11 Replies to “Cory Booker quits presidential nomination campaign”

  1. Barry the magic negro managed to screw up any black Americans ability to run for office. Cory of course would be far worse than Barry. I guess America managed to dodge another bullet.

  2. Seems an appropriate topic for the following ‘rant?’
    Please continue to add benefits for the favoured few of the Ottawa/Hull branch of the Laurentien Elites.

    I do think and do hope the English Language Cuture of the broken Confederation has deliberately relegated to a second class citizenry effective when the ‘Nation’ of Quebec was given preference for the French Language Culture.

    Hopefully the continuing effort of the Laurentien Elite to extend their reach beyond directive control of the Liberal Party of Canada and the Branch operation of each and every Provincial Government will increase the motion to establish a separate and simple constitution for English Language Canada.

    Continuation of the inclusion for Quebec as part of a now defucnct Confederation of Canada is increasingly evident as the collusive attitude of the Privy Council Office and extention into the numerous Privy Council Members is also increasingly identified as Laurentien Elite. The here-to now unknown agenda appears to be provision of an alternative Citizenship for Quebec Residents and Citizens.

    The basic fear holding tenuously to the non-existent Confederation of Canada appears to be based on the steady demise of French as an International Language as the Geographical idea of France continues its Centuries long demise as an accepted use in major international activities.
    Maintaining a uni-lingual culture of the Nation of Quebec is their own doing: with the obvious assistance including misuse of Federal Tax Funding from across the former Confederation to accomplish this Nationalist concept; once a taboo subject for the Liberal Party of Canada. This taboo of Nationalism was and apparently will continue into a supposed independent Political Established Government of a specific Province and unique control of the once important Government Matters assigned to the Provinces under the now defunct Confederation of Canada and the Defacto Separated Nation of Quebec.

    In closing I once again express my understanding and appreciation of the finally (proven) collusion of the Privy Council Office with the dominated Liberal Party of canada by the French Language Culture being revealed with yet another misuse of Canada’s — English Language Culture Federal Tax-Funding of the Ottawa-HULL adherents of the Nation of Quebec.

  3. Spartacus should never have been in the running.

    He was, is, and will always be a PANDERING JOKE!

    Despite his apparently impressive curriculum vitae, he comes across as an idiot!

    1. Maybe not. If his term is up this year, he can be swept aside by the red tide.
      Ironically, due to my alma mater, I root for the mostly liberal Pac 12 and hate the as conservative as public schools are going to get SEC. But in this case I’ll make an exception:
      Roll Tide!

    2. That puts you in S Jersey, Not PA …Sid V.. The Belly of the Democrat Beast….

      Newark (N Jersey) is a racial shit hole….Booker is a pitiful fake

  4. Think I read, this dick head’s name and that of Cumala showed up in some jessy smellit FIB investigations. Best run now

  5. Meanwhile two billionaires (I heard somewhere that mini-Mike is in the top ten richest in the world) are going to jump in in Nevada (steyer) or Super Tuesday (MB) with possibly billions to be spent on ads – especially if sanders wins in Iowa and NH.

    Difficult to see how buttigieg can survive if he doesn’t win in iowa (he’s on record saying he will drop out if he doesn’t win there) so the dem nom will be a fight between a bunch of very rich very old white men.

    Trump needs to keep talking to blacks and Hispanics and he wins easily.

  6. These self important doofs start to believe that the fawning of the press during a Supreme Court nomination hearing is reflective of the country. Harris thought the same. It truly is 15 minutes of fame but it lead to a campaign where we got to focus on their stupidity and pandering. Chief Notaninjun will be next

  7. > ““He believes in love, but it’s a reality that Trump has corrupted the political arena and the minds of many Americans. …”

    Yeah, it was Trump and the Republicans who went around calling GWB “Hitler”.