January 20, 2020: Reader Tips

Tonight we journey back over a century to ride through the streets of Victoria and Vancouver, BC. Consider this a preview of what life will look like when your political betters (AOC, Greta, etc.) take over. Though most of us will be put into reeducation camps so likely won’t be seeing any city life for some time.

Got tips? We want ’em!

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    1. I can think of 20 billion reasons why Alberta should separate.

      The prime reason many Canadians are opposed? Perhaps it’s because Ontario and B.C. residents would have to cough up 20 billion in equalization.

      But the first steps for Alberta should be:
      a) set up Alberta Pension Plan and exit Canada Pension Plan.
      b) set up Alberta Provincial Police. Similar to Ontario and Quebec.

      1. Note the Quebec Caisse de Depots et de Placements has net assets of $326 billion for 8.5 million Quebeccers.

        The Canada Pension Plan has $404 billion in net assets for 29 million non-Quebeccers.

        Food for thought.

        Now that Albertans are talking about setting up their own pension plan (and yes it’s just talk right now), Central Canada is wetting worried they’ll have to cough up more money to fund the CPP.

      2. Yes. set up an equivalent of OPP. What could possibly go wrong? Just ask residents of Caledonia.

        Sorry could not resist.

        1. What happened in caledonia is not an argument against Alberta having a provincial police force. Think the rcmp would have acted any differently?

          1. No, that is my point exactly. Provincial police and RCMP are no different. Jackbooted thugs one and all. If Alberta separates Alberta will need own police. Don’t see how having one before separation will change anything.

        2. The OPP and other police forces, have political masters. If you’re going to point a finger, at least identify the correct, behind the scene scoundrels.

          1. “Ve ver yust folovik orderz” … there is a historical precedent when this argument did not work.

      1. He’s Laurentian Elite. He supported Blackie’s first election, has stated he’s a good guy and he’s a big fan of K-bec/Ontario power/control.
        You are a deplorable in his eye and he wouldn’t cross the street to piss on me if my face was on fire.

  1. What are the implications of the San Francisco’s new District Attorney firing of seven prosecutors?

    Will this mean more criminals on the street, in addition to more shite?

    Just curious. I haven’t been to SF in years and while I was thinking of a spring vacation, I’m now thinking not California.

      1. “While we do not generally comment on active lawsuits, we’d like to take this opportunity to point out that we do have a closed captions category.”

        Imagine having that job.

  2. And now the funniest thing I have heard so far this morning, in so many ways. Blackie’s head of our military stated that due to growing natural disasters because of global warming, it will be difficult to also defend Canada. Strange, I don’t remember that being an issue when I was an officer in the army. We were more worried about the Liberals not providing us with the material and leadership support we needed.

    1. They wouldn’t supply blanks FFS!
      The CAF hasn’t been able to defend Canada for over half a century.

      1. Yes by all means, permit me to interpret.

        “Blackie’s head of our military stated that due to growing natural disasters because of global warming, it will be difficult to also defend Canada.”

        When Little Potato says this, he means “It will be difficult to defend Canada because Global Warming. So MY GOVERNMENT (in collusion with the NDP, or the Bloc – or who knows, even the CONservatives, whoever we have to collude with) won’t be spending any money on defense of Canada anymore – it’s too hard, no point trying; and besides, I need the money for telethon pledges.”

        And we Canadians shouldn’t complain and likely won’t notice the difference anyways, Canada spends so little on defence already.

    1. The 20% of the young adults who are unemployed and in their parents, too. As without jobs, they’ll be living at home til they are 60.
      That should be sufficient.

      Independent Alberta and Saskatchewan will have to recruit the new provincial police. Once separate, as independence will not be enough to develop the economy fully. A standard of living 20% higher than the left-over part of Canada.

      Then the 1 year of military service with a large militia to make up the 2% of GNP will guarantee quick NATO membership. With judicial and reform of the criminal code and a Charter w/o the Marxist parts, the crime rate will be so low. Seniors and children will be safe in their homes, streets and parks. The increased level of exercise outdoor will reduce the health care costs, too.

      The citizenry could live in a nation with the same level of social cohesion and trust. That all of Canada had back in 1967.

    1. A sane voice but sadly in the wilderness. Ideology of the mobocracy and their sycophant political leaders has totally trumped pragmatism

  3. Blackie’s media reminds us this morning that the most important issue facing Canadians, is Hitler Doug Ford’s persecution of poverty stricken teachers in Ontario. Heart breaking tales put together by teacher unions of polls and parents crying in the streets about teachers lining up at food banks. Fight for socialism and make everything free again. Vote for the provincial Liberals.

  4. So long as y’all keep electing Trudeau and liberals in general, North Twerpistan will continue to be known as a land where there are some good people, some hockey players of note (not always overlapping domains) and poverty driven by the insane, otherwise known as “the government”. Splitting off Quebec is a feature, not a bug. Happy and maybe, a more prosperous 2020 (if you get rid of the Twerp of a PM and his appointees).

  5. Canada’s influence on the world stage and it’s ability to get things done is evident in the Ukrainen Air disaster. We sent a team of investigators to the site and have demanded they be part of attempting to try and determine what exactly happened.

