13 Replies to “Organic Is The Latin Word for “Grown In Pig Shit””

  1. I sometimes think Kate should change her tag-line to Organic is the Latin word for “Grown in Bull Shit” to reflect the fact there is so much false advertising out there. But thanks for a positive post on how beef cattle are treated. A beef farmer friend of mine (150 head at a time – small op) is always harping on about how well beef cattle are treated compared to chickens and pigs. Round-roast for dinner with mashed potatoes, caramelized carrots and Yorkshire pudding. Heaps of gravy.

  2. I eat Saskatchewan beef that I buy from a local butcher. Idaho beef is most likely just as good, and if I drive through Idaho, I sure will give it a try.
    But I do believe in buying locally. CO-OPs in Alberta and Saskatchewan now promote locally grown beef, pork, spuds, etc.
    I owe Trump (the biggest idiot on the planet) nothing!! And I thank God every day for that!!

    1. You were doing well but then you TDS morons can’t help yourselves can you? Go grill a steak, have a nice Coop beer or two and relax. Leave Trump to do the big boy work so that you can live in peace and prosperity and of course blissful ignorance.

      1. As they say, anyone can be a pacifiist in a world made safe by the US armed services. Like Plainz Drifter. I hope you thank God every day for the US armed services who protect you, while you live in your fantasy world.

    2. I am no longer laughed at, when I say that the American security agencies are corrupt and have been interfering in American elections since Hoover, if not before. I owe that to Trump. If we ever succeed in finding the truth, of the Obummer – Trump succession, I expect to find we, freedom loving people, owe him a lot more.

  3. I went for a feeder truck job interview south of Okotoks, in the mid 90’s. The mgr said feed 35,000 head with two shifts, about a 1/4 section of barley per day. Think he meant grain but could be silage mix too.
    The feed and excrement volumes proportional to the herd.

  4. All these cows are flatulating and causing climate change! Kill all these cows and let us all eat beef made from plants! Then we can help SAVE THE WORLD!!

  5. Can’t link but check out JoNova for Quick Dick McDicks vid on vegan diets.. Canadian farmer.. well done..JoNova is a good site.

  6. And JR had only an 8th-grade education. But he was a huge donor to Idaho colleges (and probably still is, posthumously).

  7. otoh, one of the VERY earliest impressions I had regarding cattle came at an auction my pa took me to early 60s.
    (he liked auction deals, and the atmosphere. he was a VERY successful haggler)
    anyways, a truly pathetic looking calf covered in mud if I recollect. hundreds of people there, no one did or said a blessed thing about this poor critter on the receiving end of a failed farm up for auction.
    I eat meat regularly but am very saddened to see livestock suffer abusive and neglectful conditions.
    this vid gives me a certain solace in that regard.