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    1. Well no worries, Aladdin has got their back. Build the economy from the hart and there is plenty to spare for his press agents.

    2. The CBC needs a forensic Audit…. It is hard for a Broadcaster to spend 1.2 billion (Grant) + 600M… plus advert revenue without fraudulent transactions…..Most Networks make a profit of ~1.5 billion without Government Grants… CBC has insane costs, are they funding a communist County like Cuba, or New Zealand?

      1. A forensic audit. Wouldn’t that be nice. When S. H. Failed to shine a light on the ministry of truth, I lost all hope for my country.

    3. Is this any surprise? Even in leftwing socialist Canada, there is a limit to the amount of Social Justice Bullshit people will tolerate, and the infotainment screeching that starts at 6pm everyday is one of those things that grows tiresome, very quickly.
      When the Normies have a normal day, everyday, yet see this alt-reality fantasy world on the “news”, we turn it off and don’t return. And the ad revenues, related to the dropping viewership, backs up the fact that we just don’t watch PROPAGANDA.
      Less than 1% viewership for CBC news? Hah! Its STILL too high!

    4. How much of that missing revenue came from a cranky old racist bastard in a loud sports jacket?

    5. I have become addicted to “Coronation Street” once again. However, if the CBC was to disappear, I would not suffer greatly because of not seeing “Coronation Street”. In fact, with the coming of spring , warmer weather and more hours of sunshine, I will be weaning myself off of it once again.
      One day, I will be pulling the plug on all cable TV as all the stations are crap and as a former interior designer/business owner, the shows on HGTV are crap.

      1. I will be pulling the plug on all cable TV as all the stations are crap

        The only channel I regularly watch now is Turner Classic Movies. If it wasn’t for that, I probably would have cancelled my cable a long time ago.

        When I first started getting my extended cable package nearly 20 years ago, a number of the channels were worth watching. Unfortunately, due to various business deals and changes in programming, they became rubbish. Bravo is now CTV’s re-run channel, History Television seems to be nothing but reality shows, and, as for what used to be Encore Avenue, the less said the better.

        1. Canceled mine six years ago. Many years ago an English prof told me I had to suspend disbelief in order to accept the premise, in premise fiction and if I continued to criticize the author for improbablility in my book reports I could expect a low grade, so I developed sufficient ability to suspend disbelief, to pass his course… but I found it distasteful. When I realized that i was being billed over $100 a month for programming, the great majority of which I didn’t watch because it required that I suspend disbelief, I told them why I wasn’t gona pay. Much to my surprise I haven’t heard a word from them since.

      2. BM & BA, I’ve been enjoying MeTV that was added to our regular cable last year.

        The Rifleman, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Adam 12, Andy Griffith Show, Leave it to Beaver, Cannon, Mannix, The Twilight Zone, Dragnet, The Waltons, and many many more from that era.

        Takes me back to the days when the whole family huddled around our 27″ console TV and watched programs together… ha, the much more innocent days when I could feel the discomfort in our living room during an on-screen kiss.

        1. I have a collection of various movies and TV shows on DVD. I’m going through my copy of The Jewel In The Crown, which aired in Britain in early 1984 and, a few months later, on the CBC and then PBS (back when that network was still worth watching).

          It’s nice to see that TJITC is still as captivating now as it was when I first saw it. They certainly don’t make shows like that any more.

    6. I’m just curious … has Kate’s readership fallen by 37% over the last year? I highly doubt it. Why? Because people … humans … have an innate bullshit monitor. They KNOW when they’re being LIED to (see: Global Warming), and when they read the TRUTH. The CBC trades in LIES and propaganda. Kate’s posts? Truth.

    1. What happens if the 737 MAX doesn’t get re qualified?
      Will they attempt to re-engine a thousand planes with the older style engines?
      How big a hit would Boeing be on the Stock Market?
      Boeing is 7.79% of the Dow Jones Average, or about 2,200 points.

      1. rd, the fix is not that complicated. get rid of the programing that cased the problems and install older programing that has worked for decades.

          1. MM, give the freaking pilot the ability. When I say older I mean just that. Let the freaking piolet fly the plane. Do you mean to tell me that the system cannot be shut down. If not, why not? If that is the case then ground every plane that cannot be controlled by the pilot.

