37 Replies to “This Is Not Your Grandma’s Humane Society”

  1. Good Morning Kate – Robert et all..!

    Leftism along with all the other “isms” continues to showcase thmselves as the root Cause of Mental Illness.

    1. I disagree with you on that, steakman. I think leftist thoughts and belief are eventual symptoms of all forms of mental illness.

    1. along that line….

      Would calling them companions…make them prostitutes? ..I mean you do have to buy/pay for them

  2. If this animal rights zealot was to argue that calling my pet rock a pet was insulting to an inanimate object. Then she’d have an argument, though an invalid one.

    Because, my pet rock, Mr. Granite and the other pet rocks that make up my castle wall, find meaning in the role of keeping mobs of animal rights zealots off my lawn !

  3. The very word “Say” is offensive to goldfish, et al, because they are restricted from “Saying” anything.

  4. There seems to be a continual fight against people trying to normalize the perverse or abnormal. Why do people accept this garbage? Why does the media love reporting it?

    1. That’s exactly right. Until and unless the media stops giving these idiots a platform, there will always be some fool trying to impose their views on the rest of us.

      Deny them a platform and much of it will simply fade away.

      1. like lawyers too many journalists graduate from colleges. they have to make a living to pay for their loans. more apprentices taught by skilled employed workers are a much better plan.

  5. Civilisation will have to fall for this stupidity to stop. Too many who claim they are not PeTa have the same mindset. A “male” coworker went ballistic when I mentioned taking an old horse to the rendering plant.

  6. > “[Pet] is not offensive, we’re not telling anyone it’s offensive. Animals aren’t offended by it, we’re not offended by it.”

    So shut your gobs, you pack of narcissistic attention-whores.

  7. PETA?
    So which animal is the most tasty?
    They must know,for why else would they be known internationally as People Eating Tasty Animals?
    It strike me we could drive them even more insane by relentlessly pursuing this line of questioning?

  8. Do not give them any publicity as it is all about staying in the spotlight and on the headlines.
    This is why liberals never stop spouting their used, tired, and nonsensical mantras: guns are evil, capitalism is cruel, etc.
    All that these types want is to be heard, so deny them that.

  9. Decimal numbers are also offensive. 🙂

    Peta should speak in binary. Other wise they can 0100011001110101011000110110101100100000011011110110011001100110.

  10. ?
    sooooooo peta, when I pet my companion, ie ‘pet’ VERB, to stroke his and her head in the manner common for oh, about 50,000 YEARS, to garner attention BOTH DIRECTIONS, do tell,
    what, what, what (repeat that REAL fast) is the acceptable term?
    did you clear it with my companion?


  11. Why are they always young people? Be it this malarkey or the “Shut Canada Down” protesters.

    I am beginning to think that all young people should be placed into an induced coma when they are 18. Revive them when they are 40!

    1. Robert Heinlein once referred to the bunghole theory of raising children. Pop them into a barrel when they’re little and feed them trough the bunghole. When they turn 18, drive in the bung!

  12. Sorry, PETA. By law, my pure bred CKC Registered pet dog is MY property, subject to a few sensible laws on duty of care. I bought her after years of research on the breed, trained her, love, exercise, play, feed and house her, and maintain her health by check-ups, dental care and vaccinations. Go flick yourselves! I do not refer to her as my pet, anyway; she is referred to directly in more loving terms, as the family member that she is, such as “best dog ever”, baby, sweetie, “ my cute little brown dog”, etc.

    I feel sorry for these pathetic people, who perhaps have never have enjoyed a loving pet relationship, and the responsibility, of dog ownership. It is a rewarding lifetime commitment.

    1. bingo.
      passed a service dog in public an hour ago, got a complement when I said “I got 3 of you people at my place”.
      ’twas a metaphor folks, Im NOT a deluded cat lady. but it DOES very accurately describe my attitude to doggies.

      today’s cute story:
      couple weeks ago a female tenant had a visitor.
      Mr Truman the part mastiff raised ned, snarling and barking.
      I apologized but after the ginger left I told the tenant he was not to come back.
      3 days later she tells me she found out the ginger was arranging to have her BEAT UP.
      Mr Truman sensed trouble *3 days before*.
      and THAT is why *any time* he reacts to someone in this manner, they are told to stay away.
      and the big bonus is, ALL vet expenses etc are a TAX DEDUCTION applied against rental I/C.
      he pays for his own keep.
      beat that.
      and the golden retriever I inhereted from another tenant who moved for work and couldnt take her?
      she got the nickname ‘hospitalizer’ when the tenant told me the time she put the boyfriend of his daughter
      in the hospital when he started to beat up the woman.
      the hospitalizer.
      so, SHE is gurateed a home for as long as I’m around.

  13. The dachshunds my parents had were never pets. They were family and were treated accordingly.

    But don’t forget, this is the same organization that thinks fish are felines by calling them sea kittens. (I guess that would mean that some of Christ’s disciples hated aquatic cats. Or how about what Christ said that they would do, namely that they would be fishers of men?)

    Normal rules of reason and logic don’t apply here, folks.

  14. Animals, having nothing resembling vanity to be injured, are impossible to offend.

    They are capable of anger, but that’s very different. Anger is a natural animal response to another animal causing it pain or threatening its young or its pack. But animals only respond to real threats, not imaginary ones.

  15. Maxine Waters wants her Sex Toy (Pet) knowns as Walter….The term Pet is demeaning to a faithful humping animal…


  16. “How we say things governs how we think about them,…”

    Chomsky must be so proud…
    Tha’sa goood girl!

    PETA euthanizes over 80% of the animals they “save”. They are, untenable. Responsible for the death of millions, they claim ethics. Clearly they should get around to euthanizing themselves. By doing so I think they’ll discover that mind governs action

  17. RT >> Animals, having nothing resembling vanity to be injured, are impossible to offend.

    Perhaps offense in human terms, but I believe domesticated dogs (and cats) can exhibit a form of cold shoulder “ignore your ass” offense toward humans. I’ve owned dogs and cats that did NOT like being laughed at if they accidentally missed a jump, fell off something or made the animal equivalent of what would be considered a human “doh!” maneuver. Maybe not true offense, but most certainly an attitude of displeasure.

    1. precisely texan.
      Im more convinced all the time I OWN pets they have an equivalent emotion.
      not exactly identical, but one akin to the fact they are mammals fully capable of a wide spectrum of emotion
      SAME AS HUMAHNS but without the backstabbing, scheming, lying and lying and lying etc.

      furthermore, my brother’s sheep dog was capable and did exhibit a ‘doh’ reaction when he screwed up.
      Tom did NOT take offense but in fact attributed it to the critter’s especially above avg knack for understanding events.

  18. Dose that mean we can stop taking PETA seriously? PETA has always been a bunch of total idiots who get a bunch of Hollywood Nit-Wits like Alec Baldwin,Pamela Anderson to do ads for them or appear in silly money making ideas PETA is for idiots