We Are All Treaty People$


NOBODY SAW THIS COMING Wet’suwet’en hereditary leader says they remain opposed to the Coastal GasLink pipeline

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  1. The hereditary chief in question says, “Yes! I’m getting that 2021 Dodge 1-ton 4X4 after all!”

  2. Does that settlement include the canoes that Prinz Dummkopf promised all those “disaffected native youths”?

    Let me guess, he “forgot” about them, which is why we ended up with all those blockades, right?

  3. Trudy McBlackface to Alberta: “If you want something you’re going to have to hold the canadian economy hostage.”

    How much commerce travels through Alberta that isn’t to our advantage? Just curious.

  4. Um, I’m not exactly surprised by this, why the heck did these unelected hereditary chiefs start whining in the first place?
    Because they had not received their expected compensation for their “Permission” for the pipeline to proceed! All the other protests were by groups all across the country constantly seeking something, anything, to protest. This was a real bonus for them and their Soros/Tides/Etcetera funders to stir the poop! With such a weak government leadership, they got away with it as well! IMO, they should have all been arrested, jailed and fined heavily. Ahh, but that is not the Canadian way!
    If we can give millions to a convicted terrorist, we can also support the globalist causes, by allowing Canada to be disrupted!

    1. The government’s use of natives to kill a project which might benefit Alberta is nothing new. Remember what happened to the Mackenzie Valley pipeline? Thomas Berger was hardly unbiased or impartial when he began his inquiry and his report reflected that. He simply did PET’s dirty work for him.

      A few years after that project was scuttled, we got clobbered by the NEP. Coincidence?

      1. Agreed. These people are basically what the KKK was the Democrats during the Jim Crow years. Most of the protesters aren’t even indigenous and many of them aren’t even Canadian.

      2. And the locals were not happy with Berger. They wanted some of the economic benefits and work, just as other bands have been negotiating for.

    2. It’s not even actual Wet’suwet’en. It’s a foreign funded corporation with Wet’suwet’en in it’s name.

      It’d be like the owners of Mohawk Gas Station negotiating treaty rights at all their stores.

  5. Classic shakedown. “Nice country you got here, be a shame if something should happen to it.” #itstimetogo #Wexit

  6. The city of Thompson, Manitoba with 13,446 residents pay their mayor, deputy
    mayor and council members at total of $80,474.45 annually for taxable
    salaries and per diems (the mayor’s annual indemnity is $29,745.45 per
    annum, council members are paid $9,915.15 per annum and the deputy mayor
    gets $11,068.40 per annum).

    Brokenhead Ojibway Nation with a registered population of 1,918 paying their
    FN chief and band council members a total of $415,357 in TAX-FREE salaries
    AND per diems plus $1,557,766 in tobacco and fuel tax rebates.

    Long Plains First Nation @ Portage La Prairie with a registered population
    of 813 paying their FN chief and band council members a total of $539,918 in
    tax-free salaries and per diems.

    Little Grand Rapids First Nation with a registered population of 1,590
    paying their FN chief and band council members a total of $706,182 in
    tax-free salaries and per diems.

    Buffalo Point First Nation with a registered population of 126 paying their
    FN chief and band council members a total of $300,000 in tax-free salaries
    and per diems.

    Shoal Lake No. 40 First Nation in Ontario with a registered on-reserve
    population of 293 people paid their FN chief and band council $267,799 in
    tax-free salaries never mind $58,930 in tax-free expenses.

    Mathias Colomb First Nation with a registered population of 3,192 paying
    their FN chief and band council members a total of $601,726 in tax-free
    salaries and per diems.

    Samson Cree First Nation with a registered population of 8,059 paying their
    FN chief and band council members a total of $2,149,998 in tax-free salaries
    and per diems ($266.78 per capita).

    Fort McKay First Nation with a registered population of 827 (It’s not a
    typo, it’s 827) paying their FN chief and band council members a total of
    $2,067,098 in tax-free salaries and per diems, never mind $151,428 in travel
    expenses ($2,499.51 per capita). Chief Jim Boucher was paid an annual
    tax-free salary of $644,441 tax-free ($53,703 per month), AND tax-free
    expenses of $35,359 ($2,947 per month), AND tax-free other remuneration
    $25,000 ($2,083 per month) AND tax-free travel expenses of $60,157 ($5,013
    per month)!!!!! Per month!!!

    Enoch Cree First Nation with a registered population of 2,469 paying their
    FN chief and band council members a total of $1,159,707 in tax-free salaries
    and per diems never mind $84,030 in travel expenses ($503.74 per capita).
    Also, Enoch Cree First Nation are also paying their Board of Directors
    $1,511,457 in tax-free salaries and tax-free expenses.