  1. I watched the Democrat debate tonight…The only American on the stage who didn’t want to crash & burn the bastard (deplorable) greedy American people was Kobacabbage, but she is a one trick pony…. The hate was thick..Stenner thinks Trump has been President for 7 years… Poor Joe loses his words… They need a Hillary badly

    1. I’ve been watching PBS’s Frontline report on the state of American politics, the first part of which aired last night. PBS’s bias against Trump is rather revolting. Most of the people interviewed haven’t got a good thing to say about him and they’re still carrying on as if there actually was collusion with Russia.

      O’Bummer, on the other hand, with his divisiveness, is let off the hook.

      Nothing like objectivity, is there? Why am I not surprised?

      1. Saw Part One last night, and agreed, the overwhelming bias was, predictable, yet pathetic.

        The disdain for Fox and Breitbart is laughable. Fox is the #1 rated cable network, and its not even close, while Breitbart has been an overwhelming success and core of the Populist/Common Sense movement.

        Couldnt bother to watch tonight. I think I know well the story turns out without a jaundiced filter!

        1. The show implies that you-know-who would have been fair, just, and honest, letting her off the hook as well.

          And the PBS station I supported for more than 30 years wonders why I let my membership lapse…..

        2. Part Two just finished. Never have I ever seen such a biased program. It stopped short of referring to Trump as Hitler or calling him Lucifer while completely ignoring the shenanigans of the Democrats.

          I thought that PBS had reached rock bottom before I started watching the show last night, but it managed to dig through that.

      2. Here’s the silver lining.
        PBS needs donations to keep broadcasting.
        If they keep denouncing half of the potential audience, they tune out and the donations drop to half.
        Put it another way, like all forms of socialism, it works until they run out of other people’s money.

        1. I first started watching PBS more than 40 years ago. It always was liberal, but it was also fair and balanced with respect to the right. About 20 years ago, it changed significantly and now it’s pretty much unwatchable. It seems that every one of its shows manages to take a swipe at Trump, even The American Experience.

          This week’s two-part Frontline reached a new low. It didn’t even try to be fair to Trump, being a complete hatchet job. Then again, what should I have expected when it interviewed people like Ben Rhodes and Jeff Flake? I suppose the fact that it also included Steve Bannon meant that it was impartial. (Yeah, right. He was probably there as the token “conservative”.)

    1. Right now, in Calgary, it’s -32°C and the forecast calls for balmy weather next week — at least 35 degrees warmer! It’s mind blowing. The birds did not come to the bird feeder today. I have sunflower seeds in a special thing that only attracts chickadees— there’s is wire hanging from it and the sparrows are afraid to approach it. The chickadees sing when ai come around to fill it!

      1. Yes, and a 2 degree temperature change will cause global catastrophe and mass extinctions. St. Greta says so.

        (The chickadees are probably singing “hurry up, human, I need my fix!” – stay warm! My 10 minute walk to the bus this morning will be chilly even without wind)

        1. The neighbourhood around my house in NE B. C. has lots of birds. Since it’s now winter, I make sure that all the feeders, as well as the feeding station my late father cobbled together, have lots of seed. The little critters need and deserve it.

      2. Nancy, regarding your Chickadee story. We also have a couple feeders, which we keep supplied with black oil sunflower seeds. Our birds happily come to feed every day. we also have an assortment of others, Blue Jays, Grosbeaks, Finches, Nuthatches etc. Two days ago we witnessed mother nature and the cycle of life. While the Chickadees were munching and singing they suddenly began to fly wildly about, then all took off I the same direction. One hit the kitchen window and bounced back to the feeding tree, only to be caught by a Red Tail hawk, who quickly gripped said little bird and flew off for a meal. My wife was at first appalled, but after a brief discussion admitted it was nature being nature.

        1. One day a few seasons ago in Spring, when there was a lot of squawking going on outside, I too saw a bird ‘murder’ involving a magpie and a baby robin. Both parents of the robin took off and gave chase after the magpie who had their baby in its mouth. It was sad to see. Those magpies are huge!

          Then one day there were 4 baby magpies on the lawn. Their parents brought them food and fed them. The babies couldn’t fly so they walked around and pecked at the ground where there were seeds that fell from the bird feeder. One by one, they flew away but kept coming back to see the ‘family’ until one day, they were all gone.

