Wuhan Flu

I haven’t posted anything new, because I don’t think I need to.

Now listening to Trudeau announcement/presser, just as it interrupted the rising sound of cognitive dissonance in John Gormley’s voice as he prattles “but the flu”.

You had the information you needed weeks ago. Some of you took it. Now we watch as Canadians who relied on sources outside the “blogs and twitter” catch up.

We stocked up on three months of essentials three weeks ago.

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  1. I wonder what arguments against online school courses will be offered now by the striking Ontario teachers.

    1. Those striking teachers are going to get 55% of their pay while off an extra 2 weeks after March Break = Ford government fail.

  2. Been reading every SDA post on the virus. I have been thinking the same thing: the posts here are far more accurate than that of the paid-and-bought-for media cartel.

  3. Frequent poster, but this is probably the first time I’ve posted under my own (middle) name.

    My employer just ordered all “non-critical” staff to work from home until further notice, officially effective Monday. Unofficially, many filed out as soon as they got the news.

    As to how long it might take for the firm to notice that it didn’t need “non-critical” staff anyway, your guess is as good as mine.

    1. Ottawa is an unusual middle name.

      Hehe There’s a lot of “non-critical” staff where I work, making it difficult to get work done by creating more unecessary work that justifies their job.

      1. There are a lot of “TPS Forms*” to be filled out at large, inefficient companies, and even more at grossly inefficient government bureaucracies.

        *For those who don’t get the reference, go to the wikipedia page for the movie “Office Space.”

  4. It’s a flu, like other flues. It didn’t have to happen but the Chinese are evil and they withheld vital information that would have mitigated the spread right away. But nooooo they know better like all communists think they do.

    It’s being blown out of proportion by evil people who want to destroy President Trump like it was his fault.

    I have my two months worth of food, meds, water … etc I always have that because I prefer to never be a victim.

    I also have guns to ward off those who laughed at me for preparing.

    I don’t expect to need any that stuff this time around. The news is mostly fake.

    1. It’s not like other flus, let’s be clear. It is far more contagious, that is the real threat, causing the real fallouts, such as overwhelming the medical system if we aren’t diligent. That is the real danger, which is the example of Italy.
      This could disrupt our own supply chains as well. Again, the reason for social distancing, isolation and prudent actions to FLATTEN THE CURVE. We do that as a society, we get thru this.
      The other danger is panic, which seems to be setting in for those hoarding rice, beans, pasta, those kind of unhealthy foods.

      Concern, not panic, thanks.

          1. But flattening the curve will reduce the load on hospitals.

            Hospitals will still be overwhelmed but we can all help reduce the load.

      1. it’s bad in idiotaly because the Italian males don’t think they should wash their hands often, even when they are cooking and handling food, and then go to the bath room. Iranian muslim males are just as bad as the wops!

      2. Is it far more contagious? I haven’t seen the numbers to justify such a statement. The only way to know is to study a population, testing regularly. Then we would have some real numbers to play with.

        Apparently it takes 4 days to incubate so that’s three days you have no symptoms, if ever you have symptons. And we are told that you should only get tested if you have symptoms. Some people don’t have noticeable symptoms and, if people are kept in for 14 days to be certain they haven’t caught the virus on a cruise ship, say, then that must be the maximum incubation time. So, at any one time, 3-13 times the number of people have the virus as are thought to have.

        I’m just thinking out loud here to try to get a handle on the numbers, which the governments aer not giving out even though they must have a slightly better idea now. Unfortunately the Chinese didn’t help and also set the precedent for government response.

        Now all governments are running around saying “don’t panic” while doing everything that creates panic. It’s “Dad’s Army”.

        1. Yes, it’s more contagious than flu. The virus can hang in the air up to three hours, and can infect people at considerably beyond the supposed 6-foot safe distance; you need no physical contact with someone who has it. It can stick alive, to surfaces, especially cardboard (boxes from Amazon, anyone?) and plastic for three days. And you can get it from people who aren’t exhibiting symptoms.

