I started to question everything. How many stories had I been sold that weren’t true? What if my perception of the other side is wrong? How is it possible that half of the country is really overtly racist? Is it possible that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing, and had I been suffering from it for the past three years?

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  1. The funniest part of that story is the fact that the radical fascists in the online KNITTING community were the ones who made her question her side.

  2. Good essay by Ms. Borysenko, and well worth the time to read. I am still very much nervous about the November election, where every major power centre will devote huge amounts of money and intimidation to get Americans to vote the Democratic party ticket. In her essay, she stresses her rejection of the mass intimidation culture, and how she was open minded enough to attend a Trump rally. But will the majority of voters follow her path, and turn out the CNC-MSNBC propaganda, and reject to liberal-radical advice from friends? God speed the Trump supporters and independent voters moving forward.

  3. I’m not sure which is braver, going to the rally despite instilled trepidation about the ‘kinds of people’ who support Trump, or the honesty required to write about it afterward, which will alienate most (if not all) of her friends & associates.

    Either way – well done.

  4. Just can hardly imagine the intimidation tactics within the knitting community, all those long pointy sharp weapons ready to puncture and bloodlet at a finely tuned flick of the wrist. The horror.

    The echo chamber in many of those tightly knit communities has become a gauntlet to run at the peril of loss of life and limb. Unity to the group-think is key to their existence and stregth. To question and seek truth or a contrary opinion is akin to blasphemy, banishment or death is the only solution.

    Fortunately for the seekers, they will find compassion and genuine friendship and healing for the wounds of disfellowship.

    I wish her well as the sunrise in her journey will open a wonderful world to navigate.

  5. It’s not like this country was started by a bunch of guys getting together and talking about stuff they didn’t always agree about…oh, wait…

  6. Well, I’ll just put this into the bulging “everything I learned about [insert your thing here] I learned in Kindergarten”.

    Actually, before that, as I believe I was reading about the Boy Who Cried Wolf by then.

    Yes, there will always be True TRUE Believers who will never give up, because there is nothing outside of their beliefs that can warm them as much as the endorphins that are released by KNOWING something. Hey, even some SS and Japanese soldiers surrendered while their fellow fanatics chose to die.

    But, perhaps, the True Believers can be reached.

    Or, as Instapundit says, “what can’t go on forever, won’t”.

    As I said to those who believe its ok to punch “nazis”: someone on the political spectrum believes YOU’RE a nazi and as I’ve been told too often to “stay in my own lane” as a straight, white middle-aged man…Good luck…

  7. If this information on the continuing efforts of Israel fighting the bigoted and sexism of the United Nations; it is because I among only a Few others, especially in Canada and never in the Nation of Quebec have not actually reached anyone with my Re-Posting of Accurate information about Israel’s ongoing fight to Survive.

    What is the Problem? The Bought-Off Central Canada by Liberal Party of canada under directions of the French Language Culture of Hull/Ottawa bureaucracy have prevented any comments to Be directly transmitted on Social Media of Pamela Geller’s News Organization articles.

    As an example of the steady drumbeat of propaganda in North America is the article carried in the __ Daily __ north west Florida Regional News Paper –The News Herald –. It has steadily moved from a source of information into being __ Just another Democrat [ Progressive One World ] propo gicha ] ever since the Democrats were unsuccessful in their ‘ hanging chad * debacle of Gore & the steadily & unjustly demeaned ” W ” Bush in 2020.

    There are several Panhandle Friends I have been fortunate to call Friends overt the more than a Dozen Years as a Snowbird; American Citizens wearing the democrat Smear of ‘ deplorables ‘ because They Truly and Rightly believe the Constitution of “WE THE PEOPLE .” is the Foundation of Sovereignty of the Ordinary Average Citizen and the bed-rock of the _____ ” Great Experiment ”

    The U.S.A. is the only Country in World to be entitled the ” Great Experiment “. Israel is the next closest to this bed-rock Goal; but as was the U.S.A. was in its beginning: still struggling with Survival. But the Intellectual Level of the Israeli People will continue the move toward Sovereignty of Ordinary Average Citizens.

