a man who makes comics for a living believe he knows better than infectious disease experts, but here we are.

      1. Precisely MichiCanuck. But GatineauGuv was more focused on demeaning and dismissing Scott Adams than paying the least bit of attention to what Adams was saying. I especially loved this line: “Taking a dose of chloroquine might not hurt, but it likely won’t save you.” Based on what facts/evidence/anything can such a statement be made? I suspect that it comes from a brain infected with TDS.

        I posted a description of the video on Facebook but refused to include the video. However I did add that anyone wanting to see it just send me a private message. About six people did. Each of them had a friend who appears to have severe Covid-19 symptoms. I urged each of them to politely raise holy hell with their friend’s doctor and if they got nowhere then find another doctor.

        On his vidcast this morning, Adams stated that governments are now “kindly lying” to people about this cure until sufficient supply can be manufactured and secured. This does make sense. Hopefully the supply can be made quickly. Watch “not proven” turn into “certifiable cure” over night.

  19. With regard to Scott’s comment about sterilization of masks, it is funny that anyone would ask a doctor about sterilization of anything. Back in the early 20th century, doctors were general biological scientists. Now, they treat everything as one-time-use disposable items. It’s up to the engineers and physicists to worry about such mundane things. Sure there are still autoclaves, but that would not be a good fit for re-using masks and other PPE items. Doctors are not experts on this, sorry.

    Something that very well might work for virtually ALL PPE items would be to re-purpose the food irradiation industry into a PPE sterilization industry. This would involve breaking all sorts of FDA rules, but hey, there’s a war on. The way it would work is to have special biohazard bags in hospitals that would be used to collect all (relatively) clean PPE items and then these bags would be trucked to the nearest high-dose cobalt-60 facility and subject the bags to a few hours of gamma radiation. We are talking about industrial scale facilities, not cancer treatment. Then the PPE items can be re-used. Sure, they’ll have cooties, but they’ll be very dead cooties. And yes, it works on viruses.