6 Replies to “Deep Impact”

  1. L-“Related” comment- The MSM after seeing the growing popularity of long form, intelligent, in-depth conversation style interviews e.i. Joe Rogan (2-3 hours) have been so triggered. They are now holding the pillow tightly over their own face.

  2. I guess the lawyers they’re going to need to fight Devin Nunes defamation lawsuit should demand up front payment.

  3. A few things about McClatchy…

    “McClatchy was the proverbial dog that caught the car, buying its larger competitor Knight Ridder in March 2006 for $4.5 billion in cash and stock. It also assumed $2 billion of Knight Ridder debt. Just a year earlier, McClatchy stock topped $740 a share. The stock traded at 75 cents a share at Wednesday’s close.”

    “Between 2006 and 2018, McClatchy’s advertising revenue fell by 80 percent and daily print circulation fell by 58.6 percent.”

    “McClatchy’s qualified pension covers more than 24,500 current and future retirees — many retired blue-collar workers who manned printing presses or loaded newspapers onto delivery trucks — supported by fewer than 2,800 active employees.”

    Read more here: https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article240139933.html#storylink=cpy

  4. Was wondering if McClatchy newspapers were left-wing or not, so consulted Wiki:

    Read the last paragraph. The newspaper bureau was embroiled in a controversy (using the term lightly) when they leaked sensitive information that assisted al-Qaeda and a related Islamic extremist group, information so damaging to the U.S. that even the extremist New York Times decided not to print. As well, McClatchy newspaper won an I.F. Stone award, far-left to be sure for anyone who knows about the late Mr. Stone.

    Great news that this corporation is going bankrupt!

  5. karma.
    karma baby, oooooooh I am a firm convert after a despicable incident at the hands of our local polizia.
    within 4 years 7 of them around here were dead.
    a tally that would normally take a century played out in a mere less than 4.
    topped off by 3 family members of 1 of them.
    the MOST heinously offensive and demoralizing thing IN MY LIFE.
    all recorded by their lobby surveillance cameras and STILL it was ‘professional standards’ deny deny deny deny.

    now it’s ‘gedovahit’
    not a caring friend, gee hb ya gotta find a way to get past this or
    a religious leader ‘look to our Saviour as an example of forgiveness’ or
    an experienced trained psychologist walking you thru the customized process of closure.

    no. none of the above.
    ‘ged ovah it’ as in hey twerp, *stfu or yur gonna get more of it*. ya, THAT kind of ‘get over it’ from a goddamned cop.
    ‘cops are tops’