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      1. Since the guy is Jewish, I think the usual stereotyped expression is “self-hating Jew”
        Ironically, if, being jobless, he decided to “make aliyah” he’d be welcomed “home”
        and would have no problem expressing such opinions.

        1. -“Since the guy is Jewish”

          Oh! You mean like George Soros is Jewish? Like that?

          -“the usual stereotyped expression is “self-hating Jew”

          I prefer the moniker “Nazi collaborator.”

          Anyhoo, I don’t think he was canned because of exercising his free speech. I think he was canned because he revealed his moral depravity.

  1. Looking at the list of recommendations being given it looks like a university (and I reluctantly use that term in this case) that Orwell could have used this one as a model for education in 1984. No wonder the Dems want free university for all, just like Soviet Russia and Germany in the 30-40s Indoctrination has become the main function of schooling.

  2. How much testosterone do women have as compared to men?

    How much of an impact on one’s thinking, one’s speech, and one’s behaviour does testosterone have, even on the things that one values?

  3. My daughter graduated as a computer programmer from UBC in May 2014. At her graduation ceremonies, her father, my sister and I started to look at one another as there were over 400 graduates from Bachelor of Science, with the vast majority being of Asian descent and male. My daughter was one of 2 white women and one of only 10 women to graduate as a computer programmer (there were NO black men or women, most of the other women were of Asian descent- Chinese or East Asian) That is almost 6 years ago. I doubt much has changed since then. You need to have excellent mathematical skills as computer programming (coding) requires the use of algorithems (sp?) and you must be constantly upgrading your skills to compete with the new hires from university. My father, the electrical engineer, would have been very proud.

    1. Ha! When I attended the graduation ceremony of my WASP kid from UCLA’s Math Dept. … he was one of a handful of students whose name did not end in ‘ng or ‘u

  4. 1/2 of this story is typical college administrator silliness. Give any reason for a slight and these awful people will make your life miserable.

    Most of the other half is about designing a program that encourages and rewards competence. In conversations with people in post secondary education there is an open and aggressive move towards removing any hierarchy of competence from the system. Pass everyone, lower standards so that there is no failure. A friend who was teaching an electrician pre-apprenticeship course got reprimanded for asking a question on the exam, three months in, about Ohm’s law. He ended up doing something else. At one point these places get too stupid.

    Then there is this silliness that you can fit people who aren’t suited or interested into some skill du jour. It is a waste of time, but very useful for awful people to destroy those who would dare encourage competence.

    These people are going to end up either being bureaucrats or ‘solving’ global warming.

    1. In conversations with people in post secondary education there is an open and aggressive move towards removing any hierarchy of competence from the system. Pass everyone, lower standards so that there is no failure.

      Yup. That was the case 30 years ago when I started at the post-secondary institution used to teach at. My first in-service instructor had a meeting with me after the end of my first term and he was shocked–shocked! I tell you–that any of my students failed. Never mind that many of them had a poor command of English or didn’t do their work properly. Then again, the general thinking at that place was that, since they took anybody and everybody who had a pulse or could fog a mirror, being accepted automatically meant graduation.

      I didn’t fail them–they failed themselves. I was glad they did because they would have been completely useless in industry, if not an outright menace.

  5. However some would like to spin it, there is unquestionable free speech in the US.

    There, of course, are may bottom feeders, low life politicians and other such low life that would like to limit free speech.

    They make rules, in the bastions of the “true wisdom of social justice” and assorted institutions.

    One can understand that a place of work would not want to be possibly wrongly exposed to some speech that they don’t agree with or its not in their interest. As a private enterprise, the may make rules for the employees. It is incumbent on the employees to follow the rules of quit or get fired as in the case of Damore, leaving right or wrong aside. Once being out of the job they can talk all they want. They of course would be responsible for lies and slanders if they chused (heh) to use them.

    As it is today in the US, as much as the variety of ‘ists would shut free speech, they can’t. Once the argument reaches the US supreme court, they have lost every time they tried.

    In Canada, it is altogether another story. There are so many assorted well positioned low life scumbags that can shut down the free speech, you may wonder that we can say that in here.
    Of course the politicians, most of them being the bottom feeders, they do and will pass laws that tells the plebeians to shut up or else. There are laws the disguised as helping this victim group or another will shut you up in no time flat.

    From time to time sell things on Kijiji, once had a coat “Made by Eskimos” actually written on the trade mark label. Got a note from one of the Inuit in Alberta to stop calling it Eskimo, in spite of it being made by them and labeled by them.
    Have to say that rather than going to court and get involved in the justice industry, just changed the wording though left the picture of the label on Kijiji.

    Scott Adams, in the post one down called it free money.

  6. Institutional discrimination of speech is an extension of property rights. For example, the administration of a modern university takes sides with leftists and snowflake students presumably as “stakeholders” and customers over the freedom of the professor to teach as he sees fit. He who pays the piper calls the tune. The same goes for corporations that fire people for sexually intimidating speech that makes men or women feel uncomfortable or speech that is considered embarrassing to the corporation. The offended and or constrained party can quit the institution or be fired and continue to speak freely.

    When the state regulates speech then it is no longer free. HRCs have injured free speech in Canada and there is something similar in the UK. The First Amendment continues to protect free speech in the US.

  7. I agtee with Gord: // Campus shenanigans have never won at SCOTUS. //
    But how many instances get that far?

    // ‘In retaliation, Ayatollah Khomeini should tweet a list of 52 sites of beloved American cultural heritage that he would bomb.” //

    So wrote Asheen Phansey, an adjunct professor at Babson College in Massachusetts. He added that cultural sites to target might include the Mall of America and the “Kardashian residence”. Not the funniest of jokes … but definitely a joke and a response to Trump’s tweet that America would target 52 Iranian sites, including those of cultural significance […]

    It led to an inevitable outpouring of outrage on Twitter from conservative snowflakes. By the end of the day, Phansey was no longer teaching at Babson.

  8. demoted?
    ’tis just a zhob security measure.
    with the relaxation of S/W stds, we can look fwd to BILLIONS of lines of code infested with bugs
    needing the services of another generation of bug breeders.

    see how that works?