14 Replies to “Nobody could have seen this happening”

  1. If a trans prisoner who is in jail for rape identifies as a lesbian then there’s nothing “the system” can do.

    Except adopt rules that say reality trumps fantasy and feelings. The price of admittance to a women’s prison is an operation… a Lop-a-dick-offa-mi. Saying “I feel as though I’ve already had one” doesn’t count. Drugs and hormone shots don’t count. Have a little guillotine present for the physical at admittance.

  2. Solitary confinement works, separate them from everyone.
    Or a prison just for gender changers, of all persuasions, they will figure eachother out.

  3. There is nothing in the universe, so well run, that a liberal won’t screw it up.
    This is the result of Liberals changing LGBTQ from a mental health issue, that may or not be treatable, to something the rest of us are forced to accept and embrace as better than normal. Liberals are patting themselves on the back over this result and expect the rest of us to deal with it.

  4. Karen White is a raging psychopath gaming the system, and we fall for it — at the expense of the women who were assaulted and raped.

    1. We surely don’t have any similar person playing such games here in Canada, now do we? (Yeah, right.)

      1. Yaniv, Jessica….?

        When that sack of perverted violence Prone Filth finally finds HIMself behind bars….should make for most interesting times no.?

        1. Keean Bexte of Rebel News is filing a lawsuit against him/her/xit for the recent assault outside the courthouse.

  5. You would almost begin to think our progressive comrades are out to hurt as many people as possible.
    almost like they worship the God of Chaos?
    What religion have our comrades embraced?
    For they forbid GOD from their convention,yet they profess to pray?
    Or is that PREY?
    This “Gender at Will” idiocy should be inflicted on all proggs.
    Just as the new rules,They shall have the opportunity to prove their innocence.
    Cause that is their own standard.
    For normal people the presumption of innocence shall remain.for all Demon Rat s and their voters,all that is needed is a”credible female accuser” and off with their heads..
    The do insist the deserve “fairness” and treating as they demand we be treated is only fair.

    And that “female” can be anyone who feels they wish to self identify at any moment.
    Let them enjoy.

  6. This isn’t exactly on topic but closely related.
    The women’s hockey group is pissed off that women’s hockey doesn’t pay like the NHL. What they fail to grasp is that NHL hockey is good/entertaining because it simply is the best there is.
    So here is my solution.
    Fill the rosters of the women’s hockey clubs with nhl caliber players who “identify” as females. Problem solved.
    Your welcome.

    1. Or even better, fill ONE team with NHL’ers who identify as female, and send them forth. History attests that the women’s hockey teams with real women on them, will soon get tired of being annihilated every game they play against that team, just as tired as real female athletes in the real world are getting of always coming-in second to some wank who’s calling himself a girl so he always wins.

      But it should make for some really entertaining hockey! Maybe enough so that fans start paying NHL prices to watch the women’s teams get slaughtered by the “Great Pretenders”, and there might be enough money going round to pay them NHL salaries.

    2. “The women’s hockey group is pissed off that women’s hockey doesn’t pay like the NHL. What they fail to grasp is that NHL hockey is good/entertaining because it simply is the best there is.”
      They also fail to understand that the money has to come from somewhere. Anyone willing to pay NHL prices for women’s hockey?
      But we just get the government to pay, or force the evil corporations to do so.