          I used to feed the birds with mixed seed but in an effort to attract other types of birds I tried a bag of hulled sunflower seeds. The feeder has tiny holes in it to dispense the seeds more sparingly for smaller birds like chikadees. If one places a few wires at the bottom of the feeder the sparrows don’t like it and they tend to stick to the ground to get the seeds that fell from the feeder. Mission accomplished. Now there are nuthatches and whatever else. One summer I even saw blue jays at the feeder. I also place a few bird baths out there in summer, improvised out of empty plant saucers placed on unused strawberry planters. They love to splash and have a bath and drink.

          Amazingly, once while seated outside in summer, a chickadee landed on my thigh, I had the presence of mind not to move but it quickly flew away anyway. They live here and sing when fresh food is on its way! I like to think they appreciate the food in the cold weather we are having now. They are hearty little things though!

          1. I see a lot of what you described here at home in Edmonton.

            Several years ago, I saw a hawk or falcon sitting on the roof of the rental office of my apartment complex. It had just killed a bird and was going about having supper when it was harassed by some of the local magpies. They created quite a racket as the raptor was in their territory plus it also posed a potential threat.

            One of the tenants came out and started throwing rocks at them. I was tempted to go downstairs and reprimand her. Yes, the birds made noise, but it was their domain as much as it was ours.

            Meanwhile, at my house in B. C., there is often quite a din during the summer. I’ve got all sorts of birds there and I’m often scolded by some of them when I go out into the back yard. As well, I had a nesting family of sparrows last summer. The birdhouse was on a birch tree that needed to be taken down, but I convinced the fellers to wait until the nestlings were able to fly.

            I haven’t had birds landing on me, but, during the summer, I often have critters fly up to my balcony and land on the railing. Sometimes they come as far as my living room and they look in on me. One year, on a Sunday morning, a blue jay landed on a balcony 2 or 3 floors above me. He made quite a racket, making me glad I wasn’t in that apartment with a hangover.

          2. @1:23 B A
            I was once walking in the neighborhood and got annoyed when a hawk came dangerously close to my head. I thought it wanted some hair for a nest and shooshed it away in fear. It swooped up and back down again. Swoosh again, my arm, waving, by then, I had an adrenalin rush! (What the hell) I then realized I was in fact, probably near her nest in a tree nearby! She was probably warning me to stay away. Never did such a thing even happen when I lived in the wild, in the country! I don’t like ravens ever since I read Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, “The Raven”! (Wasn’t there a reference about it gouging out eyes? I forget…)

            How about bluebirds near apartment blocks in the city? Lucky you! I knew people who lived on the 18th floor in Toronto who put bird seed in a little tray. Surprisingly the birds came and fed way up there too.

            The chickadee that landed on me was when I once wore a pair of black slacks outside. Can birds see color, I often wondered….next time I go out I’ll put some food on a black gloved hand to see if I can attract one again.

            It’s sunny now but still -28C. Brrr! Time to, in fact, feed the critters. Does that make me an eccentric person now? Does that make us all eccentrics? Oh well, our secret!

          3. While I was growing up, we used to have swallows nest each year in a birdhouse right by the kitchen window. For the most part, they didn’t bother with us. Then, one year, we had a nesting pair that buzzed us whenever we were in the back yard, even though the nest was well beyond our reach.

            It made things rather interesting, to say the least.

          4. @3:51 pm B A
            This afternoon…
            Shoveled the patio to get to the bird feeder and it felt eerie out there! Everything was as silent as a tomb. In the silence of a sunny but -28°C day, I could feel eyes staring at me. Many pairs of eyes… it was THEM!

            They came around and sang but waited till I was a few feet away to grab snacks. They wouldn’t eat from my gloved hand where I placed some seed. Their presence was there in less than a minute of the feeder being topped off as the stuff at the bottom was likely frozen. I saw 2 of them. The first one sang to the second one and me, I suppose!

            They looked exactly like these:

          5. Yes NR birds see colour.

            I can recommend a bird book: Backyard Bird Feeding an Alberta Guide by Myrna Pearman.
            Myrna is the biologist at Ellis Bird Farm http://www.ellisbirdfarm.ca
            She is very knowledgeable and cares about the welfare of our feathered friends.

