44 Replies to “The Totalitarian Regime the Left in the West Refuse to Condemn”

  1. Really?
    Have you looked at the “United Nations” recently?
    Come to that ,isn’t Iran still head of the UN committee on human rights?
    How could the left condemn such wokeness?

  2. Why are you surprised? The left has never condemned a totalitarian regime.

    (and, no, the third reich was not an exception: The Economist praised Mr. Hitler and still buries the atrocities committed by fellow communists in China, Russia, Cambodia, Korea, Cuba, etc etc )

      1. The Rothschilds who financed BOTH sides.
        Who Created the World Wild Life Fund
        Who installed Gerald Butts as its First CEO
        Very good Friends of Maurice Strong

        Who really need an appointment with the Guillotine.

  3. Any Canadian who chooses Iran or (insert hellhole repressive country of your choice here) over Canada’s protectors has a serious mental problem and should be either permanently sedated or permanently nullified. Or both.

    1. Buddy, it sounds like you are describing all of those people in Moronto and Goofoundland.
      You know the ones, all of those Blackie voters.

    2. There are people openly siding with Hezbollah – Solaimani – Iranian Sponsered Terrorism on Global News right now. Article shitting all over Donald Trump of course ’cause had he not been born, none of this would not have happened … and those Iranian Folks killed in the Premeditated Shooting down of this aircraft – an ACT OF FUCKING WAR…!!! would still be alive.

      That’s the official Canadian Position.


      To all of them its just a “plane crash”

  4. They should start blaming Churchill for the Blitz.

    The left is so twisted and deranged, any opponent of OrangeManBad is by default GOOD and Virtuous!

  5. One very wealthy Liberal voter has spoken out loud and clear:
    After the Flight 752 disaster killed his colleague’s wife and 11-year-old son, Michael McCain, chief executive of Maple Leaf Foods Inc., took to Twitter on Sunday night to admonish the Trump administration for escalating tensions with Iran.
    “I am very angry, and time isn’t making me less angry,” McCain wrote on Maple Leaf Foods’ official Twitter account. “A MLF colleague of mine lost his wife and family this week to a needless, irresponsible series of events in Iran.”
    Without ever naming Donald Trump — referring to him instead “a narcissist in Washington” — McCain criticized the president’s abandonment of the Iran nuclear agreement and the recent U.S. killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

      1. I thought Michael McCain’s response to the listeriosis outbreak in 2008 was one of the most responsible I’ve seen. One or more individuals in his organization screwed up and Canadians died. McCain stepped up to the plate and his response was commendable. My view of MLF has been positive ever since.
        That ended today. Is this even the same Michael McCain? Someone in the Iranian military screwed up (or worse). Canadians died, and it’s Trump’s fault?
        Why would I buy another product from MLF? For all I now know, the next time an MLF employee screws up and their products kill Canadians… McCain will be furious… and blame it on whoever happens to be the US president.

    1. It is time for all of us, and to tell everyone else to stop buying products from company’s that the laurentien elite own.

      I will never buy maple leaf products.

      Also, I will never set foot in a Superstore ( stupidstore ), Loblaws, or shoppers Drug Mart, owned by the crooked, price fixing Weston’s.

      What other outfits that we should boycott controlled by the laurentien elite?

      Kate perhaps this is a topic that needs to be started?

      1. Hmmm…maybe a sticker campaign on doors going into these stores. “Owned and operated by Laurentian Elites”

      2. I wish I bought their crap so that I could quit buying it now.
        I am the guy that buys a side of pork and makes his own bacon, ham and sausages. Its remarkably easy, you save a tonne of dough but the main thing is it is fun and a great hobby of you are a bit of a do it yourselfer.
        Team up with family and do a big batch at once and you can save $100’s of dollars over a fun gathering. Much better than giving $ to an eastern oligarch.

    2. If only Trump had known the Iranian military was so friggin stupid, along with the plane’s pilot, oh and the air controllers.
      Thousands of dead Iranians at the hands of their leaders wouldn’t have happened either if not for Trump’s “escalation.”
      Because that only started happening because of Trump. If not for him we’d be at peace, which we are.
      Sweetness and light in Persia, its totalitarians unnoticeable. Their burgeoning youth withstanding the occasional culling.
      Disbelief remains suspended everywhere to keep it suspenseful. It’s like a balloon ready to be popped.
      Anyway, time to roll out another fake news hoax scandal on Trump. What’s it this time? Again with the emoluments?
      Only a crazy man would take their BS, fake scandals and trumped up crimes? Crazy like a fox in Trump’s case.
      The only consistent element around him is those who are sure they’re his better (like the rest of us), yet he wins, wins, wins.
      Sit back and watch ’20 fireworks unfold as Trump rules and Dems pull political g’s trying to get somewhere near the centre.

      1. Makes no sense to claim the Iranian military is stupid when the US made the same mistake with a high tech Aegis radar system killing 290 civilians not so long ago.

