Your Government Is Here For You


A Canadian company says it can ramp up production within days of potential life-saving ventilators, once it gets final instructions from the federal government.
Countries are scrambling to avoid the nightmarish scenario unfolding in Italy, where doctors are grappling with which patients to save because there aren’t enough breathing machines to serve all the critically ill victims gasping for air.
The Toronto-based medical supplies company has a letter of intent from the federal government to purchase machines and says it can drastically scale up production once it receives one critical detail:
How many machines does the government want?

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  1. Perhaps the government is waiting for the company to:
    – submit a carbon mitigation plan
    – prepare a diversity plan
    – submit their proposal in both English and French
    – say how SNC Lavalin will be involved

    1. You forgot the impact on women in the area and the need to get permission from whatever half dozen local indigenous groups claim to have previously owned the land.

    2. I had the same train of thought – But first – they will have to do an environmental impact study, consult with native and indigenous stake holders, ensure a “gender balance in the workplace strategy” has been initiated, submit for certification from CSA, submit for Certification from Health Canada, apply for a Medical Device License, identify their Co2 footprint and a corresponding carbon offset strategy and finally – Don’t forget to translate all the documentation into both official languages,

    3. Well. I can tell you … THIS American will refuse to use any ventilator NOT assembled by a handicapable, transgendered, First Nations, Global Warming activist.

      I’d rather suffocate to death … than support evil corporations that discriminate against the most EXTREME minority of people.

  2. If they’re sitting around waiting for an answer to “how many?” that’s criminal. FFS I can give them that answer – 5,000. Whatever is leftover will be needed elsewhere, guaranteed.

  3. Yes… lets wait for the government to make a decision….

    for example, when the government of new york decided to not buy the 16k machines that they needed, and instead formed “care panels” to ration them.

    Does anyone think for a minute that if they started building a production run of 1000, that the machines won’t sell?

    1. There over 1400 hospitals in Canada ( of varying levels of service, one presumes. 1000 doesn’t even get one per hospital/care centre, let alone one per ICU bed. A production run of 10,000 probably wouldn’t have any leftovers in Canada. It’s not the federal government that’s going to be using these machines.

      If they can’t figure out “Start producing now at your maximum output now, and we’ll figure out the details later,” they have not been paying attention. But I suppose there are other, less-savoury motivations to their actions.

      1. Is this company from Quebec? If not then are they prepared to move to Quebec. When we receive their info and appropriate relocation plans our decision will be immediately revealed. Are the company President and a majority of the Board of Directors fluently bilingual? If not what are your intentions to correct this. Should the current location of the company be anywhere west of Ontario please disregard all of the above unless relocation plans are included in the application. Financial assistance to facilitate this relocation will be made readily available, after the process is completed please forward all related invoices to the Receiver General of the Province of Alberta.

  4. Being a communications guy for a specialist company in a small market, I smell a story involving a communications guy from a specialist manufacturer, and a pliable journalist who has friends at the CBC so he can get his stuff published there. Just look at the byline.

    I think the journalist is dirty, and the story is dirty. This is a beautifully timed propaganda piece.

    That being said, I’m also sympathetic to that company that probably really is getting jerked around by the government. A government which is trying to respond to the pandemic by publishing a bunch of RFIs – a process that takes months to produce the RFPs to produce the bids to eventually produce orders.

    1. There are provisions for emergency purchase situations that have been included in Government contracts since at least as far back as WW!!, so this could begin in a couple of days if required. The Government is stalling this if they are using purchasing regulations as an excuse for doing nothing. They are purposely delaying this until Trudeau blackmails the country into giving him dictatorial powers until December 2021. If the opposition parties don t stop this then they are little more than enablers of destroying Democracy in Canada.

      1. Democracy in Canada!? When was there ever democracy in Canada? The most crucial element in a democracy is an informed electorate. Has there ever been a time in the whole history of Canada that the majority of the electorate has not been deceived?

  5. So Trump turns on the defense production act and plants start shifting and producing.

    Meanwhile in the beautiful, zero accountability, bureaucratic paradise that is Canada, we are still running procurement by the numbers.

    The letter of intent should have been a fully authorized PO that says simply; “all you can make and don’t stop until we tell you.”

