This Is Not Your Grandma’s Humane Society

We’re a progressive society now, and these so-called “wildlife centers” (however well meaning) are exploiting sick and injured wildlife for human enjoyment and even profit. Yes change is hard, but these animals are best left to their natural fate in the wild and the centers shut down.

h/t Colonialista

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    1. Watch the video! Evidently … George Costanza has a waterskiing squirrel! Who knew? I must have missed the “Waterskiing Squirrel” episode.

  1. “… these animals are best left to their natural fate in the wild…”

    Yes, far better to be out in the wild… where animals can enjoy the fine experiences of injury, starvation, disease, and ultimately, of being hunted down and eaten alive by a predator.

    Today’s western ‘big-city’ cultures are producing some of the most ignorant people on the face of this entire planet. Far too many think that ‘survival’ is nothing more than an entertaining concept for reality TV shows.

    It also amazes me that the exact same leftist woketards who demand freedom for stupid animals actively work to deny it to their fellow human beings.

    1. It’s like at the house I inherited. I have quite a variety of birds in my back yard and all of them are welcome. It’s their territory as much as it is mine. Their ancestors were there long before any of us were.

      1. When I called 311 about three skunks in my yard, the operator said; “they were here long before us; it’s your problem”.

        As far as I can tell my taxes seem to be pouring into pothole expansion and random traffic jam growth maximization through union gigantism.

    2. “Today’s western ‘big-city’ cultures are producing some of the most ignorant people on the face of this entire planet.”

      Interesting looking at the railway blockades and their signs against Alberta oil. They don’t even know that the blockades are against BC LNG.

      1. Interesting is it not, they are protesting that which makes us and them prosperous and comfortable in the frozen north.

    1. Nononononono! It was all an act, don’t you know. It did it to fool humans into continuing to care for it and give it all that free food and shelter.

  2. Personal hygiene resulted in the loss of fleas. Flea Circuses lost their source of supply. Ah, those were the days.

    1. Worse yet, think of all those poor viruses that are being exterminated through hygiene. Those bugs have a right to live, too, you know. (Uh-huh…..)

  3. I can see the future….. Cartoons depicting animals is wrong too. It’s cultural appropriation for profit!

    1. I can see the headlines now: “Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny To Receive Reparations”.

      1. I am having my supper now and my retriever demands reparations. I pay her in meatballs. Then she gets to take me for a walk and I will pick up her poop. She also decided that the pillow I used to put my head on works very well as her pillow. My neighbor’s cat wanted reparations too. He and my dog had a negotiation over it and the cat decided to look to my neighbor for reparations after that. In any case, I am doing my part unlike so many here who are insufficiently woke.

  4. I love squirrels. Pan fried, served with cream gravy and homemade biscuits. My, my, my. We harvest the ones out of our pecan orchard. They feed on those nuts almost year round, so those meat animals are big and tender.
    My wife, Sioux, can clean and skin one in less than 3 minutes. I’m the luckiest of men.

  5. The facts that many sites where the Big Cities full of these ignorant Animal Rights idiots was once Wilderness New York,L.A.Seattle,San Francisco was once inhabited by Wildlife ever when the settlers arrived and set up camp

  6. She seemed more concerned that someone might make a profit – typical lefty. The squirrel was having fun and working for a living, gee, a capitalist rodent!

  7. I hope these do-gooders get a family in their attic. Happened to me, a poor widow, after mom & pop chewed their way thru the vent & screen to set up house uninvited and unwelcomed. No use for, no sympathy for, anything that is nothing more than a destructive rodent with a fluffy tail. God, think of the urine and feces that is still up there.

  8. Kate’s comment under the video link is the question that the Menzoid should have put to her with the preface that “Isn’t it hypocritical to be opposed to the water-skiing Squirrel when you take wild animals and subject them to human intervention unlike what nature would provide, all for fun and profit….”

  9. Yes, the Wildlife Centre takes in injured wild animals that should be left for feeding predators. The director is the most hypocritical of the lot.
    She then says it is great that there are diverse opinions. But between the lines she is saying, “as long has her opinion gets shoved down your throat.”
    She is against capitalism but has no problem being a parasite with your tax dollars.

  10. “… we don’t think it’s appropriate to strap a wild animal to tiny water skis …»

    It’s clear from the video that the squirrel wasn’t strapped to the water ski at all.

  11. fwiw, ummmm, the novel harmless fun of a waterskiing squirrel is first cousin to the bear/lion/orca/whatever
    bullied into doing ‘whatever’ trick on pain of whatever.

    see the difference?

    Ive seen and read documents on the horror faced by far too many once wild animals
    who find themselves in a eerie, alien, nightmarish existence.

    ya, ya, ya injury and starvation. well the harsh truth is an injured or starving wild animals will meet its demise
    *to the benefit* of ANOTHER wild animal. m’kay? etc etc.

    I regularly feed wild birds. i do NOT trap them and train them to do tricks.
    I once saw a jungle bird high up in a cage at the local pet paradise, scared shytless. very traumatized.
    some ‘paradise’.

    and get this, Im *very* opposed to ‘whale watching’ when the ‘watching’ turns into ‘in yer face in yer face in yer face in yer face’
    it doesnt always, but the FACT it does too often is the grounds for my opposition to the practice of caging wild animals.