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      1. I freak out over those. There’s a restored Titan 2 silo in Arizona that they’ve made into a museum – if you have a look at the site, the silo door is half-open and glassed in, there are concrete blocks behind the door so it can’t open any further and there’s a big hole cut in the warhead casing, all so Russian spy satellites can verify that under START, it is a deactivated site:


        The ultimate of the freak-shows are the Titan 1 sites; they had a (HUGE!!!) power dome, a launch control dome, two radars and three silos, all buried underground. The tunnel from the radars to the missile silos was a quarter-mile long. And after all the work to build and bury the sites, they were only active for about three years – 1962 to 1965. You might groan at the thought of how much they must’ve cost for that little active time, but the Cuban Missile Crisis was in there – and rumour has it that the sites’ existence and locations were leaked to the Soviets, resulting in Khrushchev being chastened at America’s state of readiness and deciding not to pull the trigger just yet. So just maybe, it was a well justified expense.

        If you want some idea of what we’re talking about here, go out on youtoob and look-up Ehren’s world; Ehren Hotchkiss grew up on a retired Titan 1 Base her father bought, and takes us on a four-part youtoob tour of it. The interior of the site is Parts 3 and 4. And if you’re stupid rich, the site is for sale for $1.5 million U.S.D. All the details of the sites, and many pictures of their dreadfully dilapidated state now, can be found at chromehooves(dot)net. As an example, the silos were 150′ deep and 40′ across – and they’ve all filled with water to 100′ deep There’s an outfit that sells SCUBA dives into one silo.

        And no – the missiles are long gone, they were removed before the sites were deactivated. Titan boosters launched the Gemini spaceflights and many satellites; the rest were cut up for scrap. The U.S. was having great difficulties with its ICBM’s back then, and they were regularly dragged out of their silos, trucked to Vandenberg AFB, equipped with dummy warheads and tested, often shot off to Kwajalein Atoll. The most spectacular test was Titan 1 missile V-2. The silos had elevators to lift the missile to the surface for launch after it was fuelled (the liquid oxygen being the most troublesome to load); so missile V-2 was fuelled and oxygen’d in the silo, the elevator lifted it up to launch position, and then lowered it back into the silo; but the elevator failed on the way down, dropping the missile to the bottom of the silo where it exploded with extreme force.

        Does anybody else find it ironic that this should happen to “V-2”? Weren’t the V2’s supposed to explode??? Confused…

        1. Thanks. I’ll have to take a look at that.

          The closest to such a museum that I’ve seen here in Canada is at the Alberta Aviation Museum in Edmonton. As I went by there earlier this month on my way to a ham flea market, I noticed that there’s a decommissioned Bomarc missile on display in front of the building.

          I’ll have to go there some time and take a closer look.

          1. Ahh, the Bomarc. As the joke of the time went, “Government employees are like BOMARC missiles – you can’t fire them and you can’t make them work.”

          2. Speaking of museums, few know about the Diefenbunker, an underground, Cold War command center near Ottawa. The place was designed to serve as a center of government for Canada in the event of nuclear war. It is a partly restored, partly left as it was when the last crews, left underground complex. The restoration effort is taken over by a private charity initiative and these are amazing enthusiasts with a incredible knowledge. On a very tight budget they provide an amazing experience. Guided tour highly recommended. And yes they have shells of nukes at the front gate. This together with the Canadian War Museum are probably best reasons to visit the turd war, panhandler infested, shithole of Ottawa.

          3. You might want to go to the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum at Brandon. It commemorates the many air training facilities across the prairies during WW II. I hadn’t realized that all the training aircraft were painted yellow.

          4. Ahh, the Bomarc. As the joke of the time went, “Government employees are like BOMARC missiles – you can’t fire them and you can’t make them work.”

            And Dief the Chief traded the Avro Arrow for those Bomarcs.

          5. LR:

            In addition to the Bomarcs, the RCAF got the F-101 Voodoos (designated CF-101 in Canada). They were being phased out by the USAF at the time that they were purchased.

          6. “I hadn’t realized that all the training aircraft were painted yellow.”