    Then the minister should have handwritten; “tell me what you need and we will make it happen. I am personally going to send you coffee and donuts every shift.”

    Ventilator or new fighter, what the over/under on what gets procured first?

  6. The delay is so that Liberals and their friends can get their sticky fingers in on the deal, before it’s approved.

    1. Ooh, so that’s it. I thot it was to further the ruin of our economy by worsening the plague, so that their Chicom masters could buy up the broken bits on the cheap. Your probably right, my friends often tell me I shouldn’t be so pessimistic.

  7. Straight ventilators like the Flynn and more modern devices would require a tank of oxygen to work. Hospitals generally have plumbed in O2 systems with huge tanks on/or oxygen generation systems in building. I rather expect the number of high pressure tanks for these units are rather limited, and again we’ll see a bottleneck.

    A few years ago, they started producing Oxygen generators for home use and many of them were portable, largely for the COPD crowd.

    I’m not a 100% certain, bit I believe the generators and the canisters of O2 generating chemicals are domestically sourced and cost significantly less that ventilator system. Plus that, with minimal training they could be used for home care when the hospitals max out.

  8. This sort of follows a post I made on the last thread.
    In an organization the behaviour is dictated by the actions of the top of the structure.
    If the organization is lead by individuals that are constantly focused on political ramifications the rest of the organization follows suit and adheres to the unstated rules to protect the reputation of the organization regardless of the situation. The sole focus of this government has been to protect the reputation of the sock monkey and not act if it could mean sacrificing his carefully crafted persona.
    If he can’t make a decision, the clerk of the privy council does a work around or they stall for time.
    This is a perfect example of the suspended animation that the government finds itself in.
    Need, medical equipment.
    Problem, someone needs to approve the PO.
    Why not?
    Politics has put in place a motivator to be risk adverse. That and someone wants to create a situation where they can get rid of a law they don’t like.
    I think back to the kurfuffle over SNC and the firing of JWR because of a law Butts didn’t like.

    1. Having worked in that environment for several decades I can vouch for your analysis. A bureaucratic organisation will operate under cover-your-a** rules till the last breath, so to speak.

  9. >>>>>>I don’t think we need the ventilators any more……<<<<<<<<

    Florida man with coronavirus says drug touted by Trump..hydroxychloroquine.. saved his life

    Rio was critical, could not breathe, said goodbye to his family…..doctors said there was nothing more they could do for him

    Asked his Dr about hydroxychloroquine..Doctor said the usual blah blah…no trials, no testing, not approved
    ….talked his doctor into giving him hydroxychloroquine anyway….IV……what do I have to lose

    woke up at 4:45 am……. “like nothing ever happened.”……"He’s since had no fever or pain and can breathe again."

    “To me, there was no doubt in mind that I wouldn’t make it until morning,” said Giardinieri. “So to me, the drug saved my life.”

    1. Just spoke by SKYPE to a colleague in India. Apparently the drug is readily available over the counter, like aspirin here, and many people are assuming the medical system can’t help them and are using the drug prophylactically.

    2. The quinine stops the reproduction of the virus, whcih dies after its time has come; it can still shed for that time but obviously it is a loser. Oh, and Trump enabled physicians to give last chance treatments.

      1. ….it changes the “lock” on the cell… the virus “key” doesn’t work…it can’t attach

        …the virus then dies out on it’s own

        1. My culture has been taking gin and tonic water as a prophylactic when ever we were in malarial climates for several generations now, with negligible side effects. I had noticed no side effects when I took it, so as soon as I heard it might be effective against the woohan flue I took in a supply. The taste is so revolving that gin improves it. Fortunately just a little splash of lemon makes it almost palatable.
          I have heard a fair number of miracle cures attributed to quinine and a very few cases where it was blamed for a fatal reaction, more where the hoped for result did not occur and many where it seemed to make no difference. It seems to me that quinine is one of those drugs, the effects of which, vary widely from one individual to another. My own observations indicate that it is more effective taken as a prophylactic than therapeutically but we now have several stories of miracle cures of woohan flu. If it turns out to be an effective agent, for most people, in the fight against this plague I shall sing and dance and praise the Lord for days, because a great tragedy shall have been averted.
          If anyone finds something that improves the flavour of tonic water better than lemon, please tell us about it.

