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  1. They know he’s a zero. They don’t care. He’s not Trump and he’s not Bernie. Trump hatred along with friendly court eunuch media is enough for them to believe he’s electable. If Bernie’s millennials have party loyalty and show up to vote they may be right.

    1. “They don’t care”…….

      They don’t care because he is just a figurehead. He’s just a puppet at this point in his political career. VP selection will be MOST interesting as they might very well be the President.

      It’s an ass backward, f’d up democrat party.

  2. Joe will continue to humiliate himself, the party, and the process. It keeps him – and a good chunk of his family – out of jail.

    Only reason he ran in the first place

  3. Perhaps the article on the sidebar by the same author is an indication of the veracity of the linked article. “Pelosi won, Trump Lost”. It’s dated January 25, 2019.

    1. Before obama, people like her never had a platform to spew their garbage. But suddenly when obama got elected, many of these whacked out radicals like her, started showing up on MSLSD. Old schoolers like Matthews had to be livid.

  4. The article makes it sound like the next seven months will be “Weekend At Joe’s”.

    1. We can even get Andrew McCarthy and Jonathon Silverman out of their semi-retirement/D-list celebrity purgatory to walk around the country, propping up Joe’s lifeless body.

  5. It was painful reading that. Painful that an otherwise intelligent sounding woman can pen such drivel.

    he can’t hit the stump to try to capitalize on the excitement he had just stoked

    And she should be thanking the Chinese for that … that Biden ISNT making more appearances … telling UNION workers to “go fook themselves” and stopping mid sentence asking where he is. Yeah … “excitement” .. “stoked” …

    The article reeks of desperation

  6. Joe Biden is, therefore, a Potemkin village for the Democratic Party, much like Hillary was. All hat and no cattle. A Hollywood set: looks good from the front but open the front door to go “in” and, well, nothing but empty land and some 2x4s propping up the “front”.

    It’s all about image. Democrats don’t give a rat’s behind about anything else.

    Wasn’t keeping Hillary out of the limelight what the Democratic Party did in 2016 in the last few months of her campaign?

    Remember Hillary’s collapse in early September 2016 was days before her “deplorables” speech, a speech that probably ended her campaign.

    I contend that it’s the stress – mental, emotional, and physical – that’s getting to Joe Biden as it did to Hillary.

    And watch how the media – in particular, the New York Times – will announce that Mr. Biden has a, oh, 91% chance of winning the Presidency and that Donald Trump has very little path to victory.

  7. Biden is 77 years old. It is perfectly plausible that between the time he wins the Democratic nomination and the presidential election that he either dies or suffers a debilitating medical condition.

    If that occurs, what’s Plan B for the Democrats?

    1. Plan B,,, hell, I think Biden croaking before the cherry blossoms come out in 2021 is actually Plan A.
      Democrats would then be able to finally do, what they have been dreaming of for decades, unrestricted, because I contend, if Biden would be able to win the Presidency, Democrats would assuredly win the House and win the Senate.

    2. Plan A is Joe’s death or replacement for mental incompetence. Plan B is to be revealed when his running mate is selected.

    3. K.M., then vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris becomes the presidential nominee, and Hilary Clinton becomes the vice-presidential nominee. Instead of Biden-Harris winning in November, it will be Harris-Clinton winning.

  8. 2016, Donald Trump won by going directly to the voters with rallies and social media. The MMSM were forced to cover him. This only to keep their ratings high to earn enough ad revenue to survive a little while longer, until digital kills them off. His alpha male leadership skills blindsided his mediocre rivals and opponent.

    Now with pandemic quarantine preventing Trump from holding rallies, inspiring huge crowds which both attract more attendees and draw more support from broadcast/internet audience. He’s left with social media… overtly dominated by totalitarian minded tycoons owners/billionaire sheiks/billionaire cell phone company owner who owns the NYTimes, and social justice warriors. The latter hired to “moderate” social media.

    Joe Biden, unless he collapses before his cyberg double intercedes, need not say anything intelligible. If say A.O.C. is his V.P. pick. She can’t stop talking. Perfect for CNN et al. Her handlers will run the campaign anyway.

    So the Democrats have a sort of half-assed plan, but it’s a plan. The MMSM, fake news and Uncle Joe memes rain down like a plague of … a mind virus pandemic.

    If the Democrats win. China will have free reign to use their massive military to take Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, blockade South Korea and Japan. China has as many submarines as the U.S. of A.

    Would Pres. Biden and Empress A.O.C. defend America’s Pacific Rim allies ? No. Why not ?
    China manufactures most of the pharmaceuticals used in the U.S. of A., including what would be needed by the U.S. military in the event of a war.

