18 Replies to “Oh, Shiny Prime Minister!”

  1. “Every MP is required to file a disclosure statement within 60 days”

    That’s the issue here. Blackie is just not an “MP”. McGroper sees himself as a Governor General now, his PM duties being purely ceremonial & comes with a thick cheque book and a Mont Blanc $10,000 diamond crusted pen. PM tasks are carried out by his vice, Christya Freakland. In any case the Earl of Papineau must remain unaccountable. Period.

    Those MSM cronies better watch it or they’ll be cut from Blackie’s $595,000,000 jackpot as there are now only two types journalists; those circle jerking for him and those banned like Rebel News

  2. The Prime Minstrel does whatever he wants and there is never any consequences. At most, if he’s forced, he’ll offer an apology, but basically he’s free to do what he wants any old time.

  3. The Liberal Party’s iPolitics website has a wonderful picture of Blackie The Gay Pirate playing basketball with the kiddies in Senegal. He is so wonderful!

  4. The word is the Ethics Commissioner sent the RCMP to pick up the disclosure.

    Junior was unrecognizable in his Aboriginal garb, facial hair and new serious look.

    And as the Aga Khan was actually using Junior as a footstool at the time as he sprinkled him with Bordens, it’s perfectly understandable the RCMP didn’t recognize zer and didn’t get their peoplekind again.

    But they did score some fine Quebec maple syrup.(unilingual french only)

  5. This is work for “the little people” and he shouldn’t be distracted by such minutia. Besides, do you think he is any better at running his own office than he is running the country ?

  6. Prime Minister Trudeau is always perfectly pleased to work with the ethics commissioner to answer any questions she may have….just ask him…and ask him again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…and again…

  7. I’m reminded of places where I used to work with. The employer in question would “hire” the boss’s son and the kid, a spoiled brat, could do whatever he pleased and got away with it. Nobody stood up to him and told him to behave himself because he was, well, the boss’s son, which gave him the privilege of unaccountability.

    Prinz Dummkopf likely grew up with that mentality and he certainly led his adult life that way. That principle of unaccountability fits in perfectly with the privileged position that the Laurentian elite, whose puppet he is, sees itself.

  8. “There is no penalty for missing the deadline for filing the statements…”

    Gee, you’d almost figure this legislation was written by rats, for rats.

  9. Perspective. “Others who had not filed their disclosure statements as of Feb. 5 included Liberal MPs Wayne Easter and Hedy Fry, and Conservative MPs John Barlow and Arnold Viersen.”

    What the hell is wrong with these overpaid underworked clowns that they can’t abide by the rules of their cushy job!

    Trudeau was undoubtedly too busy saving the world to bother with such a trivial matter,and he has no staff to take care of it for him, as that would cost taxpayers more money.

  10. He sure as hell was bribing people. I hope to hell Canada never gets a seat at the security council and that Trump kicks the dam organization out of new York during his next term. What a disgusting waste of money, flesh, and oxygen.

  11. Mr. Trudeau was waiting for guidance. He was not sure how he should expense “Hush Money for Baby Momma” during the campaign.
    $2.2 million buys a lot of silence.

  12. Turdholeland is a corrupt shithole ruled over by the most corrupt and incompetent people on the planet… which corrupt agency will take the corrupt PM to task ? Fagettaboughtit. Turdhole can do as he pleases when he pleases and he can do it in blackface if he likes, the rules don’t apply.