I Want A New Country

Post Millenial;

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has held discussions with the Senegalese President Macky Sall over a partnership that could offer “attractive growth potential” in the oil and gas sector for the West African country.
Justin Trudeau has been on a world tour in an attempt to garner support for a seat at the United Nation’s security council. Trudeau was in Africa last week, where he granted a $10 million package to empower African women.
Trudeau’s willingness to engage in foreign oil and gas projects may come as a surprise to Canadians who have seen the prime minister fail to intervene in illegal blockades over the building of a pipeline in Northern British Columbia.

Speaking of illegal blockades, Saskatchewan’s own man of inaction has popped his head out from under the desk to send a strongly worded tweet.

“We need action now”.

We’re just fucking doomed.

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  1. I think the ultimate solution to this lunacy is for Alberta and Saskatchewan to shut off all oil and gas to Eastern Canada (including any gas that originates in B.C. and crosses Alberta and Saskatchewan. Let’s be clear……a blockade is typically considered to be an act of war….and war it is. It is the morons in the GTA that voted in der Schwarzen Prinz whose office is staffed with ecofascists like the ones “protesting” and it is the morons there that need to feel the pain. Full on pain. If we’re going to shut Canada down then let’s REALLY shut it down. It won’t take long for the Parliament buildings to start burning when the imbeciles in Ontario realize what they have wrought.

    1. Jokey, so those NDPee imbiciles that used to RULE Newfberta and saskabush, are ontarioites??????

      and which province spawned tommy the christian commy douglass eugenics????

      just stuff it liddle girl. I’m getting sich of you western NDPee’rs always whining about easterners, when you ain’t no better

      1. Funnily enough, I too have come to the conclusion that western maroons are just as maroonish as eastern maroons.

        And just as apathetic, uninformed and self centered.

        Of course, regional differences and considerations can certainly contribute to exceedingly excessive achievements of maroonishness in particular areas of specialization.

        Although, I am inclined to think that this new Western Conservative Shangri-la is going to require a mass apartheid/expulsion unseen since the days of 1/2 million Anglais using the 401 to Toronto to escape Quebec.

        Aboriginals, seniors, veterans, welfare, unemployed, PUBLIC SERVANTS, etc……etc.

        How many people get a cheque from the Government these days?

        You may even be outnumbered.

        So when push comes to shove, it may be you being expelled.

        You may want to learn French, little kangaroo.

    2. Hmmm….using Indian savages as proxies, aided by the elite’s partisans under false pretenses, to deny area and resources to the enemies of the Royalty, nullifying the elected representation.

      I wonder what this age-old tactic reminds me of…

      Your elites, British or otherwise, don’t need to learn new tricks when their subjects are disarmed sheep.

      Bend over, “Canadians”.

  2. Many of us on SDA probably saw the video recording of how Buttshead said that we don’t need an alternate route for a pipeline but an alternate economy. Guess what we have now, folks?

    But, eastern Canadians (and, for that matter, globalists and federalists like Premier Useless in Alberta and Saskatchewan’s Premier Do Little) couldn’t give a rat’s patootie about it unless it disrupts the following:

    – NHL playoffs on TV,
    – easy access to TimBits,
    – cheap beer, and
    – free government handouts (and we know who pays for them).

    1. Well then.
      Seeing as we know who pays and we also know Thatcher’s theorem on socialism, we should be approaching the moment they run out of the other people’s money soon.

      1. Except that in the Twilight Zone economy of the 21st century printing money seems to not only be okay, but encouraged.

        1. very correct Buddy.
          it’s called debt.
          ALL gubbamint spending now is based on debt.
          make note of that SDA, when THAT process plays out watch for a financial corona plague.

    2. I’m not sure what Scott Moe could do as the blockades are in B.C. and Ontario as far as I know. Saskatchewan and B.C. are largely policed by the R.C.M.P (a federal agency) who may take their orders from Ottawa. I’m no fan of PET but at least he had the balls to call in the army when needed (unlike Bytown Blackie).

