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  1. I have no use for that retread MacKay and even less for Charest. For my money, the only candidate within the Conservative ranks worthy of my support is Pierre Poilievre.

    1. Indeed. Poilievre seems to have some killer instinct in him, let’s hope that’s not just more virtue signalling.

      I can see McKay and Charest as the favourites amongst the eastern elites, for gawd knows what reason….they’re controllable maybe? In any event, neither of those would foster much popularity or support beyond the Ontario border.

      Maybe the CPC should take another look at that big blue map of Canada and pay attention to where that BIG BLUE area is!

      It sure isn’t Nova Scotia or Queerbec!

    2. Ambrose would catch some blue Liberals but don’t expect any conservative policies, just less of the same and exactly the same on key issues regarding immigration and LGBTQ and the UN and environment.

      1. you don’t know Rona. She is more of a libertarian ie. fiscally conservative socially liberal. smaller government, more individual freedom and less tax. what isn’t there to like?

  2. Gee, I don’t know if the void is all that “yawning”. I mean, scheer-the-steer and his sheep all raised their little hands to support turdo la doo on the Paris Climate crap, but a hell of a lot of “Conservatives” from the party base still voted for the gutless, nutless, wonders.

  3. Peter MacKay is a shining symbol for everything that was wrong with, and ultimately killed, the Canadian PC party. If he is elected leader, we can expect the same trajectory.

    Charest? What a sad joke.

    Two “yesterday’s men”.

    1. There’s a chasm between MacKay and Charest into which you could fit the Prairies.

      MacKay was a loyal Harper supporter for many years and while I’m a little cautious of him, I feel he’d make an acceptable party leader.

      Charest, on the other hand, is not to be trusted one stinking bit. He’d blow the party to smithereens. There’d be nothing left of it. He’d listen not one bit to anyone west of Ontario and would no doubt start openly sneering at any Reform types in very short order. Scheer’s worst tendencies only magnified a hundred fold.

      If it comes down to those two in some form, you crawl on broken glass to vote for MacKay. Unless your goal is total implosion of the party, then you vote Charest.

      1. MacKay has already been party leader and his only note was being the sucker who took over from Clark, who was the sucker who got left holding Charest’s bag the last time he abandoned the party.

        He’s no Harper loyalist and never was, he’s an old-school Red Tory with delusions of adequacy.Charest is worse, but it’s a matter of degree, not inclination.

        Both aren’t even yesterday’s men, they’re proven failures at the job already. they’re 2 of the last 3 PC leaders, bookending perennial failure Joe Clark

  4. I’m a western separatist now so I don’t really care about Federal politics. Whoever will screw us the least until we split.

    1. There needs to be a recognition that Prairies/most of BC Conservatives can’t win in central Canada and points east *and* that central and Eastern Canada Conservatives will bomb in Prairies/most of BC. Before I suggested co-leaders but there is another way.

      There could be a non-competition pact whereby central/eastern Canada red Tory Conservatives run in their area plus Winnipeg, lower mainland BC and maybe Edmonton . Prairie Reform type Conservatives run in the rest of the ridings. Red Tories and Reform Conservatives are too different to be one party but alike enough to be federal coalition partners.

      It’s also the only way for the rights and concerns of PrairieWest voters to be heard. Other than separation, of course.

  5. We have the media telling us to go left to win, but I am with you. Mackay is a no-go, though he could win. Charest is a disaster, even if he brings Quebec votes. Pierre is the only one on the slate. Erin is another “unknown” Scheer compromise.

    1. Yes, McKay could win. He could also win if he joined the Liberals and ran for them. Either way, I think he wouldn’t cure what ails us.

  6. Progressives high jacking the conservative movement started by the Reform to defeat the Progressives. We simply have 3 progressive parties vying for the same position. And if you are “socially” conservative you don’t even deserve to have your view considered.

    On another note. Flew out of Calgary yesterday. 95% of those flying were white. 95% of security personnel were of colour and spoke poor English.

    1. I have to go “Airside” Vanc Airport now and again. Same , security Mo’ like.. My theory “takes one to know one”.. Hope I am right, but I doubt it!

    2. 95% of security personnel were of colour and spoke poor English.

      The same thing in Edmonton and they tend to be rougher than the whites.