      3. Most people that will get it will never know.
        Massive over reaction to this.
        Shutting down events and sports leagues totally unnecessary. This is inflicting economic harm on millions of people. Run the leagues without the fans but don’t shut it all down. 95% of deaths are over 65 yrs old. Self isolation for high risk groups.
        A major part of the reaction is globalist deep staters/China shredding the economy & markets to get Trump. Trump’s ticket to term 2 is the economy. Those Democrat asshats could care less about the American people.
        If Trump wins term 2 their globalist plans will be in a tail spin as you will see the EU disintegrate and supply chains move out of China.
        People will see this Wuhan Flu was overplayed come August September.
        Needless economic harm inflicted on billions.

  5. My #1 stop for news is here. The Canadian media is worse than useless, they’re not even wrong most of the time.

    Witness that you can still fly here from Wuhan and Tehran, and none of them are saying anything about it.

    I’m staying the hell home for the next three weeks, we’ll see how things stand then.

    1. The Phantom: EXACTLY!! The Canadian gov’t was slow to react this is a Virus with no antidote, now that Sophie has it the PM is interested in doing SOMETHING!! This PM is a joke and I hope when the election come again we get rid of this joke of a PM!! He Doesn’t like CANADIANS so why should we like him!!!

      1. It’s not Just Him, it’s the whole stinkin’ crew of elected trough feeders and their hand maidens, the Sibble Serpents. One stinking pile of turds. And I mean the whole pile….CPC, LPOC, NDP, Green and any other hangers on. And their Goons in the Poleese Peoples can come and get me, it they dare. See, I’ve got COVID-20, the new, improved version sent over by my pal Mr. Xi. Bwahahahaha! Got toilet paper? You’ll need it.

        1. Turdhole will be re-elected over and over again… his inaction and hiding away while the borders remain wide open is portrayed as “heroic” by the Government Media… The people that vote for Turdhole will always vote for him and the corrupted Media will always have his back, always… he’s a bigot, he’s a racist, he’s a crook, he’s corrupt, he”s a coward and he”s a liar… none of that matters to the Media or the assholes that vote for him. Turdhole will never ever be defeated at the polls, never. #WEXIT.

    2. Yes that is astonishing; they discourage local travel but allow people from host spots with no testing.

      1. Have you seen the wonderful pamphlets they’re handing out at the airport? Our government, at its best.

  6. Caught PM Blackface’s presser on BNN,
    Trudeau’s answer on why he’s not going to actually be tested for the Wuhan Virus seems to be a blatant lie, to me. He told the press, that his doctor said it wasn’t necessary because he was feeling fine, and wasn’t showing symptoms. The follow up question, in which the reporter reminded Trudeau that people can spread the virus, with out having symptoms, Trudeau again said his doctor told him, he didn’t need to be tested.
    This doesn’t sound at all like doctors advice, for someone in the government/public like Trudeau, someone who is constantly meeting with people. This seems very fishy to me.
    Also NO questions about exposure to their children.

    Either PM Blackface doesn’t want his testing positive to be international news, or there is something more going on in his residence. Maybe if he doesn’t test positive, that would lead to more questions about him and Sophie.

    1. Saw the press conference as well. What was noticeable was how deferential the Ottawa press corps is.

      1. Sadly, nothing will change until informed conservatives start protesting and picketing the Media, suing them, charging them as liberal elections expenses, publicizing their bias, countering their lies, smacking their shibboleths.

        Around the seventh of never.

      2. “how deferential the Ottawa press corps is. “… Turdhole is their boss and their god. Turdhole hides while the borders remain wide open. Turdhole and his Media are a team, they work together, they rehearse together, they act together and they lie to the Canadian people together. Why isn’t Turdhole at the airport welcoming people from the middle east and from his favorite dictatorship ? If the Liberals open borders plan is so great then why isn’t the Turdhole at the airports with a Media crew ?

      3. What was noticeable was Him, dressed for the weather, outside, like it was hot. Like it was a warm, summer day.

    2. Prime Minister == Politician == Liar / It’s what they do, professionally
      On rare occasions they blurt out the truth by mistake, even rarer they tell the truth on purpose.

