26 Replies to “If Women Ran The World”

  1. Nice to learn these women know just about as much about women as I do, after 64 years … they’re confusing and confounding.

  2. Ummm…that was awesome!

    Pretty hard to claim oppression against womyn by men when there is no longer an acceptable definition of men and women.

    Loving the decline! 🙂

  3. If being a woman is a choice, and woman have such crappy lives, why don’t they choose to be men?

    1. MOWG, I think biology is the main reason for those whiners and bitchers who hate their own lives.

  4. When I was a young kid of about 8 or 9 years old, I asked my dad why he wouldn’t swear in front of a woman, or why he was always trying to help them lift stuff. I wanted to know why they were treated differently. He explained that it was a sign of respect, and that a gentleman treated women with respect; it was how he was raised. He told me that men did not hit women, yell at them, or lie to them. I asked him if that is because women were weaker than men. I have always remembered what his answer was. Here is the conversation.

    My dad. “Little man, see that building over there
    Me. “yep”
    My dad. “That was built by men. The roads were built by men, the sewers, the airplanes, all the things you see around you were built by men. Everything in this city was built by a bunch of men who went to work everyday to make this for us.”

    Being a young kid, I was rather proud that my gender was responsible for all of this, and I said, “Is that because we are better than them?”

    My Dad. “No, little buddy. Because every person we have just walked by, every person in this city, was built by a woman.”

    Today, my dad would be considered a misogynist.

    1. Great Post James…!!
      Far too many in today’s society have their heads firmly ensconced in places where REALITY simply does not exist. Usually up their (_i_).

      Nothing in that vid gives me cause to change my mind either….

      Men are Men and far too many women want to be…well, Men.!

    2. Wow….your Dad gave you a gift! And thank you for sharing.

      It is lovely to know the importance of raising children is still important to some. I am very grateful for the ‘womanly’ experience of child bearing aand rearing. I am a far better human/woman/wife/friend because of them.

  5. Every one of those women hesitated because they automatically defaulted to a rational and concise answer of what it was they knew deep down to be the right answer.

    Then their brain kicked in, all the rhetoric and indoctrination and wokeness came oozing out like a lanced boil.

    I was first repulsed by them and then filled with a sadness as they truly hadn’t a deep resolve as to what they actually were.

    Our societies have always known that men and women are different. The difference has been mostly men=strong: women=weak. Men protect women. Women submit to men because men are the leaders and know better.

    Those are lazy generalizations which have grains of truth or have been twisted into something which is not true, but are tiny parts of a huge complicated tapestry.

    Men have stopped treating women with love and respect because women don’t treat men with love and respect and round and round it goes.

    Self-made definitions have now become the default because there is no value in today’s definition of a man or a woman.

    I’m sure those women would have had no hesitation in defining a man. And it is highly doubtful if they would have chosen noble attributes.

    1. IMHO … the VAST MAJORITY of women are not like that handful of confused, angry, disaffected women wearing pussy skull caps. Ironic isn’t it? They are WEARING a self-knit symbol of their feminine construction, yet disavow any connection to the REAL physiognomy of femininity. That, my friend is a serious mental disorder. I don’t believe most women are mentally ill, but this collection of interviewees certainly are.

      What our culture appears to value … over anything else … is “self determination”. I’m a raging fan of self determination! But not self delusion. Now that we’ve killed off the “Sky Daddy”, God’s laws of nature have been imaginarily replaced with laws of self. Modern personkind believe that life is nothing more than a sim-city game, where they get to choose whatever alternate reality appeals to them. Sorry. Nature won’t allow this. And Nature will prevail over all this nonsense. God will not be mocked. Enjoy your Golden Calves before they’re melted-down into a natural metallurgic state.

      1. Agreed, Kenji, and scripture is being confirmed when it says that in the last days everyone will do what is right in their own eyes, meaning they are a law unto themselves. Totally unaccountable to anyone or anything. But, what they don’t realize is that they are actually slaves to their emotional fixation to their present circumstances. Touchy-feely lifestyle! No principals or absolutes. Those are swear words to them, which must not be uttered or spoken of in the light of day, for they are repressive and judgemental. Can’t have any of that nonsense in their life of freedom.

        Having no absolutes, they lose their identity and purpose in life. Confusion, as demonstrated, becomes a way of life.

  6. Nice to know that the word stupid is still the pre-eminent word. I have had very nice women in my life. From my mother, to both my Grandmothers, my high school sweetheart, the first girl I gave a ring to, the first girl I married, to my current and last for the past 33 years. By the way, not one of them was as dumb as these women.

  7. Notice that NOT ONE OF THEM used the word “MOTHER” to describe what a woman is? It’s almost like they were too ashamed of the mountains of garbage bags filled with aborted kids to go there. It’s a crying shame.

  8. Anyone who thinks anyone can be a woman if they so choose is mentally deranged. All these women need psychiatric care.

  9. They just don’t realize that all of this ends with, “Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! Julia! I don’t care what you do to her. Tear her face off, strip her to the bones. Not me! Julia! Not me!”

  10. The one woman complaining about men rushing in to help her lift something, I wonder if her and another man today were standing on the deck of the Titanic after it hit an ice berg and was sinking in that freezing dark cold water and about ten yards from the two of them a life boat full with only one seat vacant. Who should get that seat today? Is chivalry dead? or would she think that the man should sacrifice his life for her as did many men did when the Titanic went down that day. Are women today worth that sacrifice?

      1. Not all of the men left. Some stayed and were shot.

        the ones who left………are still around being the cowards they were raised to be.

  11. These wimmin should listen to the 70’s tune, ‘ I’m a Woman’ by Maria Muldaur.

    She can make a ‘dress out of feed bag and make a man out of you’. Believe it.