January 12, 2020: Reader Tips

For those of us, like yours truly, this video about the retirement of the VW Beetle, brought back a flood of memories.

Whether you have your own car memories to share, or some news tips, please post away!

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  1. I’m driving a rental Volkswagen Golf and I hate it.

    VW can learn a thing or 2 by looking at the beetle.

    1. This one isn’t diesel has terrible gas milage the thing gives me guff for turning the radio off. It drives like crap, yells at me for getting out of the vehicle while the engine is running is twitchy on the highway and the transmission clunks all over the place The automatic shifter is awkwardly placed so that your hand knocks it out of gear if you take your hand off the wheel and the middle seat headrest makes the rearview mirror pointless. The truck doesn’t want to open like ever. Everything feels over engineered and complicated.

      I’ve nick named it the Merkel Mobile

      1. Fortunately it is a rental and I’ll never have to see it again when the time is up.

        Seriously I was driving at night and decided to turn the radio off and just enjoy a quiet drive. Appearing iin my field of vision so brightly that it hurt my eyes. “Your infotainment system is off!” (it does not go away) So I take my hand off the wheel to find the dimmer control for the dashlights and I knocked the transmission out of gear with a simple brush of my knuckle. A few chaotic moments ensue before I figured it all out.

        Starting the car and getting out to scrape everything off while it warms up. The car gives me shit for getting out while it is running. I’m actually afraid it’s going to lock itself and report me to authorities.

        I’ve used 75% of a tank in 300kms yippee.

      2. My stepdaughter’s ex fiancé and she came to visit one February to the wilds of SW Iowa. He was unreasonably proud of a his VW diesel of some unremembered model they had driven on the trip. It was an exceptionally windy period and the temps were single digit ambient with brutal wind chills. This kid brought nothing with him except a corduroy jacket – no gloves, HTG. They live in Denver. Every time they’d go to visit her friends, the car wouldn’t start. We’d have to give them the keys to one of our cars and then Sam would fiddle with the VW. We went out to dinner one night when the wind chill was in the minus 40s F. Really cold, wind just shrieking. So, they go to leave to attend a later party and of course the VW won’t start. Stepdaughter comes back in with fiancé. My husband starts to walk out to the car but notices the fiancé is seating himself. So, my husband tells him no, you come with me. I have extra gloves. Ultimately, they took our (American) car again, and my husband coaxed the VW home.
        Before I grew up, I had to drive a VW diesel pick up, manual transmission, to deliver company mail during a strike in Northern California. It was such a huge POS, I hated them long before the politics of their manufacture became a main concern. It had zero torque, it was necessary to wait for a light on the dash to indicate before I could shift, it was profoundly pathetic. Oh, and it was ugly. For context, at the time I had a used ’64 Corvette roadster with a 4-speed plus a second hand ’67 Olds Starfire. Both fantastic road cars. The Corvette was a real handful, but terrific in every way. In other words, I knew what was good. The VW was everything but. Longest week of my life.

    2. Angel…being a diesel guy, I’d love to own one (Jetta TDI)….one day once I’m unable to mess with my RV n the D’Max burns out (pah, likely NEVER). Great little cars – 2001-2004 I think my fav model.

      One day…and I’ll install a Webasto in that too. Its the only thing that keeps my truck starting in the -20’s

      Stay warm…

    3. “My VW Jetta windshield wipers increase in speed as the car speed increases.”

      My F150 Ford wipers increase in speed when the eff I decide they are going too slowly.

      1. Amen to us in control, not the vehicle.

        And we don’t need any more damned, dirty diesels stinking up the parking lot at -35.

    1. Not sure I buy that guy’s arguments. If some Conservatives really dislike him, fence sitters and some Libs will really like him. Plus many of his complaints about McKay apply to most other politicians as well. The helicopter ride is ttubial in my view. How is that different from tsking two jets to Costa Rica?

    1. That was an amazing tweet. Interesting, the freedom movement in Iran seems to have kicked up a notch. Yet one of the Globe and Mail columnists states the Trump killed the nascent freedom movement. Just like that Scott Gilmore trying to link Trump killing the terrorist with the plane getting shot down. Truly deranged. I have no hope for Canadian journalism.