    3. Of course he doesn’t want to be honest about his doctor’s advice because it probably included strict orders for him to wash his hands both before and after groping someone.

      1. was on a page discussing his wife yesterday.. Most common post?.. “Didn’t know he was married.I thought he was gay”

    4. I happen to agree with Trudeau on not being tested. Unless he doesn’t have symptoms, why add to the fever pitched hysteria?
      Pardon the pun btw. Hypocondriacs and others terrorized by fear mongering statists’ hobgoblins would overwhelm the system.
      A nasty virus but quite controllable, except for Biden idiots saying walls don’t stop viruses who oversaw 12K dead via H1N1.
      Trump is expected to “solve” the problem, not contain it, as he is doing and the Obama/Biden cabal utterly failed at.

      1. I was in the Niagara region when SARS was floating around. The hypochondriacs were very rare in doctors offices and emergency wards. They were deathly afraid of catching a real illness I guess.

    5. My guess would be that he wont submit a sample because he guards his DNA closely so proof of his parentage won’t come out.

    6. Much as I dislike Trudeau, he doesn’t need to be tested. He either has it or he doesn’t.

      In both cases, for Trudeau, the actions are the same: self quarantine and ride it out.

      In his current case, testing imparts no actionable information.

  7. The layers of self-deception required to be thankful to China for having bought the west time


    Let this sink in, on March 11, the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. Toronto Public Health Workers are not considered an essential service and are in a legal strike position as of 12:01 a.m. on Saturday March 14.

    1. Agree 100% – just Crazy.

      The fact that so many Americans and Canadians can’t tell the difference between real leadership and Trudeau is scary, scary, scary.

    2. Saw that as well.

      Really? A couple words from dear leader Dauphin and twitter is assured?


    3. Liberalism is a form of cerebral necrosis.
      The brain dead idiots praising Turdo and condemning Trump prove it.

  8. L- Since the majority of people will not become seriously ill, but most everyone seems increasingly anxious. I recommend that people should stock up on chocolate.

    1. Increasing your intake of chocolate, that will do more to reducing anxiety than a case of toilet paper.

    2. Humour, coming up with a some best/worst joke of the day contest. My first contribution: I thought I’d take advantage of the big drop in gas prices, fill up and go somewhere. But I’m afraid I might meet someone…

    1. Q: Why are people stockpiling toilet paper?
      A: Because when person coughs, ten people around them shit themselves.

  9. People are losing their shit because they never had it together in the first place.
    A society filled with lame asses faces a problem and they develop tunnel vision of panic.
    Imagine if a war loomed.
    And that might just be the case.
    Girleen and I have a solid 2 months worth of food. And books, puzzles, games, movies. Plan B for heat and power. The pets have two months worth of food at least and even the wild bird feed is well stocked.
    And we have lots of ammo.
    Not all of us eastern bastards living in the middle of the city (Ottawa) are easy pickings.
    Good luck to all.

    Blackie’s an idiot.

      1. Buddy, I was looking for the Ooz to post that, as he has been shilling for the chicoms all along:-)))

        and the Ooz will probably believe that BS!!

  10. Once again Kate, looks like you were way ahead of the curve. The day I start relying on the CBC, CTV et al for news is the day I start voting NDP. I topped up my supplies a month ago, but it’s always been a habit of mine to buy lots of canned goods etc whenever they go on sale. Something I remember my grandma doing when I was a child, she had a small upstairs pantry and a larger basement pantry…as did my parents and as do I. When I was in my late 20’s or so I finally came to the realization that my parents and grandparents were pretty damn smart and knowledgeable, having lived through a few tough times of their own.

    “When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.” – Mark Twain

    And yes…I don’t have to worry about buying any TP or whisky for a couple years! Good thing they don’t go bad. 😉

    Trudeau would have been more believable if he had dressed up as a doctor in blackface for the press conference. Where were his handlers on this?

  11. “We stocked up on three months of essentials three weeks ago.”

    The Progressives will “community share” with all their fellow peoplekinds because they don’t believe in Borders or Personal Property,

    Come on prepared Liberals the stores are nearly empty, get the signs out in front of your homes offering food and essentials to those who don’t have.

