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  1. Said the Corvid: This, too, shall pass. Caw! And a pox on Blackie….may he pay in karmic cramps unending, the little tiny potato prick. Peace.

    1. Maybe others have mentioned this.
      What did Blackie the Weirdo know way back that we didn’t? In December?
      Many thought it was his loss of a majority government.
      The beard was grown in an attempt to what? Take him more seriously?
      Did he know the Wuhan Flu was coming and what powers he could take?
      He certainly did as little as possible for as long as possible to let it in. He called any opposition racist.
      Did his domestic situation influence his decision?
      He wields an extraordinary amount of power for anyone, let alone a narcissistic nut-job with a marriage on the rocks and a loathing of his countrymen outside of K-bec.
      He gains more power everyday, playing dress-up, isolated yet giving moronic speeches before a fawning press and maybe even losing his already unbalanced mind.

        1. I just don’t believe that even Canadians are dumb enough to vote for Kim Jong Justin! Twice!

          Next election, the ballots must be counted on national television or it didn’t happen!

          Stop the fraudulent elections!

          Stop the Fake News!

          1. jose, as I have said many times Canadians are stupid, very stupid. Most want something for nothing and will vote for just that circumstance.

    1. Lol. I am reading your post at 5 am Atlantic time Tuesday, and can’t stop laughing. My hard laugh of the day.

  2. Five people face more than 40 charges after Saturday shooting
    L- 5 people gathering at a hotel ? Police should charge them with breaking the quarantine ! That would be serious.

    Facing 40 charges, I’d wager their rap sheets would total 5 times that. No judge is going to risk being called mean by putting them behind bars until the public is safe. Give them an option of volunteering for testing China Com. Party virus treatments and vaccines. That could last longer than a catch and release gangsta recycling policy.

  3. March 23 (Reuters) – California’s governor said on Monday that the state needs 50,000 additional hospital beds to accommodate a surge in coronavirus patients predicted by computer modeling.

    For the Love of Christ … what is it with Lefties and their computer models? And didn’t Gavin’s modelers learn ANYTHING from China’s experience!? Don’t his modelers read Stanford biophysicist’s advice?


    It’s become shockingly apparent that the Left are salivating over this crisis and how they can exploit it to cause maximum DAMAGE to our nation. They are seizing on this MOMENT … these few weeks … to DESTROY all that they hate; capitalism … work … money … and to SEIZE every last gasp and grasp of POWER possible. The Democrat Party in America is a disgusting pile of excrement.

    I guess Gavin’s gonna need some new TAXES to pay for all those beds. Or just a GIANT piece of the Federal $1.8B pie … ?

    1. Seems Sophie’s taste in men is consistent. Stupid and stupider. She’s incapable of aspiring to anyone better.

      1. It’s sometimes amusing to compare her with Melania Trump. Soapy never impressed me as being Mensa material. Mrs. Trump, on the other hand, can speak several languages (5, I’ve heard) fluently.

  4. I like the two available business channels on my cable, BNN-Bloomberg and CNBC. The two are doing a good job reporting under the circumstances. But beyond these, news reporting is a wasteland. The CTV news channel? Up pops out one Akshay Tandon in the early mornings. CTV news has copied CBC news in eliminating all white males from anchor jobs. Mr. Tandon apparently hails from India, and like all vismin hires, he carefully parrots CTV’s left-wing world view. But on top of that he speaks with a stiff Southeast Indian accent which makes him difficult to understand. No matter: CTV now employs news anchors viewers who can’t speak comprehensible English. No matter to CTV and BellMedia.

    One wonders how many watch this guy, or the CTVnews channel. Even during a world crisis, not many.

  5. shake my hand my friend!

    These comm’s must go!?

    obviously.. we don’t need so much govn’t?!

  6. I am very happy to say I was wrong last night when I said the Dow Jones and the US Stock Market would drop 4,000 points because of the failed stimulus package. It dropped less than 1,000 even at its lowest. Probably because the US Federal Reserve said it will keep everyone solvent, and buy everything.

    Unfortunately the Democrats still have not made a deal. The markets will likely drop again today.

  7. It was Einstein that said “The simplest solution is always the best Solution” It may be that his meaning was that perfection is not necessary….Perfection is a POX that Academia suffers from…

    Wondering WHY the good Scientist (Trumps Team) discourages anecdotal science when missing data limits the scientific knowledge. Does he have a financial interest in something else, or does he think using imperfect drugs that produce “some” results will suck all the Oxygen from the R&D of better solutions… I hope it is the latter…. The media doesn’t know shit and will follow a beard over the cliff

    In the real world you can’t wait for perfection…..Little steps are better than none.. The use of Modeling as a tool, although fatally flawed because of probability algorithms in place of the unknown parameters, is a quick way of finding and the elimination of flawed solutions. Not scientifically perfect, but close enough for government work….

    1. Buddy, Buddy, Buddy….Blair learned how to lie as a police officer (sic) as police chief in TO he honed those skills to a very high level…once elected to the Trudeau team he now is applying those skills as safety officer and of course the Unifor medias got his back….Steve O

  8. And now a brief overview of the Canadian Unifor media this morning. Blackie is wonderful. The Liberal Party is wonderful. Lots of stories that China has eliminated the Trump virus from their country. Only a few foreign devils still bringing the Trump virus into the country. China is wonderful. Blackie starts his thirty million dollar ad campaign today, because Canadians are not only racist bastards, but are too stupid to wash their hands. No word yet on whether children will be asked to report their parents to police.