  7. Anyone pushed by the media is toxic. The media is not conservative and in fact is blatantly anti-conservative. They like Red Tories like McKay and Charest. McKay is Joe Clark with a chin. Charest is a carpetbagger as are the consultants / staffers that drive away the base while choreographing the disasters called campaigns. The media likes Red Tories as it shifts the centre to the left which is the only direction they know and like.

  8. Peter McCuck is a L-O-S-E-R. CPC members – who ones hopes are not blind to the power of symbolism – would do well to remember that this wimp was dating Belinda Stronach when she – much to his upset and surprise (“My heart’s a little banged up”) – crossed the floor to the Liberals. THE MAN WAS CUCKOLDED BY THE LIBERAL PARTY FOR CHRISSAKES!!!!! And I had assumed that this very public humiliation at the hands of the opposition had made him non-viable as a leadership candidate. Mr. McCuck is also too closely associated with certain elements that the CPC needs to hold in check: (i) Toronto-centric party activist-types who want to turn the party into the Liberal Party 2.0 and (ii) the old rump of the Progressive-Conservative party which he once led (doesn’t anyone remember his pitiful deal with David Orchard?), and which many of us thought had been given a very public and much-needed funeral.

  9. Well, here’s the facts, Folks. The West will never separate, and there will never be a conservative government in Ottawa.

    So take care of you and yours.

    1. Agreed. My patriotism has died but I hate to be a dour dude about it. Separatism will never happen either so I can’t be bothered to do much more than vote Wexit if given the chance.

      Time to focus on friends, family and local community. Exploit from Canada as much as you can and be as defensive as is reasonable. Enjoy life and leave politics for web-surfing entertainment purposes only.

  10. It’s easy for me to find a new tent. Pretty difficult to manufacture a new base.

    They abandoned conservative sometime in the 90s. They are never going back. Stop wasting your time and money.

  11. I keep hearing people tweet things, say things, etc., like “social conservatives need not apply”.

    Well, I am not voting against Trudeau then. You can try to beat him with virtue signalling, or going harder left, or whatever you think will work. You have to pay for my vote, you will never get it for nothing.

    Have fun in PM Trudeau’s third term.

  12. The libranos are so bold as to run their own candidate in the CPC race. They promoted the ouster of Scheer to create chaos while the libranos rebuild after the October whipping their boy took.

    It’s obvious from the election results where the conservative base is. The old mulroney guard who have been sitting on the back bench are now resurrected. If their candidate wins the leadership and by some sleight of hand manages to defeat bongo well…nothing changes. The laurentiens win.

    Charest is their boy. He’s got credentials for either party. Peter McKay is a quisling type.

    The librano formula is in place. Alienate Alberta and by extension SK. Make no concession on any front. Paint the west as enemies of Canada all the while lavish quebeckkie with all manner of favours and money. Buy off fishworld and placate enough of 416 and 905 to produce a librano majority for now and into the distant future.

    My guess is that the CPC leadership is going to undo the coalition that Harper was able to keep together. The west will be turned away leading to a further balkanisation of the country.

  13. well now I hope cuckservatives learned from the last mistake, thumping the bible does not a leader make. It takes a little more than supporting some one who is religious, just like ME, yep, McScheep thumped the bible just rite!!!!

    1. I did not notice Scheer thumping his Bible. In fact, he did not make an issue of his religion, but the media did. These days, leaders are supposed to march in gay parades. It really is a violation of personal autonomy. Unfortunately, Canadians seem willing to tolerate this lack of respect for Christian religious beliefs– while bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims. It’s very strange.

  14. Time for us out West to quit wasting time and energy on lost causes like the CPC and Canada. I actually hope they install a disaster like Charest as leader, it will simply prove what a farce that party has become.

  15. O’Donnell’s first law of politics:

    Voter satisfaction with conservative leadership is inversely proportional to media delight in who they stuck us with.

  16. Western separation would be best for Western Canada,but barring that it would be nice to have a federal government that gives a damn about us.

    If we are to continue this red tie versus blue tie theater,I’d rather the CPC wins with Polievre at the helm,as McKay is THE lapdog of the Eastern power elite more than any other politician in Canada,with the exception of Mulroney. McKay’s dating card alone is enough to show suckers, er voters who the guy really represents,and it’s Billionaires Row in the Laurentians, not us peasants. What other politician dated the daughters of two of the wealthiest men in Canada, Frank Stronach and Paul Desmarais?