            The folks at the Canadian Warplanes Heritage museum in Hamilton have several Canadian trainers in flying condition and you can pay for a flight on one of them you can even choose an open cockpit biplane. They also have other warbirds you can hire for a flight, you’ll pay more for those. Of course if you really want to support them, buy a seat on flight on one of the last two flying Avro Lancasters in the world.

            Oh and if you visit Hamilton see HMCS Haida, worlds only surviving Tribal class destroyer.

          7. – but to save everybody else making the same dumb mistake I did, HMCS Haida closes after the Labour Day weekend.

  1. Now that Blackie The Gay Pirate has apologized to the criminal Boushie family for their criminal Indian son being shot, I wonder if he will apologize to the Indians who had their blockade removed. I assume the Boushie family will get a Christmas photo with Blackie now that the Boyles are unavailable.

  2. Overseas, Turkey has announce that it has dropped barriers for Syrian refugees fleeing to Europe. There are 3-million+ refugees living in Turkey. Turkey is doing this to try to leverage NATO to assist Turkey against the current Syrian government attacks against its forces in northern Syria. Expect another mass migration. This on top of the caronavirus pandemic.

      1. Turkey is squealing like a little girl. They asked the U.S. to move some Patriot batteries into Ankara to protect Turkish territory from Russian airstrikes – but considering they bought the Russian S-400 air defense system instead of Patriot, I can be pretty sure I know what Trump’s answer will be. The S-400’s have been delivered to Turkey, but they’re not set-up yet and Turkish operators aren’t trained – and the Russians will have to do that, so I suspect they’ll wait ’til after the war. And odds are good that Russia gave Turkey a reeeeeal sweetheart deal on the S-400 – Turkey was trying to buy F-35’s and I bet Russia was drooling at the prospect of Turkey flying them against S-400 batteries in air defence exercises, giving the Russians lots of free gen on how the S-400 could shoot down F-35’s. When the Turks announced the S-400 purchase, the U.S. announced that any chance of letting them buy F-35’s was all over.

        And Turkey is jawboning NATO for all they’re worth, calling it “mutual defence”, but NATO ain’t buying it. All the nastiness is going-on in Syria, and Turkey invaded Syria all on their own without NATO concurrence – so NATO is telling them “Ix-nay on the ‘mutual defence’ – you got yourself into this mess, you get yourself out of it!”

        Likewise, Turkey is intervening in Libya on the side opposite to the side the Russians are supporting – and part of the reason is that they want their Libyan friends to declare “territorial waters” over all the Mediterranean between Libya and Turkey, including areas thought to be gas-rich that actually belong to the Greeks in Cyprus.

        Ol’ Erdogan is going out of his way to make friends and influence people…

    1. The public workers organized a rally before they even knew what was in the budget. They like to complain about their lot.

      (The nurses work part time then work a ton of overtime for the extra pay and well paid teachers are usually on holiday. What difficult lives they have.)

      See more here about their rally from the Edmonton Journal:

      See aerial footage and more here from Global News:

      At least they have jobs eh!

  3. Another person has arrived in Canada from Iran with the China virus. Don’t ask questions why we are allowing people from Iran in the country. That would be Islamophobic. Unifor which is fighting Hitler Doug Ford and supporting teacher strikes, is losing 1500 jobs at the Chrysler plant in Windsor Ont. I’m sure they can easily find jobs in the green energy sector. And now the taxpayer funded Globe and Mail. Lots of stories that Indians are wonderful. Indian culture is wonderful. Blockades are wonderful. Blackie is wonderful. The Liberal Party is wonderful. People in Alberta are racist bastards for making fun of “Greta”.

    1. That was an excellent thread. Really explains the current traitorous obsession of our PM with climate change and the UN. Indeed I do remember Maurice Strong. He was the master manipulator behind all of this — and closely involved with Rockefeller, UN, China — all of the powerful entities around one world government. Personally, I am not totally convinced he is dead.

      1. There has been a persistent rumor that mo strong was sired by paul martian sr. The story has it that martian sr was in the west and had a dalliance with some gal and out popped mo strong.

        That might explain the connection strong had to the federal government. He was a ‘hanger on’ – always in the picture. If the story is true that makes him a 1/2 brother to former PM martian jr.