      3. I provide homemade suet balls. bird seed, flower, oatmeal and lots of Crisco.
        the birdies can gobble up 2 of them in a day dep on the weather.

        had a funny thing happen.
        plopped the bag of seed on top of the feeder top, filled it, took the bag inside.
        where in blazes is the feeder top? here’s the circle in the dusting of snow where I left it 5 minutes ago.
        next time I pick up the bag of seed I feel a metal thing on the bottom.
        I had plopped it right on top of the feeder top, the hook punctured the bag and held on, and there it sat out of sight.

        I get lots of red headed woodpeckers, budgies, finches, lots of sparrows, cardinals ‘in season’.
        etc. apparently word spreads fast amongst these winged wonders.

        it saddened me when the neighbor clear cut the cedar hedge and destroyed their wet weather refuge.
        good news, it improved my veggie garden sit’n.

        1. Haha. You funny guy!
          I’m jealous of the people who can name the type of bird they see. I haven’t mastered that as well as most of you. I have a bird identifier book or two but don’t reference it enough, I’m afraid. Thanks for talking about suet. I forgot all about it! Will have to act on that!

  2. From the WaPo on the debates I didn’t watch.
    Cuckoo Alert!
    “We’re going to come to the rescue of Americans who are in trouble. But this is why climate is my number one priority,” he said. “And I’m still shocked that I’m the only person on this stage who will say this: I would declare a state of emergency on day one.”
    Billionaire Tom Steyer.

    1. If Tom would give me all his wealth I will fix global warming /climate change in less than 24 hours.

    2. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/newspolitics/trump-sides-with-sanders-over-warren-feud-says-i-dont-like-him-but-i-dont-believe-he-said-it/ar-BBYYlxa?ocid=spartanntp

      The Donald is stirring the pot, lol.

      Warren said that Sanders allegedly said that a woman cannot win a presidential election.
      “According to her,” Trump said, “Bernie said—and I don’t believe that he said this because I don’t know him. I don’t particularly like him. He’s a nasty guy, but I don’t believe he said it. It’s not his deal.”
      “She said that Bernie strongly stated that a woman can’t win for president,” Trump continued. “A woman can win for president. She said that Bernie said a woman can’t win. I don’t believe Bernie said that. I really don’t.”

      1. I don’t believe it either….I think he was just being polite and was really sparing her feelings. What he was really saying is that a women could win, just not her!

  3. Jets? We Don’t Need No Stinkin Jets!
    Half of Canaduh’s 76 jets along with 18 used ones coming from Australia are going to be upgraded.

    Our protectors to the south have 11 nuclear powered aircraft carriers. The 10 Ford-class have over 75 aircraft each and the Nimitz-class has almost 90 the majority being fighters.

    The delusion of our “national defence” capabilities continues.

  4. Blackie The Gay Pirate’s media is outraged this morning at the biggest tragedy in Canadian history. No not the plane being shot down in Iran, but Hitler Doug Ford’s persecution of poverty stricken Ontario teachers. Now that the various teacher unions are back from their “Holiday” in the tropical islands, they are taking turns walking out of classrooms this week. But they are doing it for the kids. Fight for socialism, and make everything free again. And the media is excited that the Syrian refugee who makes candy in the Maritimes, is becoming a Canadian citizen today. Islam is wonderful.

  5. Lilley at the Toronto Sun website writes about the CBC’s Katie Simpson trashing Trump. Downtown Toronto commenters go bananas.

  6. Having listened to Bill Whittle and his words on Romney, I was thinking back to when I thought Romney’s personal accomplishments were very good. That said, his politics have rarely been conservative, he would be a classic RINO. His dislike for President Trump will damage the country if he doesn’t get his head out of his arse.

          1. also would have been the correct word, and yes I am a class act, as much as anyone else on line.

    1. romney’s ‘hard work’ consisted of copying the trick invented by milken and his ilk; buy stressed corporations,
      bust them up and sell the pieces in a yard sale.
      and use junk bonds to do it.
      real hard ‘work’.

  7. Bill Whittle Now and Right Angle are two of my favorite sources of punditry out of the US. I usually don’t look for vlog style news, but their analyses are worth the slow data transfer rate.