      1. Unifor has been setting illegal blockades of the Co-op refinery and other installations on the prairies, defying court injunctions, sabotaging trucks, chaining truckers inside the facility, threatening business owners, vandalizing homes of refinery managers. The Regina mayor and his NDP affiliated police chief refused to enforce the injunctions while Moe sat on his ass.


  3. Turdholeland… we the lawless shithole of the North. #WEXIT… I hear the Meth Head drunk elected by Ontario, Montreal and Vancouver as Dear Leader of Turdholeland has grown a beard, that should help get the corrupt Liberal Party a useless seat on the corrupt UN Security Council. I sure hope that Justine Blackface Turdhole’s corrupt “police force” doesn’t allow anyone to interfere with the lawless gangsters “protesting” the “rule of law”. Peeairs insane asylum sure is insane… who would’ve saw that coming. Wake me when everyone else has had enough of the lawless Turdholian Post National State. #WEXIT.

    1. Heh, no propane for Kaybeq. Ooh, that’s gonna hurt, too. What else can we inconvenience them with? Time for an ice storm, don’tcha think? That time of year.

  4. Saskatchewan has no obligation to stay aboard with an engineer headed for a national (Lac Megantic style) crash and burn train wreck!

    Whether it is independence or separation, Sask/Alberta stands up for themselves, via a election/prov. referendum for fall 2020, by ballot or U.D.I. and fast! For within Trudeau’s 4 year term, Sask/Alberta will be rendered permanent economic basket cases with a 3rd world crime rate(close already) to match. Yes, I do mean rendered, as in meat packing plant.

  5. “Trudeau’s willingness to engage in foreign oil and gas projects may come as a surprise to Canadians who have seen the prime minister fail to intervene in illegal blockades over the building of a pipeline in Northern British Columbia.”

    No surprise here. Key-Bake, Morontario, and the Merry-Slimes have their oil and gas supplied by a French Global Conglomerate named
    TOTAL S.A.

    The Froggie Liberals are all invested up to their EYEBALLS in TOTAL and Zoolander is no exception. Right now he’s destroying Alberta so that his personal investment in TOTAL can grow by developing Senegal’s oil and gas sector. CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT.
    Damn you Easterners, you farging iceholes, for reelecting this Criminal.

    1. See my earlier comments to get an idea of what will finally get the attention of easterners and, for that matter, Lotusland.

      It’s a case of mind over matter. They don’t mind what happens to us because we don’t matter to them, we never did, and we never will.

      Mr. Kenney, will you finally get the lead out and start fighting for the people who elected you?

      1. Problem with Kenney is that him & other “conservatives” ( in name only) are all globalist # LibCons who duped well intentioned Cdns for too long.
        Currently two options;
        1. Vote # PPC
        2. #WEXIT

    2. well Oooz, if assholes like you and the COLON had got behind getting rid of the gay hating Katholik (you know the religion of pedophiles) well before the election, so that they could have replaced the fool with and actual leader. Like we did with Patdick brown clown, we may not have the TurD’Oh in the pmo now. So just look in the mirror when you want to whine like the little liberal girl you are

      And I did my part, I kept sending e-mails to the so called conservatives, stating such

      1. Holy f*ck are you stupid!

        Don’t, just don’t send e-mails on behalf of Conservatives, until you get a brain and learn to write. WOW

  6. Great Leader Blackie of Gay Pride Nation, starts his day in Germany discussing literature with a Canadian author. Later tonight he burns jet fuel back to Ottawa to prepare for his trip to the Barbados. I hope everyone enjoyed the CBC’s nonstop coverage of an indian woman at the Ontario blockade calling all Canadians “invaders”.

    1. Well that’s worse than colonialists which I think is more of an insult than settlers. I guess the next label will be terrorists?

  7. Blackie Two-face hates white English speaking men especially if they work in resources, construction or get their hands dirty. But Black Moslem oil is very appealing to him and his Urban Mewling Quim fan base.
    #ClownCarCanada is running on unicorn farts and pretty soon even that gas will be too noxious to burn.

    1. How do you recognize an enemy? An enemy is someone who wants to disrupt your country and destroy the well being of your society. First on that list today are Canadian Indians. What should be done with enemies? Well, we fought two deadly wars against enemies. Think.

