15 Replies to “Olympic Athlete Leaving Benevolent Iran for Trump-Hitler ‘Merica”

  1. Sort of like Jagmeet Singh, who refused to condemn the supporters of the Air India bombing.

    Or Rachel Notley who wore a Che Guevara watch.

    And Justin Trudeau who admires Mao’s China.

    It seems that socialists admire people who kill people.

    1. Yeah…..it just goes to shown that anything a woman can do a man can do better….even being a woman!

  2. This bit is going to cause a lot of head explosions

    “ In her letter, she accuses officials in Iran of sexism and mistreatment and criticizes the compulsory wearing of hijab headscarves in public for women.”

  3. Thanks for posting. Just checked our close-knit media cartel. The Globe and Mail buried this story way down in the “sports” section (who in their right mind reads G&M sports)? And CBC News has completely censored the story on their web page.

  4. Why does the tag-line mention America? There’s no mention of destination country.

    “Her letter did not disclose when she left Iran or where she has gone…
    Iran’s semiofficial ISNA news agency reported that Alizadeh had fled to the Netherlands.”

  5. Islamism, as it appears around the world is incompatible with life.

    Heh …. that’s why they leave for the advanced “civilization”.
    That they do their absolute best to screw it up afterwards is another subject.

  6. I blame the internet. Had she NEVER seen how women live in America … she’d have never believed it. The Mullahs better send out that mother of all cyber attacks the NYT promised would happen … because of Trump having started WWIII.

  7. She was lucky she didn’t skip the country on a Ukrainian airliner. There is suspicion that 175 people were sacrificed because someone else was making a run for it after Soleimani was hit.

  8. I suppose that when they said “published in Persian” they meant Farsi? More quality media reporting.