The Violence Against Republicans Continues

A California Leftist – no doubt with “mental issues” – has tried to burn down the Eureka Republican headquarters:

On Saturday Feb. 8, at about 4:53 a.m., officers with the Eureka Police Department responded to the office on 5th Street for the report of a man smashing the windows. The witness gave a description of the suspect and said he was last seen riding a bicycle toward the bay.

Officers quickly arrived on scene and saw the man on the Boardwalk. They said the suspect fled from them on the bike, but after a short pursuit he was detained. According to the EPD, the suspect was found to be in possession of a “Trump” political flag. His bicycle had a “Bernie” political sticker prominently displayed, police said.

Police said they found the man, later identified as 43-year-old Michael Valls of Eureka, riding his bike near the foot of D Street. Police said Valls tried to flee from officers but was ultimately taken into custody after a brief struggle. He was found to be in possession of items linking him to the vandalism on 5th Street, police said.

21 Replies to “The Violence Against Republicans Continues”

  1. We’ve got to stop raising bogus issues about Democrats attacking Republicans at radicals’ behest.
    That’s why we need gun control. Sarcastic? Off the friggin scale, what with Stone, impeachment and Comey crimes, you betcha.

  2. As very conservative man who has interests on both sides of the border, I say whack them all and whack them hard. Eventually they are going to provoke a civil war in which we will have to, KILL them, now how about that for telling the truth. They will never stop, even though in wars we have killed tens of thousands of communists, yet they are like a disease that just keeps coming back, a virus as it were. Once more I will ask the question, is there an intelligent person out there?

    1. One mentally retarded middle aged guy out of population of 200 million justifies you to “whack them all”, or as you put it in caps lock “KILL them” and so on and call that truth.

      So which one is the mentally retard here?

      1. There was no mention of mental retardation in the article john, unless you assume that all those on the left are mentally retarded, I guess there is a lot of evidence for that but not too many clinical diagnoses. What I get is that a Bernie supporter has taken the advice of his great leader and is harassing the enemy.

        This is likely the outcome of the media and Democrats demonizing the Republicans and now they are in the position of “Riding the Tiger” in its tradional meaning, and like all who ride the tiger they are afraid to dismount because they will be destroyed by the tiger they created. Yes it does affect those of diminished mental capacity first and yes those are primarily found on the left end of the politcal spectrum. I can see why OWG is irritated as this seems to be a more frequent occurence and is usually excused by what Lenin called the “useful idiots”, I think his irritation would be abated if some of these guys were actually punished under the law but I wouldn’t expect that to happen in California.

        1. well the lead in title was “A California Leftist – no doubt with ‘mental issues”’, so while it wasnt in the article was more factual than killing them all.

          We are seeing the polarization of the left and right, but when the right abandons its principles of liberty, and such, we start sounding like the leftist retards we so despise.

        2. I am familiar with Eureka and the surrounding area…..a dismal fog enshrouded area. The surprise is that there are ANY republicans there.

          Oh yeah, the guy is back on the street already. So it goes.

      2. Just one? What about the Las Vegas shooter? What about the guy at the Congressional ball diamond? What about Sirhan Sirhan? Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Warren. Che Guevara. Castro. Stalin. Maduro. Chavez. Mao. Hitler. Christine Blasey Ford. Lois Lerner. Peter Strozk. …

        The list of deranged socialists, is exactly the same length as the list of socialists…

        Old White guy is correct; that is the only way it ends.

      3. johnbrooks, you sure have not been paying attention to the constant drumbeat and lies of the left. I will venture that you are the stupid one….

  3. This kind of stupidity will not stop as long as there is a Republican President in Office. Stupid is as Stupid does and the Demorats are stupid!! Kinda like Nadler now the truth will come out or it will be all out war!

  4. Assault and vandalism, particularly against conservatives, is just exercising free speech. Otherwise, the legal system would actually do something about it.

    1. That is the difference between rule of law and rule of lawyers.

      In a world where laws meant something, the little worm would have been executed on the spot by a good guy with a gun. Nobody would have tried to stop the good guy, least of all the cops, and nobody whose opinion counted for anything would have held a grudge afterwards.

      Of course, in that world, this would probably not have happened at all, for exactly the reasons outlined above.

  5. The deep state swamp has used every dirty trick, lie and crime to kill Trump. They have failed and haven’t kept any powder dry.
    Now they can be killed by him. Live by the sword, die by it. Lower the boom on every one of their seditious butts.
    Take no prisoners. They are at war with you, so war with them. No you’re not better than that. That’s their escape tactic.
    They want Stone to go away for nine years. Really? So twice that for Comey, Brennan, Clapper and McCabe who all lied under oath.
    Then pardon both Stone and Flynn, as required. Then appoint them to go after their tormentors. Expose them ALL to voters.

  6. In case it wasn’t clear, the perpetrators of such violence are often always explained away as being mentally ill. The media refuses to attribute the actual cause to them, which is hatred of anyone who disagrees with them.

  7. Comey lied, again. Quelle surprise. Horowtiz reveals yet more mendacity from the one with a higher loyalty to himself.

    “The FBI had every reason to expect Steele to share information with Glenn Simpson, whose client was the Clinton campaign. Steele claims to have been “candid” with Gaeta about who was writing the checks for his Trump-Russia research. Steele took notes of the July 5 meeting he had with the “handling agent.” According to the Horowitz report, those notes state that Steele told Gaeta “Democratic Party associates” were funding his Fusion GPS work, that the “ultimate client” was the Clinton campaign, and that “the candidate,” as the IG report puts it, “was aware of Steele’s reporting.”

    Which means FISA warrant signer Comey, so part of Trump investigation, had to know Clinton paid for the dossier.
    Comey claims he was unaware of that until October 2017, yet the meeting with Steele in London was a year earlier.

    And it was against campaign financing laws too. But a Crossfire Hurricane hammer and some bleachbit takes care of that.

    We know now the FBI paid Steele and apparently gave him classified information. The dam appears to be breaking.