    1. Yes I follow Brasil too, OK; Bolsonaro has enemies AND he was adjacent to Trump recently. What’s the big deal?

  12. Still not worried but I’ve never been obsessive, neurotic or prone to panic. My only prepper planning has been buying an extra bit of cold medicine.

    We always have lots of food in the pantry, storage and freezer. There are hunting rifles in a secure cabinet. Amongst other lab work, I ran and monitored potable water and ultra pure water treatment. We are healthy and not in the age demographic that is in danger. Our closest neighbours are at least a football field away. Not worried about food, shelter or water.Given my natural temperament, I’m very comfortable with social distancing.

    So, we are carrying on as usual. Will probably get coronavirus at some point. Pretty sure I got West Nile virus during its hysteria phase. Didn’t panic then either.

    1. Given my natural temperament, I’m very comfortable with social distancing

      Ahhhh ha ha ha ha … you just described me to a ‘T’ ! I’m quite social and a chatterbox … when necessary … but prefer not to be. I much prefer to stay at home and cocoon.

  13. Here’s a tip for last-minute preppers…. now that the Chinese are threatening to withhold medicine, stock up on things like ibuprofen before they go the way of toilet paper.

        1. I stole some chop sticks from a Japanese restaurant today, so I’m good:-))) Now just to learn to use them:-)))

  14. The panic is growing and frustrating but there is no cure for irrational overreaction, particularly when the panic is continually being stoked by MSM and social media, including this site.
    Pandemic panic pan. Etymology is fun.
    What are we really being distracted from noticing?

    1. “What are we really being distracted from noticing?”

      That, right there. is the million dollar question.

    2. I also see a precedent: UN bans world wide travel to reduce CO2; all forced to curfew and given CO2 rations. They’re just trying out the propaganda power of fear used to justiofy totalitarian rule.

  15. This is really the calm before the storm. Just wait until the triage tents go up. The real panic will be epic to watch. The only thing I neglected to get was a good beer supply which is going to be solved this afternoon.

  16. I wonder if Blackies wife doesn’t make it, if they’ll enshrine her like Lenin for the public at Trudeau international?

    1. Blackie’s wife is just fine, a light cold perhaps. Notice that Trudeau doesn’t require testing – obviously he doesn’t get within 6 foot of her these days.

  17. I tried to go to the Concord, CA COSTCO this morning at 9a and got trapped in a mile-wide traffic jam that could easily be seen from space … perhaps David Thompson posted it already. Took me 10 min. to make a U-turn back to my local Safeway back in whitebread suurbia. 10a Friday and Safeway was jam packed with people, like it was 3 days before Christmas. The store was COMPLETELY SOLD OUT of: pasta, pasta sauce, rice, beans/chili, frozen pizza, and paper products. The rest was pretty much business as usual.

    And … the Oakland Unified School District just announced they are shutting down school beginning Mon. thru (at least) Apr. 5 (the end of their regularly scheduled Spring Break).

  18. From what I had seen so far, it appears the surge of sick is the biggest threat.
    Places like Korea who managed the surge seem to have a much lower fatality rate then Italy, or other area’s.
    We are going to loose some people because of this virus. Don’t think otherwise. How many is anyone’s guess at this point.
    The Joe Rogan show on Tuesday was probably the best information I have heard so far.
    And who the hell doesn’t maintain 2 weeks min supplies in their homes?

    1. Of course … but I was at the end of my two week supply … and wanted to extend that supply horizon by a couple more weeks. And I have to buy fresh new salad fixings and vegetables every week. I don’t expect to have any problems with that here locally from my boutique supermarket.

    2. And who the hell doesn’t maintain 2 weeks min supplies in their homes?

      You’d be surprised — people in small apartments/condos/townhomes, people who live paycheque-to-paycheque, people who’ve never experienced shortages, people who believe that “someone else” will always swoop in to rescue ’em, etc. Altogether, it’s quite the large cohort.

      My only worry is that I might not have enough dog food.