    So China promises low-priced, under the cost of production even for China, to subsidize the Democrat “FREE” Drug Care plan(hush/hush). So the anxiety ridden, voters due to the quarantine of their jobs/economy. They can toke up/shoot-up/pill away their anxiety. A perfect reversal of the Opium Wars.

    Can the Democrat/C.C.P. Axis powers pull it off ? ??
    Uncle Joe “Free medicinal pot in every pot.” Biden. Hey, it got Justin Trudeau elected.

    1. I find it amazing how few people know the real story of Trump’s unbelievable, totally unexpected win.

      Just like Canada, The Media is so owned they should be branded.

      The US Media Party had their regular meeting with Hilary to get their marching instructions. Nothing unusual there.

      What was unusual was the result. Hilary wanted Trump. She got him.

      Deciding that the foolish Trump would be easiest for her to beat, she instructed her media minions to focus on ensuring Trump emerged from the 16 contenders.

      They did as told. Trump did not.

      Now you know the rest of the story.



      The Media steals elections in the US and Canada for the “Ruling Class”. Always have, always will.

      Stop the Fake News.

      The Media is The Virus.

    1. “…Scott says: Joe Biden he’s not good at things… can you name anything he’s good at? Actually I can’t”

      I can. Plagiarism. He’s just not very good at disguising it nowadays.

    2. He is very good at monetarising his political position, graft and corruption in other words. He has enriched his entire family through influence peddling and insider dealing. Peter Schweizer details it in his latest book.

    3. Maybe not good, but Creepy Joe is accomplished at touching little girls, squeezing their arms and shoulders, sniffing their hair, getting far beyond the boundaries of acceptable behaviour with them……….just sayin.
      Yes, Potemkin Joe might be a much better name for him. Yes, it’s elder abuse to continue propping up this 77 year old that is clearly in the early stages of a typical elderly affliction, could be dementia, Alzheimer’s, a past stroke that was not declared, who knows. One thing for sure, no one should ever be considered to be in charge of the football with his clear demonstration that his mind is not 100%.
      Shame on his gold digging wife, she just wants the glory, and keeps propping up the old codger!

    4. Come on maaaan! Joe is really good at talking about the “common man” … because he is one, Right? Oops. After the Hunter Biden expose’ … Joe LOST his ONE edge. The one thing he “does well” … being one of you. Being the same rough and tumble blue collar worker as you … you know maaaaan … people who will take bullies like Trump out behind the gym and give em a good beating.

      That all went out the window, when the public learned of Joe’s coke-head son, who got a special elitist recruitment into the military … then summarily tossed out for immoral and incompetent conduct. Then … the $multi-million “jobs” in Ukraine and China … then the deadbeat baby-daddy lawsuit.

      Now … Joe is just another entrenched elite scamming the system for personal gain. You know … the MAIN REASON PDJT was elected POTUS … as an antidote to government officials like Joe Biden.

      Ol’ creepy, sleepy, Joe is gonna field a LOT more tough questions from UNION workers if he dares show his face in public again. That is … anywhere except a tightly managed and scripted “Town Hall” like SHE used to stage.

  9. Biden is 78 years old, and IMO he is suffering from Alzheimers, or a similar memory impairment.
    That his family allows him to campaign is elder abuse.

    My biggest fear is the cold blooded power brokers will keep him in the race until he secures 2,000 delegates to be the nominee. Then Joe Biden former VP, will be absolutely useless and actually an impediment. Maybe he will be encouraged to resign for the good of the party, or in a poor, unfortunate occurrence, he will be accidentally exposed to COVID-19, and pass away from “natural causes.” Yes, I think they would be that Cold Blooded, that calculating, to kill someone with a miserable painful case of viral pneumonia. Think of the sympathy! The ads that will say Donald Trump killed Joe Biden and thousands of Americans.

    Is Andrew Cuomo auditioning this month for the Presidential Nomination?
    Who else has the MSM been sucking up to lately?

    FYI, AOC is too young, she won’t be 35 YO until 2024.

    1. I like your points, I also agree AOC won’t be VP,,, she’s not “connected” and has a dangerous mouth.

      1. Agree.

        IMHO the DNC will deplatform AOC by disappearing her congressional district.

        Looks like Cuomo will replace Joe

    2. The Demarxists are trying to find a connected female, black, handicapped transvestite for VP, but haven’t had much luck yet.
      They just need Rupaul to accidentally cut off his hand…..er, her hand……well, whatever.

      They were talking about Stacey Abrams, who can’t accept any loss by any Demarxist, or Heels Up Harris. Two stunningly bad choices, must be media props only, neither has any background sufficient to lead, other than whiny, snivelling losers.

