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    1. Christie Blatchford’s take on issues in the news was always worth the read. No shrinking violet, she. I was surprised and saddened to hear that she had died. RIP, Christie.

      1. Yes she was quite the comedian!
        I laughed my heart when I read what she said about Marc’s writing and about the many other zany things she did! She was one of a kind, for sure!

        Dear readers — read Marc’s piece! Ha!

  1. Q: The Silent War Continues
    By Deborah Franklin

    We’re living in dramatic times that are difficult to understand. One way to try to interpret them is through the cryptic clues provided by Q, which appear on an anonymous online forum and imply top-secret knowledge of upcoming events.

    As I wrote in my article “An Introduction to Q,” “Q’s followers believe that Q is a military intelligence operation, the first of its kind, whose goal is to provide the public with secret information… Q is a new weapon in the game of information warfare, bypassing a hostile media and corrupt government to communicate directly with the public.” It’s interesting to note that shortly after my article was published here, American Thinker suffered a series of unprecedented hacking attempts. Also noteworthy is that Twitter permanently shut down the account of Zero Hedge, a popular finance blog, two weeks after it posted my article.

    President Trump continues to bring attention to Q, repeatedly retweeting Q followers, featuring Q fans in his ad campaign, and making a public display of a “Q baby” at a rally. Yet the media never asks Trump the obvious question: What do you think about Q?


    1. ‘CoupGate’ – A Localized Civil War Is Now Underway In The DoJ

      Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

      At Stake
      A miasma of consternation lay heavy across the Potomac swamp late last week when former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe was let off the hook for lying to his own bureau while, elsewhere across DC, the distinguished Lt. General Flynn was still fighting for his life against exactly the same charge after three years of dilatory maneuvers by the DOJ to conceal their prosecutorial malfeasance in the case… and then the sketchy Roger Stone matter entered a twilight zone of jiggery-pokery that appeared to climax in a staged ruse by his four prosecutors to lure the Attorney General, Mr. Barr, into a trap.


        1. “My Theme: It’s Going to be a Hot Summer”

          – Hottest Summer EVAR! Just ask Greta – or Lyin’ Al – or Dr. Fruit Fly.

  2. As Post-Nationalism Reigns, Canada Is Left Without Unity Or Strength
    Commentary- Spencer Fernando February 17, 2020
    L- The Canadians for whom the phrase “true patriot love” has a deep, personal significance. Their frustration with Trudeau treachery is wavering between despair and nearing the ignition point.

    1. That’s not a problem, that’s a solution. Its merely the dinner bell in China. Bit of soy sauce and you’ve got lunch.

  3. The Liberal Party’s CBC reminded us last night that NAZIS ARE RUNNING RAMPANT IN THE CANADIAN ARMED FORCES!! If that’s the case maybe they should handle the useless Indians manning the blockades. And the Boy Scouts of America have filed for bankruptcy. Nothing to do with homosexual predators infesting organizations, churches, or schools. That kind of talk would be homophobic, and certainly not allowed in Sunny Ways Canada, where gay sex is a national religion.

    1. Re: “Nazis running rampant…” I always remember this one: “We’re here to defend democracy and we aren’t gonna be democratic about it!” An RSM I once had the pleasure to meet. Back when we used to call them RSM.

  4. Oh my! Justin fan boy John Ivison at the National Post trashes the eco activists supporting the hereditary dictators in B.C.

  5. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/there-have-to-be-limits-legault-takes-stern-approach-to-mohawk-blockades/ar-BB105SXs?ocid=spartandhp

    “This railroad here, it’s not something we asked for; these bridges, we didn’t ask for them, they just ram it down our throats, on our land,” said Tekaronta, an elder who was on the front lines during the 1990 Oka Crisis.

    You don’t argue, debate or even discuss with people like that. If the hypocritical fucker actually lived like a pre-colonial Indian then I might have some respect.

    1. Bingo..Buddy.

      That’s the crux of all the Bullshit we’ve had to deal with these extortionists. They want the planet (UN), to think they live in some fantasy land where ALL hunt and fish off the land, sleep in teepee’s and wash up in sweatlodges, when the reality is EACH one desires a 2020 Yukon 4X, a lifetime gas card, A BN Home every 5 yrs + 120k Annually just ’cause, well you know, “i’m indigenous and you damned well owe me”….along with your HOME/Property.

      Fk the lot of them. Time to RIP up the Indian ACT & Annihilate the Ottawa based Indian INDUSTRY.