      1. OWG. I think your ranking system needs an update. First on the list should be Turdhole and Butts. Second, I would put EVERY voter that voted Liberal, especially in Ontario and the Maritimes. The whiny Indians, dropping to third, are working for the same boss as Turdhole and Butts. Time to wake up, perhaps?

        1. My List of Public enemies…??

          # 1 Public Service UNIONS….by leagues n bounds. UNIFOR – CUPE – CUPW etc. At every level of government. THEY are the ROOT of all the Leftist Marxist EVIL in this country.

          # 2 Canada’s CIVIL SERVICE. Infested with predominately bilingual corrupt Quebec French (I Include Canada’s Judiciary)

          # 3 Liberal Party of Canada and every one of its DISGUSTING MP’s

          # 4 CBC, CTV, G&M, Red Star etc.

          Guillotines for every one of these MoFO’s….IMO of course..?

  8. The working-and-penioner public are starting to get upset over the rail shutdowns, beyond the small-c conservatives online and elsewhere. The corporate media up until yesterday spent all of their energies regurgitating Indian-and-leftist propaganda, and marginalizing those Canadians affected by the Illegal blockades. CN rail and Via Rail announced complete shutdowns yesterday, and now the corporate media are starting to report the implications of the blockades..

    Canadians everywhere, and not just Western Canadians, are becoming angry at the violent intimidation.

    1. And I think the premiers should not send in the police to remove the protesters. Justin’s Liberals created the problem, Justin can solve it.

      Justin wants Conservative premiers to take all the heat. He wants his CBC to show protesters fighting the police, so that conservatives are associated with the violence that will erupt at the protest sites.

      Trudeau’s media has largely ignored the fact that most First Nations are on board with the coastal gaslink pipeline and also with TMX. However, more columnists are starting to notice First Nations support for these pipelines. So I think the premiers need to reinforce that message. They also need to point out the benefits of these projects for Canada and all Canadians.

      In no way should the premiers fall into the trap of removing the protesters. That’s Trudeau’s problem. And Freelands problem.

      The fact that Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa will be suffering. It’s the Liberal’s problem.

      1. If you could confine it to those three cities, I suspect you would get unanimous consent in the rest of the country.

        1. It won’t be confined to just Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa. But the pain in Ontario and Quebec will get Liberals’ attention.

          Plus the pain in the west, and the indifference in the east will slowly bring more westerners around to separation.

          I can think of 20 billion reasons for Alberta to separate.

          At some point people will realize if the Alberta energy industry is shut down then British Columbia and Ontario will have to pick up the equalization payments to Quebec.

  9. Maxime Bernier

    We should show solidarity with ELECTED indigenous band councils which all support the natural gas pipeline because it brings jobs and economic development to their communities.

    Not with UNELECTED hereditary chiefs who represent no one.



    Maxime Bernier

    Today’s Left are fanatical reactionaries who want to destroy our civilization.


  10. Re the government inaction on the pipeline protests. This problem was created by Trudeau and Butts. So let the Liberals stew in it.

    In my opinion Provincial premiers should just keep the verbal pressure on Trudeau.

    Trudeau wants the provincial premiers, most of whom are conservatives, to take the political heat. Instead the premiers should keep the focus on Justin.

    Where’s Justin? Spewing out CO2 flying around the planet, on booze flights, while trying to buy a UN Security Council seat.

    Perhaps the premiers should point out to Canadians that shutting down the railways will reduce Canada’s CO2 emissions, something the Liberals day they want and Quebec, Toronto, and Ottawa voters said they also wanted.

    And perhaps the protesters could shut down the 401 in Ontario.

  11. Canada is going full-stupid. Encouraging other countries to develop their oil & gas supplies while discouraging companies within our own country?

  12. It is awesome that these morons blocking train traffic are showing how vulnerable this entire country actually remains. A small group of people could cripple the entire country with some strategic placement of IEDs in the middle of nowhere. The Keystone RCMP could, in no way, protect the vast network of tracks across this hinterland. FREE SASKABERTA NOW !!!!