  10. George Soros already knows the identity of the eventual nominee. Give him a shout, he might let you in on it.

  11. That Young Journalist is living in another universe. Delusional and in denial. The Democrats have tapped out and gave up to Trump .. They had to run away from BERNIE… With Biden they may hold the House……..
    Only the crazies think they CAN win the Presidency, but why the insane need….In another 4 years of Trump what is their fear…. We Republicans had to put up with the corrupt Administration of Obama for 8 years… In 2016 we won the WH the House & Senate, but the House Republicans couldn’t govern…. RINO’s the lot..
    The stink of Paul Ryan was overwhelming… They were gone in 2018

    When the Stock Market tanks it is not just the Republican K401’s that lose Money. Every Trust & Pension Fund & Union investment are Flat lined….In 2008 Obama back filled the Auto workers & others with all the money intended for shovel ready projects…Boondoggle BS… thieves

    The German Measles, Spanish Flu, Chinese Virus….The label police need to visit a shark tank after going through a wood chipper..Nice used one in Ships-Harbor, NJ


  12. Joes money will not keep him healthy, too much stress.

    Hunter Biden has to be driving him nuts, Hunters wife had a baby,
    his girlfriend has a baby and is trying to find out how much is in his slush fund.

    Never knowing when the Bulldog prosecutor will come into a rally and cuff him off.
    I cant blame him for giving a talk and staring out into the darkness, thinking his wife is his sister.

    Old Joe thinks the cure is the problem,
    and for him it probably is.

  13. Joe is the perfect candidate for president. Think about it, he has been at the trough all his life, he is as dumb as a bag of rocks, dementia aside, and he knows how to scam the system, perfect.

  14. I notice CNN(China News Network) isn’t replaying Tapper’s interview with China Joe yesterday. Guess Tapper reminding Joe not to cough into his hand and touching his face was not what they were looking for. Biden stating that he couldn’t remember who he was talking to about the virus didn’t help.

  15. The guy is an idiot, always has been. A crooked idiot, but still an idiot. The only thing stupider in politics is canadas “stunt pm”. But then again, there are those that voted for both, so I guess, I’m wrong. Groping every little kid that he can grope, but hey, there could be hope in the great white north for him. And that is his problem old white guy, the troughs juice, has been cut off to these creeps, regression comes quickly.

  16. I’m in the mood for a conspiracy so here goes:

    Biden is just a placeholder for the as yet unnamed nominee. That is why Bernie is staying in; to have leverage. I believe the original plan was to get Biden elected with the puppet master’s true choice as VP. Biden gets declared non-compos mentis and the VP takes over. An option is to appoint Hillary or whoever as VP then new president takes a bullet from a “MAGA”. Hillary or whoever is now an unelected President like Ford. Unfortunately for “them” Biden has deteriorated too quickly and now seems unelectable. We will see what they come up with next to get their true choice in.

    End Conspiracy 🙂

    1. The Virus plays into the hands of Demarxists as if by design.

      Potemkin Joe is shielded from scrutiny. No debates, no stump speeches, no town halls. All VERY controlled and directed.

      Trump also is hurt, by the lack of his energetic rallies. This may be a big deal, however, his support has never eroded through the last four years, no matter what manufactured outrage has been produced.

    2. Yup, Biden was brought into the campaign to thwart loony-left Bernie, as well as the other candidates who weren’t much better.

      Then along came Bloomberg. Halleluiah! A great sigh of relief from the Dem. power brokers, they didn’t have to rely on Biden after all! But oops, Bloomberg blew it, so it’s back to Biden, even as his apparent dementia worsens.

      So there are two scenarios being developed:
      1) Replace Biden at the convention. With who? Don’t know yet but you can bet they have possible replacements in mind.
      2) Let him run, hope he’s elected, and then find some way to oust him from office (25th amendment? It would certainly apply) and his Veep takes over. So they will be deciding who his running mate is. It won’t be Hillary, she’s had her chance and blew it, and she’s too old. They’ll want someone young.

      It’s plainly obvious that Biden would not complete his first term in office, I’d be surprised if he managed his first year.

      But to do even that much, he has to first defeat The Donald, and that’s where the power brokers’ plans run into trouble. Trumps approval rating just keeps rising, no matter how desperately the Dems and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) try to torpedo him.

  17. Whoever is crowned VP will be the key to their strategy with Joe.

    FWIW, if they want to keep Joe safe for the next few months, Canada has a secure bunker to hide him away from the worlds troubles with a spare room.

  18. Unreal. They’re going to be down to 2 brain-damaged 70+ year olds trying to remember each other’s names while not overflowing their Depends.

  19. So, she just wants him to live to run for President. Not live for any other reason.

    A despicable hag.