50 Replies to “15 Day End in Sight”

    1. Yes bravo President Trump — in Sunday night’s news conference on FNC one could see that he and his team are working hard through the challenge of a lifetime. He said that he was glad to be President of the United States at this difficult time in the Nation and he meant it.

      1. That’s a refreshing contrast to what our quivering blob of a prime minister has been doing.

        1. Quivering Blob…….yes, indeed! He inspires no confidence at all, just emotes his………phrasing………….and pauses at specific………….words, for effect. Just a walking fraud, whom the media continues to be agog with.

          The dynamic between the two couldn’t be more different. Trump speaks with confidence, doesn’t uh, ah, um, welllllll. He thinks on his feet. Experience, confidence, knowledge.

          Meanwhile, back at Rideau Cottage, home of the crackhead with the lisp……………..

      2. I just saw very brief clip of Trump commenting, but he communicates confidence and optimism. I think that is very helpful. With the combination of the drug that seems to be helping some and the ramping up of ventilators ( hopefully Canada gets a around to that), things could improve quickly. I hope so. Trudeau does not inspire the same confidence.

        1. Trudeau would rather shut the country down, and make everyone that isn’t a government guaranteed cheque worker, subservient to their gubmint welfare handout.

          Moron and Juth-tin lied about mortgages being forgiven for 6 months. They NEVER consulted the banks about this off the cuff pronouncement. But, ofcourse, the mediots State it’s the bank’s fault for this, NOT Dear Juth-tin. Media continually running interference!

          It’s coming, sooner than we think.

          Kill the patient with the cure, we’ll DONE Juth-tin! WELL DONE!

      1. Yup. We’re getting clobbered again today.

        Thanks, Dumbocrats. It’s better to destroy what’s left of the economy because you don’t get what because you can’t abide Trump actually accomplishing something.

  1. This surely includes a plan to oblige Govs. Newsom and Cuomo to stand aside.

    Cuomo has utterly botched the virus response. Two weeks from now New York City (and most other cities in the state) will be ungovernable. Thugs will start being informed that nothing is available to help their dying mamas and abuelas but their own illegally acquired handguns. They won’t take it well.

    This is where the National Guard come in. The know-it-alls ask whether they plan to shoot at viruses. The short answer is no.

  2. Bannon on coronavirus: We have an economic inferno coming at us
    L- Contest: how much higher GDP recovery in the U.S. will be, Pres. Trump vs. Canada’s P.M. Justin Trudeau?

    Wexit or risk the catastrophic, failed Trudeau utopian state ? Present your arguments, politicos fed. and provincial.

  3. President Trump… a real leader.
    Juthtin (open borders)Turdhole still hiding under the bed with his meth pipe.

    1. Canada cases 1400

      USA cases 35,000

      Canada tests 100,000

      USA tests 220,000

      Who is getting results again?

      1. How many times do you have to be reminded not to WASTE tests on those who do not present with any symptoms!?

      2. See what shutting the border down to Chinese flights did for the US?
        By doing that Trump proves what a great LEADER he is.
        The Trudough Lieberals were instead calling those of us demanding that same response in Canada Xenophobic, racist and white privileged

        1. Russia SHUT their borders to China and have very few cases … and ZERO deaths. Zero. Deaths. How did ANY cases make their way into Russia? Via Italy. Their borders were not closed to Italy. They are now.

          Yeah, yeah … sounds like Putin and Trump are connected at the hip. Hey! Alan S … Andrew … fook off!

  4. The reaction to this flu is going to bankrupt nations and post nations if this shut down continues.
    And individuals.
    Why are the markets still open?
    I’ve already said goodbye to retirement.
    But its heart-warming to know that the public servants will be just fine. Especially all those bureaucrats.

    1. If Canada is looking at bankruptcy, I don’t think the public servants will be fine. Still, I hope things are not that dire. Hardest hit will be small businesses, especially those involved in restaurants and travel. Hotels will be hurting.

    2. There are a whole bunch of pension plans that are going to be in a lot of trouble. And I am talking:
      – company plans. Those that were fully funded aren’t any more
      – individual plans. Most people have seen drastic falls in value
      – public sector plans. Many will say the taxpayer will keep them funded. Well not after the massive spending / borrowing that government’s are doing.

      Time heals a lot of things. But we are all going to have to trim our expectations. Hardest hit will be the young “give it to me for free” generation.

      1. Down over 25% in my individual pension plan, so far. Probably typical. Can’t do anything but wait it out.

    1. Even the New Communist Times sees the trend that what Trump is doing is the right thing. Those commies know where the butter for their toast will come from and it’s not from the commies of the Democrat Party.