    3. “And who the hell doesn’t maintain 2 weeks min supplies in their homes?”

      Vegans. They have to have everything fresh, those I know have a max of two days food in the house. At Wally-mart this AM, we found the pasta shelves bare, toilet paper and paper towels almost all gone.

      I’m not terribly concerned have lots of food and supplies stocked up, own guns,know a couple of hoarders who have a year’s supply and no defensive weapons, not that it matters as this thing will burn out long before that bridge has to be crossed.
      Our B.C. public health officer,Dr.Bonnie Henry seems to be one of the few voices of reason, refusing to join the fear mongering and taking the sane sensible approach. The woman is a breath of fresh air,especially compared to Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu who is crying that 30%-70% of the population may come down with covid-19. She got that info from Angela Merkel, chief fear monger in the EU.
      No f***ing wonder there is so much panic over this virus when the populace has been propagandized for two generations to “Be Afraid” of everything, ’cause ONLY guvvermint can save you.

        1. Grass-fed animals are delicious. We know vegans are the first humans to hunt down in an apocalypse.

      1. Ah Don
        “know a couple of hoarders who have a year’s supply and no defensive weapons”
        That is what many of us tell others these days.
        “Guns ? I don’t hold with guns”.
        Target shooting with friends,trusted friends,totally different story.
        All praise to Saint Alan Rockhead,”There are no guns in this household”.
        Survival in a Liberal Kleptocracy requires systemic lying.

        It is an honest trade,they lie to us,we tell them what they want to hear.

    4. Everyone who survives this virus will die of something else. Most of those who die from this virus will be in the latter years of their lives anyway, or otherwise vulnerable to illness. In that respect, it is very like the flu. Most of us will suffer much more from the economic disruption caused by the panic than from getting sick. That’s what is different from “just the flu.”

      It is always good to be prepared for such disruptions, and it can be done more cheaply when few are thinking about it and jumping on a bandwagon.

    5. Yes I’d say that is correct. The government is trying to manage the surge of patients in hospitals; it is trying to solve a queue-theory problem with rationing. Typical government response.

      S Korea is the only country I know of that has made testing widely available, with drive ins, etc. whether you have symptoms or not. I think they will become the best source of data on this outbreak.

  19. For weeks this site has been posting about this in a breathless and shrill tone. Starting to be more like

    Small Dead Panic

    1. Gee, didn’t see any of that, Carter. Still don’t. And I don’t see any panic.

      Panic is one of those words like literally. It has been misused and overused to the point that it will soon describe something completely opposite to its original meaning.

    2. I like that,when this wee panic is dead,we will return to our programmed panic.
      Something about Catastrophic Weather?
      Western Exit is coming of age.
      The circumstances are all starting to fully align.
      We must define our borders,to control the “Plague carriers”.
      We must establish a new unit of exchange as the Canadien Dollar is done for.
      We must form our own military because there is no one(left) to perform this role of enforcing our will on the territory we claim.
      We must take control of our own development,infrastructure and future.
      We must enforce our own laws as no current police force will.
      We must select some leaders who know the will of those they represent.
      Gee we better figure out what we want and how we will make it happen.

      Can’t get a better time,beer stores will close,sports have been shutdown and government is busy confirming every citizens worst expectations.
      TV will be endless panic,panic and panic now.
      Our current leadership are demonstrating all the benefits coming to taxpayers, of big government .
      Big government destroyed by a virus,a flu which after this panic will be part of the “common flu”.

    3. Nope no panic at SDA. It is just the idiots like you, who treat any rational discussion as panic because you’re armed with the power of positive thinking and MSM told you not to panic. For months we were discussing issues in a pragmatic manner and now everything we were predicting is coming true. And yes, that means that Canadian healthcare system will be overloaded shortly. And yes, it means there are already an order of magnitude more infected with the disease than there are detected cases.

      The only people who are panicking are those who only days ago screamed “don’t panic” (some of them are probably infected and are infecting others). We’re set for a good while. Non perishables were stockpiled weeks in advance. No lineups, nice selection. Prescriptions refilled etc. Now we’re comfortably home, (I work from home most of the time anyway) while idiots who were screaming “don’t panic” yesterday are cleaning up the shelves. Have fun with that.