      Ya get no MORE cash. You do get the land you reside on, a Passport & ALL the Rights & obligations of Being a Cdn citizen. Don’t like it.?? Then Piss off to Iran – Venezuela or some other lovely shithole.

      I and everyone of my generation don’t owe you JACK.

      Better yet – WEXIT

  6. The Liberal Party’s Globe and Mail explains how Liberal MPs, staffers, and even volunteers provide candidates for the appointment of new judges. But don’t worry, the Globe still has new Ford and Kenney are Hitler stories.

  7. Post Millennial reports that the Transport Minister has confirmed that Indians are tampering with safety equipment at railway crossings, like warning lights. Funny how the bought and paid for media is ignoring this. I guess the websites set up to show Indians how to damage railway lines are working.

  8. OJ, Canada is officially a world wide joke. I guess when the Chinese are finally in power here they will make sure the Indians stay where they are told to stay.

      1. Far too many of us do need to be re-educated. We need to return to an understanding of morality and the work ethic. We need to be reminded that everyone cannot have everything. We also need to be reminded that government is supposed to work for us and that when it does not it has to be removed.

        1. Wow, just four sentences that state truth and no one gives a damn. Now you know why I say Canadians are stupid. Oh well.

  9. BREAKING NEWS!! Heather Hiscox on CBC Morning News has just reported that the Canadian Screen Awards nominations are to be made at 8:30 am Eastern today! Ms. Hiscox says that Schitt’s Creek, from her own CBC, will be very well represented.

  10. The CBC is up Schitt’s Creek. Meanwhile Blackie’s CBC is excited that the Grand Poobah or Grand Wizard or whatever he calls himself, leader of the Assembly Of First Nations will be speaking this morning. Expect lots of talk from him on how Indians need more money, free stuff, respect for hereditary dictators, and Canadians are racist bastards.

  11. The Liberal Party’s iPolitic’s website is excited about teachers bringing school children to parliament hill today, to protest the Teck mine in Alberta. I hope this doesn’t interfere with the teacher strikes.

    1. Teach ’em this: https://www.capp.ca/economy/industry-across-canada/
      How did they get to Ottawa, walk, school bus? The buses run on…..? Nat gas, from where? Diesel….from where? They run the buses while out on the tour? Wasting fuel. They wear what…..nylon, rayon, dacron, polyester fleece, any rubber like, I dunno….shoes? Any plastic? Eyeglass frames. Friggin’ retards the lot of them. Retards R Us. Where did they eat or are they packin’? I could go on endlessly. You get the picture. Cut ’em off Kenny. https://www.nationalobserver.com/2018/11/13/news/guess-where-quebec-gets-its-oil or try this: https://www.canadianfuels.ca/Blog/2015/October-2015/From-the-oil-field-to-the-pump-how-fuels-get-to-yo/

    1. The Boy Scouts have a big problem other than kiddy diddling. Their membership and cash have dried up since they became the Gay Scouts of America.

      1. That was probably in the plan. A wholesome organization like the scouts could not be allowed to survive in the Satanists world.

      2. Justin Trudeau gave a soft weaselly speech at the HoC nust now, practicslly endorsing the radical Mohawks and eco-freaks holding the country hostage. Surprisingly Andrew Scheer just gave a strong speech. I say this as someone who will vote PPC next time, and who will contribute money to the federal Wexit party.

          1. So David, if you are supporting Wexit and staying in Fredericton, will you be supporting New Brunswick joining Maine? Quebec?
            Maritime Union?
            Going it alone?

            All bad options, in my opinion.
            Of course, you being a professor, I blame you and your fellow educators for spawning the Communist Generation:)

          2. Justin, no, I support Wexit in that the West is being screwed by the Laurentian elites. I like New Brunswick the way it is, and there is no separatist movement here. You are free to support the exploitation of Western Canada. I disagree with you, respectfully, but I stand my posts.

        1. And the Bloc head leader from Quebec ranted that construction of the gas pipeline in B.C. should be stopped. The NDP leader ranted that Canada should be turned over to the Indians and the government should follow UN orders. Blackie The Transgender Pirate just ranted about talking forever. In other words, CANADA IS SCREWED!

        2. I actually think Atlantic Canada would be a lot better off if they got pried from the national tit. Free money leads to dependence and the spuds, herring chokers, bluenosers, and Newfies have it bad. They have a major geographical advantage but have become a backwater strangled by national policy designed to enrich Ontario and Quebec.

