13 Replies to ““Organic” Is The French Word For “Let Them Eat Cake””

  1. You need to use technology to get off oil and save the planet.
    We can also use technology to create plants that yield better, and use less chemicals and water.
    Reeeeeeeee science evil!

  2. In a related matter – I encountered in the course of my normal job a company that sells apples. They were experimenting with methods to clean incoming apples from farms. So they could be sold as organic. Because it doesn’t matter what they are grown in, or what pesticides are used, it only matters that any residue is washed off properly.

  3. Nature loves, and is mutagenic. Sun radiation and chemical mutagenesis is critical. What is a plant but sun power, chemicals, changing( mutating ) over time?

    What is the ignorent lawyer politically correct genetics of say a apple, that in millions of years has undergone ten to the ten to ten trillion mutations, and will contine to…..forever?

  4. So, the EU are impeding crops that increase yields, decrease the need for chemical applications during the growing season and would give their farmers a competitive advantage (or at least let them stay competitive). All due to reasons that amount to an irrational fear of certain words like gmo. With the rejection of progress and technology, it’s like Europe wants to enter a new dark age. The religion of wokeness is an incredibly regressive movement


    What do you think about Professor Valentina Zharkhova, of Northumbria University’s department of mathematics, physics and electrical engineering, warning that the Sun is about to enter a Grand Solar Minimum that could last for 33 years?


    Food prices rose due to the first Black Death whereby 50% of the population died which created a shortage of labor. This is what ended serfdom and began capitalism with the payment of wages. Then the weather began to turn sharply colder as the sun went into a solar minimum for a protracted period of time.
    This was known as the Maunder Minimum, which lasted between 1645 and 1717. This was a period where the number of sunspots was generally fewer than 50 per year compared to our modern period of warming with 40,000-50,000 sunspots over a 25-year period.
    The Maunder Minimum was a very prolonged period of minimum solar activity that lasted for about 72 years. Our model is projecting an initial low coming into play around 2022. The extended trend appears to be lasting into as late as 2061, but that should not be without years that show spike highs in sunspot activity. This does not appear to be a downtrend that is persistent into 2061. There will clearly be lower highs during this period, but the trend should flip back to global warming post-2061.

    Our Very Special Guest Valentina Zharkova – Grand Solar Minimum Channel GSM Global Cooling


    1. As yet, no one can accurately predict when an ice age will occur or how long it would last. Eventually it will happen, it’s cyclical What I do know is that I’m glad that we live now rather than in any other previous era. With our level of technology the odds have shifted greatly in our favor, regardless of what natural disasters or climate changes appear. Our ability to adapt and overcome, to feed ourselves, to keep ourselves warm, to transport goods, to provide medical care, is exponentially better than at any other point in human history. This includes gmo which has the ability to rapidly transform crops to resist hot/cold temperatures, diseases and pests.

      The only thing standing in the way is, as always, politicians listening to (pseudo) religious fanatics.

  6. “The fourth rule is: “Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.” You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.” ~ Saul Alinsky

    By their own definition, there is no plant or animal on the planet that is not GMO. This is good; force them to live up to their own rules

    1. “there is no plant or animal on the planet that is not GMO”

      I suspect that is close to being true. It is a fairly standard practice in plant research to use radiation to encourage mutations and has been for some time.

  7. I’m actually pleased at this ruling. Every time I hear someone talk about the so-called dangers of GMO foods, I like to ask them a question:

    Which is a more dangerous practice:
    1. Creating a new GMO by specific targeting of a gene segment to yield a desired change in the organism that is expected and reasonably well understood; or
    2. Creating a new GMO by blasting an organism with chemicals or radiation to cause a myriad assortment of completely random changes to the genetic makeup of that organism, with results that are completely unknown and cannot be predicted.

  8. The FRENCH came up with this stupidity eh..?
    Why should that be a surprise..? Corrupt, Arrogant & part of the EU.

    Europe is and has always been a hotbed of anti this anti that since the 50’s.
    At least in France they are smart enough to keep their nukes running, providing some 78% of the country’s energy needs. Germany..?? not so Zchmart ja.?

    It’s getting to the point where so much of this assinine SJ Woke shit is actually quite Funny. Seriously though, who in their right mind shuts down their entire Nuclear industry due to a tsunami 12,500 miles away only to return to using COAL..? and then you have this GMO propaganda now ensconced in law…. (coming to Canada soon – bet on it – compliments of our UN masters)

    …”organic”, meh…what.? , so that means all the stuff I buy thats fresh n green and not labelled as such is “inorganic”..? Piss off.

    One of many reasons We do not shop at your large “grocery chains”. There’s an awesome Italian store in SE Calgary that has fresh produce at ~35-% less than anyone else…w/an excellent Deli, Bakery along with lots of good home style food products. Other than specific household cleaners etc. We really never need shop elsewhere.

    LIve here.? Check it out. Corner of Southland and Acadia Dr.

    1. Saw you there steakdude…..! Just kidding!

      In season, the produce is wonderful there @ The Italian Centre Shop. It’s a wonderful grocery store at
      9919 Fairmount Dr … I love their fresh bread and I am amazed at everything there, including the little Café, it’s terrific! Here are some comments from shoppers. (Ignore some negatives)

      Have you tried this other market? It’s not about produce though. See link below. You might enjoy this small place at 8330 Macleod Trail right nearby where London Drugs is. They have wonderful choice delicacies there too. The Polish rye bread is to die for. Made fresh daily, right in the city.

      There’s also the Polcan market nearby. Same stuff.