6 Replies to “Silver Linings”

  1. The present day seems like a Hell of an opportunity for the likes of Extinction Rebellion. Get at it guys ‘n gals!

  2. The globalists’ useful idiots on the activist left are getting much of what they thought they wanted and choking on it.

    They are the ones panicking, not the grown-ups.

    They are finding out that in most cases, what they do that passes for work (if anything) is not “essential.” If it needs doing at all, the necessity of making them “working from home” for months will demonstrate that THEIR tasks were the ones ideal for outsourcing to India (not China). When this is over, most of those tasks will be by surviving firms.

    The grown-ups are actually rather looking forward, when this is over, to north Americans’ going back to work full time, making things people need and making them to last—not garbage nobody would buy if it wasn’t cheaply made by a slave in a Chinese labour camp and that falls apart in a matter of months—and performing tasks people actually need done.

    We, the essentials, will bury our parents and move on.

    The troubles of the non-essentials are just beginning.

  3. I enjoyed this video and agree. Also the police telling people to “go home please” reminded me of the ineffectual police officer on the series “Doc Martin”
    I also agree that there are a lot of “useless” people in this world. Perhaps, when the return to sanity happens, they will have to get real jobs. One can hope.

  4. Yeah, Sargon, … the “plague” ain’t likely to kill you, or many other people for that matter.

    Are they still figuring 1% to 3% of the people who develop serious symptoms will likely die? Still figuring 80% of people will develop no symptoms or only mild symptoms?

  5. What’s not to like about a … CRISIS !!!!!! … equivalent to WWII (according to brain-dead, snot-nose, millennial media writers) !!!! …
    Wherein the most arduous hardships are;

    – toilet paper stockpile panic. Not actual lack of toilet paper … but the PANIC thinking about getting down to your last 24 rolls
    – which online video game to play for 12hours straight today
    – having your children, who you purport to love, at home with you 24-7 … just like during the summer months
    – not having to go to work
    – not going shopping
    – washing your hands religiously

    I have to stop. This list is already so overwhelming … I’m going to have to sit-down in my comfy couch, breathe deeply, and enjoy my warm home, cozy bathrobe, and furry slippers. OMG! Did I just say “breathe”? OMG! Quick … someone give me the latest John’s Hopkins body count!! Ohhhhhh mammmmma … we’re all gonna die. And my case supply of Dove Bars is running low. How DID our country make it through WWII ?

    1. We got through WWII because “men were men”, and “women were women”, and actually did things to make society better, whether producing useful goods, raising families, and making society safe and productive.

      Today, not so much. Can you imagine today’s person in a total blackout so the enemies night bombers can’t locate you?