    3. I’m not going to say that MIchael McCain is a stupid, low IQ person. He runs one of Canada’s most successful businesses after all.
      I am going to say that his comments about the Ukrainian Air bombing and responsibility for it are profoundly stupid. Sure, he’s angry about his employee being among the dead but his comments clearly show his ignorance (at best) of circumstances. Not only of this event but of the decades of terrorism and war perpetrated and sponsored by Iran as well as their drive to develop nuclear weapons. I would have thought that the CEO of a major company, one that has felt the wrath of Canada’s media (2008 Listeria), might want to bring himself up to date beyond reading the headlines in the Toronto Star before he shot his mouth off.

      1. No kidding. Can’t help but think as a CEO that his pandering on the idiot side of the issue, is to appeal to more idiots to buy McCain crap products.
        It’s a family owned business, he doesn’t have to worry about the board voting him out for being a Leftwing pandering dumbass

        1. He’s not the only CEO that shoots his mouth off against Trump..

          I wont get into specifics, but twice now at a Christmas party this particular CEO-Owner has to shoot off his mouth against Donald Trump… Send him an e-mail if your so pissed off, but leave Christmas a No Go Zone for your TDS.

    1. “plane crash”…..uhuh.
      Dumbing it down for the indoctrinated.
      It was shot down ON PURPOSE
      It was an ACT of WAR
      And we will do sweet fk all but send them an additional 1.5 Billion in aid….

      …in yer Face TREASON as the PRESSTITUTES cheer on.


    2. Yeah, Turdhole and his beard are “furious” or as Turdhole pronounces it, “fureee-ith”… in between bong hits and shots of imported vodka and 3 week vacay’s the actor is acting really ‘furious”… funny how it took the Turdhole a couple of days before he was instructed to be, “furious”. Actors act.

  6. I noticed that 40 years ago. I attended Sunday services at a certain congregation which, as it turned out, was quite leftist.

    Back then, the American embassy was invaded and occupied by Iranian “students” (encouraged by Khomeini, of course) and the Red Army was running rampant throughout Afghanistan. Not a peep from the pulpit.

    Instead, there was endless wailing and lamentation about South Africa (the African National Congress was seen as angelic), Robert Mugabe and his gang were portrayed as being on par with the Apostles, and the leftist uprisings in Central America were the embodiment of the Gospels.

    1. The CNN effect, give it 30 Days to work through to the next ‘crisis’.

      Today it is Iran and some Royals crap.

      Give it another couple of weeks and it’ll be some other distraction.

      1. It was Lutheran, part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. The synod was, on the whole, reasonably conservative at the time (or so I thought), so hearing a member of its clergy push such a leftist ideology was surprising to me.

        Regrettably, the Lutheran church in Canada has become nearly as bad as the United, through mixing and matching of various synods and their respective doctrines. That’s one reason I haven’t attended services regularly. I don’t even know if there are any conservative Lutheran synods left in this country.

        Leftism has also crept into at least one Canadian Lutheran seminary. I attended a graduation banquet for a class in the early 1980s because I happened to know one of the students. I overheard one of his academic colleagues brag about how he wrote his thesis on liberation theology, which made me wonder why he chose that topic.

        What also bothered me about all that was that many people I knew from my undergrad days, and who had clerical ambitions back then, all turned out to be leftists, spouting the same commie blather. I had always assumed them to be level-headed and fairly conservative like me. I had no idea that any of them harboured such political views, so either they kept that to themselves or they were somehow indoctrinated along the way.

        One thing all those future clergymen had in common with each other and with a certain ayatollah (now deceased) was that America was the Great Satan. Eradicate America, and there would be world peace at last. Any mention of Soviet misdeeds were simply laughed off, as if they were conspiracy theories.

        1. The Anglican diocese can be included in that conversation, they are full leftard/rainbow as well.
          The word is APOSTATE to describe these “churches”

        2. Its a funny thing ya know.

          I acquired my Trade Ticket in my 20’s.
          Got an Engineering Technology Diploma in my 30’s
          Certified as Welding Inspector also in my 30’s.

          I have NEVER EVER heard Leftist Communist dogma coming from the rank and file of the trades world – UNIONS notwithstanding. Must be something to do with practicality and working with ones hands…

          Church..?? Whats that.? I’ve not seen the inside of one in 30 yrs…and likely won’t ever, Not at least till the Disgusting PERVERSION is cleansed out of the RCC….and elsewhere….and even then it becomes WHY.??

  7. it can all be explained by 2 factors associated with the left:
    -they are most, vehemently ardent enthusiasts for anything leftist, and
    -the scope and depth of their understanding of hugely complex and interrelated topics like medicine, finance, engineering, biology, physics, etc ALL get displaced in the leftoidal broken brain, there is scant left (pun intended) to guide their thinking and decision process.

    which is why, when elected by leftists, they act like a bunch of spoiled brat teenagers with the keys to the kingdom.