  12. Probably nothing of course…the communists have resorted to going door-to-door and arresting comrades in Wuhan suspected of not reporting symptoms.

    It’s a fair bet that those picked up will be shot and their corpses burnt that day. Not one will show up in the official patient or fatality total and make the red emperor lose face.

    In other words, in the new world order, your betters will not be above culling you like cattle.

    Rest assured Mike Bloomberg is taking notes. There’s a reason he wants to disarm Americans, and it’s not to keep the streets safe.

    He bought a spot on the debate tomorrow night. Perhaps he might be asked about that.

  13. The federal Liberal government solicited Liberal party advice with its many judicial appointments, according to this compelling story in the Globe and Mail:

    This is a big deal, and worth a read. The problem is that the paid-and-bought-for corporate media might ignore this story, especially since there are two super-stories afoot, which the pro-Liberal media cartel could use as an excuse to suppress this story.

    Btw, Daniel Leblanc, the author of this story, wrote a long series of articles during the AdScam affair unearthing a lot of the sleaze way back them. He is no flunky reporter.

    1. I think judicial appointments should be politically motivated. The only problem is the retard, Harper, selected judges that overturned almost all his legislation. If he wanted redneck judges he could have asked me. I know lawyers that absolutely hate “make it up as you go” judges. They would make fine judges.

    1. The Globalist who took manufacturing away will now reap their rewards for the corona virus will cut their Globalist dreams away

  14. The Mohawk Grand Wizard of The Sacred Tree Frog stated at the whiny Indian press conference this morning, that he has been locked out of his band office because he wants the blockade to end. I guess Mohawks don’t believe in elected leaders either.

    1. He’s not alone…

      No one Builds and has at the ready, giant 5 Ton Trucks with what almost looks like a section of Rocket Booster on it to spray disinfectant… No one.
      Only in Wuhan which has China’s only level 4 Bio Containment Lab

      Hey Winnipeger’s….anyone of you SEEN one of these units nearby your Level 4 containment Lab..?? Hmm.? Same lab where it was reported a cpl of ChiCom Nationals were given the boot for some “unauthorized” actions.

      TOTAL coincidence of course…right.? Nothing to see there.
      That Trudeau has a genetic LOVE of Communism (and has stated he admires Chninese basic dictatorship), while taking Chinese Backsheesh by the millions has ZERO to do with any of this eh.?

      1. I’m fascinated with the placebo gun kubuki. The bigger the better.

        I bet there are sirens and the fog smells like bleach.

        (Dark Alec wonders if they could spread the virus that way).

    2. “Bill” should probably read the story I posted below from 2018.

      In fact I think that that story should go viral, if you will excuse the expression.

  15. Check out this story from 2018 in Cosmos:

    Researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China examined 30 bats from a number of genera, and found that in all of them an antiviral immune pathway called the STING-interferon pathway is dampened. The results are published in the journal Cell Host & Microbe.

    “We believe there is a balance between bats and the pathogens they carry,” says senior author Peng Zhou.

    “This work demonstrated that in order to maintain a balance with viruses, bats may have evolved to dampen certain pathways.” The research compared the STING – a portmanteau of “STimulator of INterferon Genes” – of the 30 bats with that of 10 other mammal species, including humans, dogs and cats.


    1. If we suffered every recession that Zerohedge has predicted, I would be selling pencils on main street right now, probably.

    1. It’s a moment that re-inforces our collective understanding of what Twinkletoes is made up of, and what we have been warning Canada about since 2014.

      Here’s the PM of this country, saying out loud to all,” Somebody needs to fix this!” Is Morontariowe and Queerbec paying attention to this moron?

      Looks like the lunatics found Horgaan’s home this morning and blocked it, a heavy police presence has temporarily resolved it. How long until the idiots block Groper’s home too, soon I hope!

      He’s the PM, but like the police in this country, they want all of the fancy perks of the job, and NONE of the responsibility!

      He’s as useful as a horse with a broken leg.

  16. Good news for Quebec. Blackie the Gay Pirate has ordered Via Rail to start running trains from Ottawa to Montreal and Quebec City. Because nothing is more important than keeping Quebec happy.

  17. Blazing Cat Fur has the story that Brian Lilley has tweeted that when Blackie called a meeting with the opposition regarding the blockades, he invited the leaders of the NDP, Bloc, and Greens, but not the leader of the Conservatives.

    1. Hes not looking for a unified solution.
      Trudeau is shoring up support ensuring he remains in power. Dont expect a vote of non-confidence from the lefty clowns.
      Scuttling Teck mine is their reward that Blackie must sacrifice to appease the mob.