    No wonder there is poverty, poor housing, no health facilities;
    the money can’t seem to get past the chief and council !

    1. Hence the reason they are always driving brand new Dodge 1-ton 4X4’s every spring. The remaining reserve residents are left for use as a means to spread white guilt.

    2. Remember The Conservatives law on First Nation Band accountability! Shelved by Justin’s Merry men!

    3. DH

      Good post. Very little money gets down to the ‘people’ who really need it. If your part of the chief or band council’s ‘tribe’ – your in. If your not….

  7. Good question in the Twitter feed: “What changed? ”

    Did the barrels of cash funneled into their pockets somehow make the pipeline ‘safe’ now?

    Details are secret, for obvious reasons.

  8. According to the media, the hereditary chiefs get a say in future projects. So in other words, they will get a big cut of money on those projects. Nice scam they got going there.

    1. Did any Indian bands actually have hereditary chiefs? I always imagined this was a European idea, not stone age. You would think that people fighting one on one with nature would have naturally selected chiefs with strength being the sole criteria. Another question is were these people historically monogamous? If not, so much for heredity in the male line.

      1. Of bloody course they did not! Chiefs are elected. Previously on the basis of warrior prowess, currently on a slightly different basis. But no, nothing changed in this respect, and there are no hereditary chiefs, just like there were no such. This phony decoy had to be invented for this shakedown, since they had been outvoted by their bands by a factor of what, 8 to 2?

    1. She is not merely inarticulate. She is a complete loony tunes. Yet the good folks of Toronto St. Paul have elected and re-elected her since 1997. These are the type of voters who will continue to deny legitimacy to western Canada’s economy and working people.

    2. In bygone days, if one wanted to advance through the pecking order in a company, one adopted the same habits and mannerisms as one’s superiors. Now who, in the pecking order she’s a member of, speaks in a similar matter, eh?

    3. That’s how a child talks when you have caught them in a lie. Making it up as they go.

  9. It is starting to look like nothing can get done in this country without every EXTORTIONIST in the country getting paid off. I am sure hoping Mr. Kenney is seeing all of these shenanigans, and taking note. There is ZERO rule of law in this kleptocracy, and he should be playing a little hardball with all of these crooks.

    1. At the institution I used to teach at, if there was a dispute with a student, the way to quickly end the matter (and, ultimately, have fewer headaches) was to give that person what he or she demanded. Standing firm meant that it could be taken higher up in the system and people in that place just loved to pay lawyer in order to screw you.

      Like an older colleague of mine to me, “Take out the trash and get rid of it quickly.”

      Prinz Dummkopf badly wants his UN seat and the less hassle he has domestically, the bigger his chances are of getting it.

    2. I don’t get why people believe any government can solve this. If you want to fix it you’ll have to do it yourself. Start the movement.

      1. james: FN have to be incorporated into Canada as Canadians and not FN give them land to have a home and then a cheque monthly like all the illegal immigrants that come across the border along with the benefits but NO they have the upper hand and want to milk us Canadians of our rights to have a decent life here in Canada. An Trudope will help FN and illegal immigrants take everything we Canadians have worked for (core identity European National origins, Canadian core values) and throw them out the window.

    3. Just after the fall of the Iron Curtain,a businessman who tried to venture into Russian reported on a talk show that nothing is done over there without payoffs to everyone concerned, thus making it very difficult and expensive to do business there. At the time Canadians all went “tsk,tsk” and voiced how glad we were that OUR system was so clean and tidy.

      Now we’re as bad or worse than the Russkis for anyone wanting to do business here,payoffs galore. It will be a long time before resource companies look to Canada to invest again.

    4. Kenney is a full time Member of this cult aka Federalism. He hasn’t and and will continue to stymie any efforts at freeing Alberta and is peoples from the madness thats gripped this country.

      WEXIT.. It IS the only way…

  10. I told you so! Nothing in the politics is political, always financial!

    Indeed, a puffin is the symbol of LPC: it always hides its shit.
    Backwards regimes, especially all over Africa, are so convenient for laundering money through kickbacks. But even segments of the domestic populations can be used at times.

    Forensic audit of the LPC leadership and their families! NOW!

  11. So in other words

    There has been agreement to make a payout and it’s a start.

    Bennet is a terrible liar.

  12. In case you missed it before, terrorism is what this government rewards.
    We’ll be seeing more of this in the future.

  13. Murder someone: Get 10.5 Million
    Illegal Blockade: Get who knows what
    Bribe foreign officials and provide them with prostitutes: Subvert the rule of law for the major shareholders
    Try to make a reasonable living producing something everyone needs: …..

    1. Corruption and payola is the “Canuckle-head” way; it is the only way ANYTHING gets done.

      Honest work is devalued in this de-confederating, diminished, dog eared, mis-Constitutionalized, bull chip producing excuse for a ‘half wit nation’ intent on turning doctors into assassins.