  8. In the lands of permanent Dar al-Harb masquerading as Dar Al-Islam, it’s rather difficult to choose sides and one wonders why reasonable people should bother trying. Ever since the green movement helped make the US energy dependent on the ME, they have become mired in it. Bush’s protracted war in Iraq at great cost eventually resulted in handing the fate of the Sunnis to the Shia and their Iranian proxies and sponsors. Afghanistan won’t even accomplish that as the Taliban will move back in control likely well before the last American leaves.

    Pretending to constrain the nuclear ambitions of the Iranian theocracy as Obama demonstrated was popular with the institutional left as with most narratives of the left, they must “feel” good whether or not associated with reality. Trump’s preferred method for pressure is trade sanctions which have the unintended consequences of making life more difficult for the Iranian people, particularly those who would much prefer some kind of alternative to their authoritarian theocracy.

    In a world of grey, where evil is in abundance and ubiquitous, the left, as with some on the right, look to the black and white opposition of their enemies as a side to cheer for rather than dealing with any nuances trending to the grey. The obvious evil of the Iranian regime is overlooked by the left as their tent has been open to Islamists, anti-zionists/semtics, Palestinians, and the UN to co-mingle with their inherent anti-American pathology. Any person of the left expressing opinions reflecting nuances are shouted down and buried in the noise.

  9. My favourite word encompasses all. STUPID. So here we are with the terminally at stupid the controls and nobody gives a damn. I hope everyone who posts here are able to defend themselves verbally or physically. Verbally of course will be a nightmare from 1984, physically will be a hot civil war.

  10. Blame the (real) victim for fighting back is par for the Democrats and presstitudes and their idea of “inclusiveness.”
    I am reminded of the currently popular rule on school playgrounds. They call it zero tolerance for fighting. What it means in real life is as long as the victims submit to the bullies without protest, the school administration sees nothing wrong. But as soon as a victim fights back against the bully, they are both hauled before the principal, who finds both equally guilty of fighting. But since the bullies are usually favorites of the principal, since they know how to suck up to her, they are usually let off easy, leaving the victims to be the only ones punished.
    The funny thing is that scenario is nothing new. C.S. Lewis, in his “The Silver Chair”, one of the “Narnia Chronicles”, described a school like that perfectly, more than sixty years ago.

    1. OB.
      you musta been reading news reports from my town.
      the gossip is rampant with stories, and personal stories I hear from decades ago, AND personal experience,
      ‘Blame. The. Victim.’ continues to be in full force.

      funny thing tho, the FIRST TIME EVER I stood my ground against a recess bully, I pounded the crap out of him in the very first adrenaline rush ever. (I was ahead of the curve re puberty). the little nazi hung himself that nite from humiliation getting pounded by the kid who always lost the fight.
      after that, no more ‘well hb, you seem to be involved in a great many of these altercations’. methinks, I just learned a new word, and, you betcha mr fingerpointer principal. *has to do with the fact they’re coming at me from every direction ’cause Im the kid who always loses the fight*.
      no one ever tried me after that. I finally learned what you have to do with the bullies. God Bless the little recess gossips.

  11. GEE ya THINK….??? He’s only suggesting.???

    That should have been Fkn OBVIOUS Salim, the Day PM Dickspank revealed his Cabinet. And that simply MAGNIFIES – Personifies the problem in this country…Far Far too many OUTRIGHT CBC CPC LIB inbred IMBECILES walking about with their Goddamned eyes wide shut with their Empty heads jammed permanently up their Rectums…farting out “Diversity is our Strength”.

    Apologies for the rant but Jesus H.
    5 yrs later and he’s just now stating we should do something..??

    We ABSOLUTELY need a NEW COUNTRY…. and one where ISLAM Is BANNED and TRUDEAU hangs from a MEATHOOK.

  12. Saw nothing in the video that isn’t happening in on an ongoing basis in Paris. Come on, if youre going to rachet up hatred, show some video of the alleged 143 dead people.

    And it’s totally possible there was 143 dead people. Real question is: who killed them?

  13. WHY has not one major network asked who may have been on that aircraft that the Iranian government wanted dead. Without evidence they have determined it was an ” accident”. Even after it was attributed to mechanical failure and evidence was destroyed. Of course we know why.

  14. It wasn’t the Americans who shot the plane down. The Iranians are 100% culpable.

    The doctrine of Proximate cause:
    In law, a proximate cause is an event sufficiently related to an injury that the courts deem the event to be the cause of that injury. there are two types of causation in law: cause-in-fact, and proximate (or legal) cause. …The test is called proximate cause.

    The Iranians pulled the trigger not Trump. The cbc and bongo are full of shit.

    1. In their zest to blame America, the traitorous Demoncrats and presstitudes will soon change the narrative to, yes, Iran fired a missile but that missed the plane, it was the American missile shot in response that hit it. You just wait.
      What I don’t understand is do these people really want to live in Iran and Venezuela rather than America, even if they could be the ruling aristocrats in the former?