Make Haste, Lay Waste.

Thread. You’re going to see mass panic all through the next couple of days.

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7 Replies to “Make Haste, Lay Waste.”

  1. We keep hearing and reading about the coming dispensing of justice for those involved in the fraudulent coup attempt, well, don’t hold your breath because no one involved in the democrat scheme is going to ever be charged with anything.

  2. One might suspect otherwise @oldwhiteguy
    The Demos have had free rein for the past 4 years to put the Trump administration on the defensive. The GOP has had the same amount of time to form a counter attack leading to November. I highly doubt Trump does not have a plan. He is not another Mitt Romney.

    What will the Demos do? I would expect they take a run at Trump’s strength, the economy. If the Demos can orchestrate a market pullback by summer it will undermine Trump. Especially true if they nominate a more centrist nominee, if there is one. Can the Demos pull off such a market pullback? IMHO they most assuredly can. There are many vested global players who have the financial ability to short the market and cause a run on markets. Soros is a example. Many countries would help as Trump’s MAGA movement is hurting their economies. Add also that part of the market that profits from volatility.

    Trump faces a big challenge but I am confident he is aware and ready.

      1. old stupid guy….you are the one who claimed religion is NOT an emotion, after fMRI studies show they are. Now is the time to STFU, you are completely out of your depth here.CT has presented a good and reasonable scenario, and you are babbling like an idiot!
        Taking Trump down, or reducing his re-election chances would force Trump’s focus elsewhere, and help derail his house cleaning plan.

        1. oh look 666 has raised his ugly head. Sorry sport but you have proven, many times, to lack critical analysis skills. You really don’t seem to pay attention to what is really happening, or, not happening as the case may be.

    1. A centrist nominee?
      Let’s count
      Biden? The guy in that video raving about how successful he was in pressuring the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor looking into corruption of a company that hired his son as a way to get favours from the Obama administration?
      Bloomberg? The guy that got evicerated by other democrats that is trying to buy the nomination like She did?
      Centrist is not something that exists within the DNC anymore. They have been co-opted by those they have been using to do their dirty work for decades. It’s karma

  3. That is why all the DNC bagmen are throwing their lot in with Mike Stop-n-Frisk Bloomberg.

    They don’t give a tinker’s damn about human rights or the rule of law (quite the opposite as a matter of fact). If Trump is re-elected in 2020, they will ALL go to prison for a VERY long time—and many will die there.

    Exile? The “Jews” will be arrested and handed back to the Americans the minute they arrive in Ben Gurion airport begging Mama Israel for asylum. The Israelis hate their guts. Unless they’re as rich as Mike, the Gentiles have nowhere to go.

    Panic? Can you blame them?