  2. Obviously it a was a Ukrainian plane because of Biden’s Ukranian corruption that got Trump impeached.

    Obama Pallets of Cash and all that. Deep state buy’s influence, sloppy regime guns for a Trump scandle related to their retaliation and it comes full circle in a sloppy way.

  3. Maajid Nawaz’s incredibly powerful speech on US Iran tensions

    L- For the first time in decades, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s leaders are finally being held responsible for the terrorism and slaughter they commit in the Middle-East(and elsewhere). Majid Nawaz is a rarity on mass media, as he connects the perpetrator to the victims.
    The net result, given the hundreds of thousands slaughtered due to Soleimani, his assassination has been a net benefit for the area.
    All this is due to the U.S. being entirely oil/gas independent from Middle-east sources.

    Europe and Canada are still held hostage to Gulf oil fueled jihad. In Canada, the treachery of the Trudeau Liberals is responsible.
    For Canada, energy independence is necessary, without it, our Mid-East policy is corrupted, the anti-dote is independence or full out separation. Prairie governments being forced into a recession by Ottawa, have to act firmly to avoid long term economic fall out.
    “Fortune Favours the Bold” – the old Roman proverb is applicable here.

  4. Bending over backwards to stay relevant, aren’t we? Forget it, your 15 minutes of fame are over douchenozzle.

  5. 67 Stang GT
    A code
    Silver, black vinyl top, Red Deluxe interior
    Loved that car, now it would cost 10 times what it was worth then to find one……
    That or putting a coyote 5.0 in my current Vert……..hmmmmmm

  6. This guy makes a few reasonable points about the beetle.
    I owned a beetle in the seventies and like the guy states it was sort of an anti-establishment posture that compelled some to own one. The cars were too small, cold in winter, too hot in summer, had poor brakes and unlike American built cars, they did not have an engine that was easy to work on. Many young guys were unable to properly rebuild the complicated VW engines because they lacked the mechanical skills required to do a good job.

  7. If I was an Iranian I would be afraid that the incompetent military may NUKE themselves… The Command & Control of the SAM suggests they only know how to fire…The “Keystone Cops” Iranian’s have limited ability to identify any flying object…Crows & Ravens spook them…

    Yep! they will Nuke themselves just to see if it works…..Fire that sucker

    1. 1959 Austin Healy 100-6. Bought in 1965. Worth over $100,00 today. Sold in 1968 when I went to VN. Bought by neighbor who totaled it. Most fun car ever and great looking too……no roll up windows, used side curtains. But then I was living in the “sun kissed Santa Clara Valley” (California……quote is Jack London’s)

  8. I only ever owned American cars due to price and repair costs. Foreign made car repair costs frightened me.

    Back in the 70s a friend purchased a brand new beige colored ‘Bug’ and had it professionally and tastefully spray-painted with some ladybugs and butterflies scattered sparingly here and there! There were hints of orange, brown, and tans mixed in with flecks of black and grey! When one walked around the car to see it one felt like being in a garden. It was amazing!

    About 25 years later I went to my HS reunion in Montreal and Henry was there! He told me that he still had his VW Bug and that it was still in mint condition, paint job and all. He had put it away in his garage and covered it. He said he occasionally took it out for a spin in the summer. Having purchased several other cars to use over the years, the first ‘Bug’ still remained his pride and joy.

    He hadn’t remembered that I was one of the first to see it and admire it after the paint job, all those many years ago. So at the reunion when I told him so and was able to describe it, his face lit up because he was proud that someone else seemed to love the Bug as much as he did.

    This Bug must’ve meant the world to Henry. He was rather eccentric about his first car, I thought. Continuing the conversation I learned that old Hen had never married nor had any kids. Not to be misinterpreted, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I figured that he was in love with Bug and that was that. I was never his girlfriend, or anything like that, but maybe there was someone that, in fact, had been in the picture, back in the day. I never asked, nor did he volunteer that info. I figured that something absolutely lovely must’ve happened in old Bug for her owner to still cherish her so well. ‘She’ is a lucky girl!

