Belated SDA Festivus

Festivus is a secular event celebrated every December 23rd. One of its main highlights is the Airing of Grievances.

Though we’re a bit late from the official date, today dear SDA reader, we are asking you to share with us your Top 3 to 10 list of . . . Complaints about Leftists.

To help stir your creative energies, please watch this.

22 Replies to “Belated SDA Festivus”

  1. Hatred, haters, the party of hate.
    Humourless haters.
    I hate to be repetitive but that is the most positive thing I can say about those HATE MONSTERS.

  2. Leftists cultivate a culture of blame, never taking personal responsibility to fix the injustices that they perceive. Take any issue that they complain about and it is never their fault. Because they don’t take personal responsibility, they never fix any problem, just exacerbate it.

  3. I still think it’s shameful that you need a parks Canada pass to be in the city of Banff. You literally have to buy a permit to visit a Canadian city. If it was Toronto no one would accept that but because it’s Alberta no one cares. That’s just one of many reasons why Canada is a joke. If wexit ever succeeds all eastern mouth breathers should have to pay a damn toll.

      1. Banff is nothing but a Clip Joint. Why not give the orientals one more shearing at the door? It’s not like any Canadian would be stupid enough to visit.

  4. Yeah,I have all the usual complaints about the Left and the lunacy perpetrated by them, but my biggest complaint is against the alleged Right, at least in Canada, and their utter failure to look at themselves and see how out of touch they are with voters.
    And I am SO fucking sick and tired of the conservative bleat,”the voters are stupid”, as the reason why the schmucks they sent to do the job failed. That’s far more an issue with me than the Left.
    Now the CPC leadership looks like a cakewalk for Peter McKay, of the Eastern establishment and The Desmarais’ boy, just like Brian F***ing Mulroney was,and even if by some miracle he should win,the West wouldn’t be much better off as he represents the East, just as Trudeau.
    Yeah,I have lots of complaints about the Left, and they couldn’t give a damn about my opinion, or yours, but if we ever want to improve our lot here in the West, we better face the facts, and that is Western Separation or forever be slaves to the East. We are well and truly screwed in this part of the country.

    1. I’m with ya on that DON..100%.

      It simply does not matter WHO goes into the PMO, ea & every one has had to bend the knee and kiss the ASS of the Laurentien Elites: Desmarais, Morneau, McLeans, Bronfmanns etc. Their Predecesors ensured that the EAST would always remain in ascension over the West.

      One look at the number of MP’s in PEI will tell ya that in a heartbeat, (4), for a population of 153,110 people. 1 MP for every 38,777 folks

      Where that Ratio Applied to Alberta, & Saskatchewam (5.2M folks), we’d have some 135 MP’s . (REALITY..?? 48). And if anyone actually Believes the EAST will give up their control over the west…I’d have to say you’re delusional at best.

      WEXIT: It is the only way forward.

  5. 1 Leftists are arrogant and claim their poo is air freshener substitute.
    2 Leftists want everyone else to pay for their virtue signalling.
    3 The leftist says: Every one is responsible for me (the leftist) except me.
    4 Leftists also say: It is always someone else’s fault despite I did it.
    5 And Leftists will say: I can’t help it/I was born this way. (Claiming incapable of conscious thought and never accepting that actions/consequences are the result of decisions.)
    6 The Left will infiltrate and destroy anything decent. (New Country is a prime example. You get disco, rap, hip hop, heavy metal and even punk rock on “new country music” radio stations but nothing that even remotely resembles country.)
    7 The Left owns most means of communication media and uses its wealth to push its agenda via that means.
    8 Leftists suppress alternate viewpoints to the point of making alternatives illegal.
    9 Leftist have no problem lying to push its agenda.

    1. 6 The Left will infiltrate and destroy anything decent. (New Country is a prime example. You get disco, rap, hip hop, heavy metal and even punk rock on “new country music” radio stations but nothing that even remotely resembles country.)

      At last! An explanation for Shania Twain! (Steve Earle had a choice description of her. Decorum prohibits me from repeating it, so you’ll have to look that one up.)