    Abt is right,the Mulroney conservatives have been sitting back waiting for their chance to run the show again, and it could happen if the Elite tire of Trudeau and Butts’ show of ineptitude. I have great faith in the CPC’s ability to fuck things up though, and figure they’ll elect McKay and watch the new version of the LPC take another election,this time with a comfortable majority.

  17. If the leaders stood up and bitch slapped the lies out of the media instead of cowering and capitulating the party would find support they never dreamed of.

    The media is the enemy not Trudeau who simply spews what the media wants . Take the media down and you take the Libs with them. Focusing on the Libs allows the media attacks to continue.

    But it takes a spine

    1. Ambrose would catch some blue Liberals but don’t expect any conservative policies, just less of the same and exactly the same on key issues regarding immigration and LGBTQ and the UN and environment.

  18. Liberals should appoint their 2nd place choice as CPC leader, or Charest, whatever.

    Save money by not having a leadership convention and then they can hand out free memberships to Somali refugees, they’re the most corrupt group of people on the planet and are very good at taking white rubes for suckers. The CPC could then be in power forever.

  19. One common view, which might be expressed by the chatteratti:

    Do you want an ideologically pure, forever in opposition, party or do you want actual power? The base alone can’t win election.

    In other words, there must be a fourth left wing party in this country as the contry is left wing.

    Well, that’s the purpose of leadership, to move the people. Also shut down the CBC.

    1. Yet the sad truth about Canada is that 60+% of the electorate will vote for a centrist party AT BEST (and in Canada, the elite has always defined “Liberal” as “centrist”, no matter whether it’s true; everyone else gets a position assigned relative to that). And that number goes higher once you cross the MB/ON border going east. The population numbers are what they are. A party that appeals primarily to the concerns of AB/SK will not win enough seats in ON/PQ to form a federal government.

      It’s an existential dilemma for the CPC. And increasingly so for the country as a whole. Can two regions with such divergent (and continuing to diverge) views on what’s best for the country continue to peacefully coexist within that country? I’m not sure the answer to that question will be “Yes” in the medium to long term.

  20. West needs “Reform 2.0”

    CPC tries to suck and blow at the same time. Need to split back to east and west factions. Majority governments are terrible whoever manages to form one. Maritimers are truly addicted to federal welfare. They will never vote for a scaaaary Westerner led CPC. Harper had a few Maritime MP’s. His tentative timid attempts at fixing the welfare dependency were met with outrage and fear, quickly abandoned, but still Maritimes voted Lieberal with Harper 5 years gone

    CPC needs to stop pretending it is something that it is not – a coast to coast party, capable of representing the entire variety of voting blocs. Reform1.0 went for the golden ring, forced PC’s into union and transformed into the pigs at the end of Animal Farm. Westerners should get behind McKay. He was the last leader of the federal PC. Get him back, he can be the last leader of the CPC

  21. Ok so all is lost, etc etc.
    Just lump me in then with the demographic (and growing) of those deplorable eligible voters that won’t cast a vote for any of them. That number is currently ranging from 40-60 % and growing.
    Now I’m not gifted with some mystic sense of what motivates the very partisan to stick with their choice no matter how many times their party shafts them, but I will suggest that the odds that at some point someone is going to come along that won’t necessarily promise the moon to that non-voting demographic, but they will so offend the Laurentian Elite, the Ottawa bureaucratic bubble, and the media fart catchers, that while that individual holds no promise of improving things, they will ensure that everyday they hold office the aforementioned trifecta will experience the hell they put the deplorables through.
    The current crop of what they call conservatives won’t do that.
    I figured the fix was in on this contest when it was announced Raitt would be chairing the convention.

    1. Don’t you just hate it when you post and then another thought hits you like a proverbial 2×4?

      History has a feature of repeating but doing so exponentially. What I mean is that the effects of the last Trudeau almost broke the country until some level of sanity and common sense returned to put the brakes on.
      Well mostly thanks to Regan and Thatcher.
      The current trajectory of Canada does not look good but for the halo effect from the US. However, this time the POTUS isn’t someone that suffers fools gladly and any halo effect coming from Washington will be extremely limited.
      But I digress to the point at hand.
      Should Canada continue on this path, eventually parts of our frontier (arctic) will become economic protectorates of the US and there won’t be a damn thing Ottawa will be able to do about it. The symbolism will hit the trifecta like metaphorical 2×4 and it will be for them anyways, an existential crisis.
      Would Trump do such a thing?
      Well, what has he done all the other time’s he’s perceived an existential threat to the US?
      Then ask, would a foreign power taking control of the Arctic be seen as a threat to the US by Trump?
      Oh and a quote from a past PM on Canada’s claim of the Arctic:

      “Use it or lose it”

  22. I have moved on from the CPC and will vote Wexit both provincially and federally. It is where Reform should have gone before Manning took it east. A wasted 25 years in the history of the West.

