21 Replies to “A Little Levity to Lighten your Day”

  1. “Charmin is a girl’s best friend….” Somehow, it doesn’t quite have the same zing, now does it, even if Marilyn Monroe sang it like she did her famous song in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

    1. Ha! Just to tweak all the social media numbskulls … I was going to post an announcement on NextDoor … offering rolls of toilet paper – $50.00/ea. Along with a note saying each roll contains 500 squares which should last more than a year for the average “eco-wiper”

    1. Hahaha ha ha ha ha … too funny

      People are panicking already trading sex for food. It’s crazy. Anyways, my daughter got a Klondike bar!

  2. I Usually have about three or four bales of toilet paper stored along with other survival stuff.

    I live in an earthquake zone and I take the warnings seriously.

    I will part with some of it if and when the SHTF … for $50 a roll. limited to 2 per unprepared customer.

    That is not gouging, it’s what I would normally charge anyone at any time for my personal toilet paper stash..

  3. A question for people getting laid off: do you regret last week’s decision to get that big stupid tattoo?

  4. I’m offering the eco organic wipe. Bag of dried leaves in a jute bag -$250.

    There are still ways you can feel good about yourself even in a crisis.

  5. I received this and have been laughing for 2 days now:

    “All employees will receive (mandatory) paid leave to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus starting from March 13, 2020. Businesses will resume after 2 weeks of the mandatory closure.

    “Check the link to see if your company is listed:

  6. A salesman came into company I work for offices a couple years ago and tried to sell us toilet paper made from sugarcane process waste. The selling point being it was “green”. Of course it was the single worst toilet paper I’ve seen in my life, but I wasn’t about to throw it away, because I hate to throw anything away. So I took the two gigantic rolls home with me and put them in the cupboard, where they sit in the same place where I put them 2 years ago. I’m down to like five rolls of regular toilet paper, but even if I run out, I swear I won’t use that garbage toilet paper. I’d rather walk around with stink *ss frankly.

  7. Did you guys know that Donald Trump used to own his own toilet paper company?

    Sadly, they had to take it off the market when they found it wouldn’t take shit offa nobody.

    1. Priceless, Can Ob,
      I LMAO on that one! Plus I’m getting a bunch of mileage out of another great posting a couple of days back, about
      why the TP is being horded.
      Cuz when someone coughs, ten people crap their pants!