Maybe Ricky Gervais could have a sit down with the Woke Princess?

James Delingpole shares some uncomfortable truths about Dear Meghan:

There is simply no credible case to be made that Meghan Markle’s departure from Britain has anything to do with ‘racism.’ On the contrary, both the Royal Family and the British public have been at pains to make this brash newcomer welcome, despite her weapons-grade sense of entitlement and her apparent unwillingness to do more than the barest minimum to fit in either with Royal protocol or the duties that come with the privilege of her newly acquired wealth and her rank by marriage.

Meghan Markle’s departure from the UK has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with her insistence on acting like a spoilt, unaccountable Hollywood princess in a country that takes a dim view of spoilt, unaccountable Hollywood princesses.

Here’s an interesting discussion about the Woke Royalists.

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  1. She’s an American. Hubby and kids Brits. Why do they get to ignore immigration process? Gran’s face on the passport somehow makes you an automagic citizen?

    Ridiculous double standard for absurd narcissistic elites. Don’t expect them to pay taxes, or do anything outside their own stupid self-interest. Expect the rest of us will carry them and put up with infinite coverage of their horsesh1t.

    I would change my tune if they moved to NSW and worked to help rebuild Australians lives.

    Time to exit the monarchy.

    1. She was born in Toronto, that is widespread news. That’s why she wants to relocate, if just for now, to North Saanich, where they spent Christmas.
      Feel free to criticize the little narcissist, but be accurate

      1. Nope, born in Los Angeles.

        Wikipedia. “Rachel Meghan Markle[1] was born August 4, 1981, in Los Angeles, California”.

        “Widespread news“ aside, she only worked in TO.

  2. I used to be an avowed monarchist. I still have enormous affection for the Queen and have come to respect Prince Charles. William and Catherine are doing a great job. However, I do agree with a slimmed-down monarchy and I truly hope that as Canadians, we will NOT be on the hook for paying for their expenses/protection. If they want to be financially independent, let them – that includes paying their own way.

  3. Markle and her pussy-whipped Royal husband will no doubt reside somewhere near Victoria where they can hang out with people used to an economy based on recycled pension and government cheques. That won’t last long for Markle, as Delingpole presciently observes, can’t overcome her need for personal attention, adoration and praise and the Victoria crowd will eventually either expect her to act to stop pipelines or save forests or whales or unicorns, etc which might involve a little work and likely could draw attention away from herself. Stay tuned, if unlike me, you give a shit.

    1. I would expect her move to North Saanich to be temporary. She’s an attention whore, an actress, she NEEDS the adulation that comes from playing pretend on TV, or movies. For that, she will need to end up in Kalifornica. ANd good riddance.
      For those that don’t know, much of North Saanich is full of the old money in large properties and ocean front mansions. Sidney, the closest town, is a backyard little wannabe English style walkabout town. It wants to maintain that “Oak Bay” tweed curtain attitude. Perfect match

  4. I wholeheartedly support their withdrawal from “senior” Royal duties. Surely as someone who fundamentally believes in personal freedom and liberty … I support their liberation from the Royal Family.

    Their total and complete liberation.

    Which means NO £££ support whatsoever. If they CHOOSE LIBERTY … then embrace it. Own it. And leave the taxpayers off the hook. Stuuuu-pid spoilt brats.

    1. The taxpayers won’t be liable for any allowance if they aren’t performing public “duties.” The family is quite wealthy. Her Majesty can settle an ample allowance on them from her personal fortune. I expect that is what will happen after some internal discussion about what they are going to be doing and especially, what they will refrain from doing.

  5. I had no idea she was black.
    After Western Canada separates, we’d be best served by having a republic.

    *She’s quite a feminist as well? perhaps when she gets a hard time for that idiocy she’ll flee Canada for another country.

    1. I’m sure they’ll embrace her “blackness” in South Africa. They’ll celebrate it with gang raping her then dismembering and torching her whilst still breathing. That’s what they do to racially impure foreigners in Umtata

      I support the search for her … ROOTS

      1. When she was in South Africa last year, she had the locals scratching their heads on both her being “Black” and a “working mother”. I doubt she’ll return. Poor Archie with a stupid mother and a father stupid enough to marry her.