    2. John, what Mr. Lilley tweeted is now being reported being reported by CBC News. This is terrible news, since it may mean that Trudeau’s Liberals may postpone or cancel the Kitimat pipeline. It is possible he may go this far. The Greens and the Bloc are against it, and they were invited to the meeting.

      It’s bad for my family, since my step-son is a section head of a company who schedules temporary housing for workers at Kitimat. He says they’re very busy right now.

  18. Crazy Cat Lady Elizabeth May states that Scheer was not invited with the other opposition leaders to meet Justin and discuss the blockades, because of his comments to Great Leader’s speech in parliament this morning.

    1. Well if the CPC, Scheer and conservatives who support them had done more to stand up for Micheal Cooper Free Speech then you would have a leg to stand on but since both the CPC and Liberals are equally supporting on 99.0 % of the Globalist UN Agenda in Canada.

      Who fucking cares, all of the parties currently in our House of Commons are traitors.

      You have no one else to blame if you voted LibCons, NDP, Green or Block

    2. Actually, that’s appalling. If Trudeau is serious about dealing with the issue, he needs to dialogue with all leaders. If the other leaders had any integrity, they would refuse to meet Trudeau. Trudeau does not like being held accountable. The Conservatives are the only ones representing Western views. There is no justification for Trudeau refusing to acknowledge their views.

      1. Well that’s the problem, he’s never been serious about anything.
        This latest effort to avoid responsibility over a problem he created is his way of addressing it. Everybody knows that at some point the law must be enforced or these blockades with keep popping up every time. This his way of absolving his culpability by deflecting blame just as he did when he got caught interfering with a judicial proceeding. He implicated everyone else for this crisis when he implores everyone else to come together to find a solution.
        A solution is having the protesters removed and allowing the pipeline to go through as was agreed and approved.
        Said it before and say it again, he feels entitled to the perks of office but feels the obligations the job entails are not his responsibility.
        He is a totem of pretentiousness.

        1. The Black-faced, half-witted, lisping gearbox says everybody is “upset and frustrated, I get it”.
          No he doesn’t. What he needs to do is get lost, to put it extremely nicely.
          Calling him a leader is comparable to saying Hitler was just misunderstood.
          He’s an appalling yet faithful representation of the steep decline of western civilization.

  19. Just listened to this update from Stefan, for anyone interested in his review of recent news out of China.

    Don’t discount the bats being from the labs….it’s confusing I know but we don’t live in a country of weirdos that consider bats a delicacy. Nor would we consider that just possibly a lab worker would give them to an outdoor market to satisfy the public demand.

  20. True North reports that an American web site designer company is behind the website that is supposed to represent the hereditary dictators in B.C. The designer company does work for far left organizations in California. And in Question Period Blackie blamed Harper for the blockade situation.

    1. Harry Truman was famous for the plaque he had on his desk, which read: “The buck stops here.”

      Prinz Dummkopf never understood that concept, nor does he understand it now. I doubt that he is capable of comprehending that with power comes responsibility, something even the Romans knew about.

      Instead, HRH would see the buck that’s passed to him as a reward for a job he thinks he did well and would pocket the money.

  21. CONs up to their old tricks agin ma !!!!
    from the link:
    ” the same colours used on the PC budget cover and press conference backdrop.”

    old trick?

    yep. reminds me of some BIG GUBBAMINT handout under bill davis, went by the name, get this: BILD.
    as in BIL D.
    as in Bill D.
    as in Bill Davis.
    get it?

    and the hard right wing byatches when LIEberals do it? hmmm ????

  22. another ‘cherished’ institution slams into the wall:
    I left ‘scouts’ because of the time I was at a weekend camp (whoopdidoooo) and one of my ‘fellow campers’ threatened to push me off a small bridge on the way to the outdoor pool.
    some sort of ‘masculinah manhood’ contest of yor.

    they told the parents ‘oh the kiddies dont need any money, its all paid for’.
    then on the last day, theres a WHOLE BUNCH of foodstuffs for SALE, but I go hungry because . . . . . . .
    youuuuu betcha ‘scouts’. gawd sayyyyyvvv the quayn hip hip hip.
    the ONE time we had a hockey game *I* sat on the bench for all but 2 or 3 minutes. (whoopdidoooo)


  23. And now the Liberal Party’s Toronto Star website. Main story is that Scheer and the Conservatives are racist bastards. Oh, and new Doug Ford is Hitler stories.