The Shiny Pony is Responsible for Frozen Canada … or something like that!

Rex Murphy is on fire:

Further west, poor British Columbia, where snow in January was but a picture on the garage calendar; Vancouver, where people were plunged into an annual depression by the spectacle of premature blooms and the peep of green lawns before February; they are seeing the change and are welcoming it.

“We’d almost given up on winter” said one resident I plan to talk to: ”Frankly, I’m sick of godd–mn flowers in January.” And who could blame him?

Well, B.C. led the way, being among the first to welcome the carbon tax and bring their winters into line with the Canadian experience. It’s changed attitudes. Says another I may encounter: “How we envied Newfoundland with its snow storms and blizzards, high winds and blocked roads, the weekly sleet storms and the train of power outages. Since the carbon tax we’ve been waiting for the evidence it works. And this winter, especially during the past few weeks, has been everything we ever wanted.”

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  1. Have always enjoyed Rex, he has such a snarky way of making his targets look silly and stupid. With the weather/climate that most of North America is experiencing this winter global cooling is obvious. Is this why our Ottawa Bearded Wonder Child taking his long post election holiday in Costa Rico instead of his usual holiday destination of the west coast.

    1. How can you say that? It’s been announced already that 2020 was the second-hottest year EVAR!!!

      – Oh. You say you saw that too, and you don’t believe it either? Funny, that; I wonder if anybody does?

  2. That column is the equivalent to Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal, delightfully biting satire.

    1. Unfortunately, sarcasm is underappreciated. Further, I find that in general, people who don’t have a sense of humor, tend not to have much sense at all. Our society is sadly less for that.

      1. Everyone thinks they are both smart and have a great sense of humour.

        My “common” sense tells me that this can’t be true.

  3. Well on that theme wouldn’t it be timely for some opportunistic MP to declare that due to the record lows it’s obvious that we have reduced the planet’s temperature and can therefore stop collecting the tax that was put in place to reduce the planet’s temperature.

      1. Not in Canada’s Parliament or Legislatures anyway. We had one, he started his own party when he finally admitted to himself that the CPoC had abandoned any and all principles.

        For some reason, there are still people attacking him for daring to have a deeply held principle…

        1. And besides, you don’t actually believe that the carbon tax was brought-in to reduce carbon? It was brought-in to pay the Press their $600 million bribe and buy votes for the Liberals going into the next election; Sockpuppet as much as said so. And dear Rachel Nuttley in Alberta, with her famous “Well paying rebates is too much trouble, so from now on we’re just going to dump the rake into general revenues” confirmed it – tax grab.

          1. Don’t forget PM DIPSHIT’s UN aspirations, either, he will screw everyone of us over so he can ascend to the Security Council, to sit with the rest of the despots and dictators.
            He voted against Israel at the UN recently, he does not care about Canada, only his Globalist goals

          2. And dear Rachel Nuttley in Alberta, with her famous “Well paying rebates is too much trouble, so from now on we’re just going to dump the rake into general revenues” confirmed it – tax grab.

            Yup. The last time I received a rebate cheque was 3 years ago.

            Meanwhile, I just got my latest power bill and, sure enough, I’m paying significantly more this time even though my usage wasn’t that much greater than last month. Worse yet, I used a lot less this time than I did a year ago and I paid about the same amount back then.

            Gee, thanks, Prinz Dummkopf. I’m sure little Greta will be happy with that.

      2. They’re out there. They’re In Quebec protecting and fighting for French interests and they don’t give a shit if they piss off the RoC.
        Too bad we got Jason “the Speechifier” Kenney here in Alberta. Kenney talks a good game, but does diddly squat otherwise.

        The Army is in N.L. right now digging them out. Those Newfies ought to thank us here in Alberta. We’re the ones paying for it.

      3. Typical politician stating “I have strong principles, but if you don’t like them I have other ones”

  4. The Grand Solar Minimum is a real, scientifically irrefutable, 100% quantifiable event. We have been in its embrace for the last year. It takes a long time to cool a whole planet but it is occurring and it will continue to occur for the next 40 years or more.

    Politicians and policy makers outright refuse to acknowledge this preferring to rely instead on so called global warming evidence that is based on models only and on data that is highly questionable. And again they refuse to look at any empirical evidence (the kind that says EXACTLY what is going on based on real measurements) that shows global temperature variations entirely within statistical means for the last 100+ years or as long as accurate temperature measurements have been made. And same as applied to sea level measurements.

    Their ignorance on this matter is going to be painful as extended cold snaps and lower heat units over the growing season will lead to delayed plantings, early frosts, depleted yields, outright crop failures, higher food prices and economic displacement for agricultural infrastructure, business and families. There are real costs here based on deliberate political negligence of real climate issues.

    1. ‘grand solar minimum’
      I gotta remember that. its gonna come in REAL handy with those [gang]GREEN protester types.

    1. Until politicians can demonstrate to me that they can control the weather, I am not letting anywhere near the climate control knob. Baby steps.

  5. Great Leader Blackie The Gay Pirate is an environmental genius. We mus respect him from now on when he speaks before his adoring Unifor media with his cool beard, ruffled hair, and serious look. Millions of Canadian women can’t be wrong.

      1. – And that is why Katherine McKenna (a.k.a. Climate Barbie) based her “#RealGlobalWarming” website on models and discarded a hundred years of actual recorded Canadian climate data – the real data doesn’t support the narrative, doesn’t justify (multiple) vitally-needed increases to the carbon tax, and doesn’t support the Liberals’ “Global Warming for Sheeple” platform going into the last election.

        Or the next election.

        In McKenna’s own words, “Lie BIG!”

  6. I’m glad that you brought this up, Robert, to wit:

    – as it happens, my underlying gas bill from Enbridge/Union Gas has declined by more than 60% in the past five years (not including the obligatory service charge — meter, billing, blah, blah, blah); but,

    – then there’s this thing on there, for which I get exactly no value, so far as I can tell, re: Federal Carbon Charges, plus HST (including the provincial portion, which the Ford administration has not yet removed).

    I attribute this decline to several factors, including:

    – A systematic effort, over many years, of working on the R-value of my home (as the investments become viable, given that it’s a 100+ year old house and it needed improvements, mostly for convenience, to be honest, in any event);

    – The Trump revolution on energy supply; and

    – The natural climate shift to the later winter of the freezing over of the Great Lakes, which, in my opinion, has been ongoing since I was a kid, wherein we now get warmer autumns and colder springs — frequently, now, the Victoria Day (May 2-4, ha, ha, ha — so funny — not!) weekend is difficult to gauge wrt whether one can hold an outdoor get-together. Anymore, I plan nothing before the end of May, and maybe not even before the middle of June.