      1. “Nope no panic at SDA. It is just the idiots like you, who treat any rational discussion as panic because you’re armed with the power of positive thinking and MSM told you not to panic.”

        Exactly. Being prepared isn’t panic – it just proves you’re a responsible, thinking adult.

      2. I’m prepared. I don’t watch any TV, I’m loaded for bear and there is a lot of blathering. You and “Colonista” included.

  20. This whole situation is an excellent opportunity for all the Greta’s of the world to experience a Non-carbon based economy. Enjoy!!

    1. The Greta’s of the world need someone to dress them in the morning.

      Course they do speak to Trudeau, who self-panics.

  21. I was at the nearby Superstore earlier this afternoon. People are acting and buying like the end of the world is at hand. There isn’t any toilet paper left nor spaghetti and forget about getting something like zinc tablets.

    No wonder I keep to myself a lot…..

    1. I was at mine at approximately 710 am. People must have been lining up because they were already pushing loaded carts around….

  22. My wife just came back from our once-a-week shopping. It was her standard route: Costco, the local grocery store, and Bulk Barn.
    Costco: It was a zoo. Everyone trying to get their toilet paper, bottled water, and chips. She bought several trays of salmon, and everyone looked at her like she was from Mars.
    The grocery store: empty shelves almost in every aisle.
    Bulk Barn: not a soul in sight. She bought 20kg of coarse salt and 40kg of flour. We bake our own bread for the last 15 years. Now we have a 2 year supply of everything we need.

    This country never had a war in the last couple centuries. Your population does not know what it is like to have a stockpile. They cannot cook food and have no idea what food is made of. Many do not even have pots and pans. This is going to turn interesting soon.

    Watching the scumbags starve to death or eat each other alive will be so rewarding. Through the scope of course.

    1. How do all you people afford to go to Costa Rico for shopping? For dental work I understand.

    2. You hit the nail on the head:

      Skip the dishes, order out and if ya actually make dinner at home, it’s out of a can. Gross.

      I married Italian. We – the both of us cook and enjoy it using fresh produce, herbs n spices…and Red Meat, Chicken or Fish…the odd time Spolumbos Sausages too..!!

      Every now n then we’ll buy a cpl of small e chickens – into the croc pot for broth and that flu killer, homemade chicken soup. We make huge batches of Spaghetti Meat sauce with every applicable veggie added. Have that meal and freeze up 3-4 lrg portions for another time…I like Real food, not some regurgitated sodium laced slop from a can.

      Eating healthy is easy..just takes a bit of effort.

      1. Never ceases to amaze the products we see being purchased at the grocery stores. Processed everything.
        Being a former cook and having a schedule that is flexible, we cook everything from scratch. We buy our meats from two local farms. beef products from one, chicken and pork from the other. We grow our own root crops, tomatoes, garlic and make our own canned sauces, salsas, jams etc. Left over bones are made into stocks for soups and sauces.

  23. We’ve figured out Canada’s response to the Wuhan flu. Expose everyone to it and those that live, live and those who die, die. Perfect Liberal reasoning. No attempt to mitigate anything. Turdeau shouldn’t be in isolation. He should be on the gallows.

    1. You are far too generous scar. The turds masters are fully aware of the unfunded liability we pensioners represent and he is doing all he dares to see that liability reduced.

  24. Everyone’s freaking out for nothing. The flu has already killed more at risk people than the Coronavirus and will continue to do so. That’s a yearly occurrence and sports leagues have never even paid it lip service in the past. What the hell three months worth of toilet paper is going to do to alleviate the effects of it is beyond me. It’s not an intestinal ailment. Take normal precautions and don’t panic. Oh … and always have a towel.

    1. While I disagree with the rest of what you’re saying (other than the towel part) I will only address this one:

      “What the hell three months worth of toilet paper is going to do”

      Elementary, one person coughs, ten people around them shit themselves.

    2. “What the hell three months worth of toilet paper is going to do to alleviate the effects of it is beyond me.”