    2. It’s just another excuse for “wealth re-distribution” or, in other words, confiscation, something that socialist and communist robber commissars have drooled over for decades.

      But, of course, it isn’t the wealth of the “comrades” that’s being confiscated and “re-distributed”, now is it?

    3. I remember M. Strong quite well. I was in oil for a while, here in Alberta. A long while. I’ve got a section of this computer devoted to Strong et al. Commie Slime. Trudeau Sr. slime. Mike Pearson slime. This country(?) is full of commie slime, leftovers from the Russkie/Cuba commie slime. They kept PET’s FLQ buddies on ice for him, while they cooled their heels after the 1970 War Measures Act. The kind of folks our current Stupid Idiot PM has a “certain admiration for”. He was head of PetroCanada for a while, the commie oil company Suncor bought, including “our” Libyan holdings. How’r they doing today?
      One of the originators of all that Globble Warmenting we hear so much about these days. Fake news that Stupid Canadians(tm) lap up. Vacant faced, Stupid Canadians(tm). They’re so stupid they marched in support of Greta. They’d follow other Stupid Idiots(tm) over a cliff, given half a chance.
      OK, I’ll get a coffee now.

      1. I remember when Mo Strong was in charge of PetroCan. I left Calgary before “Red Square” was built.

          1. PetroCan started when it acquired the old Pacific Petroleums, the Canadian subsidiary Phillips Petroleum when the latter left the country in late 1978. After that, it started picking up bits and pieces from various companies, including former assets of PetroFina.

            At the time, I worked for a company in Calgary that built oilfield equipment, which included something for PC. The general feeling in Calgary about that outfit in those days ranged from skepticism to revulsion.

        1. I watched it built from the BMO building, to the west. Remember the night of the collapsed crane? Was working late. Watched that every morning for a while. Had a ringside seat.
          I got stories.

  4. Big Chief Pam of the famous Ryerson University tribe, explains at the taxpayer funded Globe and Mail that Canadians having been committing genocide against Indians since they first came here and stole Indian lands. Using small pox blankets, genocide, and starvation, racist Canadians have and still are committing atrocities against peace loving natives. Our first prime minister committed genocide and stole Indian lands. Canada must submit to the UN. And Indians must continue to use blockades and other illegal means to get their land back.

    1. I have a Canada’s History magazine article that says that vaccination was introduced into Rupertsland by the Hudson’s Bay Company to stop Indians from dying. Live Indians were a resource to be exploited. Dead Indians were not. “Smallpox blankets” is likely apocryphal and there is much doubt whether it would actually work. There were 2 kinds of vaccination. One was with the cow pox virus and it had virtually a zero rate of death. There was also vaccination with live smallpox virus and it had a couple percent death rate, much safer than from contacting the disease by inhalation of the virus.

      There was no shortage of active smallpox at the time so there was likely 100% chance a random Indian would come in contact with the virus at some time. Whether they would actually get the disease was likely an exercise in statistics. If they wanted to kill Indians with smallpox, they should have coughed in their faces.

    2. Timelines don’t match up on the weaponized “smallpox blanket” theory.
      It supposes that people somehow managed to develop and implement a biological weapon in the mid to late 1700s.
      Pasteur did not even start his career until 1848. If there were infected blankets at all, it would have to be accidental, as would often happen in European society as well.

      Oddly the first report of using smallpox blankets, stating it was in the 1760’s was by Francis Parkman ( b. September 16, 1823 — d. November 8, 1893 ) and of course he went to Harvard.
      W. J. Eccles wrote, “Francis Parkman’s epic work La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West (Boston, 1869) is doubtless a great literary work, but, as history, it is, to say the least, of dubious merit.”

      All things considered the smallpox blanket hoax is just too convenient to die despite how ridiculous it is, and so many people depending on the narrative follow the motto of the New York Times: “All the news that fits. To Print!”

      1. Yup. In the 1700s no-one had a clue what caused smallpox but the British had supposedly weaponized it. They knew that vaccination with a piece of viable smallpox scab could prevent smallpox but blankets would somehow give the disease. This is as big a lie as the residential schools being aggressively racist.

    3. Pam Face like a Skunk got her ass handed to her by some BC chief this week. I rarely get to watch tv but saw her on with Evan Soloman.

