13 Replies to “Calling Captain Dialogue”

  1. Vancouver has a population of 675,000 people. Give or take because of extensive sub divisions. And do keep in mind that there are a lot of green CBC types in that city. It reeks of leftists. Now take a look at that photo. How many people there who are actively involved in the protest?? I don’t see 100. Perhaps 50 at the most. Just who is it that Canada is afraid of??

    1. Just who is it that Canada is afraid of??

      I can answer that.
      Leftist propaganda has cowed most people into being deathly afraid of ever being perceived as anything but politically correct. THAT is what they’re afraid of.

  2. Faster Harder.
    Why has Victoria escaped their attention?
    Exlax dosed doughnuts would be a real fine gift.
    Hopefully they threw away the keys.
    They could imagine they are protesting in San Fran..
    Any and all demonstration lines should be encouraged in Liberal enclaves and ruthlessly arrested in Alberta,Northern BC and Saskatchewan.
    Let the fools and bandits enjoy what they voted for.

  3. Nothing will happen to Gerald Butts Tides Actors its all theatre for the benefit of the average Canadian to make Justin Black Beard some kinda weird eco/native hero.

    What JT is too stupid to realize is that he’s the punch line being setup by George Soros.

  4. The dialogue will be about reconciliation, respect and, mostly, more dialogue.

    You can get a thousand a day easy for being a good dialoguer.

    Here’s what you do. Show up some place where there’s trouble, engage in a meaningless conversation about concepts that only work in some tortured academic imagination, then go home and forget about it. Bill the government and the money arrives later.

    No other changes to the fabric of the universe are observed. You won the dialogue game. Now go do it again and impress your fellow civil servants and lawyers.

  5. See how cops avert their eyes before someone who just committed an aggravated offense? Look at the cops’ happy faces! They are standing around doing nothing, collecting pay. What could be finer for cops? This country is being sabotaged. Wake up, people!!!!!