  5. Mayor Deblasio said NY will soon run out of PPE, beds and ventilators. One single (out of how many) NYC hospitals burns through 40,000 masks a day. That one single hospital uses 1.2 MILLION masks per month. That one hospital uses one percent (1%) of the output of the single domestic 3M N-95 mask plant in the Dakotas each month, 100 million from that plat . And there are a lot more than 30 hospitals in NYC, much less the whole nation.

    The entire nation is supposed to send all their resources to NYC? So they can burn through them all in two weeks?

    It may sound icky, but we need to figure out how to reuse and recycle more, and figure out alternatives. Cloth masks may not be N-95 tested and approved, but are better than jack and squat. Rain suits may not be NIH approved, but are they better than just cotton modesty uniforms alone? Maybe all of the above? Maybe the answers include replacing and laundering the doctors and nurses non PPE clothing several times a shift?

    I am wondering when they will pull out the Olive Drab Chemical Biological Warfare Suits the Army uses? Maybe not for the doctors and nurses, but the janitors and orderlies? And Security? Those suits are made to be decontaminated and washed down. They look scary, but if soldiers were expected to hump it for days in war while wearing that stuff, people should be able to wear them for a shift in climate controlled hospitals. Better than plain clothes if they don’t want to be contaminated.

    After 9/11, George Bush created a National Strategic Stockpile of all this PPE. Much of it was used for the H1N1 flu in 2009-2010. President Obama never funded the replacement of the used PPE and equipment.

    Thank you President Obama.

  6. The current policies run the risk of turning a recession into a depression. Shutting down the majority of the retail economy and public services (courts, sgi, etc) “indefinitely” is going to cause both harsh foreseeable damage as well as unintended consequences. Once unemployment and GDP numbers start rolling in the economic problem will become obvious.

    In the social realm – you can only expect people to isolate for a short period of time. Those who with less respect for authority who are in low risk groups will rebel first (2 weeks?), followed by the majority (1 month?).

    They need to put a date on this economic and social shutdown. May 1 is my date.

  7. Cases are increasing in the USA 2.5-3x every 72 hours. What an incredibly stupid tweet. The deaths have barely started.

    1. Hey Allan, Have you sent your protest email to the Chinese embassy? You know that is where this mess began and where it was covered up by the Chinese government. Or are you so infected with TDS that your brain is fogged?
      BTW…..these are rhetorical questions.

      1. What kind of economy will anyone have if we just say, “Oh to hell with it, have at ‘er everyone!” and we end up with ~30%, 40%, 50%, more of the populace infected, with correspondingly huge numbers of patients in hospital and potentially tens to hundreds of thousands of deaths?

        Frig sakes, do the math. If this virus peaks at infecting 30% of the Canadian populace, that’s over 11 MILLION infected. If just 5% of the infected need hospitalization, that’s over FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND patients. We – can’t – handle – that. Now turn those numbers up. Gets even worse.

        There’s no “third option” here. If you want to advocate for “let ‘er rip!”, go ahead. But don’t sugar coat what it means. You’d be directly advocating for (likely) millions to get sick, many of those seriously ill, and many of those WILL die.

        At what price, the economy?

  8. Interesting contrast between how Dr. Fauci reacted to the 2009/10 H1N1 virus in Sept’09 at a time when 3,000-4,000 deaths had occurred (when he was Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases under Obama) and how he is reacting to Covid-19 under Trump. (CDC’s final numbers of 2009/10 U.S. H1N1 cases were approximately 60.8 million with 274,314 hospitalizations and 12,469 U.S. deaths due to H1N1). Also, some enlightening info on his love for Hilary Clinton. Nothing is a coincidence…


          1. No it is not more deadly, but it is more contagious, that is the danger.

            And, the overwhelming number of deaths over age 60 with pre-existing health conditions.

            1% of the deaths are under 60 with no pre-existing conditions. Instead, our moron governments are treating this as an equal opportunity disease for all age groups. That’s not what the data shows, not even close!

            We should be isolating the elderly and those with the typical conditions. WIthout prejudice. Herd immunity is what we should be accepting and let it rip.

            That will still be the eventuality, herd immunity. Flattening the curve means dragging out the contagion over a longer time period, a year or more. Will there be an economy after a year of lockdown? Not with these clowns of socialist politicians around the world, especially not Trudopey and Moroneau, nor any European, they are all clueless and are destroying their countries. Mind you, most of them have been destroying their countries since before the virus started.

      1. OK Fuuctard.

        Please elaborate.