    1. Don’t worry. UNIFOR news, as a write this, is giving Doug Ford tough questions at his presser. This makes up for the bootlicking softball questions thrown to Trudesu.

  9. Trudeau Joins the International Coup?

    The worldwide plot of the left to effectively overthrow Democracy is alive and well in Canada as well. The emergency bill introduced bt Trudeau would grant cabinet sweeping powers to tax and spend without parliamentary approval through the end of 2021. In other words, Trudeau is using this manufactured crisis to eliminate democracy in Canada altogether.

    Prime Minister Trudeau addressed Canadians on the Coronavirus manufactured panic on March 23, 2020. Trudeau’s government is planning to grant itself wide-reaching new powers to tax and spend without parliamentary approval. Thirty-two MPs, divided proportionally based on party standing, will be in Ottawa to debate the bill being tabled on today. Like the Democrats in the United States, Trudeau is seeking powers that go well beyond any measure for a short-term crisis which is probably why they have fake research claiming this will last for 18 months when no such virus has done that. Once the powers are seized, the provisions will give a minority government the power to act unilaterally for 21 months. This is clearly a political coup taking place in Canada as well with the shrinking leftist side making a desperate attempt to overrule any democratic process.

    The bill will allow Trudeau to impose anything with respect to taxation. Everywhere we look, the left is rising and seeking undemocratic powers in many places throughout the West.

    1. Maxime Bernier

      Many naive people are saying we must support the government and stop criticizing it during a crisis because “we’re all in this together.”

      Wrong. We must stay alert.

      Trudeau is trying to get dictatorial powers.


      Paul Vieira

      Canada Liberal Govt back off attempt through coronavirus-linked stimulus package to give cabinet sweeping tax and spending powers until 2022


  10. Chloroquine Is a Potent Inhibitor of SARS Coronavirus Infection and Spread
    Martin J Vincent et al. Virol J. 2005

    Conclusion: Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds.


  11. What seems to be missing in all of this pandemic should be getting a little press. Governments are setting up methods to stabilize the economy, banks are deferring mortgage payments, companies are working with unemployment departments in government to advance funds to employees who cannot work. What is missing is the effect that these measures are having on retirees. Canadians are not big believers in the stock market, believing that the government will provide for them through our social services. Our social services are a Ponzi scheme, the past governments have abused and wasted the funds that they have been ‘stealing’ from us for decades. These funds were never truly invested, instead there were used to stabilize the national budget. The government belief was that as the population grew the funds taken from a growing working class would be more than enough to provide for a decreasing retirement population. Some retirees knew that this was a false economy and invested as much as they could into the market. Well, we’ve just hit the end of the line. The retirees that invested in the stock market have just discovered that they are going to be handed the bill for the largesse that the governments and businesses have handed out during this pandemic. Make no mistake retirees are not getting any financial provision during this time of stress and when the pandemic passes the markets will not bounce back as fast as they have tumbled. The billions of dollars that the Canadian government has planned to disburse both here and abroad will come from the Canadians that had planned for their future by investing privately. That is the sad truth that will eventually emerge from this pandemic. The adults in the country will once again be asked to shoulder the burden.

  12. No kidding Nancy. Was listening to Frank Vaughn this morning. Technically our so called Govt was informed on Jan 20th…but I suspect they knew well before what was coming.

    And did NOTHING.
    They are to me – EVERY LIBERAL MP – CRIMINALLY Responsible for any number of Deaths that have occured. I would hope to see these MoFo’s stand trial and hang. This Crisis is on them and the Unifor Media.

    1. Well said Steakdude,
      Such glee and fake sorrow ….I had to shut off my TV this morning, listening to the empty wigs was sick.

      In JANUARY the health minister said that there was nothing to worry about. Freaking liars — all!

  13. Talked to a buddy who owns a sporting goods store in ON. Said guns are flying off the shelves – and ammo even more. One guy bought thousands himself. No axes, knives, sleeping bags, all propane lites/stoves – gone. He said it’s better than any xmas.

    Batten down the hatches folks. It’s gonna be soldiers in the streets.

    1. There’s an outdoor/survivalist store about half an hour’s drive outside of Grande Prairie towards Edmonton. I’m sure he’s doing a booming business right now.

      Another interesting aspect to the current situation is that the number of people studying for amateur radio qualifications in the U. S. has gone up by 700%. Evidently, people there recognize the value of hams during emergency circumstances.

      1. That’s interesting, and a good thing. I have had an interest in amateur radio but was too shiftless to ever get started. Maybe now that we are in lock down a guy should take a course. Hell I have a 60′ tower in the yard standing like a sentinel on guard.

        I love terrestrial radio and all my life have had big foreign made radios that on good nights could haul in far off signals. I grew up listening to the Friday nite fights from MSG with my Dad and baseball with my Mom. I found one of those old Zenith radios out in the garage the other day.

  14. Watched Jake Tapper interview China Joe Biden today. Tapper had to keep reminding him not to cough into his hand. He also kept touching his face. Couldn’t remember if he talked to anybody about the virus today. Biden looked like he was ready to get into his nursing home bed.

  15. Blacklock website reports that the fifty percent increase in the carbon tax will go ahead on April 1st. Thank you Great Leader.

    1. “The cwimate wiww keep changing, viwuth ow no viwuth, unweth we takth you peopwe into obwivion.”