    The Firewall series is, to me, at the same level as PragerU. We the People 2.0 is a great primer for those who want to understand how/why capitalism works (ie those educated in the public system, and many of those who teach them).

  8. Is it just me or has Google gone to total shit?

    I saw a headline yesterday in an elevator in Toronto that went something like “UN to approve $1.4 trillion in spending on new “Green Deal””. I googled this when I got home and … the first 4 lines were Ads (who was the smartest President of the United States), the next 5 lines were for AOC’s New Green Deal, and the last line was an Ad. I clicked next page. First 4 lines were Ads (completely unrelated to my search – mostly investing in green energy), the next 5 were unrelated to anything at the UN, the last line an ad.

    I gave up, but I did see a headline that mentions $1.4 trillion in spending for a new “Green Deal” in the EU. Sounds very democrat of them.

  9. National Post reports in a poll that the majority of stupid Canadians think the country is going in the right direction, especially in Quebec. I guess I would be happy too in Quebec with all the money they get from Alberta. Western provinces were the only locations where Canadians were not happy. In related news the Post reports that Blackie’s government is the biggest spending government in Canadian history.

  10. Generally, I like Whittle but I couldn’t watch past his praise of Peeair Delecto. Mittens may be a good man but, unfortunately, he is an idiot.

    1. Awwwwww….. When I was at UBC 40 years ago, people openly bragged about how it didn’t snow in Vancouver. Then, one day, it did and the whole area went into a frenzied panic. I laughed being used to that. I simply swapped tires on my car and put on the winter grips and driving was a piece of cake for me.

      Those same people who boasted about the region being snow-free were the same type who couldn’t wait to get to resorts like Whistler to go skiing. Suddenly, snow wasn’t so bad.

      Instead of snow, it kept raining, which was one reason I moved back to Alberta.

  11. It’s -30 in Calgary, -36 in Edmonton, and -40 in Red Deer.

    Electricity demand is at a high.

    Only 4 of 23 windfarms are operating. Of the 4 operating, the highest is at only 7% of its capacity.

    Windfarms are operating at 1% of installed capacity.

    Imagine if the Greens, NDP, and Trudeauites get their way and we convert 100% to renewables. This is the fourth day of the cold spell. So battery back up would be drained. We’d all be literally freezing INSIDE our houses.

    Oh and the sun isn’t up. So solar is working really well.

    So to all Greens, NDP, and Trudeauites, turn off your natural gas or electric heat until the cold snap is over. YOU can be the pilot project for the New Green Deal.

    1. And solar in Alberta is producing nothing. Wind is now 56/1781 or 3% of capacity. We are in a power emergency and the billions spent on green power are worthless. Nobody will learn the lesson.

  12. CNN explained to the peasants during the Trump/China trade deal press conference, that the deal is a failure, means nothing, and Trump lost. Meanwhile Blackie’s CBC is terribly upset that Trump signed the trade deal when Blackie asked him not to while the Canadians are still in prison. Just ignore that Blackie the Gay Pirate made fun of Trump at the NATO meeting and blamed Trump for the Iran tragedy.

  13. Speaker Pelosi just made the case in the House for the President’s impeachment.

    She made a reference to the famous phone call that President Trump had with the President of Ukraine. She then mused whether President Trump “paints houses too.” What? Wait… what? She is referring to the line from the recent book and Martin Scorsese movie (Netflix only) “The Irishman” who was a murderer. So now she has stooped so low as to call her President, President Trump, a murderer.

    Wonder how many houses she has painted? How about her constituents on the mean streets of San Francisco, how are they doing?

    She is a traitor par excellence!

    1. She is a traitor par excellence!

      According this week’s edition of PBS’s Frontline, which I referred to earlier, she would be the saviour of America. After all, Trump is so divisive!

      1. Breaking…FOX NEWS byline:
        “The House passes resolution to send managers and Impeachment articles to the Senate.” Votes: 228 yea / 193 nay

        You say, I think mockingly:

        “According this week’s edition of PBS’s Frontline, which I referred to earlier, she would be the saviour of America. After all, Trump is so divisive!”

        Her body language didn’t match her “do good” saving America measures! She was shaking with hate! She definitely needs counseling.

        B A…It’s going to be a dirty election in November when Trump wins again. The Dems are going to jump off Mount Rushmore!