      Hans Rupprecht – Commander in Chief
      Army Group “True North”
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army

  14. CTV had Kathleen Wynne on to discuss the problem. “We have to be absolutely clear” she said. Clear about what? “Some people want to knock heads” and “others want to negotiate forever”. The answer is somewhere in between. “We have to be absolutely clear”. I’m sure glad she was shown the door.

    1. They all use the same cliches. Being perfectly clear is one. These days “having a conversation” is another. Totally vacuous.

  15. Too bad SNC Lavalin didnt build pipelines. Then at least it would only be the Liberals fleecing the country.

  16. SNC Lavalin and Bombardier should partner on an East Coast pipeline. I bet the Liberals would give them 10 billion.

  17. It will suck to be an Injun when we become a majority minority. Try explaining why your “nation” needs taxpayer’s money to a Chicom or a Mooselimb. only white people are retarded enough to negotiate with savages. And this will be our downfall.

  18. so lemme get this straight. We’re giving tax payer money to a fake corporation pretending to be an existing Indian band funded by foreign anti oil protesters who are culturally appropriating Indians to stop them from blocking highways and railroad tracks?

    1. Yes essentially that. One more thing, we’re doing it only because our government does not want to build the pipeline in the first place. And if our government by some miracle ended up in the opposition, those cretins would have thrown their unconditional support behind the Injun terrorists.

  19. So if the blockades continue that means the inconvenience to the MTV will also continue.
    Well when they voted liberal they asked for a shut down of the country.
    Yeah, I know, they thought something else, but in this case I hope they get what they asked for good and hard.

  20. I see ron Big Chief Two Face maclean is dressed up like a cigar store Indian on hockey nite in Manitoba. Not only is maclean a chicken shit backstabber he’s now a culturally appropriating Indian.

  21. So is this what you call extortion? Will the Mohawks get their cut? Who’s next? This will not be the end.

    1. It is not supposed to end, this way Libranos will claim that pipelines are too expensive and not economically viable and therefore should not be built.

    2. Well, getting a cut of the action only works until there is no action taking place.
      However, with this bunch of extortionists they insist on the cut regardless and violence is implied if it is not forthcoming.
      Just like any other syndicate the Mohawk Warriors Society does not take non payment of protection money sitting idle.
      At some point the crack down is coming, the talking only postpones the inevitable.

    3. Linda, This all about Title Rights and the Turd has blinked… They will continue blockages by every band until ALL of Canada is ceded to Aboriginal Title…..The fact that Land titled to Aboriginals is free from regulation, or Taxation is the BIG payout… Want a meth lab… buy land from an Indian…. The Title goes with the Land like ancient land Grants….All Indians are instant Billionaires

      The Pipe line will never get built and the Turd will leave a dysfunctional legacy of what was Canada….

  22. The key to successful negotiations is to know what your best alternative to a negotiated settlement is. In the case of the Spawn’s government, it is self imposed surrender to blockades of all transportation infrastructure (and both parties now know it) and in the case of the 5 hereditary chiefs, it’s continued financing and welfare from the unborn non-native taxpayers, grants from US green foundations, more favourable rulings from the SCOC, shakedowns of the provincial government and any industrial concern in close proximity. IOW, why would they want to make any agreements unless they can really do a shakedown like title over all their traditional territory AND continued welfare forever AND huge payouts to hereditary chiefs, AND etc, etc. etc. These guys play the long game and they could care less that “their people” are sacrificed whereas the political scum that pretend to represent us also could care less that “their people” are also sacrificed but only play for the short term with no closure.

  23. Wow! This is criminal ! Canada held for ransom again! There can never be two sets of Laws in a civilization! The Liberals are a JOKE!

    1. The Liberals don’t give a tuck; it doesn’t affect them and their pensions and trusts.

  24. In the United States , in Texas and 9 other states anyone protesting a legally passed project of infrastructure will suffer immediate imprisonment ! Some of the 9 states have fines per day starting at $1000 and increasing! Texas has a 10 year imprisonment clause!

    The Liberals would never entertain this as they want to reconcile——— with Canada’s working peoples’ money!

  25. So who do the elected Chief and Band Council,with their supporting 8 “Hereditary Chiefs”,get to negotiate with?
    Funny how democracy has zero value in Canada.
    The broken English,stammering,stumbling retard Speech is the Official Language of Can Ahh Duh.
    Following the example of the lisping thespian who attempts to play that part(Prime Minister) and then its up to Georgie Sorass’s Biographer,who is quaintly styled Deputy Prime Minister,then what?
    We have a whole flock of burned out Liberal Hacks..Funny how their comrades in the Media Branch keep calling them New,Young and Vibrant..
    But thats where we are,who you going to believe?
    Your Lying Eyes or the Government Funded Experts of CBC?(& friends).
    Whatever the payout is now,it will not be enough.
    Gimmee Grants always need more.