  10. Oprah once said in an interview ; ” Old white people must die for racism to go away”

    The Covid 19 is killing mostly old people.

    Maybe Justin Mohamed Trudeau has just enough brains ( Gerald Butts probably explained it to him very slowly ) to understand that ;
    if he does nothing, a lot of old white “””racists””” will die and he will be able to make Canada part of the Muslim Caliphate without much opposition?

    1. You bet, was thinking of that in the night when I couldn’t sleep. Angus Reid’s last poll before the 2019 election put the vote intention of Canadians aged 55+ at 2 to 1 in favour of CPC (47%) over LPC (23%). (I haven’t found a survey of actual voters yet.)

      That means the higher death toll among this age group could hit the CPC voter base twice as hard. Of course this could be mitigated should there could be a bias among those who die; meaning those more likely to die might be more likely to vote for one party or the other despite their age.

    2. If Justin and Gerald are doing anything it’s trying to get rid of climate deniers or climate change unbelievers.

  11. If we had an honest critical media in this country they would be holding the liberal feet to the fire on this. A few hard pointy questions would get them off their asses.Once they realized nice words and platitudes weren’t enough and they were being called out things would happen fast.

    1. Absolutly!

      Trudeau needs to be drug out of his hidey hole, arrested, and prosecuted for crimes against Canadians.

  12. Justin is SOL on all aspects of life, work must I go on…I think everyone knows what I’m talking about!! His thoughts are else where how to institute Communism at this time of our countries weakness!

  13. Maybe they are postponing the GO decision for when PM Trudeau ends his self imposed Quarantine and they can make a ceremony of it?

    Or am I too cynical?

    Why are they waiting? Probably because they need to know how much money they can commit to buying needed subcomponents from other vendors. Do they buy 10, 100, 1,000, 5,000? Where and who they buy from are often determined by the size of the order.

  14. None. Easy answer.

    Old people and those in poor health are large budget items for our ‘free’ health care system, the government wants them eliminated because ‘progressives’ serve a “higher cause”, their dreams of utopia etc.

    Is there any other explanation that fits the actions taken against the people of Canada by the Liberal Party of Canada?

  15. The MOVES SLC is a big beastie, case hardened and designed for places like military helicopters. The model depicted on their website comes with a Panasonic Toughbook notepad for controlling it. That alone costs thousands.


    What we need are simple pumps to move air/oxygen into inflamed lungs.

  16. Only a few for Librano godfathers, and only for long enough to source new lungs from Xinjiang, to be delivered overnight via the Chinese embassy if necessary—on the taxpayer, obviously.

    No taxpayer will ever actually see those ventilators. The only treatment for COVID-19 I expect to be offered to most Canadians is euthanasia. Consent? Hell no. Some Third World nurse will shoot grandma up with enough fentanyl to kill an elephant, the body will be hauled off to the crematorium and that’s one less case that needs reporting.

  17. Research, innovation, hard work and even saving lives is now a decision of the government, one so incompetent and corrupt that tin-pot dictatorships are taking note.

    Do observe how Canadians are fine with this and are not forging ahead even for the sake of expediency.

    Again, how is socialism the best result of the post-modern West?

  18. “We will not view it as an assault on our civil liberties,”

    Told ya! A couple of days ago I said that if turdo couldn’t get NDP support for his “Juth watth me” moment, he could probably rely on scheer-the-steer and his sheep.

  19. Maxime Bernier

    “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime.”

    Justin Trudeau, 2013

    Mercedes Stephenson


    Global News has learned that tomorrow the Government will introduce legislation that gives sweeping powers to Finance Minister Bill Morneau, including the power to unilaterally raise, lower, change taxes without Parliamentary approval #cdnpoli #CoronaVirus #COVID19

    Totalitarian here we go?

    1. Most Canadians lobe, lobe, lobe it.
      They have no idea.
      It will be way down the road by the time they realize it.
      If at all.

    2. Does anyone here actually believe that this isn’t what Prinz Dummkopf, et. al., already had in mind, virus or no virus?

  20. It’s useless (but well paid) ornaments in every bureaucracy. Local anesthetists have sourced and bought some commercially available masks painters use which are better than what they currently use. But they can’t use them until some idiot in the provincial health care system approves.