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  1. As per Rays post from yesterday morning

    February 14, 2020 at 7:58 am

    Problem with Kenney is that him & other “conservatives” ( in name only) are all globalist # LibCons who duped well intentioned Cdns for too long.

    Currently two options;

    1. Vote # PPC

    2. #WEXIT

    What a ray of sunshine thinking you sure are Ray

    I want to thank you so much, here’s a gift for you Ray all in three songs

    It’s time to soak up some (Rays of) sun


    Now the dark days are done and the bright (Ray) days are here


    God’s recreation of the new Day (Ray)


    Thanks again Ray for being a ray of light and hope

    1. Alberta has passed legislation allowing 12 story wood structures. I thought 6 stories was stupid. Every year one of these 6 stories seems to burn during construction. When it gets a good start there is no stopping it. I say limit wood to a basement plus two stories.

      1. I say let people build what they want and let them hash it out with the insurance companies and anyone who could be hazarded.

      2. @10:51 am, Scar, I agree.
        @11:52 am, Insurance companies just pass on higher rates to the consumer. That is why there are building codes. One can’t build just what they want.

      3. As a former commercial designer, I always advise people to NEVER purchase a wood frame condominium. They are just a
        “big pile of firewood” waiting for a match or an idiot.

    2. Good article. I recall that every real estate transaction in the ’80s had to include an addendum certifying that the structure did not contain U.F.F.I. If it did, one had to provide proof that it had been removed from said structure. While U.F.F.I. was previously approved by the Canadian Government the Canadian Government later discontinued it’s use because of allergic reactions that people began to develop if they were living in a home that had been reinsulated with this spray foam insulation. Of course taxpayers, at great expense, picked up the tab to get the stuff removed from said structures. Now it’s seemingly everywhere again, albeit in smaller quantities, apparently.  

      It ‘s a nice idea to build with “more” wood but it’s this stuff that bothers me. It’s apparently in the glue or polymer that binds wood particles. I prefer steel and concrete structures as I do real wood items. Unfortunately these are cost prohibitive today.
      See more info here:

      From the link: “Approximately 20 million metric tons of urea-formaldehyde are produced annually. Over 70% of this production is then put into use by the forest products industry for bonding particleboard, medium density fiberboard, hardwood plywood, and laminating adhesive.”


    1. BA, that is correct if the government will not act in the best interest of the country and the people then the people will have to.

    2. That was a very stupid argument from Trudeau. Irrelevant in the context of a looming national crisis. I am beginning to believe the rumour that Trudeau is a victim of mind control. Seriously. He is so far out of it it is almost unbelievable. Please. Canada needs a real Prime Minister.

      1. I am beginning to believe the rumour that Trudeau is a victim of mind control.

        You’re assuming he has a mind to control.

        As I mentioned earlier, he’s emotionally immature. He never grew up and learned to behave like an adult because he likely was never expected to be accountable for his actions. He was a child of privilege who could do whatever he liked and didn’t have to face any consequences.

        His “resignation” from that school might have been the first time he was ever held responsible for his actions, if the rumours about the matter are indeed true.

  2. That’s one hell of an impressive piece of driving!

    I used to practice driving my Triumph TR3 up and down a twisty, turny piece of back road and learned the fine art of sliding around corners on a GRAVEL road.
    When I got to uni, my buddy and i entered campus auto rallys.
    In the first one we finished 3rd from last in a field of about 60 cars.
    In the last one we entered we finished 3rd from the top and I still have my little 3rd place DRIVER trophy for it.
    I loved cars, any cars. My son and I still have a 1951 Ford F1, 2 1951 Mercury M1s, with a 351 Cleveland to go into the M1 with body work done. Also 2 1955 nailhead Buick Century 4dr hts and others in my yard.
    Gee I wonder if anybody knows a good auto body painter? heh

    1. Nancy you get married on Valentines day and it didn’t last? I noticed you using a new name and now back to Ross…or are you just protecting the innocent??? ha

      I like your choice of Louisiana 1927. Wasn’t aware of that one. I sent it on to a good friend in LA.

          1. B A you’re right.
            Carly’s song is about Warren Beatty in one part of the song for sure, refer to part of the song: …”Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the moon” — Warren Beatty’s mother was from N.S.