        They are both virus’ and both were born and spread from China. They are both killing people world wide.

        Do you not see the similarities.

        1. H1N1 started in Mexico and was in thr USA before we even knew it existed. The USA was exporting it to the world.

      1. Good luck on getting people to cooperate for 3 months. What you want is theoretically possible but is probably not how this will play out in practice.

        Governments can attempt to shut down the official economy for months but the young and the healthy will be out and about socializing long before that. Immunity will kick in as the young and the healthy are exposed, recover and then are immune. Then their middle age parents will get it and recover. At that point the majority of the population have been exposed, recover and cannot infect others (herd immunity). Then people can return to work and things normalize.

        Those who are elderly or unhealthy may need to self quarantine for a significant length of time until there is herd immunity, a vaccine, a treatment or better ICU capacity.

        1. The data strongly suggests what you state LC. The death rate of those under 50 is a statistical blip.

          Isolate the elderly and support them.

          Isolate those younger with the underlying health conditions, and support them.

          And let the herd immunity process happen. Far, far fewer dead, far fewer in serious health jeopardy, without destroying the western economy.

          Anyone know how many Billions and Billions of fiat currency Moron and Trudeau can print before the dollar is worth nothing?

          Hello WEIMAR! I’m just glad all those Provincial Health Heads, politicians and gubmint workers have GUARANTEED PAYDAYS ANd PENSIONS while they dictate how everyone else should live!

          1. Very soon the political cure will indeed be worse than the disease. A healthy economy must also factor into the political calculation. With the retail and service industry shutdown those who can least afford this are bearing the brunt of the economic damage. Anyone who thinks the government or banks will keep these people above water have a truly naive blind faith. A greater volume of money will speedily move up the economic food chain to save VIPs much faster than it gets into the bank accounts of the unemployed working class.

            Fortunately our family’s paycheck is tied to a must-function essential service and critical infrastructure but most families aren’t as secure. There are lots of worried and financially stressed people who will quickly fear the economic shutdown more than they fear the coronavirus.

            There needs to be a firm end date to give people some clarity and ability to plan.

          2. Yes, LC, yes.

            Carole James throwing people $1,000 each will last 1 week. Then what?

            These people are mind-numbingly stupid, but at least Horgan is resisting the media catcalls to SHUTDOWN. Still, if he doesn’t give in, the Prime Lisper will do it.

            Ok, it was a nice weekend people were outside, big deal. Of course, teh cam shots by the media down a path gave the wrong impression that everyone was crammed together. Truth is, it was a distortion of view, typical of the media, distortion experts.

            But I agree, there will be a rebellion, since the governments are being inherently dishonest with the populace. Following their program, lockdown will be a year or more. Good Luck with THAT!

      2. So you two SO HATE our capitalist society … and SO HATE people … that you wish to see our economies crater while we are all holed up in our homes? Are you two so thoroughly thick as to not understand there will be no more masks … there will be no more hospitals … if we drain every last dime out of our economies. When the Doctors and Nurses get paid in government IOU’s … they won’t show up to work.

        1. In the immortal words of Forrest Gump’s mother…..Stupid is as stupid does.

          These two (Allan and Sean) could be in the next worst remake of Dumb and Dumber.

    1. A 3 month shutdown could bring about economic collapse, riots, starvation and death numbers far worse than the flu itself.
      Besides, you discount treatments.

  9. To get back to the tweet:

    On Sunday night, 10 minutes before midnight eastern time, Donald Trump tweeted, “WE CANNOT LET THE CURE BE WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM ITSELF. AT THE END OF THE 15 DAY PERIOD, WE WILL MAKE A DECISION AS TO WHICH WAY WE WANT TO GO!”

    As so often, the exegetical mystery of Trump’s comments can be clarified by returning to the most important source of his worldview, Fox News. Earlier in the evening, Fox News Host Steve Hilton ranted against Trump’s medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, who advocated draconian social distancing measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus until the medical system can be strengthened to deal with it.
    there are signs that many on the political right—and even centrist business leaders—are already sick of the public health emergency. They want the economy to go back to normal and are promoting fringe ideas in an attempt to discredit mainstream epidemiologists.

    What fringe ideas? Let the pandemic rage. A lot of old people will shuffle off. The rest will get infected and recover until “herd immunity” developes.
    From the above article:
    In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson’s government initially followed a hands-off strategy along this line, with the idea that it might be best to let the coronavirus spread quickly in order to minimize social disruption. This idea was abandoned once Johnson’s government came to realize the dangers of overwhelming the health care system.