    1. Can we just call the new country Alberta? I mean this Saskaberta, Albertasask, AlSask, and so on is a tongue twister.

      Considering Calgary is Saskatchewan’s biggest city, it shouldn’t be an issue to call everyone Albertans.

  13. It became very clear to me early in the Wall years, that the Saskatchewan party, was in fact just another “Canada first and only” party. I abandoned them. Most others did not, and still haven’t. Probably never will.

    It all comes back to that mistaken belief, the false premise of “you have to go and vote no matter what”. Well, the options have been getting universally worse, each and every time, without exception. People keep going and “holding their nose” and voting for something worse than last time. Every single time. Every party moves another inch to the left, every single time. This is a clear case, that the “always vote no matter what” strategy is not only a failure, but in fact counter productive; you are actually working against yourselves.

    No one is going to admit that their strategy has failed and abandon it. So it will keep getting worse. This is the sunk cost fallacy; “we’ve spent so much time and money and volunteer effort on the Sask Party, that we cannot throw that money away”.

    The sunk cost fallacy takes down software projects, businesses, everything. When something is not working, and you don’t abandon it, you are slitting your own throat.

    Also known as “escalation of commitment”, “commitment bias”.

    1. I have to agree with you Kevin.

      This last election campaign showed that in SPADES.
      Rgardless of what you may think of MAx, that is who I voted for. I simply could not stomache the utter BS from the CPC..and told them so, often, when they called looking for “child support” money for Scheers kids.

      Fuck em. we have ZERO Choice in Alberta.
      The time to go is NOW.

  14. The short term attractiveness of condemning the lack of leadership by the Liebels comforts to many people. What is happening in Canada is a deliberate attack on developing a long term economic plan and a ongoing evasion of a national debate of major issues facing the country. This failure puts national unity at serious risk as people, particularly in the West, lose any faith, that the responsibility and accountability of government can be restored.

    What passes for national news is farcical in nature as it deals in superficial reporting of issues that tear the country apart. It is the economy that provides food, clothing and shelter in Canada and the national government treats this reality in a superficial and cavalier manner. It is out sourcing its responsibility to dictates of the UN SJW movement. Massive deficit spending in a strong economy is buying support using tax payer funds. It is corrupt and unchallenged.

    1. Have to wonder if the American revolutionary army had sent someone other than Benedict Arnold to invade Canada that history might have taken a better turn for this part of North America.

      1. A number of years ago, I was on the chat service of a certain website. I mentioned that historical incident to some Americans who were logged on at the same time. Surprisingly, they didn’t know about it.

  15. But you don’t understand, we need those tankers in the St Lawrence to kill the belugas Keybec sewage doesn’t get.

  16. The libranos are working the phones 24/7 polling Canadians in an attempt to try and figure out what to do. Bereft of a flicker of any leadership themselves they are ruling by polls. Is it the ‘rule of law’? The Indian Act? What to do??? Please tell us.

    Their leader is completely comfortable being out of the country. It’s an excuse to avoid having to make a hard decision. He’s out doing the hard work of foreign affairs. Working for the country bribing political despots, polluters and human rights abusers.

    His eco-warrior cred is well established. He gets all kinds of slack cut because of it. If he continues to do nothing… well the press is fine with that. The last, most desperate act, will be the use of force. The libranos do not want that under any circumstance.

    1. Let’s face it, Trudles has made PM a largely ceremonial office. The real power lies elsewhere.

  17. I’m pretty much at the let it all burn down stage. If CP and CN care so little about their businesses that they won’t have their police forces do anything to the criminals illegally blockading infrastructure then why should I care? If Ford and Horgan and Trudeau care so little about their citizens that they won’t protect them (or even defend their own legislature in BC’s case) then why should I care? Let’s just let it all fly apart into anarchy and maybe – unlikely but maybe – it will be a come to Jesus moment for the country.

    1. You still should. I do.
      White a letter.
      Buy another gun.
      Take a kid to the range.
      Talk to a neighbor.
      You can do a lot.

  18. Maxime Bernier

    Chaos, legal breakdown, economic paralysis, Balkanization.