  6. Yes it indeed sucks to be a Royal. Who would want to be the Queen or for that matter the Future King of England. From the time you are born until the day you die your whole life is laid out for you. Custom, protocol, duty, from the time you get up until the next day when you get up again. Living in a constant fishbowl and under constant pressure from everybody and the kitchen sink. Ruler of a country and figurehead of a religion but really can’t rule the country because it is committing suicide, much like the religion. Criticized by every Tom, Dick and now Harry. The Steady, Boys, Steady! Stiff Upper Lip! mantra that has preserved the British Empire for almost a thousand years seems to be missing in the Twenty First Century generation of snowflakes. Harry’s great uncle didn’t have the backbone to serve, yes serve the British people and now Harry is throwing in the towel. It remains to be seen if his brother will have the stamina and the heart of his grandmother. I’m not a monarchist but I recognize the societal function that a democratic monarchy has that is superior to a democratic republic. Long Live the Queen.

  7. I have zero use for the opinions of the Hollywood elite, celebrities, or professional athletes and fully agree that they are self righteous and entitled, but at least they work for their privileged lifestyles or have inherited them legitimately. Unlike the Royal Family which have suckled on the teet of taxpayers while doing nothing more than occasionally raising awareness to a cause.

    If Meghan and Harry want to move to Canada and earn their own way, or live off their Royal inheritance, or Charles’ money, all the power to them as long as they don’t cost Canadian taxpayers one nickel.

    The monarchy needs to go and hopefully if Alberta, Saskatchewan or some combination of both ever secede from Canada we will have no official relationship with the inbred and entitled royals.

  8. Is she an entitled Nig-Nog..yes. Is she a total bitch…yes. Is Prince Harry a spoiled entitled pussy-whipped man-child…yes. However she is also a US Citizen and like all US Citizens that means she is Sovereign unlike Brits and Canadians who are not even Citizens but lowly commoner Subjects. She has no peers except for the Monarch.

  9. cute line:
    “……it’s the racism, obviously. But if that’s true, why move to a country where the Prime minister regularly dresses up in black face?”

    1. “Prime minister regularly dresses up in black face?” But that is what TOBY her son needs, like Obama in reverse… Archie is old, the new Toby

  10. I read they’re going to set up a charitable foundation and we all know how that works… the foundation pays for their “offices”, staff, travel, 10% or less is donated to actual woke causes and Soros, Gates, Bloomberg et al pump millions into it

    1. probably 90% of all “charities” are actually money laundering operations, rather than charitable works.

  11. Why did Britain have to dump its trash on us?

    No doubt some amusement will be had when the Merkle and Justin compete for attention.

  12. “spoilt, unaccountable Hollywood princesses…”

    Sounds exactly like the problem with Edward VIII and why he had to flee the country in 1936. Britain as it turned out was lucky that that fascist filth wasn’t on the throne when it came to a showdown with Hitler and his thugs. Instead Britain went into the war with George VI who as expected turned out to be utterly faithful, dedicated to the nation and an inspirational monarch. There’s a reason why his daughter Elizabeth has turned out so well.

  13. Of course the shiteaters think their boy is guilt free and its all the American vixens fault. Seen this story before. He is as weak and dicless as his great uncle was. Inbred spawn.

    1. I’m American, but have no sympathy or need to defend her actions. She’s a grown woman. Harry’s a grown man. Harry doesn’t respect his position, and neither have the discipline necessary to live as high level British royals. One suspects the true crux of the situation is that Harry and Meghan came to realize that they could never be and will never be Catherine and William. Those two are the class of the next generation.

    2. If, like the soap opera genre the pair seem to be following, at the end of Season One, a DNA test is performed, there’s an excellent chance the public discover Miss Markel married Harry Hewitt not Harry Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Would they drop the royal bit from the domain they registered months back?