  26. Is it fair to suggest that the hereditary chiefs are the new mafia? That’s what this looks like.

    1. Yes they are; I heard a very interesting wetsuit’n talk about how the “trad chiefs” were a mob that wanted to take over the profits from their lumber business.

      This was, of course, standard practice for the traditional chiefs – take what they wanted. It was an era before white man’s justice.

  27. Geez it’s getting to be tiring being a white male and not being a liberal the only one the law applies to.

  28. From the article: “During the media scrum, Bennett referred more than once to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which B.C recently enshrined. It sets minimum standards for how nation states should deal with Indigenous peoples. 

    The federal government is also looking at tabling a bill to adopt the UN declaration. ”

    Very worrisome. This is the one where every last tribe has a veto over resource development. Ted Morton wrote in the Post last week about the dangers of such a deal. Liberals hand Canada over to the globalists. Good bye Canada.

  29. It’s like this.

    The idiot in charge outbid the ecofascists that act through the natives.

    Pretty simple …. heh.

    Though the mass media cartel will never know (yeah, right) to let everybody know.
    After all, the federal idiots bought the mass media cartel so the truth is dying.
    As usual, lies, fake news, omissions, won’t tell the whole story, only where it means nothing.

    If you read some of the comments in the first part, you can tell the useless freeloaders in the employ of government are speaking.
    In the second part it’s those that actually work real productive jobs for living.

    You gotta realize that, unfortunately, Canada is socialist country and diktat is the norm. In fact, after The People’s Republic of China, Venezuela, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and Cuba, Canada is the fifth.
    Though if you exclude the rulers that look after themselves and assorted oligarchs there and in the US, China may not qualify …. heh.

  30. I think that some native bands have been pushing the envelope in this era of “nation to nation” nonsense. These are not really nations, they are municipalities. That said, they should have the same rights as ordinary municipalities. I don’t know what if any powers cities like Kamloops or Coquitlam might have over pipelines and other infrastructure. Native bands should not have any greater powers. But that’s only part of the problem. The other part is that groups like hereditary chiefs and elders may not be elected representatives, which opens the door for any group of individuals to name themselves as unequal citizens with more power than ordinary citizens. We should only deal with elected band councils, not self-proclaimed groups, regardless of how spectacular their dress or rituals. I mean, what’s the essential difference between treating hereditary chiefs as a participant, or perhaps the prom king and queen or the curling team from a given town, or … anyone who thinks they are special.

    I think some of you are special but I don’t expect governments to come by your house and get your permission to build pipelines.

    1. Good points Peter.
      “which opens the door for any group of individuals” when I first tried to read the Dalgamuk decision this is one of the main points that I contended were unworkable. The SCOC has determined that we must accept as law the oral traditions so if any fn person says they are a chief we must accept that.
      I occasionally hunt with a 3/4 blood coast Salish hunter. He is an honourable man. There are so many things that he cannot say, without bringing dishonour to his people, that he says very little. Although we sometimes discuss white man politics he never says anything about his people. While returning from a hunt, I had turned on the radio in my truck to get the news, a portion of which (the introduction of one of the hereditary chiefs) surprised my friend so much that he burst out “There are no chiefs in that family! There could never be a chief from that family!” In all the decades I have known him, those are the only angry words I have ever heard him speak. He sat stone faced for the rest of the trip ( just 20 or so miles ) when we got out of the truck at his place he was the same pleasant guy I had known so long.
      So I think scar @ 4:13 and Tara bam bam @ 4:46 are on the right track but nepotism is older than people. You don’t have to look very far into the traditions to find the mechanisms meant to pass down power in the family line and right there beside those mechanisms are the stories of how nepotism was often thwarted.
      If you wonder about the legitimacy of the hereditary chiefs, ask the matriarchs.

  31. “We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
    No matter how trifling the cost;
    For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
    And the nation that plays it is lost!”

  32. She’s been told to lie and she’s uncomfortable about it. She makes no eye contact, looks down a lot, stammers as she tries to recall the lie. She knows that when the truth comes out about what they gave away, again, she will be booted from office.

    1. Booted from office?
      The voters in St Paul’s don’t care what is given away, because they don’t make the connection between what happens out west and their standard of living in the center of the universe.
      What gets their attention however is if the subway is delayed 2 minutes, or if they can’t get a cocoamochafrappachinnolattegrande at Starbucks.
      For that, they get motivated in St Pauls. Oil worker’s? Pipelines? They would just tell them to learn to code.