    Happy Birthday, Henry. Still love ya!

  9. KMA Maxime. Why don’t you bugger off into the Froggie sunset, eh?
    Want to know what’s indecent Maxime? Losing a leadership race, then quitting the party who gave you a home for 9 years, after which the scumbag then starts a new party competing for the same constituent voter base just prior to a General Election. That’s indecent.

    1. Actually, he was kicked out of the party, by a grinning fool that couldn’t stand to have anyone opposed to government marketing boards or questioning exponentially increasing immigration around him. And now the Laurentians are firmly in control of the party again and pushing for Peter Mackay or Jean Charest.

        1. Yes a shadow cabinet. OMG, anything but that. It was crucial for Maxipad to be in the shadow cabinet. Clearly being kicked out of it is reason enough to go work for Aladdin.

    2. OZ

      And you would praise the 2 bit smiling buffoon who when armed with more Ammo than the D-Day landings, turned tail & completely and purposely jumped onto the Liberal Bandwagon….??

      The Smiling Buffoon who bought his leadership by SELLING OUT to EASTERN BASED Dairy Cartel. The Smiling Buffoon who during the entire Election race sold out to: Paris IPCC – UN – Islam – CBC – Monopolies (all 3: Airlines – Digital Comm – Dairy). And at the end we find this “upstanding” bit of so called “conservative” garbage has been embezzeling his own groups monies.

      He’s YOUR hero.??

      If Xenophobic RETARD fits…wear the title well sonny.


      1. “And you would praise the 2 bit smiling buffoon”

        In your fevered dreams, Dumbass. Never did I praise the CPC, you Liar.

      2. Most for us gave second choice Sheer about a year before replacement. Bernier ruled himself out as a possible replacement by over-reacting to a demotion. Water under the bridge. Are you going to keep carrying it back upstream to watch it pass again, or get on with your life?

    3. More indecent than pretending to be a conservative in order to cheat Max out the leadership he would have won had the Dairy Queen been forthright about his loyalty’s?

      1. Nobody cheated Maxipad out of leadership. Nobody, he lost fair and square and then he and bitches like you threw a massive tantrum and went to work for Aladdin. STFU with the “stole the election” crap, you’re worse than dhimicrats.

        1. colon, you are rite for once, it’s that scheep cheated the conservatives

          and you are too effing stupid to grasp that simple concept, right simpleton???

          I think you and the Ooz are jealous that Max is a man, a measure you and Ooz will never achieve

        2. “I think you and the Ooz are jealous …”

          Not bad for a first attempt at thinking. Keep trying, don’t get discouraged.

  10. The verdict is in from Canada’s Unifor media. Blackie the Pirate is brilliant on how he handled the Iran situation. He even had ruffled hair to go with his beard during his last press conference. The CBC’s Rosemary Barton was almost in tears before his presser, she was so impressed with him. The media reminds us that we are so lucky to have Justin as Supreme Leader. And the Prime Ministers Office ordered them to keep using the word “furious. Arrrrr matey, I’m furious. Arrrrr. I’m so furious the parrot on my shoulder keeps spitting out Fishermen Friends. Arrrrrr.

    1. Cute one. Blackie does seem overly bellicose if you consider that Canada has absolutely nothing available militarily to back up such tough talk.
      What’s he gonna do; carpet bomb the entire area with winter jackets?

  11. And now Blackie’s Sunday Toronto Star. Editorial that Harry and his trailer park wife are welcome in Canada. Multiple stories that Blackie the Pirate did an excellent job with the Iran situation. Blackie is wonderful. Multiple stories that it is all Trump’s fault. Trump is Hitler. Heather Mallick thinks anchor babies in Canada are wonderful because of Trump and raccoons. Entertainment section gives us the latest reviews on gay, muslim, socialist books, plays, and music. We are all going to die from global warming. Exciting news that Blackie has appointed a muslim migrant to represent Canada at a UN conference. Story on white supremacy running rampant in North America. The Liberal Party is wonderful, Islam is wonderful, indians are wonderful, Canadians are racist bastards.

