30 Replies to “Got some spare pocket change?”

  1. Did you see the kitchen, the flooring and the walls?

    That is a “Fixer-Upper”! It is not even move in ready. And the rich Tech Industry buyer will need to contract all the renovations out, because there is no way she/he has the time or the skills to fix it up. (Just wait until they get the bill for lead abatement!)

    And NO, you cannot do a tear down and build a bigger mansion there either. The zoning, housing, and preservation committees would crucify you just for suggesting it.

      1. You can’t tear it down, but the Leftists on those committees will be happy to string you up if you tried to.

        Even if it falls down in an earthquake, I bet one of the conditions of the new building permit would be to make it look exactly like this original.

  2. And you can’t let your kids out the door or the tourists or tour buses will run them down. Big plus is free fertilizer for your plants within walking distance.

  3. Was this the street that the “Full House” TV Show family supposedly lived at?

    The house itself was divided into two apartments sometime in the past. The furnace looks like the 1960’s. And yes there is mold on some of the walls.

  4. Wow! That’s one of the most-oft photographed Painted Ladies! in a fairly decent neighborhood just a few blocks from GG Park and Haight Ashbury. Facing the nice little Alamo Square Park. I had always envisioned multi-millionaire high tech owners of those homes … who’d splashed out another $2M on the interiors as well. Not the disgusting pile of shite those photos reveal. Those interiors look like that of a 90 yo woman and her 35 cats. Or as a flop house for 17 unrelated renters.

    $2.75M!? Ha! That’s just the price to purchase. That interior will take a MINIMUM of $2.25M to make livable … including fumigation, and structural rehab. Every bath redone, kitchen redone, new furnace, water heating. The entire home will be gutted and rebuilt. Yes … when it’s done you will need $5M in pocket change. Oh! and then … your yearly property taxes will be $25,000.00 … for the pleasure of living in the shithole known as San Francisco.

    1. Sorry … $32,500.00/year in property taxes … or almost another $3,000.00/mo. in monthly payments … on top of your mortgage.

  5. I’m actually shocked that one of the “Seven Sisters” is in that condition. It doesn’t look like it’s been touched since the Summer of Love. In fact it looks like the hippies have been living there since then and they just died recently.

  6. I’m actually surprised at the condition.

    Can’t imagine selling a house that’s been occupied with renters just moved out,
    with obvious signs of clean up needed to be done.

    Have you put an offer in Robert?

  7. What jumps out at me when looking at those houses is the issue of fire safety. Did San Francisco learn nothing from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 where buildings were packed so closely to each other that 18,000 of them burned to the ground after Mrs. O’Leary’s cow knocked over a lantern? If one of those “ladies” catches on fire, they’re all going to burn. Typical building codes dictate a minimum setback of 5′ from a side property line…but not in San Francisco. They know better…

  8. Looks like they painted the front and then let the rest of the house (inside and out) rot away. I can only imagine the rules of renovation in SF.

    1. The “rules” start with cash payments to a Mandarin-speaking Chinese “permit expediter”. Otherwise, you’ll wait 2-years to get your planning and building permits.

  9. Say what you will about Frisco, and God knows they deserve it, but that house would sell for about the same in the Beach in Toronto, and a lot more in Rosedale without the view.

    1. $2.7 million for that house in Toronto would be cheap. I saw a house down a nothing side street in Chinatown 3 years ago, in worse shape, about 1/4 the size. No yard, no view, no PARKING, $1.3 million. Sold the same day it was listed.

  10. There are a great many better places to live than Frisco or any other city with 2.7 million in pocket change.

    1. actually, beauty is bank account deep. A friend of mine buys shitters in Toronto, re and re’s them and turns a good profit. Bu t even here in the boonies, a shitter can run for 1.2 million, as we are a 1 hour drive from DT Toronto

  11. Thanks for posting that. I was already happy not living in San Francisco and now you tell me I don’t have to spend $2.75million U.S. I’m that much happier.