26 Replies to “Burning it all down”

  1. A true genius of the left. Negative i.q.. 10 below a rock. I can’t wait to see him get pummeled for bullying old people on walkers. Maybe he’s trying to impress some girl. Can’t imagine that. Maybe some guy?

    Well he won’t last long.

  2. So this happened, at the same time Warren decided to lie about something Bernie said in a private meeting back in 2016 which is backfiring on her big time. Biden will now win Iowa handily which means he is the nominee. Trump will win 40 states.

  3. As a kicker, I read somewhere that this loser just got out on bail from an assault. Some genius hiring in the Bernie campaign.

    1. Yeah this shows a pretty big lack of either competence or integrity within the whole organization. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if Bernie’s campaign chairman, deputy chairman, foreign security advisor, personal lawyer, and several other top-level executives were convicted criminals. How disgusting would that be?

  4. Though your brother’s bound and gagged, and they’ve chained him to a chair. Won’t you please come to Milwaukee just to sing …

    In a land that’s known as freedom, how can such a thing be fair? Won’t you please come to Milwaukee for the help that we can bring.

    Don’t ask HER to help you, cause she’ll turn the other ear. Won’t you please come to Milwaukee, or else join the other side.


  5. When the useful idiots pass their “use by such and such date”, it’s a pistol shot behind the ear or
    a long ride in a box car through a snowy wood. Who’s the f*cking “journalist”?

  6. The journalist making the recording is admirable. I don’t think I could have listened to half that shit before I jumped up and popped tough boy in the schnoz.

  7. The bloom was off this rose when an undercover FBI agent reported that Obogo’s political mentor (Bill Ayers) called
    for the extermination of the 25 million Americans who would resist “reeducation.” Ayers and his wife were the
    founders of the new left communist terrorist group the Weather Underground. If you think about people like
    Ayers as generals in a communist revolutionary movement, the low-level “Democratic socialist” staffers are their
    foot soldiers. When they are calling for Trump supporters to be tossed into gulags and threatening violence in
    the streets, they know damn well what communism is all about! As sortawitte stated, the one lesson they
    failed to learn is that the “true believers” who will be among the first victims of their revolution. “But you promised
    us a utopia!” is usually followed by a bullet in the back of the head.

    1. It was FOX Megyn Kelly that gave Ayers the network to champion his ideas. (the BLM protests followed).. Yes he beat the FBI because they violated the rights of the group.. It was FBI deep-throat (Felt) who screwed up the Prosecution of the Weather underground….. Communists have been involved in the USA since the Late 1800’s…

      The Communist have infiltrated the Democrat Party (Obama) and getting rid of them is their 2020 task, hence the JOE push… If Bernie or Warren win the Democrats are finished in America…..It will be a civil WAR full stop…
      Nothing to hide except the Bodies (shark Bait) The Media are the first targets

  8. Sounds to me like Extortion Either electic Sanders or we’ll burn down the city Sanders head goon should be arrested and charged with Extortion and making a terrorists threat give the jerk life

  9. I guess Bill Ayers, et. al., want to relive their “glory days” of 1968. Their shenanigans in the streets of Chicago were one reason why Nixon was elected. Of course, it didn’t help that Humphrey ran a lousy campaign plus the fact that he was a Democrat, the party of LBJ.

  10. Typical neo-Marxist. Big mouth. Full of hate. Coward.
    And doesn’t know what fascism means.
    Would be fun to see the recording of the Karma police catching up to him.

  11. I’m stocking up on popcorn for the DNC convention (I like my beer fresh). I predict a replay of 68. Looters and thugs vying for control of the party that wants to deliver advanced socialism (just a few more rigged elections away from communism) to the USA.

  12. Trump should not even bother with debates this time around. Just walk on stage, say “You have a simple choice; United Socialist States of America, or the Constitution”. And just walk away.

  13. Should that title not be “Berning it all down”?

    Sorry, it’s been another long day on the road, simple humour is the best I can manage right now.

  14. I’ve met dozens of egotistical drunken arseholes like that in my time, but they’re usually telling me how they could manage the Leafs / Flames / Canucks better than whoever’s in charge.

  15. I’m betting this “brilliant, eloquent” example of Leftist “smarts” has never seen the inside of a US military Uniform…? or done a tour of duty. Except for maybe in Leavenworth.

    The SA Circa 2020

  16. my my my.
    all those itsy bitsy video recorders, getting higher and higher resolution every time they bring out a new model.
    and so many of them.
    1984 redux.
    tq for the heads up George (as in Orwell, aka Eric Blair).

    aint technology wunnerful !!!

  17. Just a random guy, unlike the volunteer not associated with the Trump campaign, working with the CIA, who was FISC surveilled.
    You see they’re totally different, like quid pro Joe trying to get his son off the hook, and Trump not mentioning quid pro quo.
    Nothing to smear, umm hear here folks, just move along. Meanwhile Drudge wins headline of the month with this:

    “Dems duck it out in DesMoines.” Moving further to the left and further away from the American political culture.

    How bad are these debates? Trump is declared one of the winners as DeMarxists acknowledge their bunch can’t beat him.

    Pundits say Amy Klobuchar and Donald Trump came out on top of the first Democratic debate of 2020 – an event one reviewer branded ‘the night of the living dead’. ”

    Trump was also branded a winner after escaping the debate largely unscathed compared to his would-be opponents, despite early attacks over last week’s assassination of a top Iranian general. ”

    CNN’s Van Jones remarked that he was dispirited by the debate because none of the candidates showed signs that they were strong enough to beat Trump.” Looks like the Dems are also headed for a “whitelash.” Boring and funny at the same time.