Is Ms. Yaniv Going Away to Jail?

Feel free to contact the Committee to Protect Journalists to see what they’re going to do about this violence to one of their own

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  1. Post Millennial reports that one of its female reporters was verbally assaulted by the wax my balls guy at the courtroom, when it accused the reporter of taking pictures in the washroom. Police looked at the camera and of course discovered it was a lie.

  2. …and this “actual woman” is supposedly not a safety risk around women and girls in change rooms, safe shelters, intimate waxing salons and other formerly women-only spaces where biological females are more vulnerable to violence and exploitation.

  3. These people, to use a generalization, are normal?? If this is normal, I have been social retarded all my life. I don’t hit people.

  4. Mr. Whatever he is should be in a mental institution , but, because we have so very few intelligent doctors that will not happen. We have even fewer intelligent politicians or electorate. Jesus, there is no cure for the idiocy that is Canada. Even Jesus would be dismayed. He will say, I never knew you.

    1. There’s not doctor in Canada going to go near that. Admission to Emergency, 12 hours “observation,” in the waiting room, back out the same day. Welcome to socialized medicine.

  5. Ironically, Yaniv is doing more to sabotage the whole trans movement than anyone else by behaving like a lunatic.

  6. like I said in a prev post on the yaniv thing, for ‘advil’ I read ANVIL thinking, ya, drop and ANVIL on this thing
    and the whole issue vanishes.

    and I also pointed out it is my understanding if IF cops ‘are tops’ resolutely REFUSE to charge the thing, that it can be brought before a judge who can issue an ORDER that cops ‘are tops’ do the arrest.

    cops are the new mob enforcers. they got their own ‘omerta’, lingo, culture and everything.

    1. aaaaaand I just clicked on the ‘protect journalists’ link and told them to
      -publicize this violent behaviour
      -get the thing arrested

  7. Don’t you know that Keenan is not a real journalist? He works for the Rebel. Real journalists are funded by the government.

  8. “Is Ms. Yaniv Going Away to Jail?”

    Surely you’re joking, right? More likely the BC Human Rights Commission will rule that assaults on Rebel reporters are a human right.

  9. Yaniv should apply for a job with Toronto Police, that way he could assault a Rebel reporter every week.

  10. “Is Ms. Yaniv Going Away to Jail?”

    Not a chance in Hell. The fix, as they say, is in. Welcome to Canada, comrades. Have your wallets ready to pay the head tax.

  11. He shouts, “Go away from me” and then continues walking towards the person who is backing away. Oh, all in a *public* space, too.

    1. Ha, you beat me to it.

      Yaniv should be in an institution receiving treatment for his mental illness, not out in society where activists are further abusing him by encouraging him to act on his sickness and use it as some kind of demented PC weapon against their ideological foes.

      1. The “activists” are the HRC themselves. They need to be held accountable for abusing the mentally ill.

  12. That shade of lipstick really does not go well with Jessica’s natural skin tones. Does’t the Canadian health system offer make up advice to people transiting? Maybe after this they will.

  13. That guy who claims to be a female needs to be castrated because by all appearances, she suffers from toxic levels of testosterone which must be responsible for her outbursts of aggression. Perhaps she should get the name of the doctor that castrated Scheer because it seemed to work for xm.

  14. Ffs learn to defend yourself, Bexte. You know damned well this creature is above and beyond the law,so you better learn to throw a quick combination or next time you may get your head stomped.

    1. The moment he defends himself he will be arrested and charged with assault. The JBTs were just waiting for that. Then his recording will be mysteriously damaged and the JBT will testify about how vicious Rebel assaulted Yaniv. They have already been inventing false laws and assaulting Rebels. They are just itching for an excuse.

      We should stop pretending we are a nation of laws. Canadians defending themselves from Antifa/mooselimb/native assaults have been routinely assaulted and then charged by cops (with resisting arrest charges and assault on police officer thrown in to customarily bury the victim) . The same will happen to Rebels if they try anything but the most demonstrably peaceful and pacifist behavior.

  15. Shehe is just playing by the new paradigm; actually the old.
    Remember the old Stalin quote, you can’t break an egg without killing people.

  16. Some new charges for this thing. Good. But Keean seems like such a pu$$y in the video. He should have back up only the first time a couple feet. Then defended himself against the aggressor.

  17. See, if we had Sharia Law, this sort of crap wouldn’t happen. Islam is right about transsexuals, not to mention women.

  18. In the US this thing would have been shot dead after the first swing and rightfully so. Could have very well killed him. Nothing will happen though.

  19. Not guilty by reason of political correctitude.
    There used to be a time when it was illegal to assault people. Police unions and “activist” judges have pretty much turned that into a non-starter.

  20. Ms. Yaniv?


    NOT! Tell it like it is, that’s a Mr. If he ever gets his junk removed, he’ be a eunuch, which is still a Mr. (Or maybe an “it”.) But he is not now, nor can he ever be a Ms.

  21. One minute it’s a passive woman, the next minute it’s an angry man!!

    I had a Doberman Pinscher like that once.