8 Replies to “Hey Virtue Signallers, It’s Not All About You!”

  1. So when does Trump take down the state that finances and promotes Sunni terror in the world? Now that they have a space force, surely they could journey to planet Saudi?

  2. Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize for basically just getting elected, pretty much nullifies any significance it may once have had. Pretty much like the Liberals shelling out the Order of Canada to anyone who votes for the Party.

    1. When a ‘doctor’ responsible for butchering thousands of Canadian children gets one, that shows what the OC is really worth. Bernardo and Olson are more deserving of this now-worthless gong…

  3. I am more likely to win the Nobel Prize for Literature for this post than is Donald Trump to win the peace prize.

    The globalists will only give out their awards to their own kind.

    Regime change is the answer in Iran. It has to come from within. Seeing what high quality people the emigre Persians appear to be, and so sad for their loss, one can only imagine what a good country they could create, if they could get out from under the boot-heel of the false religion of the madmen and idiots. But those left behind will have to fight for their freedom. If they do, we should assist them.

  4. Bl@ckBird

    EXACTLY…not only do they finance, they provide the “cover”.

    By that I mean, the thousands of mosques that are built world wide that are soley financed by Saudi Arabia and I do believe Qatar.