            Carly later said in other parts of the song she thought of James Taylor, her first husband, Kris Kristofferson as well, and, as you say, Cat Stevens too. See article below:

  3. Wat watching the CBC and CTV news networks, and lo and behold during the last two days the broadcast duopoly-cartel are starting to run stories of the Canadian economy starting to suffer. This is particularly true for CTV news, with CBC news rigidly toeing the Justin Trudeau line. The Libreal-party-loving Globe and Mail is beginning to run stories about our economy being hurt. The “comments section” of the G&M is steaming mad against the leftist blockades, with maybe 95% of the comments angry with the Liberals.

    I suspect that all blockades will be down by next Monday. But voter support for Trudeau is turning south. Btw, propane shipments to Quebec are currently stopped. There is no way Trudeau would allow Quebeckers to freeze.

    1. The four talking heads on CBC at 6pm yesterday shat all over Scheer (A Scheer Shat) for using the word privilege. The Indian from Manitoba who hogged all the time with long-winded diatribes said that whitey law was illegally applied to Indians and the blockades were legal. You don’t reason with people like that.
      May PM Barbados squirm on the edge he created by enabling mental defectives with false hope.

  4. And now what everybody is waiting for, the Liberal Party’s Saturday Toronto Star. Because nothing is more important than the views of Unifor journalists in downtown Toronto. Editorial that men in the Canadian Armed Forces are raping women all over Canada. The Star complains that the new Defence Dept.’s renaming medals “bling” instead of medals, and shorter skirts are not enough to attract female recruits. Story that Jason Kenney is now a climate activist. Story that Doug Ford is Hitler for his Nazi comments in Washington, especially his support of Trump. More Ford is Hitler stories. Story that people who complain about whiny Indians on social media are fascists. Lots of stories on how wonderful Justin is handling the blockades. Scheer is Hitler for wanting the police to remove the blockades. Trump is Hitler stories. The Liberal Party is wonderful, Justin is wonderful, Islam is wonderful, Canadians are racist bastards.

  5. Jeff Tiedrich
    yes tell me again how Andrew McCabe and a bunch of lifelong Republicans in the FBI colluded with Ukraine and Hillary to frame Russia while losing her own election so that Trump would win so that then the deep state could take him down because fuck yes that all makes perfect sense

    1. God you’re a moron. The Republican Party was no great fan of Trump. The working class people were and are.

  6. Anne Kingston journalist at MacLeans passed away on Feb.12. I liked Kingston and followed her career. She was prominent at the National Post before moving on to MacLeans. Capable of long form journalism you could count on her to tell the truth.

    What irony, both Kingston and Blatchford take their exit on the same day. Neither were on kate telford’s speed dial.

    1. Not being too bright us not stopped our boy Trudeau. When the electorate itself is not too bright, this is what you get. Welcome to Canada.

    2. This problem is Trudeau’s making. Justin is hoping that provincial premiers step in and get the bad publicity.

      If I was a premier, why would I play Justin’s game?

      Trudeauites are digging a hole. They can get out of it.

      1. Premiers need to put out a United call for Trudeau yo do something. They should also express anger if he dares to go to Barbados in the midst of a national crisis. What leader does thst?

    3. Via Rail is a Federal Railway Company operating under the regulations of Transport Canada. The reason the OPP isn’t doing much on this issue is because it is out of their jurisdiction. Paging the Prime Minister…

  7. Michael Bloomberg has spent billions since leaving the NYC mayor’s office in 2013 essentially buying the Democratic Party and its front organizations.

    He has acknowledged many times that the ghetto and barrio dwellers who thrust Democrats into office at the federal level are scum. He doesn’t care. Now he owns the race wranglers, they don’t care.

    He is easily as disgusting a rich pig as Harvey Weinstein. (Mike, another hideous self-hating Jew from Boston, quickly found that being rich made it easier to get blondes to screw him.) The #MeToo crowd don’t care. He owns them too.

    The only left-wing pet cause Mike is serious about is disarming white Americans. He owns the gun-grabbing business too.

    What is not yet clear is why the Grey Lady has a problem with this. Probably because Bloomberg LP is thriving and the NY Times isn’t.


  8. The Federal Indigenous Services minister Marc Miller had some interesting words to describe his meeting today with the blockaders.


    Specifically …

    “There are people who have been standing out there for days”. Queue the sad face …

    “They [at times have] felt like allies and they’ve been betrayed”. Lying on his back and wagging his tail …

    I feel another $10 million settlement.

      1. It was built 116 years ago, probably– sad to think that there were a lot of antiques that were lost there.