44 Replies to “Hold My Tide Pod”

  1. Paging Dr Darwin, Dr Charles Darwin, non color specific courtesy phone please. You have an idiot in room 1313.

  2. They should give his bed to someone who really needs it. He should be denied medical care. Although I suspect there are many lefties out there who would think that perhaps we need to open up “safe toilet licking sites”.

  3. Way to cull the population. Hopefully he won’t reproduce even if he recovers.
    Further below in the tweets, Her Rotten High Skankiness is comparing Wuhan Flu fixes to FDR’s New Deal. Demoncraps and Lieberals never let an opportunity to crap on freedoms go to waste.

  4. Sadly, as someone on Twitter pointed out, this moron will get a ventilator before someone’s beloved grandparent because he’s young.

  5. Well deserved.

    Pity he has probably infected others who did not deserve this.

    Pity that due to his young age the doctors will try to save him while a responsibly behaving senior will be denied care. He should go to the end of the line.

  6. Pretty stupid, but I am wondering why they focused on licking the toilet seat. Would not door knobs or gas pump handles be more likely to carry the germs? Actually, he probably got it from some other source.

  7. So, if this was a ‘challenge’, was the goal to contract the disease? If so, is he now hoping he goes all the way to the Finals?

  8. 80% of cases report mild flu like symptoms, ask Tom Hanks. The death rate hasn’t gone beyond 2.5% of cases yet, my last reading of reports. The percentage in between the 80 and 2.5 are very ill but not dead.

    1. 2.5% was weeks ago, then WHO decided it was 3.4% it has been climbing ever since, every day a little higher than the day before. We’re around 4.5% now.

          1. The a holes who think that what is being done will arrest a virus. Not a snowballs chance in hell.

      1. New York is probably the best place to estimate death rate because they are testing a lot of people. Out of 10,764 confirmed cases, 99 have died (just under 1%). This compares to ~0.1% for the flu. I don’t trust places like Italy, Spain or Iran.

        1. Ugh sure, and how many NY cases have recovered?

          And the reason you don’t trust Italy and Spain? Is it because when facts don’t fit the agenda too bad for the facts?

          Oh and how rigorous is NY testing for flu? Not very, is it? Do you know why it matters?

          1. I don’t trust Italy or Spain because they have a lot to gain financially by a high number of coronavirus deaths. Italy is always hat-in-hand to the EU yet continues to overspend on generous programs with little regard for its debt. Look at the very old sick men dying in Italy. They were Monty Python movie rejects because they didn’t have the strength to yell “I’m not dead yet”. Put a COVI19 sticker on their still warm bodies and cry to the EU for more money. A few days ago a “panel of experts” was assembled to discuss the problem in Italy. They moaned that the EU was ignoring the poor country. That, for some reason, Italy needed more money. What makes Italy special? It knows how to play the game.

          2. Nonsense and pure speculation, when it comes to Italy everything is easily verifiable. Italy is not China or Iran, neither is Spain.

            My other questions?

          1. Possibly. SK is in a unique position of being always ready for an NBC attack. They had the infrastructure and protocols in place at a moment’s notice. They also have a population that knew how to respond. We are much closer to Italy than to SK. As one of the posters in the thread below has pointed out, the planes from China continue landing at Person and none is screening the new arrivals.

    2. US death rate is at 1.2%
      lower than common cold flu
      for those with imuno compromised systems and over 75

        1. I had a laugh when I read that the Spanish flu killed very few people over the age of 70 – unlike the coronavirus. Made me wonder how many people over the age of 70 there were in 1919.

  9. This sort of shyte is why whenever the youngsters, like Greta the Retard, whine about us folks screwing up the planet we’re leaving them, I’m tempted to reply ‘you don’t deserve this planet’

    1. Fibre glass hull on that sailboat to Amerikka, plus rayon sails and nylon ropes. Still breathes out CO2.

  10. I’ll bet that kid doesn’t know how to use a slide rule…. Cultural illiteracy, indeed.

  11. Damn, who knew licking toilet seats could make you sick? I’m going to use a rag from now on.

  12. He should be exempt from any third party medical coverage including government single pay and have to cover his own costs. This is no different than a suicide being covered by life insurance. Branding his forehead as “toilet bowl licker” would also go a long way in hopefully altering his social life.