      Silly. It has nothing to do with alleviating anything. It’s to wrap your desiccated corpse in after you crap yourself to death.

  25. Once people swallowed the tax on exhaling carbon dioxide it was only a matter of time until toilet paper shortages became a thing.

  26. I’m waiting for some shipments from Amazon and eBay. The items are coming via snail mail and one of them’s overdue. I’m sure Canada Post will claim it’s because of the virus but, then, it always has an excuse for not doing its job properly.

  27. Listing

    I went for taco dust. The local coop was a gong show. The air was rank with fear. I just wanted salsa and dust.

    Shoppers at COP—Who the duck needs 10 x 12 packs of TP? At one roll a day that’s 4 months. I’m pretty sure we can grind up and process trees faster (and/or wipe with less than a goalies mitt of paper).

    Statements on causes of death are generally correct (but provide no comfort). Cars, smoking, suicide and cancers are are the worlds silver medalist. Malaria has the gold, it’s killed more than the British, monarchies, totalitarians, communism and all wars put together.

    Hooray, we all get to ‘work’ from home. Did someone tell Bell, Telus, Shaw, etc.? Microsoft and Amazon, AWS and Azure and all networks in between are going to be swamped. Example. Netflix is hosted at AWS, pray for them.

    Are we going to attribute the increase in family violence (from sharing an Internet connection, space, declining toilet paper stockpile), to the virus. Do the Chinese get a credit for the traffic deaths avoided from us all social distancing at home?

    WTF why is Nenshi the only politician speaking correctly to this. We just need a flood, or virus, or alien invasion every month and this guy becomes a rock star.

  28. I couldn’t be bothered to watch the bone smoker’s presser.

    I have a big supply of food and essentials at all times. And what’s with the stocking up on bottled water? You think we’re not going to have water? How many bottles do you need to flush that loaf down your low flush toilet?

    Get a grip people. It’s Friday nite pour a drink – quit listening to the sage advice of the cbc

  29. I bought a couple of solid chocolate easter bunnies, several bags of jelly beans and 2 boxes of fudgsicles, for the wife, I’ll stock up on whisky later. Damn I hope there isn’t a run on it!

  30. I thought diced tomatoes would be good to stockpile as I use them in a lot of dishes — soups, etc. I sent my husband shopping for these and a bunch of other stuff. He has come back with many cans of crushed tomatoes, which I never use. What do people do with crushed tomatoes?

    1. This is what you get when you send a man to buy groceries. We get lost in the grocery store, forget the list you have written for us, adjust, improvise and stop at the liqueur store on the way home. It is really much easier for everyone when women do the grocery shopping, you may take us with you to carry the heavy objects. And that’s about it.

    2. LindaL

      Makes Awesome Spaghetti Sauce..!!
      We use that all the time..!!
      Italian Wife…..to thin out add chopped onion s, 2-3 Cloves of garlic, Gn, red, yellow, orange peppers chopped gn onions, chopped celery…oregano and basil equal quantities.
      Plus,1-1.5 lbs of cooked ground beef.
      And to take some of the acidity away…add a tablespoon of honey.


      1. Except for the celery, honey and moose for beef that’s my sauce. I will try yours. 1 tblsp honey three / four quarts of sauce?
        Pantry’s and since their invention, freezers are my family’s tradition. I usually keep enough staples for a year. Divide by guests. Multiply by garden fruit trees and canning.
        Governments hate self reliant people.

    3. “What do people do with crushed tomatoes?”

      Awesome Spaghetti sauce (barring fresh garden tomatoes) – use a can or two crushed + small can of tomato paste then season to taste………..

    4. Not that different than diced, just finer pieces. Use them the same. Or use a hand blender to puree them to use as a pasta sauce (or tomato soup) base.

    5. Crushed tom’s are just one step further. I use diced for chili’s, other wise crushed for sauces, soups etc.
      Should have sent hubby a note. 🙂

  31. Whoa! You brave souls out there!

    Weekends are too busy to shop for me. Those days are over, unless I’m desperate or need one or two things.

