16 Replies to “A Brilliant Rant from a Fake Journalist!”

  1. ..and today’s news
    Trudy blames Trump for Iran shooting down that plane…
    …and says Canada will pay for Meggie’s security…. $847,777 CAD a year

  2. Pelosi and Her complicit Husband have achieved everything they want i securing Personal Wealth to leave Their Children.

    I am less certain the Pelosi reputation among with the other Three Family cabals which have destroyed the “California Dreaming” of the News; Brown; Getty; added to the family Pelosi reaching down into the access of the cash available to gain access to the Sovereign Ordinary Average American Citizens Tax-funding.

    Pretty sure the Californicated Money grabbers were identified by George Orwell’s seminal “1984” novel first published in 1949 .

    Then ignored by the Columbia School of Journalism as provided insight into reality of the Agenda the Administartion & certainly the lazier Professor Cohort were pushing through out the seventies. Their False Narrative prepared the fatuous and poorly informed JournOlist minion graduates right up to the appearance of Donald J.Trump with the reality of maintaining America’s “Great Experiment” .

    The Trump Agenda is based on the Individual Effort of all Sovereign Ordinary Average American Citizens which allows opportunity to grow beyond the personal limitations of the Life set before them at Birth.

    Greed of the False Culture Ivy League Prep schools agenda; of ensuring large Capital Reserves and Legacy Scholarship and obviously buyable access to attendance in the cligue of sliime; not prime, diplomas.

    Such evidence of worthless Harvard; Yale; etc: Ivy league diplomas will become wallpaper in the huddled spaces paid for by the indifference of Their Parents to maintaining a reasonable expectation of advancement for all Sovereign Ordinary Average American Citizens moving forward with ‘luck of the draw’ being born as a legitimate inheritance in the United States of America as the Seminal “Great Experiment” in the evolution of Civilization.

  3. Well I have to strenuously object to the gratuitous slur of The Fast and The Furious. Fast cars, hot women, exotic locations, criminals with hearts of gold, Vin Diesel beating up on the real villains. They go from modern stage coach robbers to saviors of the USA and eventually the whole world. What’s not to like? Except maybe Charlize Theron as an arch villain. I like it much better when she smiles a lot.

  4. You know, how exactly did they come up with the figure of half a billion dead animals in Australia?

    Does this include insects or something?

    Just askin’.

    1. Millions don’t matter any more. They could have said 500 million animals, but one or five hundred of them a “million” just doesn’t have any impact. So, half a billion.

  5. The woke rapacious trailer park princess has intimated that Canada is her second choice of domicile. Her preference is LA but there is one problem….Trump.

    So reviled is the Trumpster by the bat shit crazy Windsors that they can’t even stand the thought of being in the same country as Mr Trump. I wish they’d extend their personal animus to the entire planet….

  6. The Trailer Trash in LA are camped in the Streets….The Windsor’s and Toby can shit in the Streets like all those of their Class