    We have no diplomatic ties with iran. We had to ask the Iranians to issue visas to allow our people the ability to get into the country. Once there our investigators have be largely ignored. The Iranians have no interest in cooperating with Canada no matter how much bongo stamps his feet.

    Canada doesn’t seem to understand that the shooting down of the plane tragedy that it is, is not the fault of Trump. The middle east is on the verge of exploding and the center of all the discontent is Iran. Gender training that the Canadian forces are providing over there doesn’t mean jack shit

    1. Bravo!
      Canadians are flailing around in an attempt to appear globally relevant; an exercise in futility as long as Justupid and the Liberals are in power. Hang your heads in shame, comrades.

      1. Nowadays, we get our horse apples courtesy of Parliament and our two Prime Ministers in particular.

  6. https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/greener-heating-1.5429709

    The CBC has an extremely annoying article on heating your home with electricity instead of gas. Noted are heat pumps…baseboard heaters…and how they stink in cold weather.
    Of course the halfwits in Vancouver think electric heat is just great.
    And powerlines are never knocked out by ice or wind storms.
    And electricity prices have never been artificially raised by ‘green initiatives’.
    The Net Zero people are your enemy.

  7. Pipeline protesters have closed BC Ferries, cutting off service to Vancouver Island. Global News stating protesters in support of hereditary chiefs and their blockade of pipeline protest and to “prevent violent invasion by the RCMP”. Good work Global, that really helps.

  8. Health Canada has been saying to our compliant media that the coronavirus, from China, has not been proven to have human-to-human contact characteristics — so Canadians need not worry. However, breaking news here, China has now declared that their corona virus can in fact spread by human-to-human contact, and as such can spread fast:

    So Canadians should not worry. But:

    1. the U.S. airports, receiving direct flights from China, are starting to screen ALL passengers from that country;

    2. Canada, in contrast, has put up electronic warning signs, on flights from China, SUGGESTING that passengers who feel sick should contact a Canadian flight representative about what to do.

    3. the coronavirus is spreading fast. As of this writing over 200 are known to have the new disease.

    Note the contrast. of the U.S. with Canada. Remember the SARS outbreak here. Our country is standing on guard for thee.

    1. If Trudeau and the laurentian elite cared about Canadians they would adopt the same precautions as the Americans.

      Not going to happen, because the Chinese masters would not approve.

      1. truly, yes, TRULY I hope the TURDoo 2.0 contracts the virus, pukes his guts out
        and DIES infected with the virus.

    2. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/china-confirms-new-coronavirus-spreads-from-humans-to-humans/ar-BBZ9gP1?ocid=spartandhp

      The Libranos are prolly hoping that a bunch of racist whiteys will get wiped out so they can bring more Uber drivers, office cleaners and nannies into the post-nation of Canaduh.
      The Chicoms flying everywhere are mostly peasants and know as much about hygiene as Blackbeard knows about quantum physics and that’s why their toddlers piss in the airplane’s aisle while the parents hock and spit on it.

  9. Should Hillary Have Been President?

    COMMENT: You just support Trump. Hillary won the popular vote and should be in the white house.

    REPLY: You seem to think that the popular vote should pick the president. I am certain if it had been the other way you be against the popular vote. The system was designed to prevent the tyranny of one state dominating the rest, which is what took place in Europe. Merkel unilaterally opened the gates to “Syrian Refugees” and that decision she made herself without a vote, even by the German people. She alone has decided the fate of all of Europe. That is how the political decisions of one state can impose tyranny upon all others in the union.

    You are also probably unaware the Hillary also beat Obama in the Democratic primaries. The Democratic nomination for the 2008 election was interesting for Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but ultimately Obama won more unpledged delegates and therefore the nomination. The delegates made the choice personally, not the people. Did they want to have the first black president or woman? They chose Obama for they believed he would gain them the victory for all the black voters would come out for him but not her.

    Even that did not really work for during the actual presidential election of 2008, Obama won only 52.9% of the popular vote. There was no landslide which they were looking for. Obama agreed to give Hillary the State Department, which she turned into a money-making scheme to appease her since she had also won the popular vote in the primaries.

    Personally, I prefer a NON-CAREER politician. It does not matter what party they reside in, for it will always be them against us.


  10. The country’s elites continue to push for Canada to bow down to China. On Blackie’s CTV political panel tonight, the former chief of staff to Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien explained that we must surrender to China and send back the Huawei executive. Canadians have to realize that members of the Liberal Party have important business ties to that country.

    1. NASA spends millions on training and equipment and the 20 minute
      drive in a Tesla to the launch pad on private property, is probably safe. (I wouldn’t drive one even if I got it for free)

      Guess they have to do what the boss man wants.
      It’s Elon, you know, mustn’t look old fashioned!

      I like these better. Very nostalgic.

  11. What one is NOT seeing in these old “videos” is the horse poop piling up on the streets with the resulting flies and unsanitary conditions.. I understand that – back in 1895 or thereabouts – New York was considering such buildup a serious problem and held a conference as to how to deal with said problem. The solution – of course – was the automobile.