  14. Good to know Canada is less racist than the UK.

    She should move to Rwanda instead to avoid any further racism.

    1. “I didn’t know men gossiped.”

      Proof positive, gellen, that you have spent no time inside a Glengarry County coffee shop.

  15. Why anyone gives a Rats (_i_), what the annointed, ones do or dont do…..? is completely beyond me. They’re NOT in any way shape or form ROYALTY as far as I’m concerned…more likely distant cousins of those that inhabit the swamps of Louisianna. And definitely kin of the Khardasians.

    All part of the Global crew Ricky Gervais so adroitly eviscerated a week ago. (KUDOS Rickey..!!), You’ll never see me bend the knee, let alone acknowledge the ostentatious existance of that twisted DNA inbred gang of Perverts.

    Fk em…TRULY – someone outside of their insular cabal really really should…no..?? One look at Charles should be enough to convince ANYONE..!!

  16. Meghan Sparkle makes Wallis Simpson look like Mother Theresa, and Harry look like the gamma of the century

  17. Hey, with Kanye West’s rightward drift, maybe Meghan figures there might be an opening to replace the Kardashians.
    But look at it from a career move perspective. She was a mediocre actor whose viability was based entirely upon her undeniable but past its peak physical attractiveness. She was never going to make it big. But now, she can demand a princely sum and still have producers beating her door down. Whether she stays married to Harry or not.

  18. Ok all you hard ass conservatives lets lighten it up a little. It’s getting damn good and cold out here at the trap shack. Just poured myself a Leonard Cohen drink. He called it a Red Needle. In a large glass – 2oz (maybe 3) of the grand romance of Mexico (tequila), a splash of Angostura Bitters. Cohen used lemon in his RN but I like lime so a generous wedge of lime squeezed and then place the lime in the glass. Top off with Cranberry juice and ice of course.

    Drink a couple and then get yur dancin’ shoes on. I know lots of you haven’t had ’em on for awhile but check ’em out, see if they still fit.
    Another RN and your ready to boogie. How about The Mavericks, “All you ever do is bring me down” featuring Tejano accordionist Flaco Jimenez.

    I saw Jimenez once. The Greek Theatre in LA. He was with the Texas Tornados at the time. Doug Sahm, Freddy Fender, Augie Meyers and Flaco. Whata night.

    “Hey bartender another Red Needle.” It’s Saturday nite!

  19. It’s always about the MONEY. I believe Megs had to renounce her U.S. citizenship because Americans are taxed on worldwide income. Unlike the rest of world. Until the UN gets us that is. So she is Stateless outside England, right? To whom does she pay taxes on future grifting? Or are they taxed as a couple if at all?

    Enter stupid Canada who re-elected a mentally ill moron. Toronto has NOTHING for Harry. No Brit community, no polo, no rugby, no family except HER and their child. He’s too dim to have made the calculations of being separated from his entire past. She’s only got Harry as a meal ticket. As a far fetched metaphor she resembles the serial killer who is escalating and needs kills to feed the addiction. It’s evil of her to wrench him from his family and friends. The child is an innocent who doesn’t deserve to grow up without a flawed but loving family in England.

    Mark Steyn was right when he called them privileged people wallowing in self pity. Even if Megs cries on Oprah for millions, these twits have brought it on themselves and viciously hurt other people in the process. I DON’T want to pay for their GIGANTIC SECURITY BILLS IN CANADA.

    1. she renounced her american citizenship? that’s news to me. i could have missed it …….. not the simplest thing to do..

  20. Let them be, as in who cares? Never heard of Meghan Markle before she met Harry and I doubt either of them realize
    it’s not a simple matter to walk away from the Royal Firm. Security alone is a big item. I think arrogance and stupidity are on display here as well. Not sure who is calling the shots but I have my suspicions. That Harry didn’t inform the Queen first of his(?) intentions shows they didn’t want to follow any protocol but their own.

    Meanwhile, keep watch for Meghan picking up groceries with Archie in tow somewhere in Canada as they journey into life as commoners. What a joke.