    However returning to — The News Herald — in todays Paper; There is yet another Biased ___ The Associated Press __ article;

    [ White supremacist propaganda spreading ] using unexplained, as usual, % of the propaganda being spread across the U.S.A. ‘ & North America ‘ __ using ‘ Patriotism ‘– the “One World” prop-gitcha” to Guilt Americans ‘ & North America’ __ naturally when the Progressive Democrat Liberal Coastal elitism — Central Canada media are trying to Guilt Deplorables – The Associated Press understands a photo is a must for the Walmart etc. crowd. } Unfortunately The Associated Press was only able to pull up a Picture of Florida Highway Patrol Officers whic properly shows Patriots of Black & White Police Officers. ]

    I guess The News Herald purchase selected articles from The Associated Press.

    Recognizing this is a Presidential Election Year and based on my understanding of the ever continuing increase of anti-patriot bias in the daily news paper; when the subscription runs out for __ We’un Snowbirds __ heading back to hopefully not much snow — old men — shouldn’t shovel; I will join the increasing number of Deplorable Panhandler we respect and love and not sign up for The News Herald — God willing — when we return next year.

    1. “ever continuing increase of anti-patriot bias in the daily news paper;”

      The majority of the Utes are not un-patriotic, in my experience… Poor Bernie & the MSM will find that out to late,, The die hard crazies are less than < 12% & they are the same 12% with every issue of the communist agenda…..In normal times 12% working together could determine policy, but these are not normal Times

  8. A lot of women run on ‘emotion’ and do not activate their logical brain. This is why Hollywood actors have a big influence. Nancy is a prime example when she tore up Trumps speech. The business world tends to think women are too emotional to be in positions of authority; Nancy certainly demonstrated that.

  9. What’s so dangerous about Trump is his ability to fight back. The usual pattern is leftists call you a racist, sexist bigot homophobe and your apologize hoping they’ll move on. Instead the game is they of course they double and triple down on it and destroy you. Trump doesn’t do that. Their whole game plan is completely ruined by not backing down. It’s the only plan they have too.

  10. Excellent comments by readers of the article which were overwhelmingly supportive, many of them sharing similar experiences.

    And yes! A few raving Lefties left comments proving the author’s point.

    Go figure.

  11. “There are extremes in both parties that I am uncomfortable with, but I also fundamentally believe that most people on both sides are good, decent human beings that want the best for the country…”

    No. They are not.

    With very few exceptions, all the decent people are on President Trump’s side. The Democratic Party is a loose coalition of parasites with nothing in common but their lack of any redeeming qualities, and utter uselessness for anything resembling honest toil.

    Do what they would happily do to us.

    Defeat them.

    Relieve them of their money and power.

    Haul them off to prisons hundreds of miles from civilization.

    See to it they do not return, dead or alive.

    They are of little benefit to this world while they live. When they die, nothing of value will be lost.

  12. from the link:
    “Did I hate Trump so much that I wanted to see my country fail just to spite him and ”
    bingo. BINGO.
    had a discussion today with a streetlite repairman on the topic of POTUS T.
    told him that sooooo many people fail fail fail again and again to
    this is true of so many leaders in the news, political, business, sports etc.
    *one must make that distinction to avoid the ‘baby with the bathwater’ mishtake*
    on that count I cited POTUS Trumps OUTSTANDING success in turning one of the worse mass murdering iranian military leaders into a bloody smudge AND avoid the collateral damage of the previous occupant of the oval office.
    AND the undeniable FACT that the number of nuke tests in n korea PLUNGED to a big fat ZZZZZEEEEERRRRRROOOOOOO
    following his unprecedented visit with the Unhinged.

    so dear America voter, lOOk’s like the ‘choice’ is a communistic socialist or a flawed man who spouts off on twitter AT THE SAME TIME AS HE VIGILANTLY PROTECTS FUNDAMENTAL AND BASIC FREEDOMS via a host of policies and actions.