    Surprised to get this after four years or promotion of every divisive leftist fad, extreme multiculturalism, cult of diversity, racial division, sex and gender division, climate change alarmism, etc.?

    Blockades in support of Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs: We cannot allow a tiny minority of reactionary fanatics to paralyze our economy

    My Video about what’s going on.


  19. Looks better each day.
    I keep telling you people,CBC and the Liberals are working for an Independent West.If we were actively seeking to Separate,we would have had to create theatre like this.
    Instead they want us gone,hence the endless denigration,slander and insult to Law and Order,something Western Citizens(Alone) care about.
    I admit it makes us fat and lazy,when the feds and their hired hands are doing all the background work,building outrage,manufacturing crisis and chaos.
    However it fits in with the general problem,we are not seeking to leave Canada,it left us years ago.
    The social contract was real,now it is shattered beyond repair.
    The “Enough Already” moment has almost come.
    “Hereditary Chiefs” you could not make this shit up.

    What is coming clear,seen by many who comment here,is separating ourselves from these fools and bandits,has become a survival issue.
    If we want to pass a better country on to our children and their children,we have no choice but to Stop the Stealing.
    You cannot have 4 people living large on the work of 6.
    Simply because those doing the “Involuntary giving” will stop.
    Look at productivity in Can Ahh Duh, a steadily declining curve,no matter how you “modify” the measurements.
    60% of those who vote,vote for “more Government”
    As government is theft,that results in ever greater theft and fewer willing contributors..
    Funny how few Canadians understand that simple fact.

    1. “It is the eternal struggle between these two principles – right and wrong. They are the two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time and will ever continue to struggle. It is the same spirit that says, “You work and toil and earn bread, and I’ll eat it.”” ~ Abraham Lincoln

  20. One of the first steps towards #Wexit should be the creation of a police force just for Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
    The sub-contracting of the RCMP to maintain law and order in those Provinces has failed.
    Think of the gun seizures in High River, and now the inaction regarding these protests as proof.
    The laws for those Provinces should be upheld by a police force beholding to those Provinces, not Ottawa.

  21. Early this morning,our beloved Prime Minister,speaking from Africa, said that Canada is NOT a country that can order the Police to take action,in reference to the ongoing blockades. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This statement will surely attract the attention of politicians all over the world, especially Xi Jinping and Vlad Putin, who also believe in NOT ordering the police out to quell protests.

    This will undoubtedly garner PM Trudeau even MORE respect on the world stage,if that is possible, as currently he’s seen as a demigod by most of the world’s media who ARE the intellectual elite of the world.

    By Allah, THIS should get PM Trudeau that precious seat on the UNSC! If this show of strength don’t do it, nuthin’ will!

  22. Here, I’ll finish the sentence for turdo la doo:

    “our beloved Prime Minister,speaking from Africa, said that “Canada is NOT a country that can order the Police to take action, in reference to the ongoing blockades, ….

    … however, should any of my of Ivory Tower Trash buddies be harmed or threatened, I will shit my pants and call in the army just like my old man did. Juth Wath me!”

  23. This is s serious question.
    If Alberta and Sask went UDI would they have to honour any treaties or Supreme Court decisions? Or would they have complete autonomy to start over?

  24. This is a serious question.
    If Alberta and Sask went UDI would they have to honour any treaties or Supreme Court decisions? Or would they have complete autonomy to start over?

  25. Where are the vigilantes to shut down these protests? Where are the Hells Angels who could do the job?

    1. The vigilantes and the HA are staying the fuck out of it,knowing very well that the full weight of The System would come down on THEIR heads if they so much as mussed the hair of a Indian or protester.

      Want to see the RCMP and JTF2 jump into action? Just go attack those sacred anti-oil bastards.

    1. Then again, like the whiny, runny-nosed bimbo wearing the hat said, they “love” the Wet’n’sweatin’ Indians:


      I’ll bet that none of them ever met a native, let alone set foot on their land. Me, I grew up within an hour’s drive of 3 reserves and I went to school with them. I know those people and their circumstances better than any of those protesters combined but, no, I’m the bigot, I’m the eco-criminal for supporting a pipeline…..