      The BC guy is an liberal MLA in the BC legislature.

    1. Oh come on! It’s HELPING – it REALLY IS!!! /sarc.

      Here are the numbers from one Monckton presentation, I think it was ‘Schenectady Showdown’ on WUWT. The Australians ( – which is to say, their government – ) voted-in a carbon tax in 2010. It was intended to run from 2011 to 2020, and reduce Australia’s CO2 emissions by 5%.

      But Australia contributes only 1.2% of the (human-contributed? anthropogenic?) CO2 in the atmosphere anyways. So if the program achieved its goal completely, on Day One, it would reduce global temperatures by 0.00038 of a degree Celsius – at an all-in cost to the taxpayer of 130 billion Australian dollars.

      ‘Long about 2014, a new government took power – likely through promising to repeal the carbon tax – and the tax was duly scrubbed. I weep for the future of the Earth though, dying of all that excess Australian global warming… /sarc again. I suspect Red Rachel showed us the true purpose when she announced that giving rebates from Alberta’s carbon tax was too much trouble, so from then on the proceeds would just go into General Revenue.

      1. Catholic Indulgences were cheaper. And if paid enough the Priest would come to your home and bless you and yours and the house for you.

  5. But it’s just a flu problem said the Chinese. Bull spit it is.


    A couple of weeks or so after this thing got going, my Sis phoned me (the computer guy in the family) and wanted to know how bad this virus really was.
    Being a numbers kind of guy, I told her, well at the end of WW1, the Spanish flu wound up killing about 20 million people.
    And the Chinese have over 50 million people on lock down and all medical workers wearing hazmet suits in China.
    So in spite of what the Chinese were saying, it’s bad and probably out of control.

    As the numbers roll in now from other countries, it shows that the Chinese were seriously misleading the world.
    And WHO have made asses of themselves for playing along with the Chinese game.
    The Black Swan is awakening.

    1. And let the clamour of “I told you so” and “This was totally expected” and the blame-laying, etc, etc, begin.
      An absolutely classic Black Swan event.

  6. Among its many Doug Ford is Hitler stories, the taxpayer funded Toronto Star asks why the environmental movement in Canada is so white. As the Star explains Africans who were brought to Canada in slavery have always been concerned about the environment because of their superior culture in Africa.

  7. Watched a Rebel Media bit on utube where people in Toronto were asked their opinion about the blockades. There were no answers but lots of scurrying away. No men or women left there?

    1. As Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie put it:

      “I hate the Skydome and the CN Tower too,
      I hate Nathan Phillips Square and the Ontario Zoo,
      The rent’s too high,
      The air’s unclean,
      The beaches are dirty and the people are mean
      And the women are big and the men are dumb
      And the children are loopy ’cause they live in a slum,
      The water is polluted and the mayor’s a dork;
      They dress real bad and they think they’re New York
      In Toronto,

      1. when then finished the toronto city hall some wag in what was then cbot tv put a toilet lid on the mid section between the two wings and the tv cartoon opened and closed to the sound of flushing water CBC toronto kept a copy of it in their video library. There was some good amusing clips kept there.

    2. Why should they criticize Prinz Dummkopf? He’s fighting those upstart rebels out west and teaching them a lesson they’re not going to forget, isn’t he?

      Prinz Dummkopf, you’re no Abe Lincoln.

    1. I’m sure the Lutherans aren’t far behind. I don’t know of a Canadian synod that hasn’t been contaminated by progressivism.

      1. What do you expect when Prinz Dummkopf flat-out told us, “Canadians, you don’t deserve your country”?

        However, I think that history books will portray him and his vile father as being liberators and saviours, much like Lenin, et. al., were in the Soviet Union.

      2. I have often said that when the final history of Canada is written, the Trudeau name will figure prominently, under cause of death.

  8. For movie fans out there, Turner Classic Movies is devoting its entire programming next Thursday to Kirk Douglas.

  9. A friend via email has indicated that the railway blockades have mostly come down. Is that true? Hard to tell from news reporting. Maybe Telford told them to stop reporting on the blockades. How would we know? Maybe now that it is the weekend, the Natives and other protestors have better things to do.

