The “Self Love” Movement and Why It’s Toxic

“This resulted in pushing self-esteem another mile marker down the road into “self-love.” But not the traditional self-love we’re familiar with (be it the healthy kind where you love yourself in the form of self-respect and self-confidence, or the bad kind where you are narcissistic or arrogant). This new form of “self-love” is the next evolutionary stage of self-esteem where it creates an entire value structure where 100% of your life value is derived internally, not externally. You don’t have to do anything for anyone. You don’t have to work or sacrifice or toil to create something of value for others. You don’t have to invest in yourself to make yourself attractive to other people. The concept of selflessness and altruism is completely absent from this form of love, if for the simple fact there is no counter-party to be selfless or altruistic towards. And so this new love is a completely self-contained system. A truly individual and personal affair, only requiring the individual and no one else.”

11 Replies to “The “Self Love” Movement and Why It’s Toxic”

  1. You have to admit, it reduces the chance of rejection. Maybe it could happen if somebody with a split personality went down this road.

  2. Where the suggestion, “Why don’t yer go feck yerself”, would probably be taken as sound, clinical advice.

  3. I guess masturbation will be the most popular form of sexual activity going forward. Hahahaha ….

    1. Woody Allen described it as sex with someone you love. That’ll indeed be the case for a certain politician we know.

      1. The GREATEST thing Woody Allen EVER said … and must have a LOT of experience with … till Soon Yi … or whatever the child’s name was that he imported to satisfy his pedophilic urges

        Don’t Knock Masturbation. It’s Sex with Someone I Love.