25 Replies to “Is Greta Thunberg now a confirmed terrorist?”

    1. This Hallam dude is a certifiable nutter. He shouldn’t be under house arrest … he should be under psychiatric lockup.

      Except … I agree with him about the social unrest caused by mass migration. He’s absolutely correct. Because we have ample evidence of these mass migrations already disrupting established societal order … such as the Muzzies flooding into Europe and destroying the culture and creating mass crime and unrest. And such as the State of CA where mass migration of legal and illegal Central Americans have turned a beautiful State into a total shithole. Yes … the mass migration unleashed in the name of multi-culti uralism has unleashed unprecedented crime; rape and murder. Oh? Climate change? It will do no such thing, because catastrophic climate change resulting in crop collapse and failure is just a pile of make-believe cow pie.

    2. Greta is just a young Pelosi…..She will inherit the Botox method of maintaining her youth…. Cranky & how dare you. The Three turds have the same objective Marxist agenda…..Not American!

      Nancy Pelosi the Baltimore brain dead Communist who tip-toes through her agenda… Yes! more mentally defective young scolders….How dare you!

  1. Confirmed terrorist? In every which way but violence, so not yet, as with all the eco-freaks, they are LONG on wildly exaggerated rhetoric, threats and crazed virtue signalling, that outs themselves as nutters.
    Unfortunately, they have a lot of sympathizers of the same insanity.
    Until they act out in violent acts of terrorism, technically, they are not.
    We can’t just lock someone up because they might want to rob a bank one day, until they actually do.
    It’s not inconceivable though, that these nutters will act out, the earth is DOOMED, after all, in their Kult of Insanity! Its also not inconceivable, that we are on our way to a civil war, between the Kultists, and the Normies.

  2. Ah yes the insanity continues. The lack of intellect has become so apparent that one can just dismiss anything they say or do other than violence, in which case, hit back twice as hard.

  3. The guy argues against the solution. If people are causing glowball warming and mass extinction will be the result due to societal collapse and then war, he should be lighting actual fires rather than saying you shouldn’t shit on children.
    Either way, war is inevitable and overpopulation is a giant reason.

    1. And, his referencing the French Revolution in the context of his promoting “non-violence” as a successful method of changing a political system is just…stupid. Nutter for sure!

  4. There ain’t no cure for stupid.
    Banishment is the only civil option available to a polite society.
    Gang Green wants to live in your house and be fed clothed and entertained on your dime.While lecturing you about how poor the service is.
    Never a finger will be lifted to help themselves,for we are the problem according to their cant.
    I say their time is up.
    On the fact that they believe the world is warming like never before,I am sure they are up to (Being) moved to the high Arctic ,where strangely it was too cold to live,to live their dream.
    Free of the restraints of doubters,sceptics and other such hindrances.
    I propose the New Jamestown.
    Gorebotville has a nice ring,though the results will be the same.
    There is a reason our progressive comrades never start communes,new beginnings or their own countries,as their Socialist Paradises are always missing one vital item, other people to prey upon.
    Gang green,bless their little communist souls,advocate for overthrowing existing societies,because they know how inadequate they really are.
    If they had any basic skill levels they would know how well our current system can support growing, building and operating systems.
    Can Ahh Duh has passed they point of salvage,the theft level exceeds the producers net income.
    It cannot be reformed,it can only fail.
    We need a new country.
    Where institutional theft is savagely limited.
    Which means death to the welfare state.

    Poor Greta is no terrorist,just a terror.
    The horror of lousy parents and a defective brain.
    I wonder how the documentary crew are doing?
    Think they are Greta..ed out by now?

  5. If scruffy old Roger would become a muzzie, he could fly his drone anyplace he pleases. He could also stand by the tracks and throw flaming bags of shit at passing trains. Fine, upstanding citizen.

    greta thundermug reminds me of Patty Hearst. Remember the poor little rich girl? She and greta have that same vapid, medium iq look on their faces. Maybe also, just a hair too much inbreeding. Patty pulled her stupid stunt back in the 70’s.
    greta is still working up to hers.

  6. One thing about Great is her message is bang on. World leaders aren’t doing anything to fight global warming. Poor child doesn’t understand why? Maybe Al Gore could explain to her how he is on his way to becoming a billionaire, all while the world burns around him – and the oceans boil.

  7. “Hallam worked for many years as an organic farmer, but he ceased operations after, as he says, several harvests were spoiled by heavy rains. After that, he intended to get his Ph.D. at King’s College in London, with a focus on resistance movements, but he never finished his dissertation.”


  8. “Is Greta Thunberg now a confirmed terrorist?”

    No, she’s still what she always was: a rather disordered, highly impressionable teenager.

    Hallam is a fanatic though. And fanatics are always bad news.

  9. NEO….I know there plenty of fkd up shit on this planet….BUT..

    What on EARTH would possess an 16-18 yr old to sexually assault a 90 yr old woman? I mean seriously…?? That’s just sick. May he enjoy his demented 65yrs to life as some ones – many ones pussy.

    Persoanlly that sentence should be changed to a .556 round to the frontal lobe – save all of us taxpayers some coin.

  10. terrorism
    the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

    Fits the description.
    For now, they’ve only been classified as extremists. But like the Red Army Faction also known as the Baader–Meinhof Group/also the Red Brigade, they started out with public demonstrations and protests then progressed to vandalism/theft and then to bank robberies and bombings.

    I hope security officials have these cretins under a microscope. That goes double for Pipi Longnagging and her family.

    1. Sounds like Der Turd, here at home. No violence-Yet. But intimidation in the form of a carbon tax.

  11. When I look at these performer / protesters, I think of Jimmy Jones and his kool aid drinking followers. it seems that a lot of the human ballast of societies desperately need faith-based raison d’etre. The leaders of this and the rest of the greens and the reds cloaked in green are dangerous and desperate people or complete lunatics and well beyond redemption or capable of change through rational persuasion. I disagree with Sargon who thinks the masses can be bought off by implementation of the easiest of their demands. If they are wrong, they are wrong and shouldn’t be compromised with.

    Extremism is a meaningless description. Most people on this site would be considered extreme conservatives in comparison to most. All libertarians (extremism in the cause of liberty) would fall into that category. Authoritarian, extortionist, terrorist, communist, vandal, and seditious would be better descriptions for the leaders of groups like these.

    1. Extreme right-wing death beast please.

      But, then again, extreme right-wing was the epithet applied to Andy 2%, so there is a devaluation in the rhetorical currency.

  12. I’m assuming that all the followers of “extinction rebellion” are happily married and have families of six or more children. Right?