  12. After burning jet fuel to Toronto to meet with Iranian families, Supreme Leader Blackie is burning jet fuel at taxpayer expense to Redmonton Alberta today. He will be bringing his official photographer and the media is welcome to take lots of pictures. He is so wonderful. Charles Adler and Warren Kinsella are best buddies and urge everyone to worship Justin.

  13. Had dozens of cars, good, bad and ugly. My favourite above all was my 1965 Mustang convertible. 289 V8, blue metal flake paint, black top dark blue interior, one really nice ride and a whole lot of fun.

    1. 1967 Chevy Bel Air with a 283 V8 and an Alpine stereo system (not original). As my uncle would say “you could start a family in that car”.

  14. I continue to be stunned by the poor coverage of flight 752 which was shot down by Iranian missiles. CBC interviewed experts (“experts” I tell you) on why 752 could take off while Iran was firing missiles at US military bases. Susan Ormiston used to have a brain. It’s gone. How about a few serious questions like…

    1. Why did Iran resume commercial flights at the airport soon after 752 was shot down as if nothing had happened?
    2. How did 9 flights previously take off without being mistaken for missiles but the 10th flight was mistaken for a missile?
    3. What was the Iranian military using to monitor the airport flight space other than simple flight tracking software that would have shown 752 leaving from the airport and ascending away from the airport?
    4. How can you mistake a missile (that travels a lot faster than a commercial airline climbing to altitude) that would be descending toward its target from an airline that is climbing to altitude in a direction that was parallel to and somewhat away from the military installation that fired the rockets?

    From Canada it appears our journalists aren’t digging into this story at all. They are happy to be led around by their nose rings or play the angle of feel sorry for the victims. I feel sorry for the victims but I think it is justice for their families to know what really happened.


  15. My first car, shared with my twin brother, was a 1959 Beetle convertible, built in the Karman factory, with the 38 hp engine. My mom bought it off her brother, who had acquired it in a trade and done some body work, then brush painted it a hideous shade of purple that was in a permanent state of conflict with the green ragtop. It had a Coleman heater which took up a lot of the passenger’s legroom and backfired noisily if you tried to start it (never did get it to work…). My fondest memory of the car was it’s role in making us the first vehicle to traverse the Macomber Mill road in the spring one year. The MMR was a dirt road from my home town of Eastbrook, Maine to the neighboring town of Franklin; it was not plowed in the winter and was usually washed out and un-passable until mid-spring. A competition developed between numerous teen drivers to be the first to make the passage, and we found that five strong guys could muscle the little convertible over or through the worst spots. Of course there was the time when the battery (which resided under the rear seat) fell thru the rusted belly pan and was dragged down the road by it’s cables… Good times…

  16. No offense to any bug owners, but I’ve generally found that bug owners are for the most part a holes.

  17. I received an emergency notice on my iphone of an “emergency at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station”. A few minutes later another emergency notice to ignore the first one. They must have been able to cover the uranium rods in concrete … or arrested the Green Peace weasels …

    Funny, but when I click on my phone the emergency message disappears. Is that a bug or a feature?

    1. It will be hard to pry Toronto out of the hands of the Liberals while the trough is full and the pigs are feeding.

    2. I can’t access the Western Standard on my pc. It’s blocked as spam ha. I’m not that motivated by Fildebrandt.

      My guess is that many western conservatives have moved on from the CPC. It’s only a matter of time until a new ‘conservative’ option or 2 will emerge guaranteeing librano majorities ad infinitum . Librano cunning has pretty much set the tone.

      Don’t see the Wexiteers as much of an option. Not as long as they’re led by the dullard Downing. Can’t see much traction with him at the controls.

        1. About this article: we are screwed!

          And Prinz Dummkopf von Schwarzesgesicht cried all the way to Costa Rica knowing that. Or were those simply practice tears for his next empty-headed apology?

          1. “….were those simply practice tears for his next empty-headed apology?”

            He knows that the party is over. The Laurentiens are probably looking for a place to send him so that they can save face. Perhaps the UN?

            In the meantime we Canadians are still welded together as his chain of fools!


      1. I can’t access the Western Standard on my pc. It’s blocked as spam ha. I’m not that motivated by Fildebrandt.

        Well, it at least tells proper stories about western Canada, unlike the MSM.

