9 Replies to “Did you ever think the Democrats would go this far?”

  1. Too right, swine herders and whores are at least honest about their business.

    Putting “lipstick on flying pigs”.


    Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
    Army Group “True North”
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army

  2. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing.
    These parasites had it in the bag,or so they believed,the Obama Legacy would continue and Hillary would guarantee they power and ability to steal forever.
    They still cannot believe American Voters rejected them.
    But they show a great desire to punish the voters.

    So no surprise they seek power on the sickbed of US economy and population, I expect they will find a way to go even lower before the November Election.
    There are no Democrats left in power,these are the Satanic Cultists,known as the Demon Rats, and they are proud of their corruption.
    Guess you have to be,when you have no other accomplishments.

  3. Can’t raid the treasury and cement power without a crisis.

    Here’s a thought. How are they measuring this current flu? Are they using the same metrics as regular flu season flu over the past 40 years?

    Or are they using a metric which grossly overstates the mortality rate, by basing it on how many of the very sick die rather than the entire population?

  4. If you think there is a line, you don’t understand what socialism is. With a socialist, it is always war. And the war, is ALWAYS TOTAL.

    Stop wasting my time.

  5. The left in the UK is just the same.
    And isn’t the money going to the ‘workers’ a gift, whereas the money going to the ‘corporations’, loans – ie: be paid back when the smoke clears?

  6. This is the looting of the treasury on an industrial level by one party pretending to be more ethical and measured negotiating with another that has no inhibitions nor traces of sanity and decency, more resembling hysterical frenzy. It doesn’t really mater as the eventual (imminent?) resulting bankruptcy and reset will extinguish most wealth of the nation.

  7. It wasn’t hard to predict. The 1960’s radicals … the one’s who said “tear it all down maaaaan” … have amassed a MASSIVE power structure in our government at every level. So who wouldn’t have predicted them saying in unison … “shut it all down maaaaan!”. They don’t want Business and Working to come back. They want to KILL IT. Permanently.

    The Democrat Left is trying to JAM-into being their entire “Green New Deal” SHUTDOWN of our FREE Capitalist economy. I personally believe that “The Squad” are trying to hit a giant RESET button that DESTROYS all the wealth of the Boomer generation. They are trying to take us to ZERO … where we will be helpless, and must beg them for scraps from the government. Where we will bike to the breadlines because we cannot afford a gallon of gasoline after they’ve imposed a $10.00/gal. carbon tax on it.

    No this 1,400 pages of THEFT authored by “The Squad” was utterly predictable.

    These people HATE YOU (me).

    1. Kenji,
      The Unions & Civil Service have all their funds lost in the Stock Market.. they are fucked… The Democrats are creating smoke to obscure the pain, hidden in their plan is help….Trump is done with their bluffing…Walk away