    McKay used to be a regular on the rubber chicken circuit, out West, after the CPC formed government. It was so obvious that he was trying to build bridges for a leadership bid once Harper left. The Red Tory movement was infiltrating the Reform core of the Harper base long before election defeat.

    If the CPC nominate an easterner Wexit will surge forward more quickly. Easterners are pumping Ambrose because of her progressive cred but even she would struggle out West. Notice how the MSM does not discuss how badly the Wexit movement will impact the CPC as it peels off support in ridings that they have assumed will be solid. After the next federal election the CPC will no longer be a national party just like the Liebels. Since the next election will also likely be held during a recession the divisions will simply be amplified.

    The rot in the Canadian political scene is so extensive that the fallout of a severe recession will be tremendous. The idea that the CPC could have a leadership campaign and not nominate a leader who can enunciate a cogent conservative philosophy and platform is stunning. The only question in the West is whether Wexit has such a leader?

    1. “Easterners are pumping Ambrose because of her progressive cred”

      The only reason Ambrose is a Conservative and not a Liberal is Liberals can’t get elected in Alberta and she wanted to be elected.

  23. Haven’t seen anyone else say it yet so….

    How about Brett Wilson ?

    otherwise, I am not interested in the media pushed crop of CINOs. F**k them all and F**k CPC HQ as well. Not getting a cent out of me for a long time and I certainly didn’t renew my membership.

  24. The conservative party is a sinking ship, worse then the Titanic.
    The 100,00 voting base are so obsessed with Quebec, and think you cant win without them. The truth is consistently, get like 15 percent of the vote there, and they wind up voting separatist. Not only that, Quebec is so far left, they are not even compatible with party policy. So in their wisdom they think the answer is to only allow a far left, fluent french to run. This just alienates the rest of Canada, so you lose seats to either to the PPC or the reform party. We have so many good people In Ontario and out West that are smart, speak well, and are positive, but will never get in because they are not francophone. The party wont even learn from their mistakes, remember how the reform party almost won.

  25. The ‘west’ reminds me of a child I saw the other day, writhing on the floor and bawling his eyes out because he wasn’t getting the cereal he wanted. With snot running down his nose and cries of “I’m going to separate!”, finally his mom feigned walking away before he finally got up and dutifully trailed after her.

    The east has far more staunch conservative supporters than her NDP supporting Alberta cousins. What is it again, Nenshi in Calgary and NDP in Edmonton? I forget. We elected Toronto born and raised Harper, and we can elect another economic and socially conservative conservative. We don’t need Quebec, and a wailing in the aisle Alberta is only a distraction. Remember, the east didn’t elect Sheer as leader. We all did. And the west didn’t vote for a Quebec born Max as leader when it could have counted. What do they say about hindsight?

    Threaten to separate *Yawn* I’ll be in the parking lot starting the car.

  26. Had a phone call about a week ago from the Conservatives wanting money. Gave them a blast….no money till after the leadership convention and if you don’t pick one with true conservative leanings then no money ever again and no future vote. I know, not a big statement but it made me feel better.

  27. So Separation is dead?
    As a western Canadian I say that the eastern voter has next to nothing in common with me,what are the Conservatives Conserving?
    All I see the Blue Team of the UniParty doing,actions not empty promises, is conserving the Liberal thefts.
    Every infringement of individual rights and freedoms by our parasitic overlords continues..
    I had hope until Steven Harper showed me the truth.
    If we want property rights and the ability to pass our assets on to our descendants we need to quit Can Ahh Duh as soon as possible.
    For institutional Stealing is the model of “Good Governance” our Eastern Comrades hold sacred and vote to continue.
    especially double plus good if that wealth is stolen from the West.

    There is no scandal big enough to move eastern voter, no lie too odious,no theft too big and no betrayal too foul to stomach.
    We ,as a Confederation,are institutionally dishonest.
    Canada will never admit their total dependence on the USA for military protection and economic activity.
    We are a vassal.
    When will we demand a country?

    The current handouts to our citizens of convenience are priceless,from a Government who says the Veterans are demanding too much.