      But, seriously, I saw what you described. Look at what happened to PBS’s Austin City Limits.

      1. Recalling an interview I saw years ago, Shania Twain songs were written to be pop, or country.
        They went country for the money.

      2. Shania Twain’s first song -Dance with the one that brought you – is the only one that resembles country. It’s the only song of her’s that I like. Not surprising, she was quoted as hating it.

      3. ha ha ha!!!
        my email signature used to be ‘shania twain sure put the c*nt back in c*ntry music’
        lol !!!!

  6. Hmmmmm

    Leftists place Feelings over Facts, when deciding policy over laws.

    Leftists don’t care how much their pet projects cost. They under estimate and oversell their projects because they are necessary and virtuous.

    They abandon personal responsibility.

    They hate Christianity and embrace Islam, yet embrace their politics as religion.

    They are as intolerant of deviant thought to their own, as they accuse others of the same.

  7. I grew up in the 1950s and 60s, went to public school, was forced to attend church, and became an adult in Canada without a trace of racism in my character, race or religion meant next to nothing to me (other than learning and being aware of cultural differences), I was an autonomous individual with inalienable rights and freedoms and I treated with all others the same. I associated with, worked with, anyone, including aboriginals. I will NEVER forgive the left for their promotion of racism, they deliberately encourage hatred between identity groups. That’s my grievance and it’s a big one.

  8. Well they hate us and themselves,truth will burn their lips,so by default they must lie.
    But my biggest grievance is that we are so far gone,that I cannot take these evil worms at their own word and smote them as they deserve.
    They say they want me and mine dead.
    Why for should I doubt them?
    Why is it “unreasonable” to act as if they mean what they say?
    I am fully in support of population control,for those who advocate draconian controls on everyone else.

    This indeed grieves me, life would be so much more entertaining and peaceful if truth was enforced.
    If you do not mean what you say,then shut up.
    Bring back duelling.
    Tool users versus virtue posturers…
    Oh yeah.
    Not to mention one hell of a retirement hobby for cranky old men.

  9. The LEFT have brought the Trojan horse into the castle , now we have to defend from the inside as well as the out! The Knight’s of the Templar are needed to create a Western Country! Where the one lost, will become TWO!
    Night is falling on civilization due to the lies that are spread as Truth! Time waits for no one , the chance to correct this Malaise is at hand or we fail forever! May God be with us!

  10. 1) What they do.
    2) What they say.
    3) How they think.
    4) How they look.
    5) How they smell.

    I am hoping they don’t drive the country to such a disaster that we have to find out how they taste.

  11. 1) They shit all over everything then are surprised and can’t figure out why things are suddenly now shitty.
    1a) They lack critical thinking skills. It makes them logically inconsistent and intellectually dishonest examples: gender is a construct vs holy temple of trans for example or black face bad but “brown face” is empathetic or we hates America and Western Civilization and say so all the time until we need to present the image of we loves all that stuff etc. They can’t see real cause and effect, they make up relationships that aren’t there and ignore obvious first principals. They argue in two totally incompatible directions at the same time. No body knows the rules and the rules constantly change. You could open a dictionary and point randomly to find the next racist thing for example.
    2) They are fundamentally miserable. They are self hating extroverts (vs introverted self hatred. suicide is for you & Jeffry Epstien) Emotions and subjectivity are everything so noting can ever be good enough or fixed enough to make these empty, perpetually sour people whole.
    2a) They are narcissists – only How They Feel is Important and not just Important but World Saving Important. how anyone else feels, if it isn’t exactly the same, is toddler melt down inducing. The US was torn by identity politics under Obumbles but it’s only “bad now”.
    2b) They can’t live and let live. YOU have to be fixed and since they hate themselves and you, the fix would require a lobotomy or replacement, which means non liberals are forced to fight eventually.
    3) They project. Everything they feel or do that is bad they project onto everyone else. It’s like projectile vomit. “I hate you you hater. See what you made me do- I’m a loving person!” Virtue signaling. Everything the left accuses the right of – collusion, steeling elections, corruption, etc