    3. and more reason idiots like Ooz and the colon should be ignored, the cons should have won this time, and there would be no problems. The cons in 15 and 19 run piss poor campaigns.

      1. Yes Enema, the Cons should have won, but you, UnMe, Kevin, Robert and all of Angel’s identities did everything you could to reelect Libranos. Congrats, your party won instead.

  18. Always interesting posts. Thanks. Pay no attention to the naysayers. Politics in this country really needs alternative voices. There are too few. And the alternative views are never covered in the media.

    1. Yes alternative voices. Name one thing Maxipad has done that Aladdin would have preferred Maxipad did not do. Go on, the floor is yours. Cough it up cupcake. One thing.

      *** crickets chirping ***

  19. The final original Type 1 VW Beetle (No. 21,529,464) rolled off the production line at Puebla, Mexico, on 30 July 2003. Annual production had decreased to 30,000 and lack of adequate pollution controls froze it out of most markets. (Wikipedia)

    The new version of the was in no way unique sharing only a rough outline of the original.

  20. And now what everybody in downtown Toronto was waiting for, the CBC’s Political Scrum show this morning. And of course when discussing Iran they had to have Tanya from the Toronto Star on the panel. Tanya explained that Trump is CRAZY, and the downing of the flight is his fault. She did agree with the other Unifor panelists that Trudeau was wonderful in how he handled the situation. Everything about Blackie is wonderful. As she pointed out he is the only sane leader in the world. They then trashed the Conservative Party for making demands on Justin and Iran. They also explained that the tragedy is different from the Air India bombing because Canada was full of white racist bastards back then. In fact we need even more immigrants. And finally they discussed that Canada must obey the UN and stop the LNG pipeline in B.C, the dam under construction there, and any new development of the oil sands in Alberta. Indians must have a veto over any project in Canada.

    1. It was only a few years ago that had you written the above, you would have been accused of inflammatory rhetoric but now, thanks to an unlikely new found honesty or more likely, UNIFOR zeal and the Spawn’s bribes, the media no longer feels it has to pretend it is anything but the arm of the institutional left that masquerades as journalists. Their boldness suggests that they are trial ballooning policies for the Liberals as even the LPC wouldn’t come out so honestly on the issues as their faux-media PR hacks have done.

  21. Anybody see Katie Hopkins take on Prince Hairball and his rapacious trailer park wife? She kicks the Hairball right where his cojones used to be. It’s up on the Citizen Free Press.

  22. Warren Kinsella and his new buddy Charles Adler remind everyone that if you hate globalism and globalists, you obviously also hate Jews.

  23. I had a 59 Beetle during high school in the sixties. It was fun at the time but gutless, cold in winter, and easy to get unstuck in the snow – two people could bounce the front end 180 degrees around to go back the way you came. Went through several sets of King Pins. It was the kind of ultra basic car that we should think about keeping around as if we ever got into an EMP situation no modern vehicle would still be running.

    1. I had a bunch of Montreal bus tickets (student price, too) that served me well for years, even at Uni. Didn’t need a car there. Metro. My first car was a 1977 Toyota Corolla station wagon, used. Bought in La Ronge, Saskatchewan in winter 1978 for $1500. Drove it everywhere there was a road (track) and across Canada a few times, up some mountains and sold it at 220,000 kms, where the buyer drove it for anther 100,000 kms.
      La Ronge in winter was tough on vehicles, but sticking a Bic pen in the carb guaranteed a start, any time, any where at any temperature. Minus 40 was not unusual, just make sure the tires were inflated so you didn’t bump, bump, bump on the square wheels for the first few klicks. Piece of cardboard in front of the rad would keep things on an even keel, at extreme cold temps.
      I think that was back when folks thought an Ice Age was imminent.

    1. Bethlehem? Not in the State of Israel. Palestine is not wrong. It is within the historically understood nation of Israel, as is Palestine. 2000 years ago it was in Roman occupied Judea.

