28 Replies to “Will the American Left Follow the Same Disastrous Path as the British Left?”

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  1. Our problem in Canada, is that we have Left, Farther Left and Whacko Left. Still waiting for a “Right”.

  2. It’s not a surprise but is the expected historic pattern of the left. In the French Revolution this was exactly the position of the Jacobins vs. the soft middle class progressives (for the 18th century) of the Girondins. Same thing happened in the 19th century with the hard left driving out the moderate reformers within Comintern resulting in a hard revolution in Russia in 1917.

    1. Watch Iran. Many of these protests are led by the MEK, who are Islamist Communists. They have been violently suppressed by the mullahs. Some of then even fought for Iraq in the Iran Iraq War. In return, the Ayatollah later issued a fatwa to kill any MEK member or sympathizer they could, and the Iranian jailers arbitrarily executed 20,000-80,000 jailed prisoners. Still the MEK has survived as a domestic opposition force.

      The MEK Communists are leading many of the campus protests.


        1. The above example is precisely why what you said is not true. People have made that mistake and wound up with a worse enemy.
          What is true is the friend of my enemy is my enemy. For example, Democrats and the presstitude are the friends of the Iranian mullahs.

  3. On the balance of probabilities, as I see them, I’d say no. I think it will be Biden, assuming he is not ushered off the stage by medical or para-medical professionals before then, the former of whose general election strategy will be to shadow Trump in a kind of kinder, gentler America fashion.

    Although anything’s possible, I suppose, I doubt it will be successful, not the least because Joe is not an attractive or convincing person, let alone candidate. To be sure, Biden will avoid the mistakes of Hillary and will go for the additional electoral college votes needed to win, and will try to avoid the leaden, boring irrelevancies of Jeremy Corbyn and the aforementioned Hillary, who are both truly dreadful. Biden will try to play both sides of his own party against each other, in the same way Mr. Corbyn did in the late U.K. general election. Better if Joe just grows a beard, like Corbyn and certain other politicians — oh, never mind!

    The problem for the Donks is that it is impossible to ride two (or, more probably, three — independent, moderate and extreme left) horses, even if they are generally travelling in the same direction, and even it they had a skilled horseman. And they aren’t, and they don’t.

    It’ll be tricky for Trump, given what’s going on (lots of assumptions that need to pan out just right), but I’d say he’s on about 48+/- points of the popular vote, which would be 2 more than last time, but not quite over the irrevocable top.

    Regardless of all that, I feel that the Donks won’t be able to hold it together, and that there will a significant leftward split (something like Eugene McCarthy in 1968), or a slide of independents and moderates to the GOP. Either way, this will result in the GOP obtaining control of the House, and holding the Senate and the Presidency.

    Party unity on election day is the single most critical factor that determines the outcome. Trump and the GOP have it, and the Donks don’t, and most likely won’t.

    1. Maybe the Democrats split, and we get the Socialists in one party, and the Professional Politician Establishment Democrats in the other? That would maybe give a home for all those disgruntled “severely conservative” establishment professional NeverTrumper republicans too.

      I think President Trump is trying to create a new Republican Party of the Middle Class allied with the Working Lower Income class, including many of the previous Democrat minority constituencies like Blacks and Hispanics. We will see if 1) PDT is successful, and 2) if the minority realignment is permanent after Trump retires.

      I wonder if the non religious Jews will also flee the Antisemitic BDS Democrats for the new Republican Party too? Or will the Antisemites primarily align with the Socialists?

      We have not had a lasting third or fourth party since the Republican Party arose before the US Civil War.

      1. Your guess is as good as mine: probably better than mine, to be honest.

        I think Trump and the GOP are in a very good spot at the moment, as I previously described — not perfect, but formidable. I hope it becomes unstoppable. So, it’s going to be tough for the challengers, and I don’t think they are where they need to be, or are going to be, by any measure.

        Nevertheless, you seemed to me to be a bit sympathetic to the Ayatollahs in your response to cgh above (please forgive me if I am wrong): I looked up about the number of dead in the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988): according to Encyclopedia Britannica, it seems that there were somewhere between 500,000 and 2 million war dead, with the Iranians suffering the most losses. Assuming this is true, the losses among the MEK, as reported by you, would have been a fraction.

        Quite apart from which, Communism, as a governing philosophy, is, in my estimation, dead: sure, it’s passed on to various environmental mental diseases within the desperate deep state, but who cares? I doubt that the apparatchiks in the Iranian regime, who are leaking like a sieve to the Americans, assume that another totalitarian regime in Iran is going to hold. Change my mind.