    1. Interesting. Cats are known to carry a corona virus but – so far – it has been feline-specific. There are quite a few scientific papers on this.

  10. Blacklock and Post Millennial report that the Senate’s main advocate for the fight against global warming, spent nearly 17 thousand dollars last year on flights.

    1. Here’s more, courtesy of Rebel News:


      “The world is on fire, which is why I’m living high on the hog at taxpayers’ expense.” Yes, madame, it’s a tough job, isn’t it, and you’re just the person to do it, aren’t you.

      Then again, what does one expect from a former university administrator?

    1. That’s been around for quite some time – since 2015.
      Blackie’s been poking something in BC for a while.
      He’s an adulterer and probably a sodomite like his weirdo-evil father. Frankly I wouldn’t care except that he hates the country outside of K-bec and if we all died of something like Kung Flu he could care less.

  11. 007  — Coming to a theatre near you in April 2020.
    This is Daniel Craig’s last portrayal as James Bond.
    James Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when Felix Leiter, an old friend from the CIA, turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

    Watch “NO TIME TO DIE Trailer” on YouTube

    “No Time to Die” is a song by American singer Billie Eilish. It is the theme song of the upcoming James Bond film of the same name, and was released through Darkroom and Interscope Records on February 13, 2020. The song was written by Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell.

    Song Preview:

    Billie Eilish “No Time To Die” theme song live from the Brit Awards — London.

  12. 007  — Coming to a theatre near you in April 2020.
    This is Daniel Craig’s last portrayal as James Bond.

    James Bond has left active service. His peace is short-lived when Felix Leiter, an old friend from the CIA, turns up asking for help, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.

    Watch “NO TIME TO DIE Trailer” on YouTube

    “No Time to Die” is a song by American singer Billie Eilish. It is the theme song of the upcoming James Bond film of the same name, and was released through Darkroom and Interscope Records on February 13, 2020. The song was written by Eilish and her brother Finneas O’Connell.

    Song Preview:

    1. It sounds like a rehash of Dalton’s last movie License to Kill, which I didn’t particularly like.

      1. Perhaps. I won’t go to the theatre for it but will wait for it to come on TV to view it. It does have Ralph Fiennes and Christoph Waltz, 2 fine actors, so it might have merit.

    2. There are 2 posts on the same topic because the first one went high and dry. It took a trip to outer space and stayed there before it appeared here after the 2nd one was posted. I need a scientist for an explanation! Took the last link off on post #1 as I thought it was the reason my first post didn’t appear. Funny that! Full moon isn’t until the 9th. Btw the second song on post # 1 is in fact worth listening to, it is the full song by Billie Eilish. Got that?

    3. Going back to my earlier comment about TCM’s Kirk Douglas tribute, one of the movies featured is Out of the Past, one of the best films noir ever made. It stars Robert Mitchum (playing a shady private detective), Jane Greer (portraying one of the nastiest femmes fatale ever), and Kirk Douglas (his role being an unsavoury gambler).

      It was re-made in 1984 as the dreadful Against All Odds, with Jeff Bridges, James Woods, and Rachel Ward, with Greer playing a minor role. (The only good thing about that movie is the theme song by Phil Collins, which was released as a single and got a lot of airplay that year.)

      I liked OOTP so much that I added it to my collection.

      1. I set reminders on TV for Thursday’s Kirk Douglas Day thanks to your earlier information. I will be recording the whole day.

        Can’t remember whether I saw “Out Of The Past” back in the day but will take it in this time. I had no idea “Against All Odds” was based on the former. I always liked how James Wood could get away with being a shady character. I don’t remember too much about that flick either though — I’m sure I saw it.

        My  PVR machine is new and empty since the big purge.
        Looking forward to seeing (me) some films noir!

        P.S. Kirk Douglas had a great life! Gone but not forgotten. He stayed in character when making a film sometimes to his wife’s chagrin.

  13. I read in the Financial Post where tens of thousands of mining executives, investors, and government officials from around the world are about to descend on Toronto on Sunday for the annual convention of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada — just as the coronavirus threatens to become a pandemic. Wouldn’t you think this would be a news item for CBC, CTV or Global?