  24. More evidence the swamp is deep and only a deep dive to pull the plug will end it. Trump must purge in 2020.

    “The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) has stunned court-watchers by selecting David Kris — a former Obama administration lawyer who has appeared on “The Rachel Maddow Show” and written extensively in support of the FBI’s surveillance practices on the left-wing blog Lawfare — to oversee the FBI’s implementation of reforms in the wake of a damning Department of Justice Inspector general report last year.”

    “It’s hard to imagine a worse person the FISC could have chosen outside [James] Comey, [Andy] McCabe, or [Adam] Schiff,” Nunes said. Speaking to Fox News contributor Sara Carter, Nunes added: “It’s a ridiculous choice. The FBI lied to the FISC, and to help make sure that doesn’t happen again, the FISC chose an FBI apologist who denied and defended those lies. The FISC is setting its own credibility on fire.”

    “Of all the people in the swamp … this is the guy that you come up with?” Nunes asked. “The guy that was accusing me of federal crimes? The guy that was defending the dirty cops at the FBI? … The court must be trying to abolish itself. There is long-term damage.”

    And the clincher with snout firmly placed in the establishment, the group with the amazing ability to be precisely wrong:

    “The Nunes memo was dishonest,” Kris charged. “And if it is allowed to stand, we risk significant collateral damage to essential elements of our democracy/”

    Want more?

    “On Twitter, Kris also insisted the “walls” were “closing in” on Trump — a common refrain on liberal cable news networks during the Russia probe.”

    This abuse of the public trust will not end until these mendacious, malevolent, maladroit megalomaniacs do hard prison time.


  25. Breaking News: Arrgh! Climate Emergency….I’m emailing Ottawa:

    I just saw a coyote out back!
    He was too fast for me to take a photo! Red as a fox, skittish and running back and forth! It’s -20°C out there! Maybe he’s is looking for warmth, food, shelter and a horny female!

    No kidding! Yikes!

    1. NR

      The coyotes are working hard to make a living in this temperature. They have to eat to stay warm. Maybe he’ll catch somebody’s house cat and have a warm meal ha.

      Coyotes were essentially a western prairie wolf. West of the Mississippi and the Great Lakes. Once grey wolves were extirpated from 90% of their habitat the adaptable wily coyote made his move. With his natural enemy all but wiped out coyotes made their move are now found in all the contiguous States and every province. They are in NYC and YYC!

      The coyotes still have a bit of fat on them. They’ve had an easy winter so far. It’s gonna be tough sledding for the next week till this cold snap breaks but they have something to look forward to. The girl coyotes are looking for romance.

  26. Since were on about coyotes how about the tune, ‘Full moon full of love’. I think Willy wrote it but k.d.lang used to do it when she lived here in the province and was going through her country punk stage. The coyotes love Western swing….and so do the trappers!

    1. Jeeze you guys are killin’ it on the western swing.

      I looked outside and the ky-yotees are dancin’ up a storm….and the ky-yotee girls are takin’ notice. Hell even the trappers are dancing.

      Life’s good

        1. I’m a big Don Edwards fan. Ian brought him to Longview a number of years back. I think he did 2 nights. Regrettably I missed him. He’s a real interpreter of authentic cowboy music.

  27. Whenever I see a VW, I think of Hitler. I also think of the VW executives who thought it was okay to commit global emissions fraud by way of jimmied computer algorithms. I won’t go into my mother’s brother killed in France or her other brother with two purple hearts.
    On a lighter note, I have loved every car I ever owned and wish every one was still parked downstairs. My favorites are all GM, Corvettes and Cadillacs with the odd Camaro, Avalanche and Tornado thrown in. I also have a deep love for Jeep Wranglers, Saharas preferred. Just sold the last one via eBay to someone in Las Vegas. It lost $4K in value over seven (7) years.
    Local Cad dealers don’t deal so I reluctantly changed over to Lincolns. It’s a very nice vehicle. And, some of you will appreciate that it was assembled somewhere in Ontario. TYVM!

  28. I think Margaret admitted that she boinked castro but from what I’ve heard the timing of ‘official’ visits doesn’t line up with the birth of bongo?

    But who knows? Maybe the airhead maggie made an ‘unofficial’ trip to cuba? Think the queer pee-aire would have objected? Not likely.