        1. Her body language didn’t match her “do good” saving America measures! She was shaking with hate! She definitely needs counseling.

          That was one point that was missing in the second part of Frontline last night. Trump was held out as the supreme evil, the Great Satan while the Democrats were oh-so co-operative and passive. Trump, apparently, earned his political miseries and is a complete fake.

          Meanwhile, here’s what Bill Whittle, et. al. have to say about what happened at a certain football game:


          1. Yes I saw that on Fox News.
            It’s a different crowd too. Good for President Trump’s
            re-election! The crowd cheered loudly. The acoustics for sport events are terrific! Trump is smart to show up in different venues especially with Melania who takes men’s breath away! Her outfits are to die for, except for that raincoat, imo. That said, she could wear a paper bag and look good!

          2. Albeit Whittle and friends were a bit wordy, it is very touching to hear how Americans love their President and would go out of their way to hear him speak, no matter what their Party affiliation is. Now that’s Patriotism.

            The uni students better hope for Republican Governments throughout their careers post graduation if they want good jobs. They’ve seen what the Democrats did to the Country. It was destroyed just like Canada is now, under the Liberals. I weep for this place.

          3. Nonononononono! Don’t you realize that O’Bummer’s administration was the Golden Age of America and that this is the Golden Age of Canada, thanks to Prinz Dummkopf von Schwarzesgesicht?

        2. Yeah the golden age of Big Government.
          There’ll never ever be another Guilded Age!
          That ended in ’89. That is 1889!

  14. Bitch, bitch.., bitch…, bitch…., bitch. Whining about the CBC, the immigration problem, the carbon tax, the environment, the gun control lobby, the lax enforcement of law, our under funded armed forces, it goes on and on and on ad nauseum. When are Canadians going to get a brain and realize that our best is now behind us and had been for some time. Until the vast majority of Canadians that keep voting for retards that promise them the moon realize that the political left have nothing to offer but empty promise after empty promise we will continue this slow descent into oblivion. The Liberals are past masters at this practice look at the taxpayer funded money that Canada has spent on foreign aid in the past ten years and then look at how that money could have been spent here at home to improve our living standards across the board. But keep on bitching cause that is going to solve the problems!!!!!

  15. And now your Canadians are racist bastards story for today. Blackie’s Toronto Star explains that if you say mean things about Prince Harry’s wife and claim your not being racist, then you are endorsing white supremacy. And don’t miss Heather Mallick explain that Hitler Doug Ford’s Education Minister is a mysterious uneducated peasant.

  16. Post Millennial reports that Blackie’s government taxpayer ombudsman spent almost three thousand dollars to go to a conference in Hawaii. This included a yoga lesson. The ombudsman from Ontario went but didn’t spend a dime of taxpayer money.

  17. Chris Selley at the National Post writes about how Blackie’s CBC and CTV misquoted Hitler Harper.

  18. Public Relations Minister Justin Trudeau is burning jet fuel to Newfoundland Thursday for John Crosby’s funeral. Well its not like he has anything else to do.

  19. After a decade and a half of foreplay Peter McKay is finally running for leadership of the Conservative party.

    Just cause CBC has a hard on for you prior to every election cycle doesn’t make you leadership material.

    1. He’s the retread of retreads. Total RED Tory. What does he have to offer?

      Nada, zilch, Nill. Must have an ego the size of the Bay of Fundy. Has as much chance of being PM as John Crosbie RIP

  20. All my fellow American Second Amendment believers. Stay out of Richmond Virginia on January 20. Northam is setting up Charlottesville 2.0.

    People I trust,

    Miguel — https://gunfreezone.net/be-the-indian-not-the-buffalo/

    Cam Edwards —-

    Remember the stupid schmuck that hit and killed a woman with his car that day? He was just trying to get out of town? Life in prison plus several hundred years.

  21. Kate, I am so mad that I want to scream. I am generally a supporter of the constitutional monarchy, but I am opposed to the the Princess of Sussex showing up in Vancouver at a women’s shelter. This is my neighbourhood and I fear that she will be just one more activist here.

    if she hangs around Vancouver, she will be a horrid, lefty voice, with too much attention to horrid causes.

  22. please raise and alert this issue to all readers, as the royalty doing their causes in Canada is a potential nightmare in the making, especially in lefty downtown vancouver.