    Monday to Thursday mornings or just before closing is my preferred choice. There are less people generally and ‘no’ line ups at the cash-out.

    I’ve seen people abandon a cartload at a cash-out line-up in a panic around the busy holiday time of year — and everyone scrambling to get rid of the ‘lonely’ cart in the way…cursing. It’s crazy.

    Save time. Think of your psyche folks!

  32. Today’s Sesame Street has been brought to you by the letter “B” : beans, bully beef, bottled water……

  33. I have just started feeling better. Last week I had fever, chills, snot o’ plenty, and a cough to wake the dead.
    As my doctor admitted, classic Wuhan. Get this; unless I could PROVE i had been in contact with out of country people,
    my case was considered to be classic flu, and recorded as such. I work in community health and expose myself to 150+ people a week, so
    my quack admitted my case is strong. Whatever it was, I don’t want it again.

    1. “I work in community health and expose myself to 150+ people a week,”

      So that is how they call strip clubs these days?

  34. What worries me about this is the possibility that governments will turn around in three months and say, “you followed our advice on COVID-19, now follow our advice on the climate emergency.”

    And the sheeple will say, “they saved us then, they will save us now.”

    I’m a bit of a COVID skeptic. Is it necessarily so bad that the global economy needs to be shut down to avoid a few thousand premature deaths? If this becomes the way of the future, we will be facing this every other year for the rest of the human experience, and that won’t be very long if the global economy ceases to exist.

    People might say, “well that’s fine for you to say, you’re healthy.” Am I? I don’t know. I feel fine today. The point is, over-reaction has already become the thing on climate change, why not in other areas too? The snowflake mentality is that no harm should befall anyone. The problem is that if we shut down global systems, much greater harm will inevitably befall a lot of anyones, and in particular younger people who have not had years to save up money and develop survival skills.

    Unless proven otherwise, I am going to regard this as a mixture of 20% realism and 80% hype, with over-reaction the underlying theme. But people need to prepare for the social reality. I don’t think preparation is an over-reaction. If you figure people around you will over-react, then that’s a factor in your own calculations. Ironically, the main reason to stockpile is that others are stockpiling.

  35. I heard that in northern Italy (where things are worst) there had been a recent economic trend towards integrating the traditional (and very large in economic terms) leather industry with the Chinese economy, and that workers were actually being flown into that region (whether it’s Milan or nearby, not entirely sure) from Wuhan last year. So this may be the reason why Italy has become the main portal for COVID-19 into Europe.

  36. Every time PM Justine Markle makes one of his suggestions, I think we are being ruled by Idi Amin Dada. But a far less smart version of him. Then Chrystia I’mnotanazi says ‘We are working hard,have a triple A credit rating, and we’re great.’
    She’s not really MENSA material.

  37. I rank this Wuhan virus just above the common flu. The common flu causes up to 5 million cases of severe illness worldwide and kills up to 650,000 people every year, according to the World Health Organization and this data does not include deaths during flu pandemics. I think the planet has gone nuts. I don’t see anyone who has the flu worry about giving it to persons with weak immune systems, but yet we panic over this Wuhan virus, with most of the nuttery being egged on by the media, to score political points.
    People look to Italy and start pooping their pants, which probably explains the run on toilet paper. Lets put Italy into perspective.
    A recent study in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases on the mortality of flu infections in Italy during the study period concluded the following:
    In the winter seasons from 2013/14 to 2016/17, an estimated average of 5,290,000 ILI cases occurred in Italy, corresponding to an incidence of 9%.

    More than 68,000 deaths attributable to flu epidemics were estimated in the study period.

    Italy showed a higher influenza attributable excess mortality compared to other European countries. especially in the elderly.

    Italy is ranked #2 in percentage of the population over the age of 65. Japan is #1. Need I say more.

    But don’t let me stop you joining in the mass hysteria.

    1. If we had more ICU beds, more ventilators, more nurses, then this thing would not be very serious. But since we don’t…

  38. Simple. Kill a Greenie, or three, butcher, smoke, dry, or sausage. Use the bones in your garden for the calcium.