        1. David, “or a slide of independents and moderates to the GOP. Either way, this will result in the GOP obtaining control of the House, and holding the Senate and the Presidency.”

          I agree with you, David. That split already happened when HRC so spectacularly lost the 2016 election. Nothing much has changed since then. Rather than trying to get back into contention, the donks tried a palace coup which I read as a sign of just how politically weak they really are. In the 2018 mid-terms, they just barely squeaked out a House win at a time when most election sweeps usually result in a setback for the dominant side. However they lost the Senate, and they’ve lost most of what hold they had on the SC.

          Otherwise I see the elephants as having a very good chance of retaining their presidential holds on the border states that Trump gained. He’s been doing all the right things for them which Obama never achieved. So the donks are desperate. The impeachment ploy is just that; a ploy because they have nothing of substance to offer the American voter. And the redoubts they still hold are much weakened; economically California is a rotting corpse.

          The only area where I disagree with you is your righting off of Communism/Fascism. It should be evident by now that the seeds of totalitarianism are still strong. How often have we read of environmentalists approving of the decisiveness of places like PRC for their ability to change policy rapidly. Far too often the Left especially the far Left has expressed its dislike of the people’s choice. That’s after all what the Trump impeachment thing has been all about for the past four years: undoing a people’s choice that the elite fascists disagree with. It’s precisely the same thing which has bedeviled the UK Brexit referendum after two years.

          In short, Communism/Fascism is not dead, and it will resurface among us if we are not careful.

  4. Chink Euger is the whack job that claims bestiality is just fine and dandy. He calls it ‘pleasuring animals’.

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  5. Sargon accused the Tea Party of being radical “libertarians who thought Obama was a communist”. While there were libertarians in their midst, I would have classified the Tea Party as a true grass roots coalition under their banner, “Taxed Enough Already”. And I still think Obama was and is a communist although he moderated slightly to actually get a few things done but no one had done more to hide his suspicious past so he invited whatever he received.

    The Democratic Party has traditionally been the party of the coastal progressives and the southern moderates and racists. Their pundits know that a third party play is a disaster for both elements so the battle is on for the future direction of the party. There is little doubt that as the millennials age, the left will succeed in dominance of the Democrats. CAGW koolaid has also been a catalyst.

    1. JC –

      Sargon seems rather left wing when speaking about America. He has expressed conventionally leftist/elite views on most American topics I have heard him discuss. His total misunderstanding of the tea party is a great example: they were a completely spontaneous movemement that emerged virtually overnight when Obama revealed his true hard leftist ideology. He himself comes across as your typical detached educated Brit, cynical, naturally statist, and reflexively skeptical of anything originating from a conservative worldview.

  6. When one gets Citizenship through an Act of Congress…. You are legally an American, but you have zero knowledge of what a real American thinks or knows…..Naturalized Americans can have citizenship revoked for a multitude of reasons…….Time to test those processes on the Marxist activists……

  7. Drumpf did a quid pro quo with Ukraine because he is TERRIFIED of Joe Biden!
    Joe Biden is not scared of dRumpy, he stood up to Corn Pop!!

    1. Oh Please! Trump’s base has been following the corruption in Ukraine since the NYT reported on it in 2015. It is why Biden didn’t run in 2016, and the only reason he is running now. He knew his dirty laundry would be aired, and needed to be able to cry political persecution.

  8. Trump would welcome Uncle Joe as the Democrat nominee, as a matter of fact the only people afraid of Biden are democrats and young girls!

  9. Even more so.
    The Demon Worshipping Progressive comrades of America are so triggered they can only implode.
    President trump has their number,constantly triggers them and encourages their self exposure.
    The problem for the sane voters is that the RINOs are trying to emulate the Demons,they have no standards so try to image themselves w.r.t their opponents.
    So these stupid RINOs make the Progressives look almost normal,instead of shutting up and letting the nuts destroy themselves.
    The Progs are so far gone that there is no way back,either the voters go full loony or they(Dems) get destroyed this fall.
    At least Trump will pull no punches while mocking these parasitic scumbags.

  10. It is odd how many first generation Americans are involved in politics… I would say they didn’t come to America for the Dream, but instead brought us a Nightmare….. of Muslim Marxists…

  11. ss, immigration has brought all of North America